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The Male Room


This is the story of my first time with a man. And my last time... So far. I was always curious, even when I was very young. Looking at men in magazines, especially if they were in revealing underwear and had big, well-defined bulges. I had messed around a little as a kid, but nothing more serious than 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine'. But as the years went by and I slipped into high school, I had girlfriend after girlfriend, and my sexual history was strictly hetero.

I was very exploratory, enjoying BDSM, chastity, anal play, and roleplaying, but my experiences with gay sex remained nothing more than fantasy as I graduated from high school. I entered the army straight away afterwards, and I really went wild sexually. Girls loved the uniform and I managed to sleep with a string of conquests, stole a couple of wives, and started really getting into chastity. I bought pvc hot pants that zipped from front to back, a male chastity device, and spent whole weeks locked up by my girlfriend. In retrospect, I think I loved the chastity play so much because of the need for prostate milking that went along with it. When I was unlocked I fantasized about cock while I masturbated, and when I was in chastity I got fingered by a girlfriend who I'm amazed never put two and two together.

I made it out of the army in one piece and moved back to Florida, got a roommate, and settled into civilian life, and that's when the story gets really interesting. It was shortly after a break-up; I was feeling rebellious, extremely horny, and I had the apartment to myself as my roommate was out for the weekend. I started fantasizing about cock and hopped into bed to masturbate, but as I got myself more and more worked up, it occurred to me that there was no one to stop me cruising down to a gay bar and finding someone big and hard, someone with a bulge. My most potent fantasy had always been to sit down next to a guy and reach over under the bar to feel his bulge. In the fantasy, the guy was soft initially, but immediately got hard when I started touching his cock. I feverishly jacked off thinking of that cock, growing under my touch, when I suddenly decided to stop, just short of cumming - I knew that after I came, I would become suddenly and extremely 'hetero', ashamed of my fantasies, and certainly would never have the courage to do what I was deciding to do.

I put my cock away, got out of bed, and grabbed my car keys. I had seen a gay bar on the main road in town several times, and it had always excited me to think of guys in there, picking each other up and flirting. It was called the Male Room, and the sign had bright pink neon. I hopped into my car and drove out of my neighborhood, my hands shaking, as I made my way to Tampa's main drag. All the time thinking I could pull out at any time, I drove closer and closer to the club. My mind was racing with how reckless I was being, my cock was rock hard in my sexiest pants. Before I knew what was happening I saw the familiar pink glow as I arrived outside the Male Room. It was smaller than I had thought. The entrance at the back rather than on the street as I had expected. I pulled around, not sure if there would be a guard on the door, or a cover, and I parked as discreetly as I could. The attendant on the door barely registered me as I entered the club nervously, just a twenty-two year-old kid with his heart in his throat and an erection secreted away in his trousers.

The place was crowded - it was a Friday night, and the music was pumping. I didn't consider myself a dancer, but I was intoxicated by the possibilities all around me. I was completely free, for the first time in my life. I tried dancing a bit, but I was nervous, and I wanted a drink. I made my way to the bar and ordered one, and then looked around. Most people seemed to be there with friends and everyone seemed to know everyone else - It wasn't like my fantasies at all. No one was noticing me, and I felt pretty alone. I wandered around a little bit and ended up at the quiet end of the bar where I sat, sipping my drink and looking around, on my own. I felt foolish. I had assumed everyone got lucky at gay clubs, that it was different from trying to pick up girls. I felt shy and like an outsider.

After a while I noticed a guy, just a little way down the bar from me. He was alone too, but I thought he was beautiful. Sort of girl-like, but not flamboyantly gay-looking. He had blond hair, and a slight build, vaguely almond-shaped eyes. He was wearing a loose-fitting white shirt, and dark trousers. I said "Hi", and he smiled - I think he could tell I was shy, and that I didn't know anybody. He moved closer and we started chatting. I told him it was my first time at a club like that and that I was a bit nervous. He laughed and asked me what I was into. We chatted back and forth and, after a while, I plucked up my courage and asked him to dance. He stood and I swallowed the rest of my second drink - a gin and tonic.

Techno music was pumping and, as the alcohol took effect, I started to make free with myself. I was dancing like girls had danced with me; rubbing my ass on his crotch, dropping down low, staying close, and I could feel him stiffen as I practically gave myself to him there on the floor. I had never had such a hard-on; my cock was so stiff it hurt. My dance partner seemed slightly taken aback at my forwardness, but he went with it, and after a few minutes when I looked him in the eye and told him I wanted him to go home with me he agreed. We wasted no time going to my car - he had taken a cab to the club - and before I knew what I was doing, I was taking a strange man with a warm exotic, vaguely Asian accent and a throbbing erection to my empty apartment.

I pulled up and it's a miracle no one saw us, but it was late and the street was deserted. We rushed upstairs and practically fell into the apartment as I unlocked the door and stumbled with him down the hall to my bedroom. I fell on my knees in front of him and, before he could say blowjob, I had undone his zip and had his pants around his ankles, his bulge right before my hungry eyes. My hands went to the waste-band of his Aussiebum pants and I realized that this was it. I was about to see cock in real life for the first time. Right in front of me, less than three inches from my watering mouth, I could practically smell his hard-on. I slowly pulled down the elastic band and his erection bounced free... It was magnificent: eight or nine inches long and almost as thick as a can of Red Bull, a fluffy thatch of blond pubic hair gathered around its base. It was utterly beautiful; I felt all of my muscles tighten involuntarily.

He was uncut - I had never seen even a picture of an uncircumcised man before and it was exotic even though his erection was so proud that the head of his cock was well clear of his foreskin. In one motion I had swallowed his cock whole. Breathing hard, my hands on his legs, his cheeks, his balls. I caressed him, licked him, ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. I swallowed each of his balls, one after the other, rolling them around in my mouth while I stroked him off with my free hand. I couldn't believe what was happening - I was deep-throating a total stranger, gagging on his beautiful, huge, rubbery cock. The surface of his member was soft and warm, the veins showing through the tightly stretched skin. Soon he had grasped my head and was fucking my mouth, my head bobbing up and down in time with his thrusts, spit dribbling out of my mouth and rolling down my chest.

I wanted more. Choking and gasping I pulled my face away from his enormous thing and, legs shaking, climbed onto the bed; he just behind me. His hands were on my ass and I was gasping "Fuck me. Fuck me please! Oh God, please fuck me, please?"

In no time he had my pants off and his hands were on my ass, invading me, spit lubing up my virgin asshole. He playfully slapped my ass, spreading my legs and pulling me towards him as I shoved my ass up into the air to meet his cock, a totally depraved, wanton slut waiting to be fucked. I could feel the tip playing around the rim of my virgin pussy and I pushed back. Without warning the head of his cock had popped into my hole and everything went rigid.

It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire life! I had pushed fingers and toys into my ass before, but always done so at my own pace. When his enormous bell popped my cherry I was somehow totally unprepared for it, and it was like my ass had been torn open. It was excruciating, but it was also absolutely intoxicating. I lay flat, pulling away from his cock, but he was on top of me and pressing himself further into me, his rod like a bar of hot iron burying itself into me inch by painful inch, until at last I could feel him pressing all the way against my cheeks, his tool impaling me completely. I could feel it in my stomach, in my abdomen; my sphincter expanded beyond all previous dimensions as it tried to clench closed around this man's manly, thick, hard, erect cock buried in it. And then he started, slowly, to fuck me. I was being fucked. For the first time, a man was fucking my asshole with his cock, pulling out slowly until it almost popped out, and then reversing, and pressing inexorably into me inch by enormous inch. I could feel the head of it invading me like some blind, hungry worm, coursing deep into my innards before pulling out, greedily sucking my insides out in the vacuum of its passage.

I was delirious. I became nothing, melted into an unconscious thought, nothing more than a body to pleasure this man, this stranger from the Philippines who was pumping himself in and out of me with gathering speed as his need grew greater. An abstract thought, I was desire; lust; satiation, lost in the oblivion of this stranger's need and his mindlessly selfish fucking to satisfy it. I was a sex-toy; a receptacle - he didn't even know my name! Just a thing to clench, to be fucked and, eventually, to be cummed in. I had become less than a thought, dissolved into a thin sticky film on his massive, utterly dominating tool.

I was moaning and squirming breath him as he picked up speed gradually, and soon he was pounding me, his cock pistoning in and out of me with all the delicacy of a locomotive as he pumped and pushed and pounded himself closer and closer to the edge, no longer considerate, oblivious to my needs and my pain, he hammered me until suddenly his hands gripped my hips like twin vises clamping me still as he pulled himself into me, deeper than he had ever yet gone, so that the root of his cock stretched my hole impossibly wide as I felt his pump begin to convulse and, deep inside my bowels, he started to shoot what seemed like a never-ending, pulsating load of thick, hot cum. Pumping me still, his grip on me tighter than ever, he filled me up and then pulled out and knelt behind me, looking down at the ass he had just utterly violated.

I was so fucking hard, lying there with his cum dribbling gently out of me, still horny and full of my own need. He smiled a little and told me to jerk it off if I wanted. I rolled over onto my back and I could feel his cum in me as I spit on my hand and, with him watching, played with my own much smaller cock. He reached between my legs and grasped my testicles as I pumped my hand, squeezing them a little and tugging on them as, within a few short strokes, I started to erupt all over my own belly. I lay there covered in sweat and semen, breathing heavily, and he tossed me one of my own socks. "I need to get home", he said.

Shaking, I cleaned myself off as well as I could with the sock, and pulled on jeans, my body still covered in sticky fluid. He had never even taken his trousers all the way off, his shirt had stayed on the whole time. Before I knew it, I was driving him home. In the car we spoke few words and when I pulled up outside his place, he just said "thanks" before getting out and glancing at me with half a smile. I had been owned, and he was throwing me away. He walked into his house without another backward look and... That was it. I was no longer a virgin. I had given myself to a total stranger and he had taken every inch, used me to cum in, and, wiping himself on me, had turned his back and walked away without another word. It was an experience I would treasure for years.

I went on to have several girlfriends after that, and a few close calls with men, but I haven't seen or had a cock ever since, though I often fantasize about it. It was my one hard-core experience, and one that's fueled many a hot session for me in the years since it happened.

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