tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Man From STEBWCFIU



It was just after 6 P.M. when Anna spotted Odette on the barstool. She was dressed for hot weather with her white Capri's and spaghetti strap, navy camisole. On the other hand it did not matter where Odette was; she could generate her own heat wave. Anna watched her for a moment, wishing they were back at the apartment so she could slide the straps off Odette's shoulder to reveal her sweet, smooth breasts and proceed from there. Odette looked around and saw Anna for the first time. She smiled as Anna approached and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Hi, looks like the flight is on time. Care for a Mojito?"

"Excellent. Yes, I think I would. God Odette, you look good today; I need to touch you."

"Mmm, guess we'll have to wait til we get to San Jose unless we put the Ladies' to good use. Have you ever screwed in an airplane? No? Maybe we should try. Let's think about the logistics. I checked the flight. It is not full, so we can sit where we'll have at least some privacy. I'll change to my skirt before we board. I think panties will be redundant, don't you? We can use blankets. Mmmm, yes this little project is sounding better all the time. "

Anna and Odette traveled on occasion as mother and daughter. In reality they were on again off again lovers.

Odette relished talking dirty, especially in public. Exciting them both and increasing the anticipation for the time when they could consummate.

"Do you have your...our small vibrator? Good. At the appropriate time I'll just raise my skirt, and then there will be nothing standing in our way, will there? These little straps will provide hardly any resistance I'm afraid, so you will soon be rubbing my hard, little nipples."

"Jesus, you are such a little slut."

"Yes, I know, but don't distract me from my planning. This must be done just right or we might be arrested. Or even worse, I might not come. I best make a note to bring my panties after all. To stuff in my mouth so we don't attract the attendants by accident during my orgasm."

"Should I make a list?"

"No, now stop distracting me. Ok. Assignments as follows: Anna, nipples? Or do you prefer labia, clit, etc.?"

"Could you give a description of the duties involved so I can make a more informed decision?"

"Well, my first impression is that cunnilingus is out of the question. Although let me get back to you on that after some thought. Nipples should be straightforward. First you will brush your fingers over my breast, lightly fondling the nipples from time to time. As I become more aroused- use your judgment here- you will be focusing more on the aureole and the nipple per se. Again as things move along you will increase the intensity, perhaps pinching and squeezing them as they get harder and I get more excited. For my part...well you don't need that information do you?"

"So will I have the opportunity to suck on the nipples, fondle them with my tongue or gently bite them?"

"Mmmm, good question. All I can say is, I hope so, darling." Odette leaned against the bar with her elbows. She touched her left nipple; her eyes closed for a moment.

"Odette, while I'm tending to your nipples what will you be doing?"

"Just a moment while I recover my concentration." She straightened and leaned away from the bar. "Alright now where were we? Ok, I'll be concentrating on my twat (acronym for the war against terrorism?). First I'll check for proper lubrication. Caressing my labia, then the inner lips, my clitty, and then inside. A thorough inspection may take several minutes, but I think it's unlikely that lubrication will be a problem unless it all runs down my leg in the next few minutes. Not out of the question by the way. Should it be needed, I have a small vial of Astroglide in my carry-on. I may ask you to help with this inspection and/or application."

The boarding call for their flight came just in the nick of time. Odette hurried to the women's room to change to her skirt. She returned wearing a silk, knee-length, godet-hem number. Her eyes shone and her lips curled into a playful smile as she strolled across the concourse toward Anna. Her muscular calves reminded Anna what an experience it was watching Odette dance. Anna did not usually enjoy flying, but she knew tonight would be different.

Later on the plane, Odette slept the sleep of the multi-orgasmic. Anna, on the other hand, contemplated their mission in Costa Rica. She did not know the details yet, since it was top-secret. The women would learn its complete nature when they met with Nadia, the contact in San Jose. Anna knew the mission would be tricky at best, and possibly dangerous. Odette was never given a routine assignment. She also knew that the job had something to do with an environmental group called Save the Earth Before We Completely Fuck It Up (STEBWCFIU). For one thing these people needed help with their acronym. Anna was pretty certain that was not why she and Odette had been hired.

As the plane began the descent for landing, Odette finally awoke. When she stretched, the blanket fell away revealing her breasts.

"Oops", she laughed while covering up.

"That guy across the aisle has a question."

"Never mind him; do I have time for a quick orgasm?"

"I'm afraid not; we'll be on the ground in 3 minutes."

Odette, her lower lip protruding, pouted so sweetly, Anna was tempted to try for a 3 minute orgasm. "I think your time would be better spent finding your clothing." Anna's job was to keep Odette under control and out of trouble until the mission was accomplished. She was paid well for what appeared to be a simple task, but only those who did not truly know Odette held this belief. It was not that Odette liked taking risks; she did not feel alive if she was not taking a risk. Odette's addiction to risk would have suited her for work as an assassin. However she was also a pacifist, so she chose a slightly less violent profession. She called herself a "prankster".

After retrieving their baggage and checking through customs, the women boarded a flight to a small provincial airport near Golfito. Nadia's base of operations was in this town overlooking the Golfo Dulce on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Anna had known Nadia when she was an undergraduate and Nadia was a graduate student. Nadia's research involved doing surgery on monkey's brains and seeing how it affected certain aspects of their behavior. Apparently at some point Nadia had decided helping preserve endangered populations of wild monkeys in the rain forest was more to her liking. Her current research involved population studies of howler monkeys and was funded by several prominent environmental organizations.

At Golfito Nadia met the women at the airport. Anna thought how wonderful it was to see her again after so many years. Nadia's house overlooked the gulf on the edge of the rain forest. Since it was the dry season the house was completely open. No glass, no screens. It was like being in paradise. Anna thought she could spend the rest of her life in just such a place. Too bad they were on a business trip.

Nadia offered to let them rest before proceeding to the matter at hand. But both Anna and Odette were too excited for sleep. So they sat on the deck overlooking the water and had drinks. Anna noted that Nadia had not overcome her smoking habit. Odette and Anna joined her as they often did when they were on the road. They had a rule that they never smoked at home, unless absolutely necessary.

The mission involved encouraging a high level official in STEBWCFIU to maintain his opposition to mineral exploration in the highlands of central Costa Rica. Apparently the man had been bribed, and would soon announce he favored exploration. There was terrific economic and political pressure on the government to allow the mining, but until now the opposition by STEBWCFIU had helped the government resist the pressure. However if the man from STEBWCFIU changed his position, the government would undoubtedly drop its opposition.

The mission therefore was to pressure the man to maintain the STEBWCFIU position, and thus, insure the highlands would remain untouched. There was to be a conference in Quepos, at which M. ____ (the man from STEBWCFIU) would announce his decision. Anna and Odette would sail to Quepos and pose as representatives of the mining company who M. ____ was expecting. The real mining people, who were to present the bribe cash after his announcement, had been sidetracked by Nadia's operatives.

"I do not care how you accomplish the objective. Just don't let me read about it in the newspapers and don't put him in the hospital. Do you understand?"

Both women smiled and nodded in assent.

At dawn the two women set sail on Nadia's boat, a luxuriously outfitted Baltic 60. They chatted about how to accomplish the mission while motoring down the gulf to the Pacific. Once in the open ocean they set the sails and shut down the diesel. On the port side an apparently infinite expanse of salt water and to starboard the Costa Rican coast where the rain forest met the sandy beach. Further inland one could see the mountains.

Costa Rica is progressive in its protection of its considerable ecological treasure. Much of the country is protected in national parks and nature reserves. Plant and animal diversity are phenomenal for a small country; at least partially because of a similar geographic diversity. These were among the reasons Nadia had chosen the small Central American country as her base.

Late in the afternoon Anna and Odette dropped the anchor in a protected cove a short drive from Quepos. They phoned their contact set up by Nadia, and she came out to the boat in a small motor launch to take them ashore. After they checked into the hotel, Anna dressed for the evening reception. The plan was for her to contact M. ____ there.

At the reception Anna got a martini at the bar and strolled through the crowd, occasionally pretending to be part of a conversation group. She did not see her man however. She went onto the patio overlooking the water and stood alone wondering what her next move should be.

"Do you like fruit loops?" It was the pass phrase for recognition with him. But the speaker was a woman. A fiftyish, tall brunette.

Anna recovered looked at her and said "Only with ice cream."

"I see. Then you must be M.____ contact with his friends." Anna remained silent not sure how to respond.

"I'm afraid he has been detained, so I am here in his place."

"Are you authorized to conduct our business?"

"Well dear our business has been cancelled. Our organization has learned that he was about to commit an act that would be against our interests, so he has been replaced so to speak. I am now head of STEBWCFIU. And unfortunately for you I plan to call the federal police in the morning unless give me good reason not to."

Anna choked on her martini, and then uttered a muffled guffaw. "So would you clarify the situation for me? Are you calling off the deal with the mining interests and supporting preservation efforts?"


Anna shook her head and smiled. "Do you who Nadia Benjamin?"

"Of course."

Anna searched through her hand bag retrieving her cell phone. She handed the phone to the woman. "Call Nadia and ask her who I am."

She hesitated but then took the phone. She waited with the phone at her ear. "Nadia Benjamin please, Alice Rhodes here. Hello Nadia dear. Yes fine and you. Uh, I am with a woman who appears to know you. Yes that sounds like her." She handed the phone to Anna.

"Hi, you are not going to believe this. Is Ms. Rhodes on our side? Are you sure? Ok. Well she says that M. ____ has been replaced...by her. In short our mission appears to be accomplished, except for one matter. She intends to have me arrested. I know. Yes that would be unfortunate. Yes darling would you mind?"

She handed the phone to Alice. "Yes Nadia, oh that is sweet, this will make a great story. Only to whom will I be free to tell? Here Anna."

"Thank you Nadia. Are we cool? Excellent. I believe I will have another martini. I can't wait to see Odette's reaction."

"Who is Odette?"

"My accomplice. She is upstairs waiting for me to bring M. ____ to her so we can persuade him to change his mind."

"I must meet her too. We can't stay here giggling in public. Can we go to your room so you can tell me the whole sordid plan? And we'll drink champagne all night in celebration?"

"Let's do."

"I have to go by my room to change out of this dress, so I'll meet you there in a few minutes after I make my excuses."

As per their plan when Anna returned to the room Odette was in the whirlpool on the balcony. She wore a one-piece Speedo swim suit that hid little of her charm. Anna sat on a lounge chair.

"So where's our boy?"

Anna described the situation, eliciting alternating gasps and chuckles from Odette. "So it's party time?"

"Indeed. I'll open a bottle of champagne." Odette came in from the balcony after drying herself. She stripped off the suit, and walked nude to the closet; retrieving a knee-length dressing gown. While zipping it she caught Anna staring at her and smiled. "And what are you looking at?"

"Mmmm...you know my sweet, little slut."

Just then Alice arrived and the women went to the balcony. They talked; trying to tie together all the story lines. Alice said she would be making the official position announcement tomorrow afternoon. She felt sure their opposition would doom any chance of mining in the Costa Rican highlands for the foreseeable future.

Odette sighed and said "The only regret I have is I was looking forward to our little sexual drama for the benefit of M. ____."

"It does sound like it would have been fun. You two would have been playing while he masturbated, and all of this would have been recorded to his potential embarrassment. Sounds delicious. Do you girls play often?"

"Not as often as Odette would like, I'm afraid. We did have a really fun little encounter on the plane though."

Odette laughed. "Yes, Anna can perform magic under a blanket. She massaged my pussy and I tickled my nipples. It was all I could do not to cry out."

"Quite an image; it makes me wet thinking of the two of you. I would love to watch some time, if you don't mind."

Anna looked toward Odette and smiled. "Odette loves to be watched, don't you darling? Our favorite game is to pretend she doesn't know I'm watching while she masturbates. And of course I get off while watching. Alice, why don't you and I go out on the balcony and have a drink and a cigarette?"

"I would like that."

Anna kissed Odette on the cheek and joined Alice outside. They each poured more champagne and stood with their backs against the rail. Anna offered Alice a cigarette and lit it for her. After lighting her own she studied Alice, as she was focused on Odette. For the first time Anna realized that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples standing hard as she looked at Odette in the room. She wore kaki walking shorts that fit her firm ass nicely. Anna thought she must be a runner since her legs were still muscular and well shaped.

"She is so hot. Not classically beautiful, but sexy. Oh my, she shaves. I love that smooth look. Too much trouble for me I'm afraid, but god I love the look and feel. She must be a dancer look at those legs."

Anna moved to the table to put out her cigarette, and then sat in the chair so she could watch Alice watch Odette. Alice did not seem to notice Anna was watching her. She was absorbed in Odette's performance. "I hope you don't mind dear." Alice said as she undid her shorts; then slid them and the panties down over her hips and thighs, letting them fall to the floor. She then unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall. Her large breasts had the slightest sag; still quite attractive and suckable though. The light brown nipples responded as Alice touched them.

She looked at Anna. Anna reached for her champagne and tipped the glass toward Alice as if toasting her. As Anna lit another cigarette, she rose and stood near Alice without touching her. The women looked into each others eyes. Anna strolled around Alice taking in the magnificently erotic image of another woman masturbating. Alice massaged her pussy, while playing with her nipples. Her eyes closed and head thrown back. Her hair hung over her shoulders, and on her back sweat glistened. Standing behind her, Anna watched Alice's butt flex and unflex as she moved in rhythm with her fingers inside her. She was making those little "ooo's" and "ahhs" and moans Anna loved so much.

Anna was tempted to touch Alice, but resisted relishing the tension she felt between them, both longing to stroke and be stroked. She glanced into the room. Odette was playing with a dildo; she sucked it like a massive cock then inserted into her pussy. Grasping it with both hands she slid it deep inside her.

When she looked back to Alice she was biting her lip and staring at Anna. Her nipples now a darker shade of red. Anna still wore the dress from the reception. She raised it above her hips and slid her panties off, then sat on the chair. She looked down at her wet, glistening lips, and spread her legs wide. She looked back at Alice and smiled. Alice said "Oh god you two are such whores." Anna inhaled deeply then released the smoke in small O's. She nodded to Alice in silent agreement.

She heard Odette from in the room. Apparently she was having fun. "Oh shit, oh fuck yes. Please, please Alice come fuck me. Come touch me. Oh please baby. I need you! Jesus hurry."

Alice slipped through the glass door and went to Odette. Anna did not turn to watch. Instead she looked out over the moonlit Pacific and listened to the waves slamming ashore.

Odette seemed pleased so far. "Oh god yes do it. No there, yes harder."

Alice moaned, "Oh dear let's come together baby. Here slide that inside me. That's it in and out. Ahh."

After that all sounds became inarticulate moans and muffled screams. Anna decided that indeed their mission had been accomplished.

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