tagNovels and NovellasThe Manor House Ch. 13

The Manor House Ch. 13


"Her name was Sophie. She was my first patient." Her words were slow at first but Shandi was patient. She went to Rob's sideboard and poured two shots of tequila, bringing the bottle to the bed. "I was working at the hospital as an RN and it was the first time I'd ever seen a woman ... " She had to take a breath. "Beaten like that. Her jaw was dislocated, she was missing some teeth ... " Shandi poured another shot and watched Rob toss it back. "When you came in, you reminded me so much of her."

"Did she live?"

Rob hung her head. "Once she recovered from her injuries, she moved in with me and ... " She smiled softly. "I guess I fell in love with her."

"I see."

"No, you don't." Rob took the bottle from her and filled both of their glasses, pausing until Shandi had emptied hers. "She responded to me because she wanted to be loved. She wasn't really interested in me. I woke up one morning and she was gone. She left a note that she had decided to go back to her husband because she wasn't a lesbian." Rob swallowed another shot. "She was dead two days later."

"And you think that's what I'm going to do?"

Shandi watched as Rob sat up completely, her eyes tearing again. "Why would you stay with $20 million dollars to spend?"

"Who said that I was going to accept it?"

"I heard what you said to George."

"You heard me say that I was interested, not that I was going to take it. I want Donnie to put himself out on a limb, then I'm going to break the branch." Shandi set the bottle and shot glass down, taking Rob's empty glass from her hand. "And I know what I am. I'm bi." She slid her hand under Rob's chin, raising her eyes. "And I'm a woman in love."

Rob's heart thumped in her chest and she fought back a sob of relief. "Are you sure?"

"I'm here to make sure that you have no doubts." Shandi leaned down and captured Rob's trembling lips, using her tongue to smooth the way between their mouths and shivered when the older woman moaned deeply, pressing harder.

"I hoped you would want me."

"How could I not?" Shandi dropped kisses along the side of Rob's throat, drawing sweet sighs from her. "I'm tired of waiting, Rob. I want more than kisses."

Shandi didn't wait for Rob's response. She just bent down and fixed her mouth to Rob's, letting her hands slide over the woman's shoulders and down to her forearms. A series of shivers met her questing fingers and she moved them inward, searching for Rob's loose breasts. Her palms moved over the thin cotton material of her pajamas, finding her nipples and caressing them into hardness and drawing a deep moan from Rob. Shandi broke their kiss long enough to locate the buttons on Rob's shirt, then took the woman's mouth again, sucking Rob's tongue into her mouth.

Explosions cart wheeled through Rob. It had been so long since she'd allowed herself to let go that when she did, she was overwhelmed with feelings she hadn't felt in a long time. The urgency in Shandi's actions was infecting her and she was having a hard time keeping the trembles from taking over. The intimate touch of Shandi's tongue, alternating between gentle strokes and aggressive rubs, was driving the breath from her lungs in anticipation of her touch. Cold air flowed across her nipples and she gasped against the black woman's mouth, both at the sudden influx of air and the warmth of Shandi's hands as she cupped Rob's breasts.

Shandi let her hands explore Rob's breasts as her tongue explored the woman's mouth. They were soft and the rose-red nipples stood proudly, begging for attention. She released Rob's mouth, pressing her back onto the bed and swooped down, sucking one of her hard nipples into her mouth. As Rob arched beneath her, Shandi gathered her into her arms, pressing her mouth into her breast and sucking hard.

"Oh, God!"

Rob squeezed her legs together, shivering from the tongue-lashing her nipples were receiving and her pussy was answering with a call of its own. Each time Shandi's mouth pulled on her nipple, an electric dagger of pleasure speared through her body, pooling in her pussy and she couldn't help but whimper as her pussy muscles flexed. Shandi moved from breast to breast, sucking, nibbling and licking until Rob was delirious with need and she couldn't think. When her mouth gently moved across Rob's quivering belly, she was more than ready for the feel of her mouth on her pussy.

Shandi pressed Rob's legs open and inhaled the woman's musky scent for a moment before extending her tongue and pushing it up under the fleshy hood. Rob gasped and Shandi flicked the swollen bud she found there, using one hand to pull the mound up so that she could wrap her lips around it.

Rob gasped, then whimpered, her fluttering pussy exploding in the sweetest orgasm she'd felt in a long time. She panted, her trembling multiplying as Shandi continued her labial exploration and orgasm after orgasm poured through her body. She lost count after eight and just closed her eyes, giving herself over to Shandi's magnificent mouth and the sensations that boiled and burst from her skin. After one last whimper, Shandi's lips left her flesh and Rob pulled her up, seeking her mouth again and moaning when she tasted her own essence there.

"I want to taste you now."

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