tagBDSMThe Mansion Ch. 1

The Mansion Ch. 1


Like any 18-year-old boy, I have an insatiable curiosity about the mysterious. In my case, it was the mansion that was located in the woods behind my house. The road to it wasn’t far from my boring little ranch home where I lived with my parents and younger sister. The private road was blocked by a small gate that could only be accessed with a key card. Closer to the mansion, a 10-foot stone fence ran around the property that covered at least five acres. Another large gate guarded the driveway.

Someone lived there, for there were always people driving up and being let through the gates. Yet I had never seen the owners.

Naturally, I was curious. My curiosity was only peaked one Saturday night when I counted seven cars driving up to the gate and being admitted. There must be some kind of party, I decided. This would be the perfect time to explore it. Oh, I had explored around the area during the day, checking out ways to scale the fence, but I had never actually done it. Under the cover of darkness, however, I felt emboldened. Tonight I would check out this mysterious place and see for myself what goes on there.

My parents are early risers, so they usually go to bed about 9:30 and let me stay up on the weekends. My sister Becky is only 13, so she had to go to bed about the same time as the folks. I waited until 11 p.m., to make sure everyone was asleep before I snuck out of the house and headed into the woods.

I had brought along a rope, a knife, and a small flashlight. I knew where I was going, as I had scoped out the most vulnerable place days before. On the west side of the property, a limb of a large oak tree had nearly overgrown the fence. I climbed up it and edged my way out. It wasn’t quite long enough, so I tossed one end of the rope over another limb above my head and tied it off to the limb I was standing on. Then I tossed the rest of the rope over the wall and let it hang down inside the fence. Carefully, I placed one foot on the wall and swung over, pausing for a moment to check if there are any guards or dogs patrolling the property. I waited there, motionless, for about three minutes, before I was satisfied that I was in the clear.

Climbing down, I left the rope where it was for an easy getaway. I knew I was taking a risk, as any patrol might see it, even in the dim light from the floodlights that lit up the entry to the mansion about a 100 yards from my position. Treading cautiously, I moved from tree to tree as I approached the house. I quickly spotted a window along the west side, near the front, that seemed well protected by bushes. I could hide there and peek inside to see what kind of people where coming here to this strange place. I made it to the window without difficulty and crouched below the frame. I looked around. It was much brighter here and I felt exposed. If it wasn’t for the bushes, I’d probably be spotted. I had just started edging up to peer inside when a noise caused me to jerk back and duck behind a bush. A car! I heard the tires first on the gravel drive, then on the brickwork right in front of the main door. It parked close to me, the headlights washing over my head before they were abruptly shut off.

I stayed down low until I heard the door slam and the occupant’s footsteps receding as he approached the main door. Then, moving in increments, I crept back to the window and peeked in, dying to see what was going on inside.

When my eyes cleared the sash, I froze, transfixed by the sight before me. I was looking from a window through what appeared to be a den to a door into a large foyer. But what grabbed my attention – indeed, I couldn’t take my eyes away – was the figure of a nude woman, crouched on a small black platform raised about a foot or so off the floor. When my eyes grew accustomed to details, I could see that she was a pretty blonde who had been fastened down in some way. Her left arm – and, I assumed, her right one as well, though I couldn’t see from this angle – was held to the platform by a metal link that was attached to a thick leather bracelet she wore. Her neck, encased by a leather collar, was trapped close to the platform by a short chain that was clipped into another ring. She could move her head from side to side, but that was all. Right now her face was toward me, but she had her eyes closed. The platform was short, so her legs had been brought up under her body, forcing her on her knees, her naked white ass up in the air, her calves and feet hanging in the air. Her knees were resting on a white pillow. Two more leather cuffs around her thighs just above her knees were chained to the end of the platform. In that position, she could hardly move at all. What the hell was going on?

My eyes were drawn to the cleft between her legs. Even from across the room, I could see she was open, her pussy glistening in the light. I couldn’t see any hair. The area around the cleft appeared to be red and I wondered if every girl’s privates looked like that. I had never seen any myself.

The doorbell rang as the latest guest arrived. I moved to the very edge of the frame, afraid of being caught, yet fascinated by the scene at the same time. A man in formal clothes – a butler? – walked past the girl and out of my vision on his way to open the front door. He completely ignored her. I could hear some mumbling as greeting were made, then the butler reappeared with the new guest beside him, taking his coat and hat.

The butler disappeared from view again, and the guest paused to take in the naked form of the woman. He said something inaudible to the butler and laughed at the response. Then he did something that made my eyes fly open wide – he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was quickly growing hard. He stepped up between the girl’s legs. She tried to squirm away, moving her ass around, and switching the position of her head, but there was nowhere for her to go. He grabbed both cheeks firmly and steered his hard cock into her. I could hear her cries clearly as he thrust back and forth cruelly. I almost ran to her aid. Since I was a trespasser, I stayed where I was. Soon the man spasmed, clearing coming inside her, then pulled free. Without another word, he zipped up and walked on, out of my vision. The woman sagged a bit. I could see a white fluid leaking out of her onto the pillow. When she turned her head my way again, I spotted tears flowing down the side of her beautiful nose.

Crouching down again, I crept along the wall toward the back of the house, trying to learn more about this dangerous place. The next two windows were dark, so I skipped them and edged closer to a lighted window near the back where music was playing inside. There were fewer bushes here, so I had to be very careful. Coming up to the very corner of the frame, I peeked one eye into the light and stared.

Inside, there were naked girls everywhere. Some were sitting on their haunches wearing collars to which leashes had been attached. The leashes were held by various well-dressed guests -- and not all of them were men. There were girls being fucked, either sitting on a gentleman’s penis forced to bounce up and down, or bent over some furniture while being impaled, or locked in strange devices. Others crouched between a man’s – or woman’s – legs, licking private parts.

In the center of the room, there was a blond fastened into some sort of apparatus that held her upright with her arms and legs out from her body, her back exposed to the crowd. I could see red marks on her back, ass and thighs. An elegant woman holding a whip brought it down hard on her again, causing her to writhe in her bonds. Everyone watching laughed. A man stepped forward and shoved what appeared to be a dildo – yes, I may be naïve but I know what one looks like – up between her legs. He fiddled with it and the girl reacted. I suddenly realized it was a vibrator and he had turned it on. She apparently enjoyed the sensation for she threw her head back, her mouth agape. The woman with the whip struck her again, giving her pain with her pleasure and the girl jerked spasmodically, caught between the two sensations.

My god! I’ve stumbled onto a sex orgy!

I continued to watch, fascinated, my eye roaming from one scene of debauchery to another. Near a couch, two men held the naked body of a girl horizontally between them, her knees up, rocking her back and forth, while a third man stood between her legs, his cock in her, fucking her without moving. On a table under a bright light, a girl lay on her stomach, naked and motionless, while a man wielding a ink gun applied a large tattoo to her bottom. I could only read the first two words: “Property of.” Another girl stood over a small basin, legs wide apart, letting a guest shave her pubic hair with a razor. He was taking his time, shaving a small area, then rinsing the soap in the basin before returning to his work. One girl was sitting on a low chair backwards, her arms and legs firmly tied to it, while a line of men with hard cocks out waited their turn for her to suck them off. Her mouth worked obscenely on each penis, licking and sucking until she was rewarded with a spray of sperm. By now, the fluid from several men was running down her chin onto her breasts.

Naked girls with trays were serving drinks and hors’deourves, and they weren’t spared either. I watched as one girl carrying a tray of champagne glasses was pushed over to a guest sitting on the couch with his cock out. She was forced to straddle his cock and sit down on it, while keeping her tray of drinks steady. When he reached up and pinched a nipple, she jerked, spilling one glass. The man laughed, made her put down the tray and marched her over to the apparatus. After a few words, the whipped girl was brought down and the serving girl was put up, only this time facing to the front. She was firmly tied in. The man took two clips and fastened them to her nipples, then hung weights from each one. He made an adjustment and rotated the apparatus so the girl was facing the floor, the weights pulling her nipples painfully. After another adjustment, the girl’s legs were swung wide apart. He got in between her legs and began fucking her, the apparatus rocking back and forth on gimbles, while the weights jerked back and forth, yanking at her breasts. She cried and jerked in her bonds, helplessly.

I felt sorry for these girls, yet I was unable to move from my perch. I knew I should call the police or tell my parents, but my libido held my back. I just wanted to see more. I couldn’t help but reach down and stroke my own hard cock.

The man had finished with the girl, but two other men took his place. One placed his cock between her legs and the other forced her head up and made her take him in her mouth. In concert, they rocked the apparatus back and forth, each getting their satisfaction while the poor girl endured another bout of weights pulling on her breasts.

Another girl came into view from a corner of the room that had been out of my vision. She was an amazing sight: She was completely hairless, from her bald head to her shiny legs. She was, however, covered in sperm. It was on her head, her face, across both breasts, her stomach and legs. When she turned away from me, I could see ropes of it across her ass. I wondered what had happened to her. I was soon to find out. Wherever anyone was fucking or sucking, she would hang close, almost touching the participants while making pleading faces to the men. If they were so inclined, they would pull out at the last moment, and spray her with their cum. She reacted as if she had an orgasm as well, writhing in the air as the ropes of sperm touched her. I wondered if that’s why she was bald – so she could better feel the impact of the fluid on her skin. Did someone train her to be like that? Were they all trained? Why else would these girls subject themselves to this sexual torture?

These girls did everything anybody wanted of them, with little complaint. Those who did complain were threatened with, or given, terrible punishments. I could imagine that after a while the girls became brainwashed, willing to do anything to please their masters – or mistresses.

It seemed strange that the women who were clearly guests would go along with this degradation of their sex. Yet they seemed to be full participants. Some of these women had girls on leashes, kept close by for pleasuring themselves or for the amusement of the other guests. One of those, an older woman, was sprawled on a couch, dress pulled up, while a young girl tongued her between the legs. They had both been in that position for as long as I had been watching at the window. The woman, who held tightly to the girl’s leash so she couldn’t move away, must’ve had five orgasms by now. As I watched, a man approached and spoke to the woman, who simply nodded abstractly. The man unzipped himself, reached down and pulled the young girl up on her knees. He placed his hard-on at her opening and pushed in, all the while the girl kept on pleasuring her mistress, trying her best to ignore the man fucking her. The girl was being bounced against the woman’s cunt, disturbing her efforts, but the woman seemed to pay no mind. Perhaps she was drunk.

Movement close to the ground caught my eye and I saw a naked girl creep into view from behind a couch. She was small, about 20 years old, with brown hair cut short. She appeared to be fastened into some sort of strange device -- a small, padded bench with short legs on casters. She was bent over it with her knees touching the ground, her legs dragging behind. The bench was clearly custom made, for I could see her breasts extending down through a large hole in the middle of the padded part. Silver glinted there and as she turned her body, I noticed clips pinching her nipples that were chained together. The way the chain hung, I could tell it was weighted down with something that swung between her pendulous breasts.

The girl’s thighs were bumping up against the back legs of the bench and I could see they were cuffed with short lengths of chain, allowing only limited locomotion. There was another thin chain, higher up, close to her hip, but from my angle I couldn’t see what purposed it served. Her hands were cuffed to the crosspiece in front, keeping them off the ground. Her head was up on a small padded shelf that was welded to the front of the frame. Her collar was attached to it so she couldn’t move her head. The padding held her chin, keeping her face forward, rather than down. At first I thought that was so she could see where she was going. I was quickly proved wrong. Between her open jaws, a ring-like device was held into place by a strap around the back of her head. It gave her a grotesque appearance. Her chin was coated in drool.

As I watched, a man approached and got down on his knees before her. His groin was about level with her face. Unzipping himself, he pulled out a semi-hard cock and ran it over her nose and cheeks, allowing it to grow hard. The girl tried to move her head away, but she was trapped. Finally, he thrust the cock into the ring between her teeth, grabbed the sides of her head and began to fuck her face. The entire cart was shaken back and forth as he rocked her and she appeared helpless to stop him. She just endured it until he came, squirting down her throat. Because she couldn’t close her mouth, much of the sperm just dribbled down her chin, adding to the drool.

Another man approached and spoke to the first man. Together, they wheeled the woman around, giving me a clear view of her ass. Now I could see there were two chains on her upper thighs and what purpose they served. The chains ended in alligator clips, which were clamped onto each of her labia lips, front and back. The chains, stretching around her delicate thighs, caused the lips to be pulled obscenely apart. Her cunt dripped with white fluid. The second man dropped to his knees, pulled out his cock and plunged into her. She didn’t even try to stop him, not that it would do any good. She just lay there, spread out over that cart, seemingly resigned to her fate. I wondered what she had done to deserve this torture.

That’s when I realized what this place was – it was a training site. Young women are brought here to be turned into sex slaves. The ones who disobey are punished severely, until their spirits are broken. The woman on the bench and the woman I saw in the hallway were just two of the victims. Others were already conditioned to please any man or woman who demanded a sexual favor. In fact, some, like the bald girl, actually appeared to enjoy it. I wondered how long she had been here.

Now I was in a real dilemma. I knew I should call the police, tell them about what’s going on so they could save these girls. On the other hand, I was trespassing and sticking my nose into other people’s business. And there was no way I could testify about any of this. I had to stay out of it. If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.

So I decided to wait and watch. Maybe I could come up with another solution. The party lasted a long time. I observed hours of debauchery from my perch. Twice, I heard footsteps approaching and had to duck down into the bushes. Both times, the guards strolled on by. Apparently, they felt safe here, for the patrols seemed cursory.

To be continued...

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