tagBDSMThe Mansion

The Mansion


It was a long drive to the old mansion. it was a three story mansion, with a basement. She had time to think while driving to meet her MASTER. She always got a little nervous, yet excited at the same time.

This was the week-end they had planned to meet. She loved the old mansion, with it's huge columns, large windows, flowing white curtains, and circular stairs.

Big beautiful trees with large moss, growing heavily from it's branches.

As she thought about her encounter, she rubbed her breasts, and pinched her nipples. Gosh! she did love this man! She speeded up so as to get there quicker. Her body was ready for him to take control of her.

She could already feel the wetness in her honey pot. She was ready for him to take her! But she musn't play with herself down there, that was part of her MASTER'S request! A good "BITCH" always does her MASTER'S bidding.

As she pulled up onto the long driveway, she could see that he was already there. She swallowed hard. Anticipation was killing her. She pulled up in front of the mansion. Got out stretched, and grabbed her bag, and went inside.

The bag contained all her necessary items, to please her MASTER. All of them being LEATHER. Her MASTER loved LEATHER. She did look good in leather too. She looked good even if she were wearing nothing at all.

Jennifer had large breasts. But not ugly large. Big beautiful areola's. Her nipples were about 3/4 of an inch long. She was not skinny, who wants that! But was not obese either. She had a beautiful face, which complimented her full size figure. She had a lovely ASS. Just right for her MASTER'S hand to slap, and his COCK to enter into.

Her long brown hair cascaded down her lovely shoulders. She had piercing BLUE eyes. Eyes that said "FUCK ME". She was a sight to behold.

She made her way into the mansion. Jennifer called out for him. HELLO! JOE, where are you? She heard a noise from above. Looked up to see him standing there naked. Are you ready he said! YES! MASTER!

Get your ASS up her NOW, BITCH! She had a shiver run over her, as she said " YES MASTER"

She started to climb the stairs. STOP! Remove your clothes, and crawl up the stairs BITCH! While removing her clothes, he came down, so he could watch her lovely ass as she made her way to the top of the stairs.

As she started her crawl, he got down behind her and smelled her pussy. He could see the fluids pooling on her outerlips. She was hot already. He licked her pussy. She flinched. GOD! it felt so good to her.

He loved to taste her pussy. Especially after both had cum at the same time. When she had made it to the top of the stairs, he stopped her.

Slapping her on her ASS. Bend down BITCH! I want to take you right here. She lowered her body. He licked her pussy. Then placed his cock at her entrance, and pushed slowly into her waiting, hot, wet, hole.

Is that good BITCH!? OH YES MASTER! Your cock is sooo big. With that he drove deep into her. Pulling out til the head was the only thing left inside her, then slammed back in again. OH! MASTER! you are so good to me!

This went on for several minutes. Then he felt that feeling in his loins, cum building up and spewing deep into her velvet lined pussy! OH! OH! OH! MASTER! I'm cummmmmminnnggggggg!!

It felt good to dump his load into her hot box. She had the tightest pussy he had ever seen. He pulled slowly out of her pussy, making a "pop" sound as it came out!

OK! BITCH! spin around and clean me up! With that she spun around and engulfed his entire length into her wet, hot mouth. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm, MASTER you taste soooo gooooddd!

After she cleaned me up. WE went downstairs, to the basement. This is where the fun begins, she thought to herself.

Once in the basement, she disrobed, by command of her MASTER. She put on her black leather outfit. It had cut-outs, in special places, for easy access to all the right places.

After dressing she asked her MASTER, "What now MASTER?" She moved over to him. The excitement had her nipples as hard as a rock. He leaned down, taking first the one, then the other into his mouth. Flicking her nipple with his tongue, and pinching the other with his fingers.

It hurt, but felt good at the same time. She had her eyes closed, but opened them when she heard a "click"!

she looked down to see a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. MASTER! What are you doing? QUIET SLUT! You will see in a moment.

With that said, he hoisted her arms up over her head with a rope of silk cloth. She was at his mercy! As she stood there, He produced a small riding crop.

He raised his arm to strike her ASS. Whoosh! It stung, but it was a pleasurable sting. Pain and excitement mixed. Down it came again, UH, UH, UH, 3 times it hit. Tears filled her eyes.

BITCH! are you crying? Do you want to stop!? NO, NO, No MASTER! I love it when you whip me. With that he grabbed a long feather. He moved it along the welts rising on her beautiful ASS. She squirmed, He moved it up to her breasts. Gently rubbing her nipples with the feather.

MASTER! You do make me feel good. Then he drew on her back, with the feather. Down he went til he came to her ASS. Rubbing it along her crack, stopping at her hole. Tickling her hole with the feather.

She was loving this. Then he brought out a vibrator, stuck it in her pussy. Slowly worked it in and out, making sure it came into contact with her clit. When she was just about ready to cum, he withdrew it and placed it in her ass crack. Slowly he pushed it till her ass muscles relaxed enough to let it enter her lovely tight ass.

Once inside her ass, he let it sit, till she relaxed more. Then worked it slowly in and out, in and out. While doing this, he moved around in front of her and started licking her pussy!

OH! OH! OH! MASTER! That feels so goooodddd!! Then he pulled the vibrator out of her luscious ass, and put it inside her lovely pussy, and turned it on HIGH! MMMMMMMASTER! I'm going to cum!

STOP BITCH! Don't cum. With that he let her down. GRAB your ankles. She bent over and grabbed her ankles. This gave him perfect access to her already hot, wet, relaxed, hole. He rubbed the head of his cock, up and down her ass crack. Then stopped at her hole, then pushed it in slowly. She was tight. It felt good to have the slick, velvet walls of her ass squeeze around his cock. Once inside he started fucking her ass, slowly at first. She screamed out in pleasure. OH! OH! MASTER, FUCK ME harder, harder, faster, faster. uh uh uh uh uh uh, oh yes! YES! MASTER, you are the greatest!

He came when she said that. He could feel her ass muscles squeezing out every last drop of cum. Then he withdrew his flaccid member. Watching the cum flow from her hole. Then leaned down to lick her ass, and she came this time.

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