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The Mall


My girlfriend Tara and I have had a master-slave relationship since as far back as I can remember. No matter what was going on, I'd drop everything and attend to her needs, because she owned me. There were no excuses and no backing out. Some days you just want to go back to bed or you are just completely drained and don't want to give in, but you do it anyway. Sometimes the things you are forced to do are not things you would normally consider trying. In all of my life, I'd never expect to enjoy sucking dick. Tara loved the sight of two men sucking each other off and knowing she could force me to and watch, or be in on it, was more than a little exhilarating. One of Tara's favorite things to do is to humiliate me in public. It's something that sends waves of pleasure over her, more extreme than I'd ever known. As the slave, I'll always go along with it, whether it's enticing or not. My goal is to please her and only her. If the pleasure goes both ways, fantastic, but it's not necessary. I was woken up around 10 a.m. Saturday morning and instructed to put on a pair of rubber underwear and nothing else.

"Where are we going Mistress?"

"I feel like walking my slave around the mall. First, you are going to prove how much of a slut you are though."

"Yes mistress."

"I'm waiting here. Are you going to light my cigarette or not?"

"Of course master."

My fingers fumbled with the lighter as it flickered but wouldn't stay lit, finally giving in with a nice long flame. Smoke filled the air and was then blown into my face.

"Thank you."

"Yes yes. Put the collar on so I can walk you. I'll be down stairs waiting."

Her ass swayed back and forth, tightly wrapped by the black leather pants she wore that were incredibly tight. The white tank top she wore was one she got for Christmas that said, "CALL ME MASTER." It was something we stumbled upon while in Florida, vacationing. The drive was quiet; I knew not to speak as she enjoyed her music while puffing a Marlboro. The world flew by and within several minutes the mall was in view. The parking lot was crowded with cars like it always is on a Saturday. We parked and she pulled my out by the leash, my knees hurt so bad from walking on all fours on the rough gravel, but no complaints allowed.

"I'm sure you are wondering what's in this bag. Here, I want you to put on this wig. Well, don't you look like a sexy little blond whore? Ready to prove yourself?"

"Yes mistress."

People passed by, staring, wonder what the hell was going on. Why was this very attractive redhead walking around a man with a wig like he was a dog? The answer came swiftly.

"Excuse me, would you like a free blowjob from a dirty little skank?"

I was in disbelief that she was going to have me suck some random stranger. I've never done it before and was unsure if I'd like it. Men just kept on walking; some were even with their girlfriends. One guy said he would like one but his girl smacked him across the arm, they laughed and kept moving.

My only thought at that exact moment was, "Please not the dirty looking redneck."

"Sir, would you mind coming over here."

"Hi, what can I do for you?"

"Actually, it's about what I can do for you. I'm offering you a nice wet blowjob from my slut here. It's good practice."

"Well, I don't really don't know."

"One second sir."

Confusion came up on both of our faces as she dug into her bad yet again, pulling out a black bra and some crimson lipstick. She forced me to put on the bra as she ran the lipstick along my mouth. The cigarette smoke was hurting my eyes as she applied it, ashes falling to the ground as it rest between her teeth.

"Okay. What about now? That's a fine little bitch there."

"I don't have anything to clean up with so I don't know."

"No worries. I want you to coat her pretty little face. Spray her face, neck, hair, I really don't care. This is your slut until you cum."

"She does have some nice pouty lips. Okay."

Tara leaned back onto the car as the sun reflected off the tight leather pants, lighting up another cigarette. The dirty stranger unzipped his pants and pulled out a 6 inch cock that was veiny and thick.

"Come on now, wrap those pretty lips around it. Keep mind, if you don't do a good job, you will be whipped later. I guarantee it won't be as nice as last time. You will bleed."

With no way out, my eyes closed tight as his hand gripped my hair, pushing the meat into my wet mouth. People walked by, talking in low voices, in complete shock. I ignored them and opened wider so he could push it all in. Images of porn star's performing popped in my head. I'd try to mimic it. My tongue swirled around his plump head before I'd grip tight and take it to the back of my throat.

"I'd swear that you've been doing this for years, my worthless slave. You have natural skills. Perhaps it was inevitable that you were a dick sucking fag." She cackled as she took a hit off the Marlboro.

"Wow. She is very good at this. I'm getting close."

All of it was a bit overwhelming. It was surprising that, without any previous experience, my mouth was about to make this guy explode. It made me feel sexy.

"Suck that cock good faggot. Want a big load on your pretty little face."

The lipstick was smearing all over his shaft and his moans were getting louder. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see several people stopping to watch us. I'd hate to disappoint the viewers so I dove down to the bottom of his shaft then slowly back up, bobbing up and down wildly on his thick member.

"I see several of you are enjoying my slut's show. Any of you boy's want to join in?"

All were hesitant at first but a young black man stepped forward and unzipped his jeans. His cock had to be 9 inches or more and it worried me. The redneck wasn't even close to that and it caused me to gag a few times. Surprisingly, the black guy didn't wait; he slid his cock into my already full mouth. They slid in and out, rubbing against my wet crimson lips, gliding against one another's dicks.

"Mm, that is very hot. Come on you worthless pig, can't you get these boys off? Just like a slut you have your mouth full of dick. Prove you are the best little whore."

My hands stroked their shafts faster since it was hard for me to do anything else. They were trying to face fuck me but my mouth wasn't big enough for both of them. It wouldn't open any wider but they kept pushing more and more inside. A few guys in the crowd were rubbing themselves but refused to come over.

"Here it comes, oh shit."

The redneck pulled out and squeezed his head, prolonging the orgasm. Suddenly hot semen was blasting me in the face, dripping down to my chin. I truly felt like a slut and I loved every second.

"Mm, good shot. Thank you.

Now I could focus on one again and that was difficult enough. The huge black cock was filling my mouth and the man always wanted to shove it all in. The problem was, I couldn't take it all without nearly throwing up.

"Come on, fuck his slutty mouth. Little bitch needs to learn to suck. You keep gagging. Can't take it, bitch?"

The black guy grabbed onto the back of my head and started driving it all down my throat. Every time it was too much, he continued anyway.

"Throw up you pitiful cunt. You can't take that big black prick."

It took everything in me to prevent that, and soon I found myself moaning with him.

"You love that, don't you?"

I nodded as the plump head dropped from my lips, giving me a moment to breathe. While gasping for air, his cock thrust right back in, catching me by surprise.

"Give her that big load."

My hands squeezed and rubbed his ass, digging the nails in as my mouth was mercilessly pounded. Saliva ran down and hung from his balls.

"Shit, shit, here it come."

A long strand of his white goo squirted into my hair then several more powerful shots hit me in the face, one right in the mouth. It was my first taste of semen and it was sweet. Hungrily, I took the head into my mouth and milked the last bit of cum. Craving every last drop.

"Well, well, well, somebody is hungry for sperm. Maybe he just loves that big black cock. Did you enjoy that, slut?"

"Very much master."

"Well, come along, we have more things to do."

The gravel continued to scratch up my legs as we moved into the mall. People were whispering things back and forth and some looked mortified. I crawled on all fours around the mall with semen scattered over my face and in my hair. We stopped into an alternative clothing store. Tara saw a tall guy with piercing's and smiled.

"Excuse me, would you like to take my slave's anal virginity?"

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Great story

I can taste the cum right now and those magnificent cocks, And the degradation is wonderful. I am not sure the hands and knees dog walk would work but my clitty is dripping needing the rest of your story.more...

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