tagBDSMThe Marquesan Head Huntresses Ch. 02

The Marquesan Head Huntresses Ch. 02


He awoke with a start in the dim light of dawn; the women still slept, their rhythmic breathing betraying the depth of their slumber. He cautiously squeezed his bound wrists under his backside; it was tight, but there was enough give to allow him to get his hands behind his thighs. Despite an unfortunate attack of cramp, he managed to work his feet through and now had his hands to the front. He released the tether from his neck. One of the woman let out a large sigh, unnerving him somewhat; he stood statuesque for a moment as the woman rolled to her side and continued to dream.

He carefully picked his way to the entrance and peeped outside. Mist swirled through shafts of brilliant sunshine as the dew dripped from the edge of the hut and the green abundant foliage. There was no-one in sight so he padded carefully to the waterfall and plunged his head into the flow. The coldness of the water came as a shock to him; he shook the droplets from his hair and realised he must make a decision and fast. Where was he to go?

He took a path which went further up the valley and followed this on a mild ascent for half a mile or so. He then detoured from the path on finding a rocky plateau. Here he paused for a while to work his bindings against a ridge of exposed rock. After much work and the loss of some skin, he managed to free himself and sat on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley. He was free for the moment, but what was to become of him?

He skirted the outcrop and found fruit he'd recognised from the day before, hanging plentifully from within the lush vegetation. Though still very early in the morning, the sweat began to drip from his body. He found a convenient pathway up the rocks, like a stone stairway; beyond this a small fall dropped into a pool worn into the rock. He climbed past the fall and found he could see down to the habitation he had escaped from at this point, he could also see the ocean on both sides at this narrow point. His eyes scanned the horizons, looking for sails or smoke; nothing but blue ocean registered. He also noted that the rock face behind him was adorned with carvings, which judging by the lichens and moss that decorated them, had been there some considerable time.

He gorged on the fruit till his appetite was sated then rested as the temperature and humidity increased. He looked down to the habitation and awaited the inevitable hubbub which would occur when his loss was discovered.

The early mist evaporated rapidly, and he was almost asleep once more when he heard the shrill calls of the women. He looked down and could just make out the brown figures darting between the huts and the gaps in the vegetation. Then several of them started to climb the ascending path. He thought about leaving his position and venturing further into the interior, but considered this too risky; just what or who lurked within the island might bring death or injury. Though the women had trussed him up, they had not harmed him –yet. This resolved the dilemma for him, though it left him uneasy; where were the males? They may not be so accommodating.

He stepped down from his perch and went around to a spot where he could see the pathway from whence he had detoured.

It was not long before the lithe and athletic females appeared and passed the spot where he had found refuge; he was almost disappointed with their not realising the mistake. They were soon back though. The superb woman who was dominant over the others was the first to creep through to the outcrop she carried a lengthy spear which she beckoned to the others with. He could not help but be aroused by her beauty and the memory of his previous encounter with her. He almost wanted to be captured.

What he could not understand was her look of trepidation as she ventured across the plateau; the women knew he was unarmed and was certainly no dangerous animal, yet they looked really fearful. He peeped round from his vantage point, smiled at the gorgeous huntress, and then retreated back up the stone steps. He stood awaiting their approach near the pool. The women, three of them, turned the corner and dropped their weapons. Only his beautiful tattooed mistress ventured any closer and she fell to her knees with a look of abject horror in her eyes. The two other women cowered together behind her and would not even look in his direction.

He sat on the rocks in wonderment. It was as though some invisible force would not allow his beautiful tormentors to come any closer. The delectable female wrung her hands and looked at him with tears running down her face; she was petrified. This hurt him more than anything else he had sustained since being cast into the ocean. He was compelled to come to her and offer her comfort; as he stood he turned in gaining his footing. The sun was now beaming down on the rocks behind him, and he realised the carvings were everywhere around the pool.

It dawned on him that this must be a sacred place. He walked over to her, pulled her up and walked her back round the corner with her friends; she clung to him like a small terrified child and sobbed. The other women huddled around and held them both. He could not help but enjoy the warmth of their soft bodies, and he kissed the tears from her cheeks. She looked at him and smiled, rubbed his nose with hers and then he kissed her on the lips once more. She pulled herself close to him and he found he had an erection yet again. She wiggled her belly against it and nibbled his ears. The other women had now regained their senses and giggled at his obvious arousal as the two broke and she squeezed his manhood as they parted. He held her hand as the women retrieved their weapons, and looked back over her shoulder.

"Tabu." She said softly as she squeezed his hand tightly. They walked to the clearing and were about to descend the path when the leading girl turned and shouted in her direction.

"Tehuni!" She let go of his hand and ran to the path. The girl pointed downwards toward the ocean. There in the lagoon were several outriggers. She turned to him and pushed him back. It was evident she did not want whoever was in the outriggers to see him. He kissed her and looked her in the eye.

"Tehuni?" She smiled and squeezed him.

"Tehuni." She said and nodded. Then she was away down the path with the other two.

He returned to the 'tabu' place which held no fear for him of course, but now offered a great sense of security. He trusted that the custom was universal amongst the population and this offered him peace of mind. He resolved to make some sort of makeshift camp at the spot; he could visit to the habitation at will, knowing he had a place to return to where he would be left alone. He found a suitable overhang by the pool and fashioned a lean-to of tree limbs and vegetation which he used for roofing. He found there were several pools in the nooks around the outcrop. One was thick with a pure white mineral which stuck to his hands and feet like a thick emulsion. He daubed this on the darker foliage of his rudimentary roof to reflect the hot sunshine. After several hours he decided he would venture down closer to the huts to see what was happening. He would be careful not to let anyone see him.

He descended by the path until he was about halfway there, then he dodged into the trees and followed the route under cover. He could see lots of voluptuous women with their arms painted with red markings; these must have been the visitors. Again there were no menfolk in evidence. He could see whom he assumed was the leader of the women talking to Tehuni; the women seemed very distressed. They were agitated and regularly pointed in a direction up the coast. Then as quickly as they had arrived, the women took the path to the shore, somewhat hastily, waving their goodbyes as they went.

He watched Tehuni as she spoke with her colleagues and then she made for the ascending path once more. He stepped out to greet her and she rushed to meet him. She looked at him warmly and took his hand, leading him back to her hut.

She pulled him to the bedding area and had him kneel as she caressed him, and rubbed her body up against his. She pushed him back and made sure his member was good and ready, by working him back and forth. She leaned over him and he licked her pert nipples as she positioned herself. She giggled and straddled him, then eased herself onto his willing cock. He gasped with pleasure as he slipped into her tight, moist, wetness. She moaned as she rocked back and forth, riding herself to ecstasy on his rigid cock. She started to whimper and he could hold back no longer; he looked up at the beautiful brown woman as she closed her eyes, and he bucked and grunted as he ejaculated. She moaned with pleasure and ground back down on him, achieving maximum stimulation as the pleasure of a satisfying orgasm washed over her. She collapsed on him and they cuddled for about 15 minutes before she led him out of the hut to the waterfall.

Other women outside smiled knowingly at the two, though they were busy arranging various chattels on poles, as though they were about to leave. They washed in the cool water and then she led him back to the hut where she also retrieved items which may have been regarded as valuables, as well as her weapons.

She and all the other women took the belongings on poles down a path and then off into the dense vegetation. There under a large outcrop, they rested their belongings and covered them with foliage. Tehuni gave him one of her spears and with around ten other women they set off in a direction parallel to the shore. The other women remained to watch over the habitation.

He watched their sweet bottoms in front of him as the women led the way through the hot sticky landscape after they had reached the end of the beaten track. They were very cautious now, as it seemed that this was not territory they were comfortable in; it must be that of another tribe.

After several hours it grew dark and they found a depression in the undergrowth behind a rocky escarpment where it would be safe to light fires unseen by others. They made themselves comfortable and some of the women gathered various fruits, some of which were crushed and the juice collected in gourds. He seemed to be in the centre of the throng and the women eyed him sweetly and whispered to Tehuni. She grinned and they offered him juice from their gourds which he willingly accepted.

The women surrounded him, giggling and chattering to each other. Before he knew it he was being held down by them; a woman at each arm and leg, and his balls and cock were being caressed and stimulated by one of them. Another held his head by his hair. Then the first of many women who would have their pleasure of him approached in the light of the fire; the flickering flames flashed across her nubile brown body.

She straddled his face and slowly descended. He took in her rich scent and tasted her moist womanhood. He was their captive once again and he was enjoying it to the full. Six of the woman had their pleasure of him this way; he had watched helpless as their beautiful brown orbs smothered his face, and each woman had her own distinctive and succulent aroma and taste.

His cock was toyed with to the limit on several occasions, to be denied before he reached the point of no return. Now the women he had pleasured all knelt about him smiling down. Tehuni towered above him then squatted, taking charge of his cock. The women smiled and caressed him all over as he lay pinioned. Tehuni worked his cock and he gave himself up to them very rapidly. They smiled with satisfaction as he gratefully spurted his hot sticky mess for the second time that day. He was in heaven as he lay there, bound by the women's bodies, arching his back as best he could as he enjoyed their attentions to his captive orgasm.

The women patted and kissed him as they released his spent body. Tehuni cuddled up to him in the warmth of the fires and he found six or seven other arms about him as he drifted off to sleep.

When morning came, they travelled onward. The mist made them shiver a little, but was soon burnt off by the relentless sun. They reached an impassable rock face and were forced to come out to the beach; the only way round was via the sea. They padded cautiously across the hot sand and paddled knee deep in water, slowly round the promontory. As they reached the apex, they espied a thin plume of smoke rising from the shore about a mile off. They proceeded with utmost caution in order that they were not seen. He had wondered what the women in the outriggers had looked so distressed about, and knew he was about to learn why.

To Be Continued.

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