tagNovels and NovellasThe Marine's Wife Ch. 04

The Marine's Wife Ch. 04

bySean Renaud©

Dear Trina,

Singapore is an amazing place, I don't even really know how to tell you what this place is like. Everything in it is brand new and up to date, it looks like one of those cities of the future on TV. It is so clean here, there's no litter on the ground and nobody spits. There are no fat people and they still have Mc Donalds. They sell some weird stuff over here though, like a double Mc Chicken. When I get back I'll have a lot of souvenirs for you my love. I still think about you all the time and it's even harder being here in Singapore. It seems like all my buddies are hooking up left and right and stay out all night. I'm mostly stuck on the boat playing Halo. I'm about halfway through Legendary setting after just two days. Fortunately we'll be out of here soon so everybody else will be around to keep me company. Keep an eye on the mail babe. I sent you something that should be arriving soon



Trina kept that letter along with all the other's her husband had sent her hidden from Jeremy who was spending most of his nights at her place now. Right now he was still asleep from their last nocturnal romp but she was awake. Next to her was an empty spot on her nightstand where her wedding picture had once sat. Now that it was hiding with the rest of her marriage in a small box under her bed the spot looked empty. She felt empty. Her conscience had long since tired of telling her what a horrible person she was. Instead it had been replaced with the voice of her desires that was reminding her of the naked man laying to her left.

She rolled toward him draping one leg over his middle and arm over his chest snuggling herself tightly against him. Trina loved having a man in the bed with her again, warm, strong, masculine. The scent of man in her bed was comforting and exciting at the same time and her giant bed felt empty without him to help fill it.

"Morning sleepy head." She whispered as her lips lightly pressed against his cheek.

"Mornin' sunshine." He yawned first stretching his arms and back. Just like she did every morning Trina traced her fingers over the lines of his abs as he stretched. His strong arms wrapped around her slender figure and pulled her against him kissing her softly. His hands roamed eager over her back down to grip at her ass pulling her deeper into his kiss as his tongue slipped past her lips.

There was nothing she loved more than waking up to in his arms like this. The his warmth against her body and lower she could feel his little man standing up and pressing against her thigh. "Good morning to you too." She whispered slipping her hand between them to grasp his cock.

"He's always happy to see you." Jeremy grinned cradling her head for a third kiss. This time he practically smashed his face against hers jamming his tongue into her mouth along with hers. His tongue hotly penetrated her face as he rocked his hips gently against her hand. Trina moaned in response stroking his cock quickly until she felt the pre-cum ooze from the tip.

Her hand stopped in place so her thumb could smear the juices over the crown of his cock. Slowly Trina broke away from the kiss keeping her eyes locked on his she started to slip beneath the covers. By the time she reached his cock she was just a lump beneath the sheets.

Jeremy's body went stiff as she licked the underside of his sack. Her tongue expertly caressed each of his nuts before she slurped them into her mouth cleaning them with her spit. His hard cock rested on her forehead as she inched a little lower tracing the seam of his scrotum with her tongue. His breathing quickened as her lower lip grazed against his cheeks then started her way back up. "I wonder." She whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

One hand moved back to his cock slowly gliding up and down its length but the other slipped into her pussy till it was coated in her juices. Then she brought it slowly up behind her lover gently teasing his puckered anus. "What are you doing?" He breathed his body tensed tightly and arced nearly off the bed.

"Trust me." She responded gently pushing against the tight ring of muscle. Her tongue was again focused on his balls slurping and stroking his cock. Jeremy stopped breathing for a moment as her finger slipped inside him. It was only the tip but it felt like he was completely stuffed. It was the strangest feeling inside him though tingling at the base of his cock like he wanted to cum. She pushed just a little farther and his breath escaped forcing him to gasp for another breath as his cock started pulsating in her hand.

"Oh my god!" He gasped clawing at the sheets as he stared down at her. She was still hidden from his view. Trina was moaning now in anticipation of the explosion she knew was coming for her. Her lips moved up over the tip of his cock now tracing the sensitive ridge with her tongue as she jacked him into her mouth. It only took a few firm strokes before his warm jizz flooded her mouth and washed over her tongue.

Trina didn't stop sucking and stroking until Jeremy's body completely relaxed and then she only took one last slurp forcing the last drop of his tongue onto her tongue. Without swallowing she slipped out from under the sheets smiling at the man who'd made her so happy. She wanted him to see as she swallowed his cum into her gullet.

"Whoa, what got into you babe?" Jeremy asked letting his head fall back onto the pillow staring up at the ceiling.

"Just happy to see you." She replied kissing his belly and then snuggling up against him again lightly kissing the nape of his neck. "I love you." She was leaning close for another kiss when the doorbell interrupted her.

The clock read eight fifteen when Trina turned over to face it with a groan. "Who could that be? Be right back love." She smiled pulling a red robe around her frame and striding to the door.

Three months ago she wouldn't have considered opening the door dressed in a sheer robe that didn't quite cover the curve of her ass. She definitely would have made certain it was closed completely instead of giving a fair view of her chest. Neither of these thoughts even crossed her mind as she opened the door to rugged looking older man holding a boquet of roses. "Sign here miss." He handed her the roses and then offered her a small clipboard with a pen chained to it.

"Flowers?" She questioned holding her flowers up and looking them over. "Who sent me flowers?" Spinning the boquet around she found a small pink card in the shape of a heart. She opened it and silently read. "To my dearest Trina. I love you. Kevin." Suddenly her legs refused to support her as she realized there was a man her husband's bed. It wasn't the first time the thought had entered her mind, it was something she couldn't make herself ignore. She scrawled her name beside the "x" and closed the door before sinking to her knees with her back against the door.

"What is it?" Jeremy asked as he stepped into the living room. He was dressed in his favorite green silk boxers as he stared down at her. Trina didn't respond as she sat clutching her flowers to her chest sobbing. "What's wrong babe?" He sat down beside her wrapping arm around her shoulder. He pulled her against him.

Every bone in her body wanted to tell him the truth, he was too nice a guy to be treated like that. When she thought about him leaving her, and her bed being empty she buried her face in her arms. "My aunt died."

"I'm sorry." He scooped her up into his arms and carried her back into the bathroom and started running her a bath.

"Wha-" She started to speak but he hushed her as he walked around her bathroom till he found her bubble bath and added that to the water.

"Just relax Trina." He slipped around behind her untying her robe and letting it puddle around her ankles before guiding her into the hot bubble filled water. As soon as she completely in the water he kissed her softly on the lips. "Just wait here." Jeremy stepped away for a moment then came back resting a small stereo on sink right next to the roses. He put an R Kelly CD on before kneeling beside the tub holding her hand and gently kissing her knuckles. "Now relax, is there anybody I need to call?"

Trina looked up at him sniffling and wiping away tears. "No."

"Ok, I'll be back in a minute." He left Trina to her thoughts at that point which was probably the worst thing he could have done. She couldn't take her eyes off of the flowers that her husband had sent her from foreign soil. That her lover was pampering her with a bath and about to cook her breakfast to console her for the death of an aunt that was actually alive.

"I'm a horrible person." She whispered sinking as far into the water as she could.

When Jeremy walked into the bathroom he had a plate with eggs, sausage and a biscuit on it. He was still dressed in just his boxers when he sat on the edge of the tub. "Open up babe" She nodded and smiled softly as Jeremy fed her. It was sweetest thing he'd ever done for her and she didn't deserve it. "You gonna be ok babe?" Trina looked up at him sniffling before nodding. "Ok I have to go to work I'll be back tonight ok?" Trina nodded again then closed her eyes.

A knock at the door woke her from her pleasant slumber. "Who could that be?" Trina sighed and emerged from the now cool water and dried off. The knocking got louder as she pulled her robe around herself and moved to the door.

"I know you're in there! Open the door Trina!" It was her neighbor Trey. He used to work with Kevin before he'd gotten out of the Corps at the end of the previous year. Trina had always hated the leering black man.

"What do you want?" Trina called back through the door.

"Do you really want me to start airing out your dirty laundry? I could just call the shop, I'm sure somebody could get in touch with Kev for me." Trina's heart stopped as she realized he knew. She unlocked the door and cracked it open just far enough to get a look at Trey.

He was still in excellent shape and the black undershirt did nothing to conceal his toned chest and arms. His lopsided grin would have been attractive if she could feel him undressing her already. "I thought you might see shit my way honey." He pushed his way into the room shutting the door behind him. "Now lets talk."

"I don't have anything to say to you Trey." The feel of his eyes traveling the length of her legs set her skin crawling.

"So there hasn't been a white boy coming to your house every night and leaving in the morning?" He walked past her into her kitchen pulling out a glass. "You want one girl?" He pulled down a bottle of vodka then moved to her refridgerator and pulling out her carton of OJ.

"No, thank you." She frowned following him into her kitchen. "Please make yourself at home."

Trey paused as he poured himself a screwdriver and looked up at her. "Don't get lippy with me bitch, with very little effort I can make your life very miserable." He held the glass up in cheer and then took a large swallow. "You sure you don't want one? Might make it easier on you when I figure out what I'm gonna do to you."

"Don't play stupid with me Trey, I know you wanna fuck so lets just get it over with."

His smile widened as he took a sip of his drink. "You really think I'm gonna let you off with a simple fuck? I fuckin own you now unless you want everybody to know what a cheating skank you are." He took a big swallow of his drink and sat down on her stool. "So how much is this secret worth to you?"

"You bastard." She seethed glaring at him.

"That's not an answer girl. I need to know." He smiled pouring a second screwdriver. "Here, you need a drink."

She frowned but accepted the glass swallowing half of it in a single gulp. "What do you want Trey?"

"Well we can start with a blow job and some tail, I'll figure out what I want from you later for now strip." Trina took a deep breath but she knew she was beaten so her hand moved up to the belt of her robe and untied it. She forced her eyes down to the floor as she opened the robe exposing her nude body to him.

"Not bad, not bad at all." Trey walked closer wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her up against him. "Don't look so upset, I'm starting to get the impression that you really don't want to be here."

"I don't." She hissed pushing away from his chest.

"You know that really hurts my feelings babe. You know words can hurt." He reached down and unzipped his pants fishing out his cock. Trina couldn't help but gasp when she saw it, he wasn't even completely hard yet and it was still bigger than any cock she'd ever seen. She could see the thick veins on Trey's cock as it stiffened before her. "You know what to do."

Trina eased down onto her knees running her hands over his well muscled thighs. He was definitely well built, his thighs were chiseled like stone and above that his perfectly formed abs rippled with each breath. She slipped her tongue over the tip of his penis watching as it finished hardening. Trey's cock was almost as big as the Titan it had to be a full eight inches long. "Never seen one like that have you?" Trey boasted as he rubbed the tip over her lips."

Trina opened her mouth and took the tip of his massive organ between her lips. The corners of her mouth felt like they would split as he started pushing farther into her mouth. She could barely breathe around his cock and pulled back for a breath. "Don't worry honey, no girl has ever handled it all." Trina looked back at it in awe and wrapped her lips around it a second time pushing a bit of it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the tip. It didn't do anything for her that Trey was moaning, she only wanted him to cum so this could be over. She gripped his hips digging her fingers into the thick muscles of his backside holding herself in place as she bobbed her head up and down on the tip.

For a moment she started to forget who was doing this to her and her juices started flowing. The idea of that monster cock between her thighs was an intoxicating thought. It would stretch her insides farther than Kevin or Jeremy had, it would touch new spots deep inside her. If she was lucky he might pull her hair, she felt like enough of a whore already that he might as well treat her like one.

"On your knees." Trey commanded pulling his cock from her lips and lightly smacking her cheek with it. His voice thrust her back into reality though which wasn't any better. She knew she was wet thinking about his thick black cock and that she was going to enjoy being raped by her neighbor.

"I wonder what Kevin would think if he knew what you were up to while he's away?" Trey teased rubbing his saliva coated cock head against her clit. It was hard to ignore the jolt of excitement shooting up her spine when he rubbed against her. It was impossible to keep from moaning as when he pushed the tip of his cock into her. "Would he love you if he knew you were fucking his neighbor and some little boy?" He thrust more of himself into her.

It was hard to deside which was worse, his degrading words of the tingle they gave her. Tears were filling her eyes but they weren't nearly as intense as the feeling of him pushing his way into her. He had one hand on her shoulder pulling her back against him for each thrust. She refused to give him the satisfaction of moaning so she bit down on her lip. "Would it be ok that he married a dirty cheating whore?" She sobbed and bucked back against him.

"No." She whispered.

"What was that?" He asked gripping a handful of her hair.

"No." She hissed loud enough for him to hear. Another inch of black cock sank into her pussy forcing her to shudder.

"You're just a fucking whore ain't ya. Look at you enjoying this."

"I'm a whore." She replied pushing against him trying to get him entirely inside him. Trey's thick cock was everything she imagined it would be stretching her walls and rubbing against spots she didn't know she had. Each time he thrust she could hear her juices sloshing out of him. "I'm a whore." She whispered wiping the tears from her face and slamming back against him again before she came dousing his rod in her juices.

"You're my whore." Trey yanked his cock out of her pussy and twirled her around jerking his cock furiously just over her face. "If you don't do exactly what I say then everybody will know what a slut you are understand?"

"Yes." She sobbed. Trina could see his cock pulsing just a few inches from her face. The first blast slammed into her eye, the second over the bridge of her nose. He was aiming for her mouth but she'd kept it closed so instead he ended up glossing her lips.

"Good girl. Now I gotta bounce, don't want to interrupt you and your man." Trey wiped the tip of his cock clean on her forehead before pulling his pants up and walking out.

Trina remained on the floor for almost and hour crying and watching the door. She knew she had to take a shower before Jeremy got home, he'd hate her if he knew she was cheating on him. "What's going on here?" She was cheating on her husband, she was cheating on her lover and worst of all, she loved it. She couldn't wait for the Trey's next visit.

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