tagFetishThe Mansion House Series Ch. 01

The Mansion House Series Ch. 01


"Ethan, cuddle me, cuddle up to me, let me feel you beside me," Kat murmured.

"Sure honey, I'm right here. Right beside you. Thinking about you, caring for you, loving you," Ethan replied to his friend.

"What did I just say? Loving you? So, suddenly I was in love with my friend, but only because I was contemplating her being a dominant over me? I must be weird!" Ethan considered.

Weird or not, Ethan couldn't get the thought out of his mind, and so he cuddled up even more closely to Kat, his wannabe dominant partner, his best friend. Kat was no true dominant though. It was not in her nature. Sure, she was dominant at work. She was a manager, and she was in control of a large number of staff. But outside of work, she just wanted to chill, to have a fun-loving life, to be loved, to be cherished. And to get drunk fairly often with her best friend Ethan.

"But what about Aunt Jane?" Ethan wondered. "Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane."

"Kat, do you remember you told me that Aunt Jane was looking for someone to help her with her garden? Kat, you awake?"

"Yeah honey, Aunt Jane. What about Aunt Jane?"

"Aunt Jane – can you give her a call today and see if she still needs an employee?"

It was more of a demand on Kat, than a question. It was more about the fact that Ethan needed Aunt Jane, more than she probably would need him.

"Yeah Ethan, just let me get over this hangover for a while. I'll call her a bit later today, okay?"

"Maybe you can give her a quick call now Kat. Its 9.30 so she'll be up and about I expect."

"Oh man, Ethan, you are the guy are you not – always pushing, and I'm always pleasing you. So, what does that make me – your servant or something?" Kat chortled. "Seems I should be the one wearing the frilly maid's outfit, no?"

Ethan laughed at the thought of Kat in a maid's outfit. "Yeah babe, I know, I owe you big time. You've helped me so much and you are always gonna be my best friend. I owe you so much. I can't ask for a better friend than you, I really can't."

"Okay then Ethan, where's my phone? Can you go find it for me - I think I have her number stored on my mobile."

"Is it in your jacket pocket Kat?"

"Yup – jacket I left on the couch in the living room."

In a few seconds, Ethan had found Kat's phone, and was proffering it to her, pushing her to make the call to the dominant Aunt Jane.

"Hey, Aunt Jane, is that you? Its Kat. Yeah I'm good, thanks. How are you? Fine yeah, good. I heard that you had an opening for a gardener, is that the case? Oh, it is, okay good. I have a friend who is a qualified landscaper. He's looking for work in this area and is prepared to commute each day if that is necessary. Oh, so you have accommodation available? That's great! How about I get him to give you a call a little later today, and you can discuss the job criteria together – sound good with you? Nice! I'll get him to call you. Nice talking with you Aunt Jane. You take good care... bye now."

"You heard all that, right? She will be happy to talk with you today, if you want to give her a call. So, seems like my darling Ethan is potentially no longer only my Ethan – I'll have to share you with Aunt Jane," Kat mocked.

"Kat", Ethan replied, "you know there can only be one woman for me – ever! And that woman is you. Don't be worried about Aunt Jane the sadist. I'll have her eating out of my hand well before you know it!"

But Ethan wasn't quite so sure of that. He suddenly felt nervous. "I'll have to speak to Aunt Jane. Oh my, what if she hates me? What if she is in fact a sadist and she takes control over me? I know its a nice thought, but what if it were actually true? Shit, what have I got myself involved in?"

"Ethan, you okay?" Kat asked. "Suddenly you look a bit nervous. Oh my, are you getting giddy about my Aunt Jane? Perhaps you're having thoughts of her laying you over her lap and spanking your bare bottom because you've been a naughty boy? Does that make you hot, or does that make you want to pee your pants?"

Kat was laughing. Ethan was NOT! He suddenly felt totally intimidated by the mere thought of Aunt Jane.

"Fuck Kat, you can laugh all you like, but what if... what if your Aunt is really what they say she is? What if she treats me just like she did poor old Uncle Tom? What if, Kat, what if?"

"Hey Ethan, this is what many men dream about. They want to give in to a strong woman like Aunt Jane, don't they honey. I bet you are no different. Come to think of it, if I wanted to be like her, I'd have you eating out of my hand. Or, to put it another way – eating out of my pussy," Kat grinned. "Nice thought actually Ethan. Nice thought having you down there and eating me out while I demand more from you."

The mere consideration of Kat having him eating out of her pussy got him excited, and suddenly there was a lump in his shorts where just seconds ago there had been none. He tried to cover it by lowering his hands, but Kat was on the game in an instant.

"You see! I told you men like to be controlled by strong women. Come on Ethan – admit it. Just the idea of me having you eating from between my legs has got you all hot and bothered. Well, seems to me that if I'm to compete with Aunt Jane, I'm gonna have to be much more dominant over you in future. So you watch your step with me buster or you'll be my little lamb and up for the slaughter!"

Ethan did not know if Kat was joking about this or not. She looked deadly serious, and she held his gaze intently. "Maybe she's of the same blood stock that Aunt Jane is after all. Maybe Kat did have the potential for being a cruel dominant, but she'd just never really demonstrated it with me before," Ethan contemplated.

"Come on Kat, stop joking around with me, will ya!" Ethan scoffed. "This may be funny to you, but its no longer funny to me. But yeah, you are right, the thought of eating you down there does kinda erm, get me warm a bit, I admit it," he half joked.

"Ethan – just a bit, huh? Check out your play thing – its rock hard, dude!" Kat was laughing now. She knew she had her friend tied up. He had no-where to hide. It was now out in the open and they both knew it. "So, you my dear Ethan actually want to belong to me. Or, perhaps its Aunt Jane you want to belong to. Or maybe its both of us. Well, I'll have to have a word with my dear Aunt Jane about this and we'll see what we can come up with. In the meantime, I need another coffee and make it stronger this time. Go, go!" she scolded him into action.

Ethan leapt up from where he was lying on the bed and ran through the door way towards the kitchen, making every attempt to cover his nether region in case of further derision from his friend Kat (the new dominatrix on the block!).

He reached the kitchen, reached for the kettle, filled it up, slapped on the power, got some fresh mugs and this time popped two 3-in-1's in Kat's cup. "Hopefully this is what she means by strong coffee, or I could be in deep sh.t!" he figured.

"Kat, I hope that's okay for you," he said as he entered the bedroom and attempted to hand Kat her coffee.

"Get the table over there, slave boy, and put it next to me here," Kat beckoned where she wanted the table to be placed.

Ethan put the coffee down on the floor and scurried over to get the little coffee table. Once done, he placed Kat's coffee on the table top.

"No!" she hissed. "Go and get a place mat. If you mark my coffee table I'll take it out on your bare ass, boy!"

"Was she being serious" Ethan wondered "or just having fun? Whatever this was about, it was causing him to have heart palpitations. Seems that Kat could in fact be a very good dominatrix after all, if she so wished to be."

Ethan quickly went on the hunt for some place mats in the living room and returned to see Kat now sitting upright with her breasts almost hanging out of her negligee.

"Oooh fuck," he thought, "she's really playing games with me and she knows exactly what she's doing too." Ethan stared at Kat's golden globes and automatically scored them at a 9 out of 10. It was a guy thing after all – it just happened that way. He would have scored them a 10 but a 10 was unobtainable no matter how good they were.

"What the fuck are you staring at boy?" Kat shouted.

"Emmm... not staring at anything, Kat. Its just that your front end is coming out a bit and, well, I'm a guy, so, emmm... what do you expect me to do, pretend not to notice them?" Ethan tried to explain in a fairly sheepish manner.

"I bet you'd like to suck them, slave boy. I bet you would like to suck on Kat's big bouncy juicy water melons. In fact, I don't have to bet on it, I know it. But you're not going to get that chance, at least not today. Time you were gone. Now go get dressed and be absolutely sure that you call Aunt Jane today, okay? I don't want to have her calling me and telling me that you were a no-show. So you make sure you give her a call, and do keep in mind that she is very much the dominant woman, and she loves to have men squirming, or at least that's what I'm told. I'm sure you can do a very good job at being a squirmer, Ethan MacDonald. You've already proven to me this morning that you are more than capable! Now, get dressed and get out. You'll be hearing from me soon, don't you worry, my little Ethan, my darling little Ethan."

Kat was really getting into the mould of the dominant lady after all. Ethan had known her for all these years and had never experienced anything like this. And boy, did he like it! But at the same time, he was concerned what this experience may do to their friendship. He was in many ways dependent on Kat's hospitality. So, what if she was no longer going to be such a liberal friend, and instead was to become much more masterful in a mistress like fashion? That would possibly be the end of a great friendship as they both had known it. Was it worth giving in to this - a much more dominant Kat - simply because Ethan had a penchant for being on the receiving end when it came to attractive, dominating women?

Ethan grabbed at the pile of clothing he had dropped on the floor not long ago. He really wanted to get out of there fast – as fast as possible! Even though he was totally entranced by everything Kat was doing, he was at the same worried about the future consequences that this little enactment would bring.

He donned his clothes as fast as he could, had a quick look in the wall mirror to check his appearance. Then walked over to Kat so he could give her a kiss as a way of thank you for the previous night.

She turned her face upwards in order to meet the kiss from her new slave boy.

"I'll give you a call in the next few days or so," she said. "Its time you started to earn my love rather than take it for granted, I'm sure you agree, slave boy Ethan, my darling little play thing," Kat sneered.

"Fuck!" Ethan thought, "she's utterly incredible! Whoever would have thought it possible?" He was tempted to say in reply "yes, Mistress Kat," but instead managed to stutter "emm yes Kat, thanks again for erm – everything."

With that, he fled Kat's house with his tail between his legs, in some ways hoping very much for a similar experience in the near future, but in other ways looking forward to having their friendship intact and back to the way it had always been – at least until now, that is!

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