tagBDSMThe Marquesan Head Huntresses

The Marquesan Head Huntresses


The soft breeze ruffled his hair as he padded barefoot on the wooden deck. His feet now accustomed to the heat generated by the radiant sun in the tropical climate he found himself in. The small schooner dipped at anchor in the blue waters as he awaited the return of Bartlett, Johnson and the hand who had gone ashore in the skiff to trade goods with the natives in exchange for copra.

"Hope them's back soon; don't like a look o' that shite yonder." Said Bundy the first mate, pointing to a dark and menacing sky in the distance which was fast encroaching upon the bright blue within the sunlight above. The captain, Nathanial Gray, who made up the total six man crew, toked on his pipe as he too eyed the approaching storm from the binnacle he sat on.

"Yes, we'd best be away from this reef when that blows in; I baint in any mind to spend the next six month or so on that flea bitten island." The two older men made him shiver a little with their talk, despite the tropical heat and the increasing humidity that the fast approaching squall was creating. He was eased somewhat as he saw the white bow-wave in the distance as the skiff was hastily rowed back, aided by its small sail which was catching the breeze.

Bartlett, Johnson and the Hand, Jonah Travis, hurriedly thrust the sacks of copra from the skiff as they eyed the blackening sky about them. They clambered aboard and the sails of 'Carolina May' were unfurled as Travis walked the skiff round to the stern and made her fast. The brown and white sails billowed and went taught as the increasing breeze was captured by them making the wooden vessel creak as it lurched into almost instantaneous motion. The once calm sea was becoming increasingly choppy as the small schooner picked up a pace and moved further away from the reef to the comparative safety of the open ocean. Frigate birds wheeled eerily above them in front of the storm like huge black bats.

For an hour or so the schooner made good progress, keeping just ahead of the storm which seemed to hold back and be content to blow them in a southerly direction, the twin masts almost bending with the constant wind which inflated the sails; the bow of the graceful boat buffeting through the growing swell. The men slid about in the spray as the sky above them darkened, and the wind and waves grew stronger. To add to their misery, the heavens opened, and thunder and lightning deafened and blinded them as they fought with the rigging and steering.

It was about two hours from the time when they had left the atoll when it happened; there was a huge crack and the schooner suddenly slewed sideways; the steering had gone! Bundy was thrown over the side and disappeared into the maelstrom; the ship went broadside against the waves. The others froze as a mountainous wall of water loomed over them. The next thing he knew he was twisting and turning like a rag doll underwater; objects hit his arms, legs and head as he swirled in the salty turbulence, something rammed his chest and he grabbed it instinctively. His heart was fit to burst as he broke the surface once more and spewed the water from his throat and lungs. There was nothing but ocean. The only thing from the 'Carolina May' that remained was the split section of bowsprit boom which was keeping him afloat and a thousand heads of copra bobbing like apples in a barrel.

He clung to the wooden remnant for dear life, as he rose and fell in the enormous troughs.

He fought to stay conscious for the next hour or so, and as he rose high on one wave, a flash of lightning illuminated an island not far off. If only he could make it there.

It must have been another two hours before the storm passed, and he was drifting in and out of consciousness under the returning hot sun when the sound of breakers crashing alerted his numbed senses. He strained to lift his head as far above the still turbulent sea as he could and saw the white foam about three hundred yards off, and beyond that a small island with tall rocky outcrops, the shoreline festooned with palms, about another five hundred yards beyond the foam. If he could traverse the reef safely he would reach the island; an island he would have viewed with some hostility and trepidation just the day before, but one which looked very inviting to him now.

He hauled his entire body up upon the length of wood which had been his saviour. Some rigging, a portion of sail and attached wooden debris, did just enough to act as an impromptu outrigger; stopping the main body which supported him from rolling. He braced himself as the crashing grew louder; each surge of the tide rushed him ever closer to the possibility of being shredded on the sharp coral reef, or the luxury of the soft beach which lay somewhere beyond it.

The initial wave carrying him to his uncertain destiny dropped his makeshift vessel short and he was thrust forward agonisingly as the mast end shunted the wall of coral. He gripped the wood as best he could, avoiding the temptation to wrap his arms underneath it. Thankfully, the next swell consisted of a much larger volume of water, and he was that much closer; it picked him up and he surged through the crashing foam and spray. As the wave flattened out in its dispersal he felt the vibration as the mast bottomed out occasionally on spikes of coral; then the next wave overtook him and upended him – he was flung forward headlong and curled himself into a ball awaiting the impact against the sharp and menacing reef. He hung suspended in the water and slowly opened his eyes; the foam swirled above him and the crashing rang in his ears, but he just lolled back and forth in near still water – he had cleared the reef.

He surfaced in the swirling foam and spied the mast close by. He swam to it and wrapped his arms gratefully about it and caught his breath. He was close to exhaustion. He seemed to float in circles within the lagoon; the beach was within his grasp now, but frustratingly far off given his present feeble condition; he could not risk abandoning his flotation aid, so he paddled slowly toward his goal. It was another good twenty minutes before he could drop through the water and bounce his feet on the sandy bottom; a feeling which he appreciated immensely – he had not drowned.

As he grew closer to the white sandy beach, shoulder deep in the water, he was gripped by another fear. He was well aware of the numerous tribes that frequented these islands; some of whom practised cannibalism. Even those considered 'friendly' had some strange ways, and it was not known if their humility would prevail when encountering a European in a situation such as he now found himself in. He looked about from where he was, up and down the beach for signs of life before wading ashore with the life-saving debris in tow; he would hide the flotsam in the undergrowth to ensure his arrival was not announced to all and sundry.

Despite his fear, he could not help but smile with relief as his feet ploughed through the hot white sand. He quickly hid himself amongst the palms and marvelled at the imposing peaks which frequented the landscape. The circumstances of his good fortune suddenly dawned upon him and he thought of the recent acquaintances he had enjoyed upon the 'Carolina May'; any sense of euphoria quickly drained from him. He had a solemn moment and remembered those whom he surmised had not been so fortunate. The moment was short lived however; he had survived and he would carry the spirit of his lost associates with him as he strived to reach civilisation, as he knew it, to tell their story. He took a last longing look at the blue sea which now looked so inviting and stepped toward the interior.

His bare feet found it hard going in places as he slipped on exposed tree roots and even the dried vegetation, which was abundant, tortured him. Even so, he ventured on and after several hours he found himself half-way up one of those peaks and this vantage point allowed him a view to the other side of this fertile island. He could see that that the beach on the other side was grey and volcanic; the waves swept onto the blackish sands unhindered, there was no reef apparent there. Having got to this position he wondered why he had gone to the trouble; he felt lost and doomed to eventual starvation. He was sure there were no inhabitants of this island, as appealingly fertile as it seemed.

He started back on the track he thought he had previously traversed; after a while he became disorientated – he did not recognise where he was though it was evident that where he trod others had been before. He was quickly descending into a state of mild delirium as he padded down a trail which he was patently sure his feet had not witnessed before. He suddenly viewed an idyllic vision; he espied a succulent waterfall descending gracefully into a huge rocky pool. Within it frolicked several naked females, each one lithe and graceful and with a soft olive complexion. He staggered forward in a state of exhaustion, he had lost all command of sensibility and was drawn toward the vision before him; he tripped and the last thing he remembered was the sight of the pool of water rushing toward him as he fell headlong toward it.

He awoke to find himself suspended and trussed beneath a pole, carried by four of the females he had witnessed in what he had believed to have been a dream brought on by exhaustion. The bindings were real enough; he could not move, though the sweet legs and buttocks he viewed might well be the figment of his imagination; they were delectable. He was lain down on occasion as the women rested their arms and legs; though very athletic in appearance they were very feminine indeed; not like the fat and flabby whores he had paid money to on returning to Portsmouth and London.

Though bound and a little terrified of what their menfolk would have in store for him he could not control the blood pressure to his nether regions as they squatted next to him, their pretty faces with deep brown eyes smiling at him whilst displaying beautifully proportioned glossy tender thighs and pert breasts; nipples erect with excitement. He struggled in vain against the bindings as one of them undid his breeches and played with his manhood making him hopelessly erect. The women giggled then the four picked him up again, leaving his cock dangling on display as they took him on to his uncertain fate.

They travelled through many lush groves until they arrived at a clearing in one of the many valleys. There were several palm-roofed huts next to the wall of one of the volcanic peaks down which a small cataract fell, providing fresh water. He would have placed himself under that fall and drunk till fit to burst if he were not bound. He was taken to a central point ant the pole was placed on a stand, leaving him hanging there. He had a good view from where he was of an animal's carcass gently roasting over a fire; it was suspended from a remarkably similar arrangement to that he found himself confined to.

A great sense of fear crept over him. The women rubbed his cheeks and felt the hairiness of his chest. More women appeared, laughing and giggling; they squeezed his balls making him squirm in the bindings. His throat was as dry as a bone and he almost wished that a warrior would arrive and despatch him cleanly.

He got used to the teasing women and just waited patiently for the end, however that may be. Then he noticed a particularly beautiful woman of about thirty; she was an absolute picture. She smiled wickedly at him; her pretty face with sharp features, hair tied back which reached her waist. She was splendidly formed and tall; about 5'9". She had a firm and seductively rounded bottom which displayed a delicate tattoo which followed the superb curves of her cheeks. Her firm and large breasts glistened in the sunlight. She carried a small curved club and her waist-band carried a whip-like implement and a wooden dagger-like weapon edged with vicious looking sharks teeth. She squeezed and toyed with the club as she looked at him. He coughed and glanced toward the cataract and she put her hand forward and softly touched his lips. He watched her delicate bottom and legs skip over to the waterfall and return with a gourd full of water.

The other women were still prodding him and her complexion changed; she raised her club and the women shrank back; some cowering on their knees with their heads to the ground. She put the club in her waist-band, eased his head to one side and poured the sweet fresh water into his mouth; he spluttered and coughed as he gulped down the water which also bathed his face. She then wiped his lips with her delicate fingers then touched his nose with hers. This act made the other women chatter amongst themselves, but they fell into silence, and uniformly knelt when she turned her head toward them.

She smiled at him then gently grabbed his manhood; he looked at the sharks tooth dagger and feared the worst, but she just smiled sweetly at him and lifted her head back in a dominant pose and caressed his member up and down. His cock was rock hard as he looked at the superb female as she worked him expertly and relentlessly to the inevitable.

He was surrounded by a feast of delectable women; each of whom he would have welcomed to his bed; they were all smiling at him awaiting his display. The beauty increased her pace and started to make a sweet humming noise; the women joined in with the ritual. This strangely erotic situation was too much to bear for any length of time; she knew this and opened her mouth in a broad smile of expectation as he felt a strange enjoyment at being bound and controlled by a woman for the first time. He convulsed in the now luxury of the bindings and moaned in ecstasy as the dusky beauty started to make him spend.

Some of the kneeling women put their hands forward to catch his warm seed as she made him deliver spurt after spurt whilst she watched the pleasure in his face. The strange humming of the women rose to a cacophony as he writhed in his heavenly bondage and gave his all in their honour. His orgasm seemed to last forever as her hand would allow him no short measures.

The women tasted his cream as he hung there, used by them. He now almost wished the beauty would take his life as well. Instead he felt the pole being lifted then he was placed on the ground his hands were bound behind his back and a collar and leash fashioned from leather were fitted to him his clothes were torn from him before he was released from the pole. The beautiful olive skinned amazon had him kneel naked before her.

She pulled his face into her crotch and the women warbled out a strange cry in unison. He took in her sweet scent for the first time, and his spent member was already beginning to inflate in the hope of an encore. She pulled him up by the leash and led him to one of the huts. It seemed she was to be his mistress.

The four younger girls who had brought him to her were also invited in. The other women stared jealously at them as he was led by his leash to the hut; the women stroked his balls as he went by, as though this would bring them good fortune or something. He could not understand it; all of these women, young and old were so sensual and physically attractive – where were the males? He'd thought they'd be hanging around like wasps around a jam pot. The thought soon left him as he entered the hut and was made to kneel before her once more.

The four younger women who were all around 18 to 20 all knelt in close proximity. Being bound and collared whilst in the company of women who would have just what they wanted, was a new experience for him and one which he was beginning to enjoy immensely. This feeling was accentuated greatly when they cupped his balls and stroked his cock which remained at their complete mercy. The young girls toyed with themselves also; the delicate scent of their arousal rendered his cock as stiff as it had been when he had been pleasured.

The sensuous and dominant amazon brought platters of fresh exotic fruits to the fore, and the girls giggled as they fed him with the various delicacies; the juice from them ran down his chin and dripped on his erect member. One of the girls bowed to the Mistress and was given a nod. She then bowed down in front of him her knees tucked under her, allowing him a view down her silky olive back to a perfectly heart shaped bottom which she poked provocatively skyward she looked up at him smiling sweetly, her nose just before his engorged and juice covered member. Still looking up at him, she moved gently forward licked her luscious lips and slowly and methodically took his bulging cock into the soft wet warmth of her mouth. As she sucked the juices from his cock the other girls stroked his hair and his cheeks as the delightful sensation made his body spasm.

She teased her lips and tongue back and forth, looking up at him, opening and closing her eyes as she thoroughly enjoyed teasing his cock to the limit. When he started to pulse she slid back sweetly, denying him the orgasm he yearned for. She licked the very end of his cock as she withdrew, enjoying the taste of his pre-ejaculatory lubricant. The girls giggled softly at his denial. They knew they would all have their pleasure of him before they left the hut.

Two of the girls pushed him down as the tormentor of his cock lay back with her head in the lap of the amazon. She splayed her legs and the two girls pushed his head down to her sex whilst the third simply watched. He bent down and his cock bounced of the soft green bedding as he tasted a Polynesian woman for the first time. She pulled his head into her, so eager was she to have her pleasure. Her juices flowed as hi stroked and caressed the length of her womanhood, up to her little clitoris. Within no time at all she moaned and tensed her lithe legs as his tongue brought her home. The three others followed in succession and he was glad he did not know their language as his tongue would not be much use for speaking with by the time the amazon, who waited patiently, had had her fill.

His tattooed Mistress pushed him to his back, as the others watched. He was a little uncomfortable with his hands behind his back, but this was soon forgotten as that delectable arse descended on his face. The younger girls had smelled sweetly but her scent was intoxicating; he wanted to breathe in nothing else after sampling her feminine aromas. She rocked on his face and slid to her pleasure on his mouth and chin; his nose was treated to the soft tang of her rear as it popped back and forth into the soft dimple of her anus. She was ensuring he knew the full range of scents of his new Mistress. She teased his cock as she splayed and moaned with pleasure; he licked and lapped as best he could as she tensed and nearly suffocated him with her juicy sex. She had enjoyed him very much.

She giggled and squatted with his nose in her rear; he struggled a little to gain his breath as once again her soft sweet hand stroked his raging cock to oblivion. He bucked and spurted and the girls giggled with appreciation as he made his little fountain for them. He gasped with pleasure and exhaustion. The beauty alighted from her steed and pulled his leash over to a soft pile of woven leaves and she tied his leash to one of the many poles by the wall of the hut. She rubbed his face with hers and he instinctively kissed her. She looked at him wide eyed and returned the favour, the way a three year old kisses a toy. They smiled at each other, she wrapped her legs about him and he fell into a deep and welcoming sleep.

To be continued

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