tagBDSMThe Man: My Gift

The Man: My Gift


Slowly I awake. I open my eyes and can’t see a thing. The blindfold again. I should have expected it. He knows I sleep as deep as night and He never fails to use it to His advantage. I try to move my arms, my legs. They are tied down as well. I can feel my legs hanging at an angle. I must be bent over the sawhorses again.

It has been awhile since we have used the sawhorses. He has set up two this time it seems. The first one is at my chest so that just my head hangs over the front and my breasts are on the other side falling free. The other is under my stomach so that my ass and legs hang over the back of it. My arms and legs are tied to each leg so that I can not move. Thank heaven for padded pillows.

I hear someone walk in. Even though I would like to know who it is, I dare not ask. I have learned that lesson well. Rule #1-Never speak unless spoken to. That is not one that He takes lightly if broken. I can hear the steps getting closer. They stop near the top of my head.

Just when I think someone is going to touch my face, I feel hands on my legs. It startles me. They are rubbing some sort of lotion or oil up my legs. The hands are not His hands. His are rough, a working man’s hands. These hands are smooth and small. I can’t help but get upset, as we have never discussed bringing in someone else much, less a woman into our games.

I think about this a second before I feel hands grip my face. A finger is pushed into my mouth. I lick it and suck it a minute before it is replaced with a cock. This is a cock I know well. My mouth is very used to the size and width of it. This is Him. The one I dream about each night we are apart. It is not often we are able to be together. Yet, when we are, He makes sure I never forget Him.

My hands are tied down. I have no control. It is How he likes it. He grabs my hair in His hands and pulls my head up and down His cock. He knows I can’t take His cock all the way in, but He loves to try to make it go. I almost gag as He forces it down my throat. He pulls it out and teases my lips with the tip. I try to lick Him and He pulls away before shoving it back into my mouth. I love the way His balls slap my face as He fucks my mouth. He holds my head down and fills my mouth with His cock. I run my tongue around it as I feel it swell in my mouth.

I feel the hands on my legs move higher. They rub my hips, my cheeks; I feel the fingers grip my ass and spread it open. I feel a tongue lick my ass…I was wrong, this is no woman. This is a man. I can feel his unshaven face on my skin. I am surprised that the man will let him graze me. He likes my skin flawless. I guess this is a night for new things. The tongue continues to lick and fuck my ass. I feel fingers caress the lips of my pussy. One slips inside and presses my clit. I try to wiggle just a tad and am smacked on the ass.

"You know better." He says sternly.

I am reminded of rule#2--Never move unless told. I stop moving and silently will the finger to enter me.

The Man takes His cock out of my mouth. He moves beneath me and I feel Him tug on my nipple rings. I shiver and He tugs harder.

"Come on Baby. How much can you take tonight?" He asks as He pulls them.

I don’t make a sound, not one quiver. He will not beat me at this game as He did last time. He licks my nipples and pulls my rings again. With Him doing that and the hands, tongue below, I will not be able to stand it much longer.

The finger finally moves from my clit. It does not slip inside my pussy as I had hoped. No, the finger moves to my ass and the tongue is now in my pussy, licking and probing, going as deep as it can go. I feel the stranger's mouth nibbling my clit. He bites ... it hurts and yet he bites harder. I do not move. The finger slips in my ass and pumps in and out as the tongue does the same in my pussy.

The Man sighs and sucks my nipples into his mouth once more. He stands and smacks my ass.

"You win that part tonight, my pet." He says.

He moves the other man away from my pussy. He reaches down and touches me. I feel His fingers inside me. I grip them from inside. He removes His fingers and they are shoved into my mouth. As I lick my juice from his fingers I feel His cock press against me. Oh, am I getting it already? He isn't playing long tonight...I think to myself. I feel the tip of a cock push into my pussy. I want so bad to move to help it in but I can’t. He has tied me extra tight tonight. Hands smack my ass over and over. The cock does not go in any farther. Only the tip is in me. I can’t stand it.

I want to scream "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" but I can’t. I can’t say a word.

Someone grabs my hair and pulls my head backwards. I moan as the cock rams all the way into me with one move. This is not His cock. I groan aloud, I can't help myself. This one is much larger. Very thick, very hot. It is stretching me inside. It hurts so much, yet I treasure it. I want more. He must sense this. He pulls it out to the tip and rams me again and again. He grabs my hips and pushes it all the way in. He does not move. I can feel it throbbing inside me. He stays like that for a few minutes. Not moving, being still, as if he waiting on something. Pulsing inside me as I grip him. All of a sudden the cock leaves me. I can feel my juice running down my thighs.

I hear someone moving in the room. Is it the Man or is it the stranger? I feel hands at my ankles and wrists. They are untying me. Someone picks me up. I am carried to the bed. He lays me down. I feel hands and mouths on me. All over me. Kissing, licking, and touching me. I want more. I wiggle slightly and am rewarded with a pop on my thigh. I grin.

He says, "she loves the punishment, no matter what she says."

I am positioned on my hands and knees. He spanks me. My cheeks tingle. I tremble and he spanks me more. I feel fingers in my ass and in my pussy. I want more. He knows this. He licks me as He knows I like it. From my ass to my clit. He nibbles on my clit like it is candy. He fucks me with His tongue.

He slides under me…He pulls me down on his cock. My pussy drenches his cock.

He says , "someone seems to be very wet tonight."

I know better than to comment. I ride Him. Grinding on His cock. Pressing my clit against Him. He plays with my nipples, pulling on my rings. I start to go faster. He grips my hips and stops me. I feel hands on my ass. Spreading my cheeks once again. I shiver I know what is coming. I have waited years for this. Dreamed of it, I admit, even more than I do of time with Him. He doesn't like the fact that something besides Him is in my dreams, but I can't help it.

The stranger asks, "How much lube should I use?"

"None." The Man replies. "She loves the pain...just shove it in."

I feel the tip of his cock at my ass. He starts to push it in. I moan. It is too big. I can’t take it. I moan again.

He slaps me. "Don’t be a baby. You know better than to make a sound."

The cock goes further into my ass. God, the pain. Never did I think it would be this bad. Halfway in he stops. I am grateful. The Man starts fucking my pussy again, pumping from below. Holding me so I can’t move. In and out He goes.

The cock in my ass starts to move again. I want to cry out "No, please stop!"

But I don’t. He is right, the One who knows me so well. I do love the pain. It is what brings me back again and again. The stranger grabs my hips and grunts as he pushes his cock all the way in my ass with one thrust. I cum instantly. I can’t help myself. The pain, the pleasure all the same, blending as one.

The Man pumps harder from below as I grip His cock. Both cocks are pounding me. One above, one below. They move as one. One huge cock in me. Fucking me as hard as they can. Not caring that I can hardly breath anymore. Not caring that I am about to pass out from the pain, from the pleasure. Not caring that I never want them to stop.

They fuck me together. These two men, One who knows me as I do not even know myself, and one who I do not even know. Yet at this moment I love them both as I have loved no other, as they are giving me what I have longed for. I cum over and over as they fuck me. Two men, two cocks, one me. He grabs my hair and pulls my head down to His. His tongue assaults my mouth. He bites my lips.

He moans "You are mine. You belong to me. I will never let you go" I can only kiss Him back in agreement.

He starts to tremble. I know what that means. I feel him fuck me faster. He tells the stranger to fuck my ass harder and harder. The cock in my ass rams into me harder and faster. They are in a rhythm. They thrust in and out at the same time. My pussy, my ass, together. Harder, faster. I feel them both tense up. I know what is going to happen. I cum once again at the thought of it. The Man pumps one last time and removes His cock from my pussy. He spins me around and His cock is at my lips.

"Suck me." He says. I lick and suck my juices off this cock that I know so very well.

The stranger fucks my ass harder as I suck the Man. The stranger is pounding my ass, which makes the Man's cock go further down my throat with each thrust. He starts to cum. I suck harder, wanting it all in my mouth. I feel it coming. It squirts down my throat. It runs out the corner of my mouth. As I lick my lips and His cock, the stranger yells and I feel his hot cum in my ass. I moan and cum once again. The Man rubs my pussy and brings His hand to my mouth. I lick myself off His hand once more.

They both move away. I lay there panting, trying to catch my breath. Wore out, sore but loving the feeling. Hurting, but knowing what He gave me was worth it.

The Man removes my blindfold and takes me in His arms.

He kisses me possessively then says, "I did this for you. You are mine and mine alone. I know you wanted this, dreamed of this. I hope you enjoyed it..as it will never happen again. This was a treat. Treasure it always...for You are mine and mine alone forever more."

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