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The Man Of The House


(First things first, if you for any reason think this material is illegal in your area, or you are offended by themes like incest, infidelity, Oedipal issues, or rough dirty sex, then please don't read this story. Trust me, this story isn't for you. Also, it goes without saying that this story is a complete work of fiction, as are all the characters in it, who are all 18 or older by the way too. Lastly, I am a new writer, and this is my second story on Literotica, so all feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this story.)

There was no one at the airport to pick me up. I got a text message from my dad telling me to take a cab to his house. Well, the guy was nothing if not consistent, I'll give him that.

My dad had left me and my mom five years ago, and aside from court ordered child support the guy had dropped out of my life without a ripple. He had left when he finally started making what he called serious money. The kind that paid for expensive sports cars, fancy golf vacations, and 20 something girlfriends. Who would want to spend that money on a middle aged wife, and a teenager? Not my old man, that's for sure.

Actually my dad not being there to meet me at the airport was the first "normal" thing he had done in the last few months. At the beginning of the summer he had gotten in touch with my mom. It turns out he had decided he wanted me to live with him and his new family now. My first response was to tell him to fuck off, and I'm sure mom would have wanted to do and say much worse, but the bastard had us by the short and curlies. You see I had just turned 18, so my mom was going to lose that child support, and she'd just gotten cut back to part time at the office where she worked, so we were in bad straights. My dad must have known it too, because if I went to live with my mom, he would just happen to send her a check every month to help her make ends meet. Using money to get what he wanted from people was my dad to a tee, but wanting me around after all this time was a mystery.

The cab dropped me off, and I trudged up the long driveway to a house that could have easily held the apartment complex my mom and I lived in back home. I wondered if a maid was around to let me in, or if I would have to sit out on the step like a package left by the UPS guy.

It turns out I was spared that indignity when Lexus convertible pulled up just as I was getting to the door. A woman got out who just had to be my dad's new wife, and damn the old bastard had done well for himself. She was tall, had to be 5'9" 510", because even with some very tasty black stiletto heels she was only two or three inches shorted then me. She wasn't fat, but she sure as hell wasn't a gym rat or had an eating disorder, because that almost too short sun dress she was wearing showed off some world class curves.

Okay, this woman wasn't 100% natural. There is no way in hell a woman her age could have boobs that rode that high without a trip to the plastic surgeon, ditto for the heart shaped ass. She wore a lot of makeup, but it didn't look cheap. She must have been going gray, because her hair looked like it had been maybe auburn at one point, but was well on its way to a dark blond, and I couldn't tell if her tan was from the beach or a tanning bed, but it looked good. She looked like exactly what she was, a woman in her early 40's who thanks to money and good genes could compete with with women almost 20 years younger then her for men's attentions.

"Hi, I'm Harold's wife, Danielle," she said. There was no mention of mom, or step mom on her part, which could have been seen as a bitch maneuver, but her smile seemed warm and genuine. "You're Robbie, right?"

"Yes Mam," I said, years of living with my mom prompting a polite response no matter what I felt about an adult at the time.

""One rule around here, Robbie. Don't call me mam, it makes me feel like a dried up old woman."

"Yes M..." I stopped myself just in time. "so what do you want to be called?"

Her smile got even wider, "oh I answer to just about anything if the right man calls me it, but Danielle works just fine too. What about you? Are you a Rob, Robert, or Robbie?"

I felt myself returning Daniele's smile. "It works the same way with me as it does with you Danielle, whatever makes you most comfortable."

"Well I think we'll stay with Robbie, at least until I get to know you better" Danielle purred. I felt my cock begin to stir. For some reason it felt like my step-mom was flirting with me.

Danielle looked me over from head to toe and shook her head.

"You don't look a thing like Harold," she said with a funny little grin.

I couldn't help smirking a little bit. My dad was maybe 5'9" on his tip toes, fighting an unsuccessful war against a pot belly as long as I could remember, and had a hairline that was in the process of moving to the back of his skull. I on the other hand was 6'4" and thanks to high school football, and hour upon hour in the gym carried close to 225 pounds of rock hard muscle. I also had a firm jaw, what I had been told were piercing blue eyes, and a full head of thick jet black hair. If I had been my dad 18 years ago, I would have demanded a paternity test.

"My mom says I take after her side of the family. She says I'm a dead ringer for her grandfather."

"Mmmmm, sounds like a man I would have loved to meet," Danielle said licking her lips

"Well Robbie, enough of this talking out on the step, let's get you into your new home," Danielle said slipping her arm around mine and walking me into that big house for the first time.


It took me about a month to figure out what was going on around that place. First of all, I figured out why my dad decided I was worth having around again; it was strictly business. About two years before, my dad had signed on with his current company, a large Midwestern manufacturing firm. The company was run by an older guy but the older guy hadn't picked a successor to run the company after he was gone, and my dad's attitude has always been why be a vice-president when you could run the whole thing?

It turns out the old guy loved football, both the local high school team, and the state university where he was a pretty big time booster. I was already an all county linebacker my junior year, and the scouts were drooling over me big time. I guess my old man figured having a football hero for son would be one way to get on the old man's good side.

I think that is why my dad married Danielle too. Danielle had been married to the old man's son, who had died in a plane crash a couple of years before my dad had made the scene. Dad was setting himself up as the guy's heir, whether the old guy knew it or not.

Figuring out why Danielle had married my dad took a little more time. Well for starters, there was my dad's favorite motivator, money. From what I could tell, Danielle had been doing okay before my dad showed up, but when she married my dad okay jumped immediately to rich. My old man may have been a throbbing asshole with a tiny rock where his conscience should have been, but the guy could pull down serious coin. Not only did my dad make a nice six figure salary, but he worked his ass off every year and brought home one of those bonuses that could feed a third world country for a year.

I think there was also another reason why Danielle was married to my dad; she fucked around. Not a lot, and she wasn't sloppy about it, but she was definitely getting some cock on the side. Judging by the looks I saw when I picked her up at the country club a couple of times, her personal trainer and the tennis pro had gotten in her panties, and she was gone most afternoons, and a lot of nights with "her friends." Like I said before, it was nothing obvious, nothing that would make a stink, but my dad definitely wasn't the only ship putting into that harbor.

It took me a while to figure out why my dad would put up with his woman stepping out on him, aside from the fact that being married to her would give him a leg up at work. It wasn't until one Friday night when I was riding around with some guys on the team, and saw the old man's Porsche parked out in front of a local strip club that things fell into place. If my old man didn't hassle Danielle with her enjoyment of hard young cock, she probably wouldn't have a problem with him buying lap dances from girls half her age. I think that's what people call a win-win.

Oh, and I had a step-sister too, did I mention that already? Her name was Stacy and she was a serious piece of work. The low down I got from some guys on the team was that Stacy had spent her first three years at high school fucking pretty much everybody with a dick including the faculty and the maintenance staff. Sadly she had decided at the end of the last school year, that high school boys were no longer worthy of getting into her surprisingly tight little pussy, and was strictly spending time with older guys now. Judging by some guilty looks I saw from guys my dad worked with when we went to the country club for dinner, decidedly older guys.

Naturally Stacy was a cheerleader, but just from a looks standpoint I would have to say if any girl was born to be a Hooter's waitress, it would have to be Stacy. Almost as tall as her mom, and with that coltish grace that most tall girls carry until they finally fill out. tits way too big for her frame right now. I almost wondered if she'd had a boob job. A tight little high riding ass that seemed to roll on ball bearings when she walked, because Stacy inherited her mommy's love of high heels too. Auburn hair, probably the same color her mom had before the gray showed up, her mom's green eyes too, and a pretty cute smile I rarely saw, because I was her doofus step-brother.

Anyway, that was my new life, pretty fucked up, but I could deal with it. Although it started getting interesting almost as soon as I moved in.


Like I said earlier, Danielle fucked around, and to be honest I didn't care about it one way or the other, but one Saturday things got a little weird. I was going to the gym to workout, and the shortest way to get to to from my room in the house was to use the sliding glass door on my bed room and cut across the backyard. to the garage (Danielle had gotten my dad to let me use the family sedan to go to school and the gym). This is how I happened to run into Ramon the pool guy.

As you can tell by his name, Ramon was cleaning the pool while I was walking past him. We made eye contact as I was walking past him and I kind of nodded, you know to say hi, how's it going, without actually stopping.

Ramon got this kind of smirk on his face and said, "you must be the new boy living here with senora and mister Wells."

Boy? I got your boy swinging right here between my legs asshole, I thought to myself, but didn't share that with Ramon. Still I stopped and the guy now had my complete attention.

"Yeah, something like that," I said, "so are you the pool boy?"

"I take care of things for senora Wells," Ramon sneered, "special things." He added, stopping just short of pushing one finger back and forth through a hole he made with his other fingers to completely spell out that he was banging Danielle.

Okay, now this bozo was official on my shit list. I didn't have a problem him sleeping with Danielle, that was her's, my dad's and this dickhead's situation to deal with. I did have a huge problem with this guy coming into the place I lived and treating me like an asshole because he happened to be screwing my asshole dad's wife. I decided it was time to introduce Ramon to his place on the food chain.

"Wow, good to know Pancho," I said in my most friendly way.

"My name isn't Pancho cabron, it's Ramon."

"Whoa, my mistake Ramon," I said holding my hands up disarmingly. "Look, I'm sure you're doing a great job around here, okay? What do you say we shake and try to get off on the right foot together." I held my hand out with my my most winning grin on my face.

Ramon reached for my hand, and he wasn't smiling. You know I'm pretty sure Ramon was planing on squeezing my hand as hard as he could, and actually that's exactly what he did.

Too bad for Ramon, I was squeezing his hand as hard as I could too, and I just happened to be about a half foot taller, about thirty pounds heavier, and at least 10 years younger then poor old Ramon. We stood there testing each others grips for awhile, and then I noticed sweat starting to bead on Ramon's forehead, and then it started to look like he was biting his cheek, and after awhile his skin was starting to turn gray.

"Hi boys! Having fun?" Danielle asked walking out by the pool wearing just a black bikini and a nice pair of mule high heels.

I let go of Ramon's hand, and was very pleased to see he reached for it with his other hand trying to get some blood back into it.

"Hey Danielle, I was just getting to know Ramon." I said with a bright smile for my step-mom. I couldn't help noticing that Ramon's eyes were watering pretty freely now.

"That's nice honey," Danielle said settling in on a chaise lounge for a tanning session. I decided it was time to drop the hammer on poor Ramon.

"Yeah, the bad thing is Ramon was just telling me, that they changed his route, and he won't be coming around any more after today." That bright happy smile went far, far away as I looked at Ramon, and said, "isn't that right Ramon?"

Ramon saw the look in my eye and gulped. "Yes, they will be sending somebody else around now," Ramon said meekly.

"Oh that's too bad," Danielle said absently while applying sun tan lotion to her arms.

"Yeah, isn't it?" I said. I looked down at Ramon and looked at the pool. "Shoot buddy, forget about the pool today, I'll take care of it when I get back from the gym. Go get yourself a beer or something and kick back for awhile."

"I can't do that, it's my job," Ramon started.

"Don't worry about it Ramon, we're not going to tell your boss. I just want to give you a little going away present." I said with all the fake sincerity I could muster.

Ramon was completely flustered and just started saying "but, but, but," over and over again so I spelled things completely out for the cabron.

"Ramon, don't worry about it. There is nothing you were doing around here, that I can't handle, okay?" I said looking at Ramon like he was a turd in a punch bowl.

Ramon gulped again. "Okay Mister Wells," he said in complete defeat. Ramon got his tools together and didn't even look back when Danielle told him good bye.

After Ramon had left our lives forever I walked over to where Danielle was sitting. When I was standing over her I let my eyes slowly run down her body.

God that woman was meant to wear a bikini. Long smooth tanned legs running up to those high french cut bottoms of her swimsuit, a nice tight stomach that most women ten years younger then her would kill for, and what seemed like acres of cleavage spilling out of that tiny black top she was wearing. I let my eyes take another long slow possessive trip up to her pretty face. Danielle's pretty green eyes were glued to the front of my shorts, which were starting to fill out as I ogled her highly fuckable body. Finally her eyes drifted up to mine.

"I like that swimsuit on you," I said, surprised at how husky my voice had gotten.

Danielle ran her long pink tongue over her plump lips, "mmmmm, then I'll have to wear it more often." The smile she was flashing me was hot and predatory. Shit, this was getting was out of control.

"Okay, I've got to go to the gym Danielle," I said as I started to beat a hasty retreat. At 18 I didn't know much, but I knew fucking my estranged father's wife was a great way to get in all sorts of trouble. Still as I walked away, I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth, "try to be good baby," I said.

"I'll try daddy," I heard Danielle say with a giggle behind me. I stopped and turned back. Danielle was still giggling and leaning forward, her big knockers were bound to fall out of that bikini any second now. I could feel the head of my cock surging down my pants leg, the head would be out in the open air, any second now. I turned and got hell out of there.


As far as school and football went, the next couple of weeks after the pool incident went pretty smooth. Things settled down at home too. Danielle always had a bright smile on her face for me, but that was as far as things went. At least until somebody watched me fucking one of my teammates' mom on our dining room table.

Look for all I've said about everyone else's sex lives in that house, I should admit that I was a long way from being a virgin when I walked through the door there. I was a star football player, tall, built, and good looking. My sex life started almost as soon as I had started high school, which it did for a lot of other guys who've played ball over the years. However, there were two things that separated me from most guys.

The first thing you need to know is I've got a big dick. Look, I'm not bragging, but when you have a cock that is roughly the same length and diameter as a can of furniture polish, calling it about average just isn't going to cut it.

The second thing to remember is that I mainly fucked older women in high school. A few teachers, an assistant cheerleading coach, and lots of my buddies moms. I did this partly because even though a lot of young girls today dress like sluts, most of them don't want their first time to be with a cock that looks like it could split them in half. Also, most of the girls my age wanted to fall in love, or at least have someone willing to shower them with attention. Now when you consider the screwed up role model I got in my dad, I think I was kind of doing them a favor by not hooking up with them at parties and then never calling them again after a quick screw or a hasty blowjob in the front seat of a car.

Older women were a whole different thing. Most of the women I hooked up with were married, so they weren't looking for a date to the prom or wanted to hang out at lunch together every day. Also, it seems that as a woman matures, a big cock becomes a lot more desirable. Especially when that cock is attached to a good looking younger guy with lots and lots of stamina.  I don't know how these women found out I had a big cock, maybe they overheard their sons talking with their buddies about seeing it in the showers after practice, who knows? What I do know is every single one of them had a big smile on their faces when they pulled down my pants.

So I wasn't too surprised when Steven Corchalatta's mom called me out of the blue and asked me if I could come over to her house and move some boxes. I also wasn't surprised that nobody else was home, and the fact that Mrs. Corchalatta smelled like gin wasn't a shocker either. I picked up a box in the hallway and carried it up to her bedroom for her. Then I put her legs over my shoulders, and for the next 45 minutes before she had to pick up her youngest daughter from clarinet lessons, I hit spots in her wet little pussy with my cock that she never knew existed.

Things were going along very discretely. We got together once or twice a week and Mrs. C and she did a great job of taking the edge off an 18 year old boy's sex drive. Until that one day when she texted me and asked to see me after school.

Mrs C. Stopped by our house on the way from dropping one kid off for ballet lessons, and before picking up another kid from computer lessons. She said she had come to break up with me, that we couldn't keep doing this. This smelled like bullshit right from the get go. When an older woman wants to end it with a teenager, they stop calling. When they get you all alone, they want something else. I confirmed this when I pulled up her skirt, and not only was Mrs. C not wearing any panties, she had apparently just shaved her pussy.

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