tagBDSMThe Manor Ch. 01

The Manor Ch. 01


Striding down the dimly lit corridor, i glance over at her. she can't be more than...20? 25? Yet she seems to think she has a submissive side...well, perhaps she does. Where was i when i was 20? i had no clue about that "other" woman who was living inside me all those years. i feel a pang of jealousy toward her, only because she may be discovering something this important at such a young age. she is so wide-eyed...i smile to myself.

"...and in here", i announce as i open the heavy wooden door, "is the lounge."

i step into the room first, she presses past me, entering the cavernous, softly lit room. i smile as i notice her expression go from wide-eyed to flustered. Gently closing the door behind us, i turn and take her hand, leading her around the room.

"So many pillows!" she is clearly amazed by what she sees. In the center of the room are two large sofas arranged as a corner setting. A heavy ironbark coffee table perches in front of them. To the left is the fireplace which keeps the room a very comfortable, constant temperature.

we walk to the far side of the room, taking notice of the bookshelves with the storage underneath. As we approach the rear of the room, she notices the "other" door. her eyes turn to me, clearly seeking an answer to a question she cannot form.

"That is the....playroom." i tell her lightly. "Only Master has a key to that room, and we are not permitted in there without Him." her eyes widen further. i take her hand again, smiling sweetly at her, and lead her to the other side of the room.

"Back here is the kitchen area. There are a few snack items and beverages here. Would you care for a cold drink?"

"Yes, thank you." she is still looking around the room, and approaches His high backed chair. she runs her fingers over the soft leather.

i decide she needs a moment to take everything in, and take my time with the drinks. i get two tall glasses and fill them with ice. Opening the refrigerator, i remove the large pitcher of iced tea and fill our glasses. Replacing the pitcher in the refrigerator, i grab a couple of wedges of lemon which i deftly squeeze into the drinks, adding the wedges to the drinks as well. i prepare a bowl with sugar...i take my tea plain, but perhaps she likes it sweet. i also open a box of cookies, placing a few on a small decorative plate. i retrieve a large tray from the cupboard, placing the glasses, the sugar bowl, the cookies, and some linen napkins on it. Hoisting the heavy tray, i carry it out to the coffee table, taking a seat on one of the sofas. "Here we are," i call out to her. she seems lost in thought.

she joins me in the sitting area, taking her place on the other sofa. For a moment, we are silent, enjoying the refreshments. Clearly, she has questions...i don't have long to wait.

"i noticed the leather chair...", she haltingly begins.

"Yes?" i decide to stop being so helpful and let her feel her way a bit.

"Is that...His chair?" she suddenly seems very timid.

"Yes, that is Master's chair," i reply simply.

"And the large cushion on the floor to its left?" she inquires.

"That is my cushion."

she reaches for her tea, and after taking a sip she spoons some sugar into her glass. As she stirs i watch her closely...suddenly it strikes me why Master wanted me to meet her. she and i are very alike in some ways, i can almost see the questions forming in her mind. i wonder if i will be patient with her questions, as Master always was, and is, with mine.

i decide to interject a few questions of my own.

"So, how did you meet Master?" i already know the answer, but figure it's a good conversation starter.

"Through a mutual friend, who is part of the lifestyle already and knows Him," she answers. "she and i have been talking for awhile, and she thought i might like to meet Him."

"And what were your impressions of Him, when you met Him?"

"He seems like a very understanding, knowledgeable, honest sort of person", she replies, "who enjoys a variety of things in life."

i smile at her, remembering back to my own initial impressions of Him. Remembering how i thought He would be like every other man i knew, since all men are alike, right? How stupid i was, and it hasn't been that long ago....

"...and talking to her, i wondered if the D/s lifestyle was something that might fit into my life." i realize she has been talking while i was lost in my thoughts.

"Sorry," i offer apologetically, "what did you say about the lifestyle?"

"Well, i realize there is something missing in my life, and i'm not quite sure what it is. my friend seems so in tune with herself, with her needs and wants, and i know she is very happy. i began to wonder if perhaps it might be what i need."

"And what is it that makes you think you might be submissive?"

"Well, i don't know that i am, i only know i am very interested in learning more, and i think He can help me figure this out."

we fall silent for a moment, sipping our tea, each lost in our own thoughts.

"If you don't mind my asking, how did you come to be here?" she is out with the big question, the one that has been burning in her mind since we met. i pause before answering, trying to collect my thoughts.

"Much like you, i realized there was something missing in my life, a void, an emptiness, a huge chasm inside of me that nothing seemed to fill." It almost feels like a confession, and i realize i am really baring my soul to this young girl. Perhaps i am trying to give her the benefit of my experience.

"It didn't take me long to realize that this was indeed what was missing from my life. i have a very powerful need to be dominated, and an equally powerful need to submit to that power. i am happiest when i am pleasing to Him, and it doesn't matter what form that pleasure takes."

i look over at her. her eyes are locked on me, obviously hanging on my every word. i nearly crack a smile, but realize that she is earnestly endeavoring to learn from me, so i stifle the urge quickly. i know she is ready to absorb more...she is obviously a quick study. i allow her a moment to formulate her next question, and am not disappointed when it is quickly delivered, cutting right to the chase.

"Do you have some advice for me, that might be useful in my interactions with Him?"

i consider her question for a moment, then move over to her sofa, sitting close beside her. Taking both her hands in mine, i fully command her attention before answering.

"In the world of D/s, the most important thing is trust. you have a wonderful gift to share, and you must not give it to just anyone because they claim they care for you. you must be able to trust that person implicitly, with your very life. Of course, the way you build trust is through honesty. Complete, total, even brutal honesty, beginning with yourself. you need to know your heart, your soul, know what is inside of you. Know what it is you want, what you need, and never settle for less."

i fall silent for a few moments, allowing what i have said to sink in, before i continue.

"When you interact with Master, never, never try to 'work' him."

i see from her expression i have not made myself clear.

"Whenever i dealt with men in the past, i treated them all pretty much the same way. After all, men are all pretty much alike, aren't they?" i give her a slight wink and her smile fills her face. Obviously, we are alike in more ways than one.

"Master is not like other men. He is a Dominant, which makes Him far superior to other men. He will converse with you, ask your opinion, relax with you, and yes, be stern with you and correct you when necessary. He must earn your trust, because after all, if you are going to give Him the greatest gift there is, you have to trust that He has your best interests at heart; that He will keep you safe no matter what; that He will punish you when doing so hurts Him more than it does you so that you may have what you so desperately need..."

she almost looks a little scared now...perhaps i am moving a little too fast for her, so i take another approach.

"The very best advice i could give you is, to be yourself. Be in touch with yourself, with your feelings. Know what it is you want, and be honest with yourself about that! you must learn to express yourself to Him, to make Him understand what it is you need or want. It's also a good idea to learn what He likes, and also what displeases Him!"

she nods her head slightly, as if taking in what i have said. i continue...

"Do not argue with Him. If He is correcting you, He does not want to hear your excuses...they are superfluous."

The door from the hallway slowly opens. Master enters the room, carrying a large floor cushion.

i lean toward her, whispering directly in her ear...


As He takes His seat, He places the new cushion directly in front of His chair. i grasp her hand, pulling her up from the couch, delivering her to Master. Standing her in front of Him, i quickly assume a comfortable but proper kneeling position on my cushion to His left. Legs wide, back and neck straight, chest presented, my upturned hands softly resting on my thighs. i realize i am setting an example here!

He regards her briefly, then turns His attention to me. He takes my hand, pulling me to my feet, guiding me onto His lap, as she stands patiently in front of U/us. He cuddles me, then kisses me softly but fully on the lips, thanking me for my assistance.

He turns to her and inquires whether she has enjoyed meeting me, and if she has found our meeting helpful. In her most honest and forthright tone, she expresses that she has indeed enjoyed meeting me and absorbing what i have shared.

He again turns His attention to me, and W/we share an almost imperceptible "secret" smile. After another brief kiss, i understand from His silent cue that i am dismissed. He assists me up from His lap, smiling His sweetest smile. i feel so loved...

Crossing the room, i open the door into the hallway. As i leave the room, i get one more glimpse of T/them. He is taking her hand, prompting her into a kneeling position on her cushion in front of His chair.

i pull the door shut silently...

Dear Readers, Thank you for allowing me to share my first story with you. I welcome all constructive suggestions and comments, and of course, votes are good too! Would you please take just a moment and submit your vote? It really is helpful! I would also like to direct a huge thank You to my Inspiration...You know who You are!

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