tagBDSMThe Making of Pansy

The Making of Pansy

bysensual dream©

Pandora Adams is an English nanny and housekeeper to the very distinguished and wealthy Lord Fredrick Duram.

Lord Fredrick's wife had died a few years earlier, and Pansy was hired as a housekeeper, and to care for his children. They were away on holiday for two weeks, with their mother and her new husband, which meant that Pansy had the house all to herself. The relationship between Lord Fredrick and Pansy had always been that of a working one, formal indeed, but with a pleasant note. Lord Fredrick was shall we say, a but of ladies man, and wasn’t looking too settle down. He was quite happy in the world he now inhabit4d.

One day while Pansy was cleaning, (dusting was one of the afternoon chores); she noticed that a videotape had been left in the VCR. Looking at the machine she thought to herself, “I know I should remove the tape, and out it away, but, I wonder, what does he watch when I am not here and the children are asleep?”

Pressing the play button, she settled down to take a quick, then gasped in amazement, as the screen flickered to life.

A naked woman

In this very room,


“Holy fuck” thought Pansy, “I cannot believe I am seeing this.”

Then she heard a voice from the TV, a man’s voice, and he was giving instructions to the naked lady. Then it hit her, the realization that she was listening to Lord Frederick, and he sounded so masterful. Pansy started to feel her body stirring, arousal was slowly creeping up on her, that old feeling of desire, and the need to touch herself, as she watched, and listened.

She could not help herself, as her legs slowly parted, and her hand moved to her inner thigh, all she could think of was how much she wanted it to be her on the screen, to be Lord Fredericks slut, ands to submit, to obey his every command and wish. Puling aside her panties, she let her finger slowly ride along her slit, her wet slit now, as the arousal grew within her, a few seconds later, and her finger was entering her, as she moaned in delight, her eyes closed, dreaming it was He doing this to her. By now she was fingering herself frantically, her wet cunt so hot and slick, and could feel her pending orgasm building inside her.

The picture on the screen changed, as she opened her eyes, the action moving to the bedroom, and Lord Frederick walked into view, Pansy gasped, and cried out “Oh MY GOD, look at that cock, it is fucking enormous.” Then she watched in silence, as he mounted the woman, his massive cock pounding away at her. Her fingers were bow fucking her cunt hard, she was on the edge of a most awesome orgasm, and she just knew it. At that moment, Lord Frederick growled at his woman,

“Cum you bitch, cum all over my cock you fucking whore you.”

Pansy screamed herself, as a tumultuous orgasm took hold of her, she was writhing, crying out in ecstasy as she flooded her cunt, covering her hand with the sticky fluids, she could hardly breath, “God, it had never been this good before.”

Panting, and feeling exhausted Pansy lay still, trying to calm her, when she was suddenly brought back to reality, the phone was ringing. Jumping to her feet and rushing to the phone, she tripped knocking over the Limoge vase on the table. Pansy was horrified as she watched it slowly roll off the table, and fall to the floor and break into hundreds of small pieces. It was worth hundreds of pounds, and even though the lord was a millionaire, she knew that he would go mad with her. She was shaking as she answered the phone, her voice very weak and waiflike,

"Hello, the Duram residence.”

" Hello Pansy, how is your day going dear lady?” It was Lord Fredrick.

She could not reply “PANSY,” he said he sharply “are you all right?”

Her voice was weak, as she sobbed into the phone, telling him about the Limoge, and she could almost feel his anger.

“Just sit there and wait, do NOT touch anything until I get home” he shouted her, before slamming the phone down.

Pansy was still trembling 20 minutes later, when Lord Fredrick entered the room. He looked at Pansy, sitting on the couch sobbing, her eyes lowered and filled with tears. Then his attention moved to the TV, and the videotape that Pansy had been watching, it was still playing, and the lady on screen had his cock in her mouth as she stroked it.


Stuttering quietly, she tried to explain to him, “ you see Lord Fredrick a I was doing the afternoon dusting and I accidentally tripped and knocked over the Limoge vase.


Her eyes now move to the television she blushed slightly as she told him. “I saw that the tape had been left in the video my Lord, and I was curious as to what you had been watching last night.”

“And when you saw what was on the tape, you watched it?”

Pansy nodded, her face bright red in embarrassment.

“And did you like the video Pansy?”

She nodded her head again; tears flowing uncontrollably down her cheeks

“And did it make you wet Pansy?” Pansy?”

She was about to nod her head again, when he bellowed, “ANSWER ME, don’t just sit there like a nodding fucking dog, DID IT MAKE YOU WET?”

“y y yes my Lord it did” pansy replied quietly, still crying.

Lord Frederick smiled at Pansy, and taking hold of the remote control said “That is good Pansy, and now I think we should watch it together now,” and he move too join Pansy on the couch.

Pansy looked at the TV screen, the woman was now straddling him, sliding her cunt up and down his hard cock.

Lord Fredrick looked across at Pansy, saying to her “ Oh yes, that slut did have one damn hot juicy cunt, can you see her juices on my cock Pansy, see how it shines with her wetness?”

“Yes my Lord” whispered Pansy, blushing profusely.

Lord Fredrick reached his hand across, and cupped Pansy’s left breast, squeezing it gently, she moaned at his touch, her nipples stiffening immediately to too erect points, smiling at her, he started to pull and pinch at them, as she started to squirm at his touch. He whispered softly to Pansy, “Watch now, the bitch is about to cum.”

She leaned slightly forward, to get a better view, as Lord Fredrick slid his hand under her, skirt, riding up her thigh, and stroking her pussy through her wet panties. Pansy squirmed even more now, rocking against his fingers. Moaning loudly as she realised she was just as close to Cumming as the lady on the TV screen.

. Lord Fredrick now slid his fingers inside her wet panties, as the slit that was riding him on screen started to scream.

“Watch her cum Pansy, watch the whore flood my cock.”

The slut was riding him faster and faster, and, just as the slut started to cum; Lord Fredrick ripped Pansy’s panties away, and pushed two fingers into her throbbing cunt.

“CUM NOW, YOU DIRTY little SLUT " he commanded. Pansy could not contain herself, and her cunt exploded, drenching his hands, as she and the slut came together. Pansy started to moan and gasp for air. When he pulled his fingers free, and sucked them into his mouth, tasting Pansy and smiling wickedly.

Out of the blue he said “Pansy, is my dinner ready?”

”No My Lord, I am afraid I have been a little too preoccupied to prepare it yet.”

“Well then” he replied “I might have too look around for something too eat, don’t you agree?”

Before she could reply, he spread her legs quickly, revealing her dripping cunt, but now he knew, it was His, cunt. Ordering her to grab her ankles, grab her ankles, he pushed her legs back lifting her sweet cunt upwards, and buried his face in her wetness. He licked at her slit flicking his tongue at her clitoris, as Pansy's body began too shake and tremble once again. Her hips were lifting, grinding against his expert tongue; she had no control over herself, as her juices squirted into his mouth. He took her clit between his teeth, biting it shaking it, as she screamed out in lustful passion.

“Please Lord, PLEASE LET ME CUM” she cried out.

“ FEED ME,” he growled at her “let me drink your wine, cum into my throat you slut” his tongue now filling her cunt.

Frantically he drank, lapping all she had too give, when he was done, he kissed her roughly on the lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth, so she could taste herself. Letting her taste His cunt from His lips. Pansy sucked greedily on Lord Fredericks tongue, savouring all the flavours as they hit her taste buds, she was in ecstasy again.

After a minute or so, he took hold of her hair, and yanked her head back, growling at her “Is my little slut hungry then?”

As he started to unfasten his belt, he noticed that the broken Limoge still lay on the floor. Looking at her he said,

“But first bitch, we have the little matter of my broken vase to attend to,” and he slipped his belt free.

“Get on your knees Pansy, with that arse of yours up in the air,” She moved quickly, looking back in fear as she watched him lifting the leather belt.



Twice in quick succession, the leather strap hit her right cheek, and she screamed out.

“Clean this mess up you whore, and you will thank me for each blow you ungrateful fucking bitch.

“Yes My Lord” she whimpered “Thank you.”



The belt came down across her left cheek this time, Pansy cried out again, her cheeks now red burning.

“Faster, faster slut or there will be no dinner for you.” He shouted.

Pansy quickly finished cleaning the broken pieces of vase, as the belt lashed at her inner thighs.

“Thank You My Lord thank you” she cried out as her eyes filled with tears.

“Are you still hungry yet whore?”

“Yes My Lord,” she moaned though her tears.

Spotting the video camera still in place, Lord Frederick decided to have a little fun, and he set it recording and ordered Pansy to strip for him. When she was naked, he grabbed her, and bent her over the arm of the leather couch. Dropping his pants quickly, he stood behind her, his rampant cock ready, throbbing in his hand. Quickly he slid the thick hard shaft deep onto her moist cunt, feeling Pansy shaking as he entered her. He leaned over her, hissing into her ear,

“You have broken my property bitch, and now, I shall break you, make you mine, all of you will be my property whore slut.”

And with those words he slammed his rigid hard cock deep into her cunt hole. Pansy yelled out in pain, but sliding his dick almost completely out, he thrust in again, slamming his cock deep into her pussy, His pussy.

"HIS" for he now owned her, and Pansy was left in no doubt about this.

He smacked her arse, as he pushed his cock in and out, fucking his slut.



Pansy whimpered and cried out, but could not help herself, squirming and bucking back too him.

“That's it slut, scream and yell for your Lord as he fucks you.”

Grabbing her hips, he slammed his cock in hard, his pace quickening, fucking her with all his might. He could feel her wet cunt sucking at his pulsing thick shaft. Pansy panted and screamed, her hips bucking to match his thrusts.

He could feel her juices beginning to drip around his cock,

“DONT YOU DARE CUM YET WHORE” he screamed at her. Lord Fredrick grabbed Pansy by the hair.

“You will cum when I tell you cunt, and not before.”

His thrusts grew stronger, her cunt squishing, clinging tightly around his cock, he felt his balls tighten.

Releasing her hips, he reached underneath her and pulled hard on her nipples, stretching them shaking her tits by them.

Pansy was shaking and moaning as he cried out


Shooting His load deep in too her filling "HIS CUNT" with His seed her juices coated His cock as they both came together, and, at that moment, Pansy knew, that she was His slut, now, tomorrow, and forever more.

Lord Fredrick’s cock slipped free of Pansy’s wet dripping cunt.

“Still hungry my whore?” He said.

Panting breathlessly, Pansy whimpered, " Yes my Lord”

“Turn around then slut, and feast on my cock.”

Pansy turned slowly, and saw His cock, covered in their mixture.

“ Well slut, what are you waiting for?”

Pansy let the tip of her tongue touch the head of His shaft; she licked it, and then made a face.

“Hmmm, maybe my whore isn’t hungry after all, are you going too eat slut, or not?”

She tried too speak but her face reddened with embarrassment.

I never have” was all she could mumble.

“NEVER” he said, looking at her, he picked up the remote control and rewound the tape to the part where the slut was sucking his cock.

Watch her pansy, watch what the whore does, and learn. Pansy watched as the slut took the cock in her lips, and then she did the same.

“Oh yes, that’s it slut, suck it now,” he said, feeling Pansy’s warm mouth closing around his cock.

Pansy kept glancing at the TV, watching as the slut worked her tongue all over his shaft, licking and circling the tip. Then she did the same, as Lord Fredrick pushed his dick in hard, bruising her lips.

“That’s it bitch, swallow your Masters cock feast on Him.”

He closed his eyes, as Pansy licked and sucked, tasting the sticky blend of their mixture from his cock. His hands grabbed at her head, as he pounded away at her mouth, filling her throat. Gagging and choking, Pansy was trying too swallowing it all.

He could feel her mouth milking his cock. “God” he thought, “she is so fucking hot.”

He felt his balls tightening, and knew he was about too cum, ramming his cock hard into her throat, he cried out


He pushed even harder, with Pansy swallowing and slurping as quickly as she could. Some of his cum seeped out from her lips, seeing the Lord Frederick pulled his cock free, to jerked his cock and drain the rest of his cum all over her face and tits.

He told her too finish cleaning him, and watched as she licked the last drops from the tip. Then he roughly pushed her away, saying, “ that’s all for now whore, you may go take a shower and get prepare for bed.

“But my Lord, what about the children.”

“Not a problem my little slut, I will ring up my mum tell her that nanny Pansy is sick, and that I need her too look after the children until your return.

Bowing to him Pansy quickly went to shower; he was just checking the TV when Pansy re entered the room. She was wearing a very sheer; see through, royal blue robe. And he watched as she walked across the room, and then shouted

“STOP, remove the robe and get down on your hands and knees.”

Pansy didn’t argue, she tossed the robe aside, and did as He commanded.

“Come too me, now.”

Pansy crawled too him, and was taken aback when he patted her head,

“Good girl Pansy, you are a quick learner, and there will be many new rules for you to learn Pansy. You belong to me body and soul. Do you understand that Pansy?”

“Yes my Lord, I understand,” she whispered, as he caressed her face softly.

“That is excellent Pansy, and now, I too shall prepare for bed. Meanwhile, I have rewound the tape, watch it, and remember, you are now My SLUT.”

Lord Frederick re-entered the room, coughing quietly to attract Pansy’s attention.

She stopped the tape as he moved closer, “whose slut are you Pansy? Who do you belong too?”

She lifted her eyes to him “YOU my Lord.

He extended his hand and pulled her close too him, they kissed deeply as he swept her up into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her gently upon the bed, then slipping beneath the covers with her, and pulled her close.

“Sleep well my slut for tomorrow you start your new life.”

Pansy smiled and snuggled close to his chest.

“Good night, My Lord, My Master” and drifted off to the most contented sleep of her young life.

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