tagNovels and NovellasThe Manor House Ch. 14

The Manor House Ch. 14


Rob sat up and pushed her pajama bottoms completely off and removed the top, dropping them both to the floor. Shandi was wearing a T-shirt and she quickly pulled it off, her heavy breasts clad in an Everlast sports bra. The sight made Rob's mouth water and she buried her face in the deep valley, pulling the straps down from her shoulders. Shandi moaned, falling back as Rob took an aggressive role, lapping at her fat, brown nipples and sucking until they were chocolate raspberries.

Tingles ran through Shandi's body as Rob's mouth suckled her, making her shiver with lust. She'd never been loved like this before, even with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Donnie. When they'd first started dating, he was attentive but was never really that interested in servicing her. He only wanted his needs met and Shandi had been so in love that she hadn't questioned the inequity. He was an important man and his needs had to be met first.

When he'd left for work, Shandi had often found herself satisfying herself by masturbating and once, she'd had a quick assignation with a maid, frightened to death when Donnie had arrived home early. She took it as a sign that she shouldn't involve anyone else in her quest for satisfaction and bought toys to help her cum. But the brief interlude with Consuela had whetted her appetite. She had fallen in love with the softness of a woman's body and the natural response that Connie had given her. The young maid had only had a few scant moments to tongue Shandi's pussy but Shandi had known that she was hooked.

Now, after meeting Rob and feeling the spark between them, she knew what she wanted. She looped her fingers through Rob's hair as her lips and tongue ravished her breasts, then obediently laid back, closing her eyes much as Rob did, enjoying the feel of the woman's hands on her body. She moaned, she gasped and she whimpered as Rob's mouth wandered across the map of her skin, sliding over ribs and kissing across muscles until she reached her sopping cunt.

Rob took a different approach than Shandi had. Shandi had known that Rob was desperate for release and Rob knew that of her lover also, but she also sensed that Shandi was an innocent, that this was quite possibly her first time with a woman and Rob wanted it to be memorable. She began by kissing Shandi's soft brown thighs, running her hands over the smooth, unmarked skin as she moved closer to Shandi's center.

The first touch of her tongue took the breath from Shandi's lungs and she gasped, reflexively wanting to close her legs but loving Rob's strong hands forcing them open as she feasted on her pussy. She wanted to scream but she couldn't find the breath the fuel it. Instead, she closed her eyes, gasped and came, her heart pounding as Rob licked up every bit of her pussy cream. She wanted to tell Rob that it was okay but Rob continued, bringing her to the brink three more times before Shandi pushed her away, spent and panting.

Rob pulled the covers aside and yanked on Shandi's arms, physically asking the woman to move and Shandi wearily lifted herself, crawling up to where Rob lay and nestled into her arms, still shaking with aftershocks that made her pussy clench. "Are you all right?"

"Yes." Shandi breathed, wrapping her arms around Rob's stomach. "I haven't felt this good in a long time."

"Neither have I." Rob marveled at the words as she spoke them, realizing that she'd never felt as content as she was feeling right now.

Shandi lifted her head and looked into Rob's eyes. "Do you have any more doubts?"

She leaned down and pressed her lips to Shandi's soft mouth. "No," She whispered. "Not one."

* * * * *

Shandi awoke in her bed the next morning, stretching with a huge smile plastered on her face. She had wanted to stay in Rob's bed but Rob didn't want anyone to find them together before Shandi could finish her official stay. She wasn't required by law to finish the stay but Rob didn't want anything to stand in her way if Shandi was serious with pursuing a relationship with her. Shandi understood and after making love twice more, she had returned to her room under a cloak of darkness, her thighs slick with pussy cream and Rob's taste in her mouth.

The next morning, Rob and Milo were not at breakfast and Shandi was at once disheartened and concerned. The rumors swirling around the table spoke of an early morning arrival that required Rob's attention.

"Did you hear?"

Melba caught Shandi as she was heading out to the stable for her morning chores. "What?"

"The woman they brought in last night?"

"Yeah, I heard someone was brought in."

Melba's eyes seemed to glow as she imparted the information. "It was Mariane."

"Mariane? The one Rob released a week ago?"

"Yes!" The younger woman grinned. "And someone beat the shit out of her! Bitch! She deserved it!"

"Melba, I didn't get along with Mariane but that's hardly reason to be excited over her injuries ... "

"You're too nice, Shandi. Mariane's a bitch of the first order. She doesn't give a shit about anyone else other than herself. I'm glad to see that someone finally set her straight."

Shandi watched Melba run off and she continued to the stable, her mind heavy with the new information. She was disgusted with herself but she couldn't help but wonder just what kind of attention Rob was required to give to Mariane.

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