tagLoving WivesThe Male Stripper, My Wife & I

The Male Stripper, My Wife & I


I told my wife that it would be fun and sexy to see a male stripper dance for her...like at a bachelorette party. We never discussed MFM sex but she knew I was open to it from previously discussed fantasies.

I went online and found a really good looking black guy who was also a masseuse. When I booked him I asked him if he'd be willing to "play." He said maybe. I sent him a couple of pictures of my wife and not only did he agree to play, he waived his fee because he found her very attractive. He mentioned that he was disease-free with recent papers to verify. We agreed that he'd feel her vibe and go with the flow but not to expect anything. I told him condoms were a must.

The day came and my wife wore a Bebe short-flirty-dress, Jessica Simpson spiky heels and a sexy tie-side-thong. As soon as he arrived he complimented her saying that she was "stunning." He got instant points. After some wine and small talk the strip-tease began on our living room couch. I watched from across the room. He got down to a thong and placed his cock & balls on her legs several times. I knew it was a go when she began open and lift her legs. She placed her heels on his chest several times. He started to grind her some more and play with her breast slightly. Nothing aggressive. She didn't restrict him from anything, which I saw as a good sign..hoping it would lead to more. She kept giving me a devilish look and I then knew good things were going to happen. He lifted her legs up and spread them apart. He kissed her inner thighs and kissed her pussy through the thong. He complimented her for smelling good and then she told him "it also taste very good." He pulled her panty to the side and began to eat her fully waxed pink pussy. She had obviously prepped for this night. She called me over to kiss her and I then sucked her breast as he ate and fingered her pussy. I untied her panties so he could pleasure her without restrictions. He made her cum repeatedly. The oral pleasure went on for almost an hour.

We took little break and had another glass of wine. He then offered her an erotic massage which she whole heartedly accepted. He got some oils and we walked over to our bedroom. I grabbed a hold of my wife's dress and just pulled it down and off. I told her this massage should be fully nude. She acted a bit shocked but I knew she was game for what was about to happen. They both got into the bed naked and I knew there was going to be more sex. I just wasn't sure how far she'd go and what would happen...how open-minded was she going to be.

He massaged her for 10 minutes and then concentrated on her ass and pussy area, eventually fingering her. He sucked on her tits for a while and then his dick began to get hard, bumping into her body asking for attention. He told her, "it's your turn to taste" and he got on his back. She grabbed his dick, pulled it back and licked his balls, all while starring at me. She teased him for a couple of minutes and then she inserted his big black cock into her mouth. She's good at relaxing her throat and taking it all in. I wondered how she'd handle his cock but she did it with out a problem...gagging a few times just to turn us on. She called me over so I could watch up close as she sucked his big black dick. Her mouth was full of saliva and his cock juices. She grabbed me and kissed me...making me taste her mouth and all the juices that surrounded it. That impressed me! It was then that I knew she would fuck.

I told my wife, "I want to see you guys fuck." She didn't say anything and she didn't ask for a condom so I didn't know what was going to happen. Instead she just got on top of him and I thought "WOW she's going to fuck him just like this," but she didn't. She kept her pussy slightly away from his cock. She just made out with him for a couple of minutes. I had the rear view and kept starring at her glistening ass and pussy, hoping she'd put that black cock inside her. She was teasing me more than him. She told him to finger her ass. After a minute or two of that, I got up close and took over the ass fingering duty. Then she slid down slowly, closer to his cock and so I grabbed her hips and began to press down slightly, suggesting that she sit on it but not being overly aggressive. She sat up, grabbed his dick, turned her head around and began to kiss me. She stroked and rubbed his cock on her ass cheeks and I whispered in her ear, "put him inside you" I stepped away and hoped that she would do as told. She bent forward, placing her tits on his stomach, opening her legs wider and positioning herself to give me an amazing rear view. She had is cock in hand and then she slowly slid his black dick into her moist pussy. No condom! It just happed. My wife was fucking a complete stranger in our bed. It was an amazing view. She slid him in and out slowly. She was so wet that her white cream surrounded his black cock. It was perfect.

My wife was now fucking a black man and I didn't know if it was more fun to join or watch. I did both. Him and I fucked her in every position imaginable. I ate her pussy after he'd fuck it and vice versa. She sucked me dry and swallowed my cum then made out with both of us. He asked her if he could cum inside her but she said no because she wasn't on the pill. I had an idea...a perverted one as usual. I told him to fuck her doggie style and then I began to finger her ass some more. She was bent over on the bed and I told him that I want to see him cum on my wife's ass. I kept finger her hole getting it relaxed and loose enough to see an opening. He pulled out of her pussy and began to jerk off, positing the tip of his cock on her ass opening. I held her ass cheeks apart so that he could shoot his load right into her slightly open hole. He did...he let of a nice load of cum that surrounded her ass. There was cum on her lower back, her ass and some of it dripped down to her pussy. I gathered up his cum with my hand and began to insert it into her ass hole....I fingered her ass full of his cum and this drove her nuts...she instantly came. I gave her some ass to mouth with my fingers and she got to taste his cum. I think she was mostly turned on because she didn't expect me to play with another man's cum. When the night ended and he left she was about to jump in the shower but I didn't let her. I knew her ass was filled with cum and I wanted my cream pie. I guess it was my turn to have a taste. Sure enough...I ate and fingered her cum-filled ass one last time. It was an amazing night that I don't think will ever be matched.

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