tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Man Who would be Queen Ch. 03

The Man Who would be Queen Ch. 03



Sarah brought Dexter home. He was being held in a squad car just up the street. All the officers in the car knew about it was that Dexter was under a house supervision order and couldn't leave the house without someone being with him. So they picked him up after seeing him storm out of the house alone.

"I'm not doing this," he said looking down at his hands as Sarah parked the car in front of his house.

Sarah turned to Dexter and said firmly.

"Listen to me young man, and you listen real good. You are playing with fire here."

"I don't care. I don't want to be a girl."

"Fine! I get it. I know you don't want to be female. What young man would want such a thing thrust on him and we don't want you to be female either Dexter, but the Queen does for some reason, and she can make this happen just like that," Sarah said snapping her fingers.

Dexter was intimidated by the sudden change of her demeanor.

"I don't know what is going on here, but this is bigger than we know. The Queen just doesn't send her ministers to a subjects house with secret a decree everyday, much less demanding a sex reassignment of some random male subject. There is something about you that moves her to do this. There is a reason, but what it is I don't know."

"I don't know either, I didn't do anything. Maybe they are mistaken," he said trying to understand.

"It's not a mistake, and it isn't a sex change punishment like they sometimes sentence the worst sex offenders to. You would have appeared before a tribunal and you would have gone to prison afterwards. Those sentences are done by committee though and not the Queen."

"What? I haven't committed any crime."

"Dexter we need to start dressing you like a young lady soon and promoting the fact that you wish to become a female. That will give us six months to work with and try to diffuse the matter."

"There has to be another way. Why would I want to dress like a girl around my friends or anyone else. I'm a male, I'd be mortified."

"I have a feeling that if you don't do it, the Queen may take the initiative quickly and in two or three weeks you could be a female anyway, at least physically. They won't care what you think or anybody else at that point. I believe they are giving us the six months as a kind of carrot. I honestly think what they really want in that six months is for the public, your family and friends around you to be convinced that it is your desire to become female so when they do the process of your sexual reassignment it is not being seen as forced on you by the kingdom." She pondered the thought. "Hmmm. But why?"

"I can't do it. I would be too embarrassed. My friends will laugh at me."

"We have no other options right now. You may feel embarrassed, and it will be a humiliating experience for you Dexter, especially initially and I'm sorry, but your mother and I will be there to help you through it all and be supportive."

"Supportive of me being a girl?" he raised his voice.

"No, supportive of helping you as we stop this injustice of you having to be a girl."


"Listen Dexter, the price you pay with your embarrassment gives me time to try and stop all this before they do irreversible physical changes to your body. You may have to be embarrassed for a little while but you will still have a penis and testicles when we are done. You can always stop dressing and acting like a girl if we get a stoppage of the decree. Then we can come up with some sort of explanation to reestablish you in the community as a young man or just move you and start over."

"What explanation?"

"We will worry about that if we can even get there. We have to take the six months. Otherwise, I'm afraid it may be a quick and sudden sex change. I have a feeling that the Queen just wants you to be female. We can't pull this off without your cooperation Dexter."

Dexter hung his head again as they exited the car.

Dexter went straight to his room.

"Lynn, this is going to be very difficult for Dexter. This is a horrible thing the Queen is doing to him and I have no idea why," Sarah said to Dexter's mother.

Lynn looked away as if she wanted to say something.

Sarah took both of Lynn's hands in hers, kissed them and caressed them to her cheek.

"Let me see if I can find out on my own first," Sarah said knowing there must be a severe consequence for divulging what Lynn already knew. Holding the information also let Sarah know that Lynn was a woman of conviction and could be trusted.

"Lynn, look at me honey," Sarah said in a consoling manner still holding her hands. "He needs to start dressing as a girl as soon as possible. The Queen knows that he is not really wanting to be a girl and she is the one forcing him to do it. It must be some kind of perverse political move, and I would guess that only a few people very very close to her know her true intentions and rational for all this, bit she will be looking for signs of his cooperation I'm sure."

Lynn nodded, in agreement though it pained her to do so.

"I understand," she said softly.

"Ease him into it and help him to help himself, but be firm. He has to do this to keep the Queen at a distance for now.

"Yes I understand. It is very difficult for me too," Lynn said softly.

"I will petition the Queen today and request an audience on this matter. I also have connections that I can tap to try and find out why this is really happening."

"Ok," Lynn said teary.

"You are a very beautiful woman Lynn," Sarah said with a gentle smile.

Sarah looked into Lynn's blue eyes. Both women were quiet for a moment. Lynn began to feel uneasy as Sarah's stare seemed to be becoming more of a sensuous gaze of physical attraction, and Lynn gently pulled her hands back.

"Thank you Sarah, I know you will do your best." she said stepping back in the house. "Please, I can honestly say to you, I don't know why she wants him to be a girl."

"Nothing at all about him being a girl. This is a total shock to you then," Sarah said.


" But it's not a total shock that the Queen somehow knows of Dexter though, is it." Lynn said looking at her in knowing way.

"If I think of anything more, I'll call you." Lynn said.

Sarah hugged Lynn and then kissed her on the cheek.

"Ok." Sarah said as she turned and hurried away making calls as she walked to her car.

"Did that woman she just come on to me?" Lynn pondered looking back as she closed the door.


"Good morning Clarence," Sarah said as he entered her small office.

"What is the urgent problem?" he asked as he entered.

"I have a case where there is a mandate from the bitch, Queen Jewel herself. I don't want to tell you much about it, as much of the sensitive aspects of the case are being suppressed for some unknown reason."

"What do you need from me?" he asked.

"You have contacts at some high levels. I need to know what happened to Darrel Ferguson. He died about 12 years ago. Be as discrete as possible. This is a very sensitive matter. I'm sure any inquiry about him will set off alarms with her Majesty right now."

"I will see what I can find. By the way, how would you like to do lunch tomorrow?" he asked with a hopeful smile.

"No Clarence. As I've told you before, I want to keep you and I strictly on a professional level, besides I have two clients scheduled to be placed in public pillories at the North Shopping Mall tomorrow."

"That is so cruel and medieval," Clarence said. "How many will be placed in pillories at that mall tomorrow?"

"It is scheduled to be the maximum tomorrow I'm afraid, twenty. The entire shopping center exhibition deck will be used to humiliate these people," she said looking through some papers. "Fourteen men and six women. And you're right Clarence, it is medieval and cruel and it so Queen Jewel."

"Queen Jewel? She has nothing to do with these citations. These punishments are are put forward and requested by prosecutors and then handed down by judges in lower court hearings. You know that Sarah." Clarence said.

"It was the Queen that allowed these types of public humiliation to be considered when her subjects were being sentenced. She made it law to be considered and did it by decree!" Sarah said in a flippant manner.

"What are your two clients paying public penance for?"

"The woman is for delinquent taxes, and the man for a second count of drunk and disorderly in public within a six months period," she said still looking at the papers. "They both must stand on that platform today for six hours."

He just shook his head.

"And I'll have you up there in those pillories, on public display with them if you don't get a move on it," she said looking up at him.

He smiled.

"Right away. I'm going, I'm going." he said grinning as he left.

Clarence had been Sarah's closest associate and friend since she took up her law practice. He had always been very instrumental in helping her get vital information.


Dexter was in his mother's bedroom where she had him try on one of her dresses.

"It looks just fine Dexter," his mother said admiring the pink, white, and black dress.

"No it doesn't mom. It's a dress. I'm a guy. I feel stupid wearing this thing."

"Oh hush Dexter. Turn around and let me see the back."

Dexter turned.

"I think wearing my dresses will do for now. This is one of my favorite dresses." She looked him over again. "A padded bra, will fill it out the dress here," she said patting his chest. "You will come out to your brother and sister this evening about your new desire to become a woman."

"You're kidding, right?" he said looking in the mirror.

"No I'm not," she said holding up a razor to him. "You are an adult now Dexter. I will leave this to you,"

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

"Run you a bath, and shave your legs and armpits. I will help you if you wish."

"Can't we wait and see what my legal counsel can do about all this?"

"You have no idea what power Queen Jewel has. Now shave those legs," she said handing him the razor and leaving the room. "I'll be in my bedroom waiting."

"Mom, I have a girlfriend you know. She's not into shaved legs on a guy, I'm pretty sure. I don't want her finding out about this," he said as if he were going to be some kind of closet TV.

"Dexter, this is not a dress up game. This is real, now shave your legs."

Dexter walked into the bathroom after his mother unzipped his dress. Neither said a word. He took the razor and mumbled something under his breath, and she left the bathroom teary eyed at the fact he still didn't realize how serious this was and the fact she felt terrible having to be the motivator in this.

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Chapter 4 has been rejected

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