tagNovels and NovellasThe Manor House Ch. 10

The Manor House Ch. 10


During the ride to town, Shandi was unnerved by Rob's closeness and stole glances at her, thinking about their kisses and wishing she could do more. She hadn't masturbated since Mariane had made that comment and now her pussy was burning, aching just in the proximity of Rob and the knowledge that the older woman was as interested in her as she was in return. Their first stop was at the feed store so that Rob could correct an order, then it was on to Art's Art Shop.

At first, Shandi didn't want to go in and didn't want to touch the art supplies but Rob slipped behind her, gently rubbing her shoulders and whispering to her that it was time to refill her emptied soul. Shandi allowed her fingertips to touch tubes of titanium white and thalo blue and finally let fan brushes graze her palm, remembering what it was like to paint, to be overtaken by the vision. Rob was absolutely right; it was time. She made a large selection of paints and brushes, then chose an easel and three sizes of framed canvas. Then she stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"Rob, I don't have any money. Donnie ... "

"I know, honey. Get whatever you want."

"Rob, I don't know when I can repay you."

Rob just smiled, hefting her handful of items. "We'll talk about re-payment later. Now, get whatever you want."

Nearly $2,000 later, Shandi and Rob carried boxes and bags of supplies out to the truck and Shandi was surprised to find herself suddenly exhilarated, sort of like a child at Christmas. She was excited to be returning to painting again and realized that she should never have let Donnie convince her that it was wrong. She closed her door and watched Rob climb in, tossing her purse into the back seat.

"Thank you."

"Thanks are not necessary."

"Yes, it is." Shandi reached over and slid her hand behind Rob's neck, pulling the woman's mouth to hers. This time, she took her time, slowly pressing her lips against Rob's and tilting her head so that when she slid her tongue along the seam of their mouths, they fit together perfectly. A deep hum vibrated through both women and Shandi rubbed her tongue against Rob's, gently exploring her mouth and making love to her as best she could with this part of her body.

Rob was momentarily startled but she gave herself over to the kiss, enjoying the tender touch of Shandi's tongue against hers as well as the softness of her hand at the nape of her neck. She was surprised to find herself responding so strongly and knew in her heart that this was something special. Her heart leaped with joy, excitedly wondering if she'd found the one. If the sparks flying between them during this kiss was any indication, her search was over. When Shandi ended the kiss, Rob gasped for breath, her heart pounding.

"Wow," She breathed. "That paid for everything."

Shandi smiled, releasing her and Rob started the car, amazed to find herself still trembling from the sensual force of their kiss. "Put me on a payment plan. I like that idea better."

Rob grinned, jerking the stick shift into drive and maneuvered the truck onto the roadway. "Whatever you want."

Shandi glanced across and saw that Rob's right hand was resting on her thigh. She reached over and took it, exploring the soft palm before interlacing fingers and pressing a kiss to the back. "This is what I want."

Rob released a staggered breath and tried to calm her trembling, smiling wider than she had in a long time.

* * * * *

Shandi set her studio up almost immediately. She didn't want to eat dinner but let Milo talk her into a roast beef sandwich while she arranged things to her liking. Late that night, after ten, she was ready to begin and she let her muse take her, painting wildly until Rob saw her light on and came knocking.

"What are you still doing up?"

"Sorry. I just started painting and couldn't stop."

"Can I see?"

"Nope." She pulled a light cloth over the wet canvas, happy that it wasn't facing the door. "Not till I'm ready."


Rob started to leave and stopped when Shandi grabbed her hand. "Don't I get a kiss good night?"

"I told you that you could have whatever you wanted." Rob said softly, her eyes on Shandi's lips. Again, the spark that she felt when their mouths connected made her jump and she was happy to notice that she had the same effect on Shandi. Her hands moved over Rob's back, moving lowered until her ass cheeks were in her palms. A deep moan escaped her as the black woman moved her leg between Rob's and pulled her hips forward, grinding Rob's pussy against her thigh. "Shandi!"

"Why do we have to wait, Rob? I know you want me as much as I want you."

Rob touched her forehead to Shandi's, trying to catch her breath. "I want you so much that it hurts but we have to be patient."


"Because I'm not ready." Rob stepped back, her eyes searching Shandi's. "You'll break my heart because you're not ready, either."

Before Shandi had a chance to ask Rob what she meant, the woman slipped away, quietly closing the door behind herself. Shandi sighed in confusion and dropped her brush in the turpentine can, switching the light off as she headed to bed.

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