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The Market


I had never been so embarrassed in my life! I don't know what I was thinking; I only remember that I had been preoccupied with something I had seen on the afternoon soap opera just before I went to the market. (In truth, I think I was already horny.)

I only had a couple of items in my basket when I got to the produce section. I picked up a cucumber and it felt just like a big cock in my hand. The power of my imagination was so great that I could feel the wetness begin between my legs. In my daydream state, my hand absently mindedly wandered down and began to rub my pussy through my shorts.

I was a million miles away, lost in my reverie when I heard a nervous giggle and awoke from my fantasy to find myself about to put the cucumber in my mouth as if I was going to give it a blow job. A few feet away stood a young stock boy, not much more than 18 years old, staring at me, awe struck. His mouth was open and he had his hand on a bulge in the crotch of his grocer's apron.

There was no one else around so, on a lark and with my eyes on him, I put the cuke in my mouth just like it was a big dick. I slid it in and out a few tines, still fingering my pussy through my shorts. His eyes were huge and when I thrust my pelvis toward him with a sharp jerk, it was too much for the young boy. He let out a wail and broke and ran for the swinging doors that divide the produce area from the stock room. I wondered if he had cum in his pants.

There was nobody around that I could see so I put the cuke in my basket (for later use) and had a good laugh. I shopped for a while before I found myself in the check out line, being attended to by a teenaged girl cashier and two young bag boys. They were all eyeing me, giggling nervously and whispering to each other. I wondered how much of my 'exhibition' had been spread among the young men and women in the store.

Suddenly, there appeared a handsome man that I guessed to be a little older than me, perhaps in his late thirties, early forties, and wearing a name badge that identified him as "Greg," the store manager. He shooed the two boys away and told them he would take care of bagging my groceries.

He was expertly packing my few groceries when he said, with a smile in his voice, "I saw what you did to my stock boy. I don't think he will ever be the same."

I was embarrassed again. "What do you mean?"

"I couldn't help but see you on the security camera from my office." He made sure the cashier wasn't listening when he whispered, "I think he is out back, abusing himself."

Despite my embarrassment, I was interested. I know my face was red, but I whispered back, "That's something I would like to see."

"Do you mean that?"

I knew I was getting myself in deeper but I said, "Sure."

"Come on up to my office, we have security cameras covering every inch of the store property except for the rest rooms. Maybe we can find him." To the cashier he said, "Hold these packages behind the front desk, we will be back in a few minutes."

She took charge of the bags of groceries and I followed Greg up the stairs going to his small and completely deserted office. On the way, I said, "I see from the name tag that you are Greg, well, I am Jo."

His office was the standard for small businesses, two desks a couple of filing cabinets, the usual phones, a typewriter and such. On one side of the office there was a door marked 'RESTROOM' and a vinyl covered loveseat. The only unusual thing was another door in the far wall marked 'SECURITY.' He unlocked that door and we went into a small room that was devoid of furniture except for what looked, in the subdued lighting, to be a computer keyboard on a little table and one chair. The outstanding feature was one wall completely covered with video monitors.

"From here I can see almost every corner of the store," he boasted. "Lets see if we can find young Tim." He sat at the keyboard and began manipulating controls. In just a moment he brought one of the cameras to bear on the young man I had seen in the produce section. Surprisingly, he was not alone. They were in a dark, back corner of the stock room. He was standing behind a girl that was bent over a small pallet with a few boxes piled on it. Her skirt was thrown over her back and, although he still had his trousers on, her ass was bare and it was obvious he was fucking her, doggie style. Although there was no sound, my mind could imagine him grunting as he drove his hard cock into her snatch, time after time.

I know my own pussy was responding and I was just about to touch it when Greg brought me out of my trance by saying, "That's Tim and Alice, our store whore. She lets all the young guys fuck her for $10-$15 a throw. On payday some of the guys owe her more than their check. I think that's Tim's second time today. She should pay us to work here."

I was standing behind him where he was seated at the console. I was mesmerized by the action on the screen. As we watched, another young man came into view. He unzipped his pants, took his already hard dick out and began to masturbate. Again my hand went down to the crotch of my shorts and I was horrified to find it was damp, perhaps enough to be noticeable.

"I guess I had better go and break that up or the whole store will be in there fucking Alice." He rose, pushed by me and went out the door. In the meantime, Tim must have shot his wad into Alice and had backed up, his wilted dick still hanging out of his pants. Alice hadn't moved and the new young man had taken Tim's place fucking her.

I watched, hypnotized, until I saw the look of alarm on their faces and both young men scrambled out of the picture. Alice stood up, brushed her skirt down into place, looked at the door and smiled as Greg walked in. Again, without sound you could only guess at what they were saying. Then it dawned on me, Greg knew I was watching and was arranging this for my benefit.

Alice walked over to him, knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. Carefully, she took out his semi-hard penis and, looking up into his eyes, took it in her mouth. Now, my hand was inside my shorts, my fingers caressing the lips of my wet snatch. Alice sucked and I rubbed. I rubbed and Alice sucked. Greg was getting into it too. He had ahold of her hair and was sliding her head back and forth on his cock. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I caught a glimpse of young Tim, the stock boy. He was peeking over some boxes, watching Greg and Alice. He had his cock out and was stroking away. God, to have hormones like that!

I could tell that Greg had done his deed because he was standing still, holding Alice's head so tight into his groin that her nose was hidden in his pubic hair. Slowly he disengaged himself from her, his long tool, slimy with the mixture of his cum and her saliva, hanging limp out of his pants. Way off in the corner, I saw a long gush of white cum spew out of Tim's cock. Three times in one day! I couldn't help but be envious.

I became aware that both Greg and Alice had disappeared out of camera range and assumed that he was on his way back to his office. I went into the outer office just in time to see the door open. Imagine my surprise when Alice walked in, followed by Greg.

"Jo, this is Alice, my assistant. She is also secretary, clerk and general girl Friday. She does whatever needs to be done. You girls get aquatinted, I have to get back downstairs. I'll be back in a little while."

He quickly stepped out of the room leaving me facing Alice, blushing. Actually she seamed pleasant enough, a little older than she had looked on the TV screen, perhaps my age, 30 or so.

She smiled, stuck out her hand, and said, "Hi, glad to meet you. You were in the security room weren't you? I wondered who he was showing off for. I hoped it wasn't that stuffed shirt, Mr. Fulmer, our district manager. I don't like him, his dick tastes like urine and he always wants to fuck me in the ass."

I couldn't answer. I had never encountered anyone that talked about sex like this to a stranger.

"Did it turn you on to see the boys fucking me and to see me giving Greg head?"

Either I nodded or she just knew it did because she walked over to me and put her hand on my crotch. "Oh, I can feel that it did, you are wet!" I offered no resistance when she slipped her hand down inside the front of my shorts and her fingers found my pussy.

The sharp intake of breath on my part must have been all she needed because she said, "MMM, I think you need someone to take care of you."

Without another word, she backed me against a desk, shoved some papers aside to make room and pushed me backwards on the flat surface. I completely surrendered to her and even helped when she pulled my shorts and wet panties down and off. Her breath was warm against my stomach for the moment or so before she buried her face in my pussy. From the moment her tongue touched me I was on the verge of orgasm and she held me there, lick after lick, as she plunged it in and out of me like a small, very talented, cock.

I was so lost in the feeling of her tongue fucking me that I didn't know Greg had come back into the room until I herd her grunt and felt a difference in the rhythm of the licks against my pussy. Only then did I realized that Greg was standing behind her, his cock deep in her cunt, pumping away. I think my climax started in my mind with the picture of the three of us, Greg fucking Alice, Alice being fucked from behind and eating me at the same time and finally, me getting some of the best sex I think I had ever experienced. I am sure that Greg and I both climaxed at almost the same time. I don't know about Alice but when Greg pulled out of her, she continued to lick me and I continued to have orgasms, one after another until I was so sensitive I couldn't stand it.

Finally, she moved away from me and sat down on the leatherette couch and opened her legs wide. Greg obediently crawled over to her and dove into her pussy, face first.

On wobbly legs I made my way to the toilet to clean up. While I was in there I heard a loud, shrill moan from Alice and opened the door just in time to see her push herself against Greg in a wild orgasmic climax. She was holding his head so hard against her snatch I wondered how he could breathe.

I assumed she finished because she slowly got up and made for the bathroom door, her legs, like mine, a little rubbery. Greg rolled off to one side and ended up sitting on the floor with his back against the couch. His legs were spread, bent at the knees and his flaccid cock was still hangimg out of his pants. His face was shiny with Alice's juice when grinned and said, "I hope you shop here often and I do trust you will come again."

I did cum there quite a few times after that.

- 30 -

Copyright © 09-07-2002 by Dinghy5(Jo). All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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