tagNovels and NovellasThe Manor House Ch. 02

The Manor House Ch. 02


In Part 1 of the story a young woman named Sarah meets a man on the train and is enticed into becoming a member of his exclusive club. He recognizes her submissive tendencies and he and other members of the club introduce her to a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Part 1 describes the club and the things that are done to Sarah, and the things she is forced to do to others. At the end of Part 1 she has been turned over to Ian, the manager of the club in charge of training new members, and she has been told to come to the club dining room at 7 pm.

Chapter 18 - Dinner at the Manor House

Sarah had a couple of hours to rest before dinner. She took off the skimpy black dress and laid on her bed. Her pussy and ass felt tender and oh so sensitive. A shudder went through her body as she thought about the coming dinner and night with Ian. He had already done so much to her. What more could he do?

Then her mind jumped to the image of holes in the dining room wall. Poor Elizabeth was going to be put on display there and her body tortured by unknown hands in the kitchen on the other side of the wall. If that sadistic nurse Joyce were to be in the kitchen, heaven knows what she would do. Still, it was terribly exciting.

At quarter to seven Sarah got up and went into her bathroom to fix her hair. She quite liked the new "Sarah Palin" cut. It made her look sophisticated and cute at the same time. A little combing and brushing was all it took, leaving her time to try some of the eye make-up that had been left for her.

She was almost ready to put on the dress when she noticed how wet her panties were. It would not do to show up for dinner with her panties already wet and with the aroma from her past arousals so evident. Fortunately she had gotten several pair from the boutique, and she quickly changed.

To be different, she selected some scarlet red "boy shorts." She had bought them because the sales woman had shown her a picture of a girl with a small ass like hers who looked really good in boy shorts. They made the girl appear innocent, as if she were not aware of the lovely curve of her hips and ass, and the effect it would have on men. Also the loose openings at her thighs seemed to invite exploration. The shorts made her so vulnerable, just like Sarah wanted to be.

Fortunately she had also purchased a push up bra of the same scarlet color. It clasped in the front and was brief enough that it wouldn't show in the low cut black dress. Sarah knew it was likely that before the evening was over she would be divested of that dress and would be very sexy in her matching red underware.

At precisely seven o'clock she arrived at the door to the dining room. Ian was standing just inside, talking with a tall blonde. The woman turned and Sarah saw it was Joyce, the nurse who had tormented her during her medical exam. Only instead of wearing her white nurse's dress, she was dressed as a military police woman in a tight-fitting and sinister looking uniform. Black leather boots came high up on her legs, and provided a stark contrast to the white skin of her thighs before they disappeared under the short leather skirt. Her blonde hair spilled out from under her military cap and over her shoulders, and her huge tits threatened to burst the few brass buttons that held together a black top of rough cotton. In her hand she held a menacing riding crop, which she tapped against her thigh as if she couldn't wait to use it.

When she saw Sarah she gave her a knowing smile and struck the crop against a nearby table, making a loud slap.

"Ah Sarah, please come in," said Ian. "I believe you know Joyce, our capable nurse. She also serves as a kind of sergeant at arms at our dinners."

"Yes sir," Sarah said in a small voice. A shudder went through her body as she pictured Elizabeth imprisoned in the wall with Joyce on the other side.

"Sometimes the waiters and waitresses shirk their duties," he went on. "When that happens Joyce is called on to enforce discipline. She's quite good at it."

"I can imagine," said Sarah.

Joyce just glared at her, knowing that if Sarah weren't around she would have Ian to herself at the dinner. He always had good ideas about how to torment the waitresses.

"Ah, I see Isaac and Camille over at that table," Ian said to Sarah. "Would you like to join them?"

Sarah was happy to have some people she knew at her table. "That would be great."

He turned to Joyce. "See you later, sergeant. Adam will be putting Elizabeth into the stocks tonight, and I imagine you will have some things to do in the kitchen."

"For sure," laughed Joyce. "I like to be in the kitchen when someone is in the stocks and I can hear the crying and whining through the wall."

"Do you supposed they know it is you who is causing their discomfort," chuckled Ian.

"Oh, they know it's not only me. That's what makes it so delicious."

Ian laughed and led Sarah by the hand over to Isaac's table. Other members were already seated at many of the other tables, and people were still drifting in. There seemed to be roughly an equal number of men and women of various ages, dressed either very formally or outlandishly provocative. Sarah thought she recognized some of the people she had seen on her earlier tour of the mansion.

Isaac stood and greeted them. His eyes devoured Sarah, moving up and down her body openly and hungrily. Their earlier experiences had kindled a fire in him that would not be quenched until he had her. Camille knew it and did not object. She was resigned to having to share Isaac with whomever he fancied; in fact the humiliation of it was part of what turner her on.

"Good evening Isaac," said Ian. "By the way you are looking at Sarah I think you will not object if we sit with you."

"By all means," replied Isaac. "Camille and I have grown quite found of our new member."

"Excellent. After I have trained her a bit more I may turn her over to you for an independent appraisal.

"My pleasure," grinned Isaac in way that generated butterflies in Sarah's stomach.

They sat down. Several bottles of wine were on the table, and Isaac filled glasses for them.

"Take a look at the uniforms of the waiters and waitresses," said Ian. "You will see that they are all different. We have several creative members whose hobby is designing costumes for the staff. Starting tomorrow you will be our newest waitress, and you will spend the morning being fitted appropriately."

Sarah surveyed the room and saw that there were maybe ten waitresses and two or three waiters. All were dressed in a provocative way that emphasized their best assets, be it their asses, their legs, their chests, or in the case of the men, the bulges in their pants. In addition they all had colored ribbons somewhere on their bodies to signify their degree of availability—red for restricted, green for up to the wearer, and yellow for open to anyone. The women were of varying ages and degrees of attractiveness; the men were mostly young and effeminate looking.

"You will note that all the uniforms have loose openings to allow us diners easy access to body parts if we should desire to explore. Here, let me show you."

Ian crooked his finger at a comely waitress who was standing nearby. She immediately came to stand beside him. Sarah judged that the woman was about her age, maybe a little older. She had on a short skirt and a low cut peasant blouse. Blue mesh stockings encased her long legs, which were shaped nicely by four inch spiked heels. Her figure was very slender, except for her ass, which jutted out in the tight skirt like a large melon. A yellow ribbon adorned her dark hair.

"Yes Mr. Ian sir, what might I do for you," she said.

"Good evening, Greta. I wish to show our new member the unique feature of your skirt. Turn around."

Greta complied and backed up toward Ian. "You see, Sarah, the skirt has this loose panel just below the waist, which if lifted like so reveals this beautifully shaped little ass."

Isaac was sitting next to Ian, and both of them ran their hands over the smooth skin of Greta's ass cheeks. She bent over slightly to show off the perfect spherical shape, framed nicely by the dark fabric of her skirt. Sarah closed her eyes and imagined herself in Greta's position, which she knew she might very well be in the next day.

"Very nice," said Ian. "Sarah I want you to notice how she holds her position until we tell her she can move. Newer waitresses often make the mistake of moving too soon, and then we have to summon Joyce to punish them. Greta here is well trained."

Isaac let his long black fingers run down the crack between Greta's cheeks. "She is indeed," he said. "In fact I think she deserves a little reward for good behavior. Camille come here and touch her up a little. Greta, spread your legs."

Camille came around the table and knelt by Isaac's chair. Greta slid her feet apart and bent over a little more. Her hips began a slow roll of anticipation.

"Use a little butter," said Isaac to Camille. "You know how good that feels."

Camille smiled and dipped two fingers into the pad of butter that Isaac offered her. Then her hand disappeared up between Greta's legs. Greta pushed back against the caressing fingers and began to moan.

"Ohh godddd..."

Ian reached for Sarah's hand and placed it on his crotch. He was stiff and very hard. Instinctively she squeezed him. He took in a deep breath and then gently removed her hand.

"Okay....that's enough for now," he said. "We have an unwritten rule against playing with the servants too much before they serve us our dinners. Otherwise we would never get fed. There will be plenty of time to play after we have eaten. Get back to work Greta."

Greta sighed and straightened, letting her skirt flap fall back down over her ass. She smiled at all of them, and then walked toward the kitchen to help the others bring out the plates of food.

While they were waiting to be served Sarah noticed that in a far corner of the room a small group had gathered around a large, buxom woman who was clad in loose fitting cotton pajamas. A leather harness was being arranged under her arms and between her legs. Overhead a hook was descending on a chain attached to an electric wench. In the middle of the chain was a large disc that appeared to be some kind of scale.

"What's going on over there?" she asked.

"That's Amanda about to be weighed," explained Ian. "Amanda came to us three months ago weighing in at an unattractive 250 pounds. She asked us to take charge of her life and force her to lose 100 pounds. In return she promised to be totally submissive and do whatever we told her. We give her a special diet and once a week we bring her here and hoist her up to display her weight publicly. If she has lost at least three pounds from the previous week she is rewarded with a good switching through her pajamas, and then she gets to go under a table and suck on a cock or two, which she absolutely loves. If she cheats on her diet and exercise and doesn't lose weight, she is banished to her room and misses out on the fun."

"Amazing," said Sarah. "This place is full of surprises."

Ian and Isaac laughed. "As they say in the U.S. Army, our goal is help people be all they can be, in every way."

As he spoke, four sexy young women came to their table and put plates down in front of each of them. Throughout the dining room conversation and laughter died down as the members were served and began savoring the delicious chicken and pasta. The servants were busy refilling wine and water glasses and kept their eyes averted to show their humility. Joyce paced around the dining area spanking the legs and asses of those who seemed a bit slow.

Everyone was just finishing when the door opened and Adam marched in. Behind him came Elizabeth, being dragged with a chain that was attached to her leather collar. She was dressed in a short shift, with the clear implication that she had nothing on under it. Her eyes still spoke of defiance, in spite of the fact that her hands were tied behind her and she was being led to the holes in the kitchen wall with the sign above them that read "Punishment Stocks."

"Ah, I see the entertainment is about to begin," exclaimed Ian. "Elizabeth is going to receive the second half of her punishment."

The room was quiet as Ian spoke to Adam. "How did she do this afternoon?" he asked.

"Not bad," he said. "But I think perhaps she enjoyed herself a little too much. I gave her quite a work out, and she always seemed ready for more."

"That's my Elizabeth," laughed Ian. "Take her to the kitchen and put her head through the hole. I want to see that smirk wiped off her face."

Adam led Elizabeth through the swinging doors into the kitchen, and a moment later her head was thrust through the hole so that she was looking at the people in the dining room. Slowly the hole closed on her neck like an iris shutting out light, imprisoning her head in place. Then her hands appeared in the small holes on either side of her head. Again the holes closed, clamping her wrists so that she could not pull her arms back.

For a minute nothing happened. Elizabeth looked around the room and actually smiled at people at a few of the tables. Suddenly all at once her eyes opened wide and she took a deep breath. Everyone could imagine that someone in the kitchen was pulling up the shift and exposing her body, from her neck to her toes. She tensed, stiffening like a patient in the dentist chair just before the drill begins its work.

"Oweeeee......." Her scream followed the unmistakable noise of a strap hitting flesh. Tears formed in her eyes and she bit her lip, expecting another blow. But there was only the sound of laugher from the kitchen. One could imagine her dancing around on the little platform she was forced to stand on.

Ian whispered to Sarah. "The beauty of this show is that we can all imagine what we like about what is going on in the kitchen. Only Elizabeth knows for sure, and even she doesn't know who is doing what."

As he spoke, Elizabeth began to squirm in the stocks, clenching and unclenching her fists. Something was being done to her, but whether it was pain or pleasure was hard to tell.

"Nooooo......not there............please.............ohhhh............"

Isaac had his arm around Camille and was pinching her nipple through her dress. "This is the part I like," he said. "She is completely at the mercy of unknown persons. Would you like me to put you in the stocks, darling Camille?"

"God no..."

"Then get under the table and show me you love me," he said.

Sarah watched Camille drop to the floor and crawl under the table. At the same time out of the corner of her eye, she saw Joyce slip along the wall and enter the kitchen. Ian saw it too and smiled at Sarah.

"Joyce will warm her up and then a few of the cooks will have a go at her."

"How long will she be kept there?"

"Not all that long. She has had a hard day. I will tell them to release her in an hour or so."

An hour or so? Good god, thought Sarah.

"Now Sarah, I think it is time you joined Camille under the table. I need some attention too. Camille can show you a few tricks."

Ian's expression did not allow for any resistance, and Sarah scrambled to get under the table. The long table cloth was like a tent, making the area dark and stuffy, with a pronounced sexual scent in the musty air. Camille had already opened Isaac's pants and was holding his cock in front of her open mouth. When she saw that Sarah was joining her, she smiled and waved the big cock at her.

"Want to help me with this?" she asked.

"I think I am supposed to do Ian. You are supposed to show me some tricks."

"Sure. But you will have to do Isaac too. I know my Isaac likes variation, and he will love my training you to do him. You can begin by opening Ian's pants."

Ian had stretched out his legs to make himself accessible. Still with the upward pressure from his cock on his zipper it was difficult for Sarah to get it to move.

"Silly girl," laughed Camille between licks of Ian's stiffness. "Push his cock down to free the zipper."

Sarah put her hand on the throbbing bulge and pushed. She could not believe how big and powerful it felt. It was thrilling to know that Ian was so turned on knowing she was the one playing with him under the table. The zipper finally moved and the dark rod sprang out.

"My god. look at that thing!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Yea I know. He's almost as big as Isaac," agreed Camille. "Here you take Isaac for a minute and I'll show you how to make it grow even bigger."

The women moved around so that Camille could get her mouth up between Ian's open thighs. Sarah wrapped her soft hand around Isaac's cock and squeezed it gently. He sensed that he was being touched by a new, softer hand, and Sarah heard him suck in his breath.

Camille heard it too, but she continued with her demonstration on Ian. "First you need to tease it with just the very tip of your tongue. Start low on the underside and then go slowly up to the tip...like this..."

"My goodness," exclaimed Sarah. "How do you maintain contact with it jumping around so?"

"That's a good sign," laughed Camille, leaning back until the wagging cock in front of her settled down. "A twitching cock is a happy cock. Let him alone for a few seconds until he craves being touched again. Then lick him in a different place, like this......."

Camille took the head of Ian's cock gently between her fingers and lifted it so that she could get her tongue down low on his balls. As she licked him she rubbed her fingers back and forth on the ultra sensitive cap.


From up above them they heard Ian's deep voice penetrating the table top.

"Goddd......that girl really knows how to do it. Isaac, I am going to have to borrow her after you leave."

Isaac smiled. "Be my guest. I kind of like what I'm feeling too -- the exploratory touch of an innocent hand. I'll trade you women so we can both get some variety."

"Variety is the name of the game at Manor House," gasped Ian as Camille did yet another highly stimulating thing under the table. "Speaking of which, I think we should do one of the waitresses while our girls are busy under the table. I really liked the cut of that girl Greta."

"You mean the one that Camille smeared with butter?"

"Yea, she responded well and she has a great ass. I see her standing over there waiting for orders."

"Well get her over here, and I'll lick that butter out of her."

Ian called to Joyce. "Joyce, we have some unfinished business with Greta. Bring her over here and clear everything off of our table."

Chapter 19 -- After Dinner at the Manor House

All around the dining room people were beginning to engage at sexual activities. Joyce had been busy delivering sometimes reluctant waiters and waitresses to members who called for them. Several women were draped on their stomachs across the laps of well dressed men, who were alternately spanking and caressing them. Elizabeth was still in the stocks, and every few minutes would scream as some new indignity was done by an unknown person in the kitchen.

From under the table Sarah could see legs moving and hear the sounds of pain and pleasure. It thrilled her to be there and to feel the warm, throbbing dark cock in her hand. She wanted to learn all of Camille's tricks so that she could please John when he returned, and so that she could divert Ian from being too hard on her in the meantime.

"Here she is," announced Joyce, holding Greta's arm behind her back and prodding her ass so hard that the poor girl was stumbling in her high heels.

"You'll have to help us," said Ian. "You see both Isaac and I are locked into our chairs by some activity going on under the table. We want Greta on her back on the table so we can play with her without moving from our positions."

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