The Mark


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Jack had a mission tonight. It was the same mission that he had just about every Friday night when he came to the club. That mission was much more attainable than the goals most of the other men in the club had set for themselves.

Jack was going to get drunk. If he got lucky enough to actually meet a woman, then he not only could meet his own goal, but surpass it. It just made life that much more easier to handle that way.

He had just finished his third beer and had gained the attractive bartender's attention when a red headed woman squeezed in beside him and the woman that was in the other seat next to him. Jack glanced over in her direction and saw her eyes glance toward him before speaking to the bartender.

Jack had missed his opportunity to place his order as the woman walked away to make the red heads Screwdriver. When he decided to ask the red head if he could buy the drink for her, she had already turned sideways with her back to him. He could tell she was ignoring him and talking to the woman on the other barstool. He decided to just wait for the bartender to return and order his beer then.

"So, according to her, you're not with her," a screaming voice said from Jack's left. He looked into the red head's dark green eyes, and had trouble finding his own voice that she had initiated contact with him. "I'm hoping that you're not with the guy on the other side of you, too. If you are gay, I assure you, you can do better by looks than him."

Jack looked at the large over-weight man sitting on the other side of him and saw that the man had looked around him at the red head, knowing that he must have heard her yelling over the music. The scowl on his face gave Jack reason to turn back to her and lean over some so that she was blocked by his look.

"No, I'm not here with anyone," he said.

"You are now, handsome," said the red head, leaning in close and giving him a hard pressed kiss on his cheek. She leaned back and looked at the side of his face and smiled big at him. "There, now you're marked."

Jack reached up to rub his cheek when she caught his hand and held it with hers. She brought his open palm to her lips and kissed it, her tongue just barely touching his skin. When she pulled away from it, Jack saw her lipstick was shaped perfectly on his palm and knew that was the mark she meant that was on his cheek.

Still holding his hand and sure he had a good look at the make up on it, she pulled it around her waist and eased herself between his open legs. She slid it down the shiny blouse that she was wearing, Jack feeling the soft silk like feeling of it become the material of her leather skirt.

He found himself looking down at the open cleavage showing from the wide opening of her blouse when her other hand touched his chin and lifted his head back up to look at her face.

"My eyes are up here," she said. When he was staring into her eyes again she leaned closer so she could be heard over the loud base music playing in the background. "So, what should I call this new toy of mine?"

"Jack," he yelled.

"Shot or drink," came a voice from across the bar. Jack looked over at the bartender standing there, setting down the screwdriver the red head had ordered.

"I meant Bud, please," he yelled back at the bartender. The bartender reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle and popped the top off of it and set the beer on the bar.

"Twelve dollars," she called over the bar.

As Jack tried to pull his hand off the red head's back, she held it there and reached her free hand across the bar, handing over her credit card. "Run a tab on that for me and Bud here."

"My name's Jack," he yelled toward the red head. She looked at him with a confused look so he leaned in close to the side of her face so he could make himself heard over the music. When he was certain she would hear him, he yelled again his name again for her. He could smell her perfume and the scent of strawberries in her hair. The effect of being this close to her was very appealing toward his senses. So was her arm sliding up his arm, over his shoulder and putting her hand behind his head as her mouth brushed his earlobe.

"I'm Carol," she said into his ear, not yelling it since she was close enough to nibble his earlobe, as she had begun to do. ------------------

Jack woke up the next morning with pain racking his head, the sounds of the city sounding like they were trying to pound the railroad spikes deeper and deeper into his brain. He rolled out of his bed, trying to make his way quickly to the bathroom before he lost his fight to keep this morning's full bladder full until he reached the toilet.

He quickly sat on the toilet, deciding that being lazy right now would be a good thing, since standing caused his head to pound harder. As he sat there, staring at the blank wall in front of him, he wondered what had happened the night before. All he could remember at the moment was that he had gone to the bar to meet his weekly goal of getting drunk. From the feel of it, he had met that goal and surpassed it.

Finishing up, Jack stood and flushed the toilet. He reached the sink, started the water and was reaching for the soap when he saw his reflection. The bright red lipstick on his cheek brought back memories of Carol in his aching mind, along with other areas of his body that wanted to remember her as well.

Quickly washing his hands, Jack never let his eyes wander from his reflection and the lip print that stood out on his face. The more he looked at it, the more his head cleared and he remembered Carol's body pressing up against his at the bar. Drying his hands, he remembered that he and Carol had become very intimate in the bar, right there at the bar stool the whole time.

He remembered her hands constantly touching him, either rubbing up and down his arms, along his spread thighs that she was standing between, or through the hair on the back of his head they were kissing. Several times her hands had wandered higher on his legs and caressed his growing bulge, and she encouraged his hands to do some roaming on their own quite often, as well.

As Jack was eating his breakfast, he remembered he and Carol on the dance floor several times. Whether a fast or slow song, didn't matter, they were always pressed tight against each other, her hips grinding into his and vice versa. At times, when they returned to the bar and found just one stool open, he would give her the stool and stand between her open legs.

Thinking of the times she would pull him close for a hard passionate kiss and her legs locking around his thighs, Jack became even more aroused. After doing the dishes, he went back to his room and looked at the empty bed and felt a great wave of disappointment at the sight of it.

All that teasing, and not one bit of actual sex. After a long shower and taking care of the longing that he had been left with, Jack got dressed and went out for his Saturday grocery shopping trip.

As the day wore on, Jack was becoming more and more antsy and came up with a plan that he was going to implement. For a first, Jack was going to take his Friday goal and try to reach it on a Saturday night as well, instead of just spending the night at home watching movies like he used to do.

As soon as everything was put away, he laid out some clothes to wear to the bar again before heading to the bathroom to get cleaned up again. Looking into the mirror, he could swear that he still saw some of the lipstick on his cheek. Thinking that with some scrubbing instead of just a quick wash of his face like he did that morning, it would be gone, Jack decided against it.

He could still feel Carol's lips on his cheek where the barely noticeable stain remained. In hopes, he would see her again, and as much as he fought it, his hopes were growing more and more as he made his way to the club. Once inside, he took his place at the bar again, and looked over the room at all the people that were there.

Every red headed woman caught his eyes, but none of them were Carol. After about his fifth beer, Jack had stopped looking for Carol and began to drink water instead of beer. Figuring he had lost his chance to see Carol again, he decided he didn't want to get drunk after all.

About half way through his forth bottle of water, the buzzing of his cell phone grabbed his attention. Pulling it up, he saw the last thing he had thought to check. He had just received a text message from a new contact that he didn't remember putting into his phone.

"Look n da bac," said Carol's message. Quickly scanning the room, Jack saw the beautiful red hair of Carol sitting at a table, looking at him as she put her phone away. Jack smiled and left the bar, moving his way through the thick crowd.

When he reached her table, she stood up and gave him a warm hug before taking her seat again. Jack noticed that she was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a loose pull over t-shirt that was not tucked into her waist band. He could make out her smattering of freckles on her arms and how they just seemed to make her look more attractive in his eyes.

He pulled the chair from the opposite side of the tiny table and sat down close to Carol, thinking about the gentle hug she had given him. It was very different from the heavy petting they had shared the night before; but he chalked it up to her wanting to slow down. He decided to go with the flow as he looked at her, admiring the soft glow of the blue lights in this area of the club on her. She looked softer and more beautiful in this light than she had at the bar the night before.

"Why didn't you call me today?" she asked, not having to yell since the volume of the music wasn't so loud in this corner. She looked at him with a bit of sadness in her eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said, feeling bad for disappointing her. "I was so drunk last night I had forgotten that I had programmed your number into my phone."

She covered her mouth and her eyes lit up as she laughed behind her hand. Taking it away, she smiled at him and reached over to hold his hand that was resting on the table.

"I should have remembered," she said. "I had to program it into your phone for you since you were so drunk you couldn't do it. I hope you're not drinking so much tonight."

The touch of her hand on his sent shivers of longing through Jack, causing him to blush. Looking down, he didn't notice her eyes look over his face and come to rest on his cheek.

"I see you like being mine, though," she said, reaching up with her other hand to cup his chin and rub her thumb over his cheek where he still felt her lips pressed the night before.

Jack let her hand guide his face back up, his own hand reaching up to it and sliding it over to his lips. Kissing her palm, he let both their hands lower to the table where all four of their hands intermingled together.

"I do like being yours, Carol," he said, still looking into her eyes. "And I hope you can forgive me for not calling you today."

"Only if you don't mind if we get out of here and go some place a little less crowded and quiet."

Jack took her hands and stood up, guiding her to stand with him. "I have just the place," he told her. Leading her through the crowd, they made their way into the evening air and he flagged down a taxi for them to share. As he climbed in after her, she quickly let him know what she was not going to allow.

"Where to?" asked the driver.

"Just as long as it's not your place, I'll be happy," she told him, leaning over and kissing his cheek where he knew the lipstick was still at.

"To the park, please," he told the driver, holding her hand in his and looked over at Carol once again. "I can handle not taking you to my home, just as long as I get to know you better."

She returned his look, and he could tell that she agreed with his choice. As the two climbed out of the taxi, Jack paid the man and turned to Carol as the taxi drove away. Holding out his hand for hers, she slipped her arm around his instead and leaned in close to him. They walked arm in arm, close to each other for nearly an hour, and Jack talked the whole time about his life to her. When he noticed his throat was a little sore from talking so much and he stopped walking and looked at Carol.

"I'm sorry," he said, moving to stand in front of her. "I haven't given you a single moment to talk this whole time."

Carol stepped close to him and slid her hands up his chest and around his neck. Pulling him close she tenderly kissed his lips, letting their lips linger together for a moment before letting it become something more.

"It's okay, Jack," she said, leaning her head against him, her arms moving around his waist to hug and hold him. "I've enjoyed listening to you talk about yourself tonight."

He slid his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, once again enjoying the smell of the strawberry scent of her shampoo mixed with the sweet scent of her perfume. Standing there for sometime, Jack felt happy and wanted to know more about her. Carol was the first to loosen her grip and start to pull away from the embrace. When she did, she looked up at Jack with a bit of a sad look on her face.

"I should be getting home," she told him. "I have plenty to do tomorrow and work will keep me busy this week. Will you call me sometime and let me know when we can meet again?"

As he listened, Jack felt her sadness at their separating, but knew it would do no good to press the matter at the moment. He nodded and pulled out his phone.

"I'll call Wednesday and we can make plans for next Friday night," he said.

"Tell you what," she said, a strange smile crossing her features. "Next Friday, let's have simple dinner and a good horror movie."

"I'd like that," he said.

Both of them walked back to the road, as Jack called for a taxi to come pick them up. When the climbed in, Jack gave his address and had the taxi drop him off first. Upon reaching his destination, he began to reach for his wallet to pay when Carol stopped him.

"I'll cover the fare, this time. Just be ready for next weekend, since I now know where you live, I'll be picking you up at 7 o'clock, okay?"

"It's a deal," he said and leaned into her, kissing her lips tenderly. He felt just a touch of her tongue as it caressed his lips before she pulled away again.

"Good night," she breathed out, letting Jack know that she wanted more too, but just not ready to go that far yet.

"Night," he told her and climbed out, feeling another case of unfulfilled desire racing its course through him again.


Jack came home from work late Friday and only had 30 minutes to get ready for Carol's arrival. He was just beginning to tie on his shoes while his hair dripped from the rushed shower as he heard the knocking on his door. Running to the door, he peeked through the small hole and saw a dark green eyeball staring back at him.

"You have the most beautiful brown eyes, Jack," Carol's voice said from the other side of the door. He smiled as he undid the lock and opened it wide to see the beauty queen standing there in all her splendor.

Unlike the last time he saw her, but more like the first time they met, Carol was wearing a very form fitting pull over t-shirt, showing off her ample sized breast. Jack quickly noticed how well her chest stuck out in the shirt, and that, if his eyes were seeing correctly, she was definitely not wearing a bra and it was either cold or she was aroused.

"Up here, Jack," she said, causing Jack to look her in the eyes again. He felt a blush cross his face at being caught once again for looking elsewhere.

"Sorry," he mumbled, looking to the side.

"Don't be," she said, her voice sounding sensual and breathy. "I like you looking at me instead of others; and I enjoy making you blush. You look good in red." He caught the feel of her hand on his head, pulling him toward her. Before he could turn to kiss the lips she was surely presenting to him, he felt them press to his cheek. "There. Now you're mine again."

"Gladly," Jack said, turning his head to look at Carol and kissing her full of passionate on the lips. Their tongues tried to tie each other in knots for a long time before Jack pulled away, trying to pull Carol all the way into his home.

"Oh no, hot stuff," she said breathlessly, pulling him toward the outside. "We have a date tonight. I expect burgers, fries and a good fright tonight."

Jack broke loose from Carol's grip and reached over to the coffee table, picking up his pocket stuffings. Sliding his wallet into his back pocket he closed the door. While sliding his cash into his front pocket, he locked the door. Turning around, he saw Carol was already headed down toward a waiting taxi. He walked slowly, enjoying the view of her ass sway and her very strong looking legs sticking out of the mini-skirt she was wearing this night.

When he reached the taxi, he was thinking about the sight he thought he saw as she had climbed into the back seat. He climbed in beside her as she told the driver to take them to the mall. Jack's look must have been one of confusion when she looked at him.

"I told you, I want burgers, fries and a fright tonight. You can get me the first two in the food court and the third can be found at the theater in the mall."

"Good point," he told her, sliding his arms around her shoulder to pull her close to him. Her hand reached over to his lap and gave his groin a squeeze before sliding back down his thigh to his knee.

"Not yet, but I think I can fix that later," she whispered to him.

Jack had a strange feeling about how forward Carol was acting considering the late night walk in the park the week before; but he was to caught up in his desire for her and the feel of her body so close to his to care at the moment. Holding her tight and feeling her fingers caress his leg the whole ride, he felt himself growing with desire.

When they arrived at the mall, Jack readjusted himself while reaching into his pocket for money to pay the driver. Carol had opened her door and was sliding out of the back seat and Jack followed, just so he could get a better look at her legs and maybe see if he was right about the sight he thought he saw earlier. Unluckily, his angle was not right to make sure.

Making their way through the mall, Jack and Carol kept very close to one another, arms around each others waist. He was polite and kept his hand on her opposite hip, but he enjoyed the feel of her hand inside his back pocket, occasionally giving his cheek a squeeze that sent shivers of desire around to his front. After eating a quick burger and fries at the food court, they headed over to the theatre and found their movie didn't start for at least another forty minutes.

Jack bought the tickets and turned to Carol and saw her looking around. Her head stopped swiveling, her hair coming to hang to just her mid back in soft waves and Jack reached up and stroked his fingers through it while he looked to see where she was looking at.

The large sign over the store wasn't really necessary for Jack to feel his lust rise to a higher level. The tight black corsets with long red stockings held up by stretchy garters and feather boas wrapped around the mannequin's on display just screamed Frederick's Of Hollywood. Carol looked over her shoulder, biting her lip in a teasing manner before snatching Jack's hand and pulling him behind her toward the store.

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