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The Mall


The mall was crowded this evening. She could tell by the cars that filled every slot in the parking lot. A glance over at Him told her that He was getting irritated at not finding a space right away. Oh how she knew He hated to wait. The heat of the summer night clung to her tanned skin as she scanned the lot for a space. As she looked, her thoughts ran back to earlier in the day. A grin spread over her features and a blush rose from her chest all the way up through her face.

When they got home from their daily walk, she was exhausted. Sometimes she feared that she wouldn't be able to keep up with her Master. His tall frame afforded His legs to stretch and glide with each step. On the other hand, her small body only allowed her two steps for every one of His. She struggled to keep up at times, but jogged if she had to endure the pace. Once back at the house, she panted as she stretched her weary limbs.

As He did the same, His eyes never stopped watching her with interest. "Did that wear you out?" He snickered.

Through labored breaths, she nodded. "Yes Master, You certainly were quick today. I wondered if I would be able to catch You or if I would have to settle for eating Your dust."

She laughed as her breathing returned to a somewhat normal state. She bent down to give her strong calves a full stretch. Pulling her breasts tightly to her knees, she felt His long fingers wind around her ponytail. With a jerk, He pulled her head to look up at Him from low in her position.

"You look so good when you're trying to keep up with Me, and even better all sweaty and bent over in such a way."

Adding a hard slap to her high held ass with His open palm, He continued, "But now it's time you showered. I have plans for us this evening, and I can't have you looking all overexerted the way you do."

Another three smacks signaled His command ended as she winced with the stinging flush of pain.

"Yes Master, I shall not be long."

She didn't dare ask what His intentions were for tonight since her words would have been caught in her throat anyhow. His hand still held fast in her hair, He pulled her upright to brush His lips on hers. She wanted so to linger there, but as He released her, she rushed off without delay.

The first burst of hot water soothed her skin until she turned around. A squeal popped out of her mouth from the heat combining with the fire gracing her rosy lower cheeks. Her hands softly rubbed the feeling to pass. Slipping the soap around each crevice and curve, she hummed softly. He loved the way her melodies echoed off of the tiled walls. She didn't know the tune that escaped, but it sounded light and airy. As the shampoo dripped into her wet palm, she smiled. Her life was good and it was all because she was His. Small moments to herself like this gave her the chance to reflect on her fortune to be His submissive. Nowhere in the world would she rather be than in His house, in His service, in His life.

The shampoo clung to each finger that she rubbed to lathering foam. Her hands ran through each strand of hair until all were coated and soapy. Her eyes were closed tight in fear of getting the dripping bubbles into them. Since her humming increased in volume to compensate for the blasting water, she didn't hear Him enter the bathroom. He rolled up His sleeve and reached inside the steaming fog. One hand crept neatly behind the shower door to caress the still red handprint on her ass. His palm rubbed until it perfectly matched the imprint, and then He squeezed hard. The skin pinched in His powerful grasp while she gasped and nearly opened her eyes.

He cooed, "Just wanted to see what sort of print it left after the hot water soaked it love. I heard your sweet humming and had to have a listen. I'm off to the other room, but please continue your song so I may listen through the partly open door."

She smiled toward the sound of His voice since her eyes were pressed shut tight against the soap. He then turned and left. A sigh from her followed His exit. Figuring she had washed her hair enough, she rinsed and leaned against the wall. Water jetted from the spout, calming her enough to step out.

As she wrapped her body in the large soft bath towels, she heard Him riffling through her closet. He was grumbling something about not finding what He searched for. She wasn't sure if she should offer help or not, and decided to leave Him to it. He would yell for her if He needed assistance. As she combed the knots from her long dark brown soaking wet tresses, she again hummed a soft new tune. She started the blow drier and held it to her head. Each strand blew wildly around until she moved it to another section.

When she turned it off, she heard Him bellow, You're clothes are laid out for you. Get them on and leave your hair down tonight. You know how I like it. I'm off to shower now. Be ready before I finish."

She called after the closing door, "Yes Master, thank You, I will."

Lotion squirted out from the long bottle into her palm. She held it to her nose and inhaled deeply the warm vanilla sugar scent. It was new ~ a gift from Him since He knew how she so loved vanilla. He knew her so well. She smoothed it on every inch of her flesh and again hummed a familiar tune. When finished, she brushed her teeth and cleaned up behind her.

She traipsed out to the bedroom to find His favorite sundress lying across her pillow as if she were once in it and somehow evaporated ... leaving only the dress behind. She quickly noted that no stockings, no panties, no bra and no garter were to be found, only the dress and a pair of blue heels. Those heels matched the thin-strapped dress to perfection. She smiled at His taste and slipped it over her damp form. On her pillow, a thin band of gold laid waiting. Upon it, a tiny heart dangled engraved with the words, My pet. She loved seeing that there. She stood before the full length mirrors to check the dress's fit. It clung just so in all the right spots. Flaring out with a dancing outfit style, she twirled to see it fly above her hips and reveal her neatly shaven mound beneath. She twirled faster and faster until she heard His applause boom out from behind her. He chuckled and crossed to her.

Taking her in His arms as the room spun before her, He said, "You are indeed a vision in that dress My darling. How that color brings out the sparkle in your blue eyes. Just perfect."

The hot flames of a blush crept up her body as she whispered, "Thank You. You do have excellent taste anyhow, I appreciate the compliment."

His hands glided up her waist to her ample breasts. He took one in each hand and dug His fingers in through the thin material. She flinched, but only slightly as she sighed.

It was then that her dizziness subsided enough to take in His appearance to which she added, "And You look simply scrumptious this evening Master." His khaki pants and crisp white shirt gave His frame a relaxed, yet forceful appearance. She licked her lips and smiled wide.

As she stood before Him, her eyes scanned over His handsome face. She could only stare in awe at the silent power He exuded just with a look. While she concentrated on Him, she nearly fell to her knees in surrender as if He had already willed it to be. He took one of her hands in His and flung her away in a spin. As she danced outward, He immediately pulled her back in and twisted one arm up behind her as a thief in a dark alley would.

He growled down to her, "Just hold still." Her breath caught half way out, as she held stone still.

He pushed her body over to the freshly made bed and forced her face down on it. Her head lay to the side so she could breath, and the sheets let off a crisp airy scent. She could feel Him still holding her in place with His one single hand. It let go long enough to run up her side and caress along the outer edge of her left breast. Suddenly, she heard a loud click. She started to turn her head toward the noise, but instead felt His hand on her cheek.

"Just lay still my sweetness. Just lie still."

The calming tone of His voice lent her relaxation. Her body lost all of its rigid tenseness. One finger lifted underneath of her arm to pull it above her head. Cold steel replaced His warm finger on her wrist. The realization came too late ~ cuffs. He had cuffed her hand to the bedpost. Both ankles followed the other arm in restraint. With her body spread wide open in glorious splendor before Him, she tested each of her bonds. All held fast.

"Lift your head for me. I really don't want to muss your hair right now."

She raised it as far as she possibly could and looked at what He held. One blood red rose stemmed from His outstretched hand. Its petals were perfectly flawless. The scent drew into her as He moved it nearer to her face. The very tip softly danced down her closed eyelids and over her nose. She inhaled its heavenly fragrance as it moved down her lips. She laid her head back on the quilted blanket and sighed. Her Master skillfully moved it down her shoulder and over each blade in turn. It ran over the thin fabric and bounced along the back of her thigh. His free hand bunched up the skirting around her waist. She felt His hot breath so near to her legs that she trembled involuntarily.

"This rose and its sweet scent have nothing on the musky scent of your desperate lust My little slut."

She smiled deeply to herself as His hands followed the rose's scant trail on her flesh. It ran over and over the inside and outside of her thighs until it dipped up inside the heat between her legs. A gasp slipped out as the rose danced along her freshly dewed folds. He laid the flower on the roundness of her ass cheeks with its thorny stem pricking lightly into her tender skin.

"Don't move or the thorns will dig into the bare skin back here."

She held her breath, and with gentle brute force, He pushed a finger deep inside her wetness. It took everything she had to hold ever still. He fucked it deeper to the last knuckle and held it there for a painstakingly long time. The finger slid out enough for Him to add a second, then a third. He probed her depth with soft grunts coupled with heavy sighs. The gliding of His fingers gave rise to moans from deep within her core. He never stopped the slow motions.

She felt her body temperature rising with the flames of wanton need begging to be quenched. Her body began to twitch without her bidding it to do so. He growled down at her. The rose wobbled on her ass. Something told her that if that rose fell to the cushion of the bed, she would be in for it. He increased pace, pushing her farther and farther toward the edge of that sensual submissive cliff. With pulse racing, she concentrated only on holding still. However, her body betrayed her and jolted from the bed for only a split second. The rose spilled from it's soft resting place as it rolled down pricking her skin here and there. As she turned her head to look at Him, He gave an evil smile.

"I know you knew to keep that rose in place. Of course, I also knew your body as well as you did and figured that rose would fall. Hmmm, now what to do about that lack of control," He talked at her but not really to her.

She couldn't see where He disappeared, but she had a feeling she was in for something wicked. The sounds of Him moving things around in His old antique trunk made her quirk inside. She knew of some of the things He kept there, but was always fearful to peek inside without permission.

"Ah hah" He then nearly yelled as He crossed back to the bed after locking the trunk lid again. Since she faced the door, He stayed on the other side. He didn't want her seeing what He was doing.

Again, His hands slipped up the back of her cocoa colored thighs. He loved when her body got sun and turned that golden brown shade. His fingers ambled around her glistening pussy lips over and over without touching either one. Then it happened. She nearly pulled her arms from the sockets as the hard pinch clamped around one lip. The other quickly received the same treatment. He climbed up between her spread eagle legs and leaned close. His nose brushed against her thigh as He inhaled her odor. Each hand pulled the clamps wide open to present to Him what was indeed His by His right. The tiniest of clamps snapped over her swollen hard bud. She cried out in shock and unexpected delight. Searing pain shot down her legs to the tips of her toes. As the rounded edges pressed evenly against her bulging clit, He removed the other two clamps one after another. He then once more dipped a finger into her hot fuckhole. Her tan deepened an even shade with undertones of red flushing over her entire body. He slid from the bed and unlocked each limb from their bonds. She found that she was afraid to move; afraid the clamp would pop off and have to be adjusted in place again. He rolled her over with a delicate insistence. She couldn't look at Him, not just yet.

"Love, look at me."

She slowly fixed her misty gaze on His face, intensely meditating on His deep pools filled with love.

"I want you to make sure that clip stays on until I say it's time to take it off. Do you understand?"

She nodded and mustered a "Yes Master" to comply with His wishes.

"Good. Now sit up and come kneel before me."

Her body quivered as the clip moved with her and held fast. She grinned thinking that perhaps she could do this. As He bent and placed the thin cool collar around her neck, He checked for it's tightness with one finger.

He laughed, "Calm yourself and behave My horny fuckslut. Go finish your hair and make-up. Then perhaps we'll be off."

He bent lower to kiss the tip of her nose before retreating downstairs.

She carefully went in and tousled her hair to a neat bounce, then attended to her face. He didn't like it when she wore too much make-up, so she applied a light coating of powder, a hint of blush to her cheeks, a thin line of liner under each eyelid and one even smaller above before moving to her pouty lips. She chose a soft pale pink and slicked it on each lip. Smacking them together, she smiled. Good choice, she thought as she returned the tube to its place on the counter. A quick blast of hair spray crowned her look. She turned and shut out the lights as she slipped cautiously down the steps trying not to move very much.

He was waiting in the living room by then, flipping through the newspaper. As she hit the bottom step, He looked up to give her that grin... the one He held only for her. She flashed Him the smile that she reserved for her Master's eyes only and crossed to stand before Him. He nodded as His eyes examined every part of her twice. She then lowered down onto her knees and gave herself over to full inspection for Him. He stood, circling around her like a lion stalking its prey. He bent lower to inhale her scent. A wide smile formed as He recognized the lotions telltale aroma. He then moved in front of her once more and stool stock still, staring down at her.

"Very good little one. You've done well. However, I think that lipstick is a bit too perfect. I'd like to mess it up a little before we depart."

She then looked up into His eyes and nodded understanding the command without Him actually saying the words.

She first took His belt buckle and worked it open. Unexpectedly, He grabbed her hand and stopped her progress.

"Take My belt off of Me and present it to Me slut."

Her trembling hands returned to the bucket as she pulled it free from each loop slowly. The buttery dark leather ran through her hands as she pulled it straight before folding it in half. Holding it above her bowed head, she waited for Him to take it from her. He did and cracked the doubled pieces together making a sharp snap ring out. As the sound resounded in her ears, she flinched. Though He loomed over her, the belt buckle wound in leather tightly in His fist, she continued. Her fingers reached up to take hold of His pants button and pop it open. Her index finger and thumb pinched His zipper between them as she pulled it down all the way. His hands had found their way to His waist, and He stood there waiting all-powerful looking like Zeus Himself.

She tugged His pants down to His ankles as His thick hardening member sprung out directly in front of her face. Her tongue ran over her lips as she moved nearer to it, craving it to fill her parted lips. The velvety head pressed against them as she sighed her content, ready to push it in slowly.

This was not to be. He yanked her hair back and thrust His hips forward to pummel it with one long stroke to the back of her throat. All at once, she felt her gag reflex kick in and try to swallow Him. He held her there, deep down on His now throbbing cock. With a wide flick of His wrist, the belt's tip whistled down to tag along the soft sweet ass cheek as it rested on her heels. Panic wrought over her face as she could barely get a breath. He bobbed her face in tiny jerks as her nose brushed against His skin.

Again, the leather weapon whispered through the air and snapped along the other cheek. A loud cry caught in her throat. As He neared the height of His arousal, a low growl pressed in His chest. He suddenly pulled her from Him and held her right in front of His erect weapon.

Deep breaths replaced the growls, and He smiled down at her.

"See what you do to Me? But again, not now ... not yet. Give My cock one last parting kiss and we'll be off."

A grin graced the corners of her mouth followed by a tiny disappointed sigh. She had so hoped to drink of His hot essence. Her lips pursed to gently place an angel's kiss to the swollen tip of His immense member before backing away on her knees. He looked a bit disengaged as He pulled His pants back up, zipped, buttoned and replaced His belt much to her relief.

As He released her hair, His body bent to wrap an arm around her waist. He pulled her up to Him and held her close. Her nostrils filled with His warm erotic scent. She took the chance to breath Him in over and over.

"Now present to me Your redness My love," He whispered down to her ear as His tongue flicked out over the lobe.

She spun away from Him and doubled her body in half. His fingers ran along the back of each thigh before flipping her dress up around her hips. Each cheek was kissed with a long red lash that burned with love's fire. His fingertips traced along each welt time and again until He was satisfied with the effort. Once more, one single finger dipped down between the crack of her ass to probe into her soaking wet fuckhole. Her hands gripped her ankles as she inhaled deeply. Her arousal was evident.

"It would seem that you wanted more. Am I right?"

She peeked around her calf and nodded, "Yes Master, I wanted so to taste You, to take all of Your juices in, but I am just happy to have had You at all today. Thank You my Master."

She beamed as He fucked that lone finger in and out a few times before checking the metal clip was still present. When satisfied, He pulled her skirt into place once more.

"C'mon love, let's go."

She followed Him outside where the sweltering heat caressed her with a damp hot breeze. He opened her car door and held her hand as she slipped down onto the burning leather. Since she wore no undergarments, the intense temperature set flames to hell's fire on her seat. The clamp still pressing down on her throbbing clit gave even more fire to the rising pain. Rapidly, she bucked her lower half away from the interior. He laughed hard as He reached in and pushed her body back to the car seat.

"I want you to feel it the whole ride My precious. Don't pull your redness away again."

She sank back and bit into her lower lip. He closed the door and circled to the driver's side.

She could think of little else during the drive. Her "rose tattoos", as she sometimes thought of them, charred into her flesh especially when He hit a bump in the road. She used to be scared to death of the belt. It caused her heart to race and tears to rise in her deep pools of pleading. He gently brought her past this fear to a place no One could take her. She handed her trust to Him, and He had never steered her wrong. As they drove up to the mall, she wondered what He could need here.

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