tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Man in Her Dreams Ch. 01

The Man in Her Dreams Ch. 01


Lying completely silent on the floor underneath her bed, I could hear her brushing her teeth in the bathroom. She finished, making a polite spitting noise as she ran water over what I knew was her blue striped toothbrush. I heard the light switch snap and I knew she was coming to bed.

My right index finger twitched nervously. I saw her feet approach the bed, and then watched as panties slid down over her ankles and into view, immediately snatched up by slender fingers. I heard a shift of the fabric I assumed was her shirt then a noise in the closet across the room where I knew she had just thrown her clothing. The feet disappeared one by one and the bed creaked slightly, the springs adjusting under her minimal weight. She was so close, right there, just above me, but I had to wait. Not yet.

The blanket rustled softly as she got comfortable, then a brief silence was answered by the click of a desk lamp off to the right. The room was engulfed in darkness; the only audible sound was her slow, steady breathing. Restraining myself for those last few minutes practically killed me, but I waited until the silence was deafening to start to slide out from under the bed. Just then, the blanket moved loudly.

I froze as my breath caught in my throat, expecting her face to pop under the side and find me hiding there. The panic rose in my stomach as I waited, my heart thundering in my chest. It was all I could do to control my breathing. I closed my eyes as my fate began to sink into my mind.

However, instead of a scream of disgust and horror at the discovery of the man beneath her bed, I was quite surprised to hear a soft moan from above. My eyes snapped open. I listened closely and heard her breathing increase as the sheet rustled again quietly.

Still in shock, I realized that she was masturbating not three feet above me. It was so hard to keep still as I heard her mumbling in her seemingly private pleasure. A certain overwhelming giddiness washed over me as my finger twitched anxiously, both in relief and anticipation. My heart was beating so loudly I feared she would hear it.

She made no effort to stifle her noises, as she now obviously believed she was quite alone in the blackness of her bedroom, but still they were quiet, shy almost. She gasped and the corner of the comforter slid into my view, draped over the edge of her undulating mattress.

My erection suddenly strained against my jeans as I listened to the noises she made, so quiet they were hardly louder than whispered prompts. She threw more of the thick blanket over the edge as I heard a loud gasp. The bed went silent for one of the longest moments I've ever experienced and I held my breath, staring wide-eyed at the bottom of the box spring beneath her.

Finally I heard her release her captive breath, and I did the same, much to my relief. Her breathing very slowly returned to normal, then slowed even further to the pace of a person who is sleeping.

I waited a good twenty minutes, my hard-on throbbing painfully against the material of my pants, until I was sure she was asleep. I moved at last, slowly scooting out from under the bed and rising to my feet beside her still form. My body ached from lying so still for so long.

I looked at her, my eyes roaming over the thin sheet that barely concealed her beautiful body. The comforter had long since been kicked out of the way, the action fueled by her consuming passion.

I longed to touch her, but first I had to make sure any chance of escape was impossible. Kneeling to reach under the bed, I retrieved the rope I had brought along. I fastened her wrists together and to the headboard; her ankles were attached to each of the posts at the foot of the bed. The sheet I carefully moved aside, reveling at the sight of her nude body, barely visible in the dim moonlight that crept through the curtained window.

I couldn't resist; I ran my hand along her shoulder, over the slight curve of her small breast, alongside her flat stomach and down the length of her thigh. She truly was beautiful. Dark curls framed her face as she lay dreaming in the sleep only an orgasm can bring. I watched as her chest rose and fell, her stomach slowly keeping time. My eyes trailed along her side and down the swooping line of her hip, shapely and tempting in innocent beauty.

She had never been touched; I knew this for a fact. I had been watching her for nearly six years now, seeing her grow from a quiet girl into the vibrant but timid young woman before me tonight. Although she was absolutely stunning, in wonderful shape, and one of the smartest people I had ever seen, she held no interest in males, or females for that matter. She simply did not want any kind of relationship, for reasons unknown even to me in my extensive but outside understanding of her ways. It may be she was too focused on her schoolwork, too intent on keeping the academic scholarship she had received from her college. I knew she was a sexual person, as tonight was not the first I had seen her pleasuring herself, but she never allowed anyone to get close enough, though I had seen countless young men and even one woman throw themselves at her shamelessly, all to no avail. I stroked her cheek lovingly, letting my hand linger on her high cheekbone.

Her thick black lashes fluttered peacefully as she sighed in her sleep. Soon, I told myself silently, pushing back the dark strands that had fallen into my eyes.

I slid a finger over a nipple and lowered myself onto the bed beside her, smiling and pleased with the immediate response my action received. My eyes closed in desire as I leaned slowly and took it into my mouth, hearing a gratifying sigh as I rolled it along my tongue. I nipped it lightly and her body clenched in reply as her breathing began to increase yet again. I sat up to watch her writhe mechanically at my touch.

The fingers of my right hand made their way down to the wetness between her thighs, still quite more than damp from earlier. I traced her opening then slid two fingers up to circle her clit. Her bound legs strained against their ties, unconsciously desperate to invite me deeper.

Her body relaxed as I sat up and brought my hand to my mouth, savoring for the first time her intoxicating flavor. My taste buds screamed for more and I leaned to her mouth, kissing her gently. My hand returned to stroke her once again and she moved automatically against the rhythm of my fingers gliding across her clit.

She moaned against my mouth as the pleasure once more built inside her. I moved just an inch from her face to watch her head loll to the side. Her neck was exposed and I licked continuously along its smooth surface, working my way up the line of her jaw, stopping at her ear. I breathed heavily into it while tracing its contours with my tongue and she moaned loudly. All the while my practiced fingers swooped over her hardened clit, the intense sensations shaking her small frame.

I watched her shapely brows furrow as she grew close to climax, her beautiful face clenching into a longing look of concentration. The pace of my hand increased and I resituated myself so that I could slide a single digit inside her pulsating opening, almost immediately meeting the barrier that waited there. She released a throaty moan of bliss and thrashed against her restraints, trying desperately to close her legs in the passing minute of extreme sensitivity.

I didn't stop and before long she was moaning again, growing close to her third orgasm of the night within moments of the second. I leaned down and flicked her nipple with my tongue, taking it into my mouth and exerting quite some pressure. A second finger joined the first and I reveled in her tightness but didn't break through the resistance I felt inside.

Her moans rose in pitch and I felt my fingers being gripped as the rapture rolled through her body. She surged against me as the waves of pleasure rocked her trembling limbs.

I slowed my assault as her climax receded. Her flushed face shone in the moonlight, beautiful despite its look of weary satisfaction. It took even longer this time for her breathing to return to normal, but eventually it did and I watched as her body slowly stilled. I could hardly believe the fact that she had not woken up.

A final delayed shudder shook her form and a smile spread across my face at what I had done to her. As I released her from the binding that held her captive, I relived what had just happened, mentally cataloging the reactions I received and taking note of exactly what she liked, as this information would come in handy the next time I paid her a visit.

Leaning to give her one last kiss on the cheek, I wondered what she was dreaming about, whether it was the pleasure I had just given her, the alien sensations I had provoked when my fingers entered her. I stopped in the doorway to view her body, shining marvelously in the moonlight, then turned to exit the way I had come, careful to close the hidden door tightly behind me, leaving no evidence of my presence in her home.

As my fingers followed the wall that would lead me outside, I planned my next trip, working out the details of where and when she would be taken. My member throbbed against its encasing, desperate for release, but that would have to wait until next time...

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