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The Marine


Her Dad wanted to speak to me in the garage.

I said "OK" and headed to the door between the house and the garage.

"Not that one," he said "the detached garage across the yard."

As we both exited the house and crossed the grass I had no idea what to expect but I was nervous. Her Dad was quite an imposing intimidating figure at 6'3". He was a Marine and all muscle looking fantastic for his age of 50.

As the 2 car garage door closed we were in total darkness. Suddenly a click and light filled the space. The garage was very clean with a fancy car on one side and a large heavy oak workbench with cabinets on the other side.

"How long have you been dating my daughter boy?" The command came out.

"About a month Sir," I responded. It just seemed safe to address him as Sir.

"Well I see you have some respect for authority that's good," he bellowed as he began pacing around me. He looked me over. "Aren't you a little older than my daughter he said?"

"Yes Sir I am 25."

"Twenty five," he yelled, "my daughter is only 18, what has gotten into your head boy." He pulled out a long knife from a sleeve and started to sharpen it as though it was an ongoing project of his.

"I suggest you be very honest right now."

I was terrified.

"I saw how you started the relationship. It reminded me of a recon mission. Then I guess you just decided she was easy prey didn't you boy?" He said getting in my face.

Without hesitation my mouth responded by itself "Yes sir," I said looking down. "I am sorry but..."

"BUT WHAT, speak up boy!" He barked.

I was visibly shaking having given up my true intentions for dating her.

"She is a horny girl and always wants it..."

I was sure this was the end, that knife would be in my gut handle deep.

"Ahhhhhh so you were hunting yourself some poontang weren't you?"

"Yes Sir but I do respect your daughter and like her very much and her me."

He stopped me abruptly, "yeah yeah as long as she is bent over in front of you. But I understand boy. When I was in Nam we had urges that were insatiable and villages we came across... well let's just say we plowed a lot of fields over there. A mans got to do what a man's got to do eh boy?" he said taking on a more relaxed understanding tone for a moment. "I respect you for speaking so frankly and not trying to hide your intentions."

It wasn't frankness it was sheer fear I thought.

"I know you won't be hurting my daughter and she'll be protected isn't that right?" he said sternly.

"Absolutely I will... am," I blurted out.

"Now there is a price to be paid to have access to her spread legs," he said.

My eyebrows went up. Did he just say it was OK to fuck his daughter for a price?

"Take off those cloths," he said sternly.

"Wha.... Wait what?" I said

"Your skin boy, I want to see nothing but skin. Are you refusing to carry out the order?"

"No Sir I said," as I undressed and stood before him naked and even more uncomfortable then a few moments ago which I did not think was possible.

"Hmmmmmmmm," he said inspecting me like a soldier. "Pretty well built... spread your legs son lets see the equipment."

I spread a little to let my balls and cock hang more freely.

"Why you are pretty well hung, that's just how Melissa likes her boys. I expected nothing less from her she can sniff out the big ones when she's horny. In fact maybe you were her recon mission."

"Now come here and stand with your toes on this line."

I walked over to the front of the workbench. The bench was about 4' wide and a cabinet, box or something was sitting on top of it. It looked odd with an opening 3' wide and about 18" high at the bottom. The box itself was about 3 feet high and I had no idea what the heck it was. He allowed me to look at it awhile.

"Sound deadening box son," he said.

"What?" I said.

"That box deadens sounds. Anything put in the hole there," he pointed to the opening at the base.

"What is this for Sir," I asked.

"You want to FUCK my daughter son?"

I hesitated then said, "yes sir."

"Then I will need something from you," he said as he slid his green khaki pants to the floor and pulled out a huge semi erect cock.

I could feel my face turn white and loose all color.

"Come on boy; show me what you are made of. Show me you are willing to endure some pain for the pleasurable things in life."

He grabbed the back of my neck as his now naked muscle hard body was in full contact with my backside. He whispered in my ear as his big fully erect weapon pushed my "equipment" aside and poked out in front of me several inches.

"This is just some basic training I require of any man who wants to bed any of my daughters and tap themselves a little poontang. I can respect you for the predatory way you are approaching your target but you need to know that everyone bows to this marine in my unit. You feed the big dog and he'll let you hump the BITCHES. You understand?"

Yes I signaled with a nod of my head, scared as hell.

"Now let's get you bent over and your service will begin." With that his hand gripped my neck and very effectively applied the pressure need to make me easily bend over as he pushed me down. His other big hand held my right hip against his pelvis.

When I was bent all the way over he walked me forward pushing my upper body into the box all the way till my thighs touched the front of the bench.

It was deafly silent in the box but then I felt him spread me a little more and without hesitation.... WHAM! His phallus ripped me open and bottomed out in one thrust. My eyes flew open in shock, body convulsed and I let out a scream with everything I had yet it was almost silent inside the box. His body pressed tight against my ass and there was no way to move at all, my arms pinned to my sides but angled out of the way. I don't know how many screams came out. My ass ached and was on fire. I bucked wildly to no avail the box kept me under control quite easily.

I can't tell when the tears started but I was soon crying and screaming uncontrollably. Then I felt him slowly begin to withdraw which did nothing to ease the pain and fullness of his huge flesh pushing at my insides. When he was almost out and I was desperate for relief he knifed back into me with one deliberate hard thrust which started my screaming spasms all over again. His cock was hard as steel and so fucken thick I started getting lite headed the second thrust. Then the slow withdraw began again. I prayed as fast as I could "please let him pull all the way out. But deep down I knew he wouldn't..... WHAM, the same violent reaction. I don't know how many slow withdrawals he made but each thrust was so hard it knocked the wind out of me and shook the bench. Then it got worse.

Instead of singular thrust, he started picking up speed. Each thrust seemed like it would break my pelvic area. After complete exhaustion set in he was at jack hammer speed. I was being pummeled and thought he would fuck me to death. I had no idea how long I was in there but I felt that fuckin Marine impregnate me hard and deep and boy did my belly feel like it would explode. He came endlessly then went back to his assault before coming again. OMG who was this animal. Finally he pulled free of me and cum gushed down my leg.

Even though I was already lying on the bench, I collapsed motionless except for the muscles of my body that were twitching on their own which were.... All of them I think. He allowed me to lie there for..... I don't know how long. I was brought back to reality when he grabbed my hips again. I felt his long spike enter me balls deep only this time he felt real good in a painful nasty way. Then fully embedded he pulled back with his hips and slowly withdrew my mostly limp body from the box. He pulled me up against his chest as my ASS hung on his cock my feet just a few inches off the floor. His hips undulated as he now grinded deep into me from a standing position.

"That was very very good soldier. This is how you will serve the unit. In return you have the honor of servicing one of my prized BITCHES."

As he rubbed my belly he said, "Feel that swimming inside you? That's high quality Marine seed and you take it well. Everyday at 0600 you will report for duty with your toes on the line."

He set me down on my feet and without moving said, "pull your self off it boy." I tried to walk forward getting off his deeply embedded cock. I went o my tip toes as I yanked and yelped like a little pup as I finally pulled myself off and fell to the floor.

"Now why don't you clean up the floor and yourself then go get some pussy. I'll see you bright and early."

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