tagBDSMThe Marquesan Head Huntresses Ch. 03

The Marquesan Head Huntresses Ch. 03


They virtually crawled through the shallow water and up the beach to the cover of the undergrowth once more. With great trepidation the party pushed on through the dense groves until they heard voices. There in a clearing, they saw yet more females, these adorned with yellow painted markings upon their scantily clad bodies. They were feasting on meat which they had evidently cooked on the fire seen from far off. There on the floor were several other women, trussed and gagged like animals. They were evidently members of the red painted tribe who had visited the habitation. As the party crawled forward to further their reconnaissance, they reached a pit from which a grisly sight met their eyes. The pit was lined with bones and skulls which could only be human. The meat which the women feasted on could only be that from a previously trussed female.

Though he could not understand what Tehuni and the other women whispered to each other, it was apparent that they could not attack the yellow tribe. They lay low and awaited the coming night. As darkness fell he watched as Tehuni and three other women edged, step by step like a praying mantis, toward the trussed women. At one point, a twig under one of the women's feet snapped with what sounded to them like a minor explosion in the silence; they froze as a couple of the yellow women turned and muttered in their slumber. Eventually they reached the captives and carefully unbound them. Tehuni gestured to him and the others, as they continued on down to the beach; he drew back with the other women and they doubled back round to the beach where Tehuni had gone.

There were a good fifteen outriggers up on the beach; the paddles to propel them conveniently stuck in the sand. They slowly dragged three of them down to the water across the moonlit sand. They intended to pull all of the outriggers into the water to allow them to drift, and had collected all the available paddles to hinder their pursuit when a wailing voice was heard from the Yellow painted women's camp.

He and the women hurriedly embarked upon the three outriggers and paddled for all they were worth into the inky blue lagoon. They were no more than around one hundred yards out when torches illuminated the beach they had left from; several spears pierced the water like arrows as they paddled for their lives. Many of the lithe and athletic women ran down the beach parallel to the outriggers when they realised the paddles had been stolen. The whole situation to him was as though he were locked in some dream-come-nightmare; he had been captured and abused by beautiful females, befriended by beautiful females, and now he was pursued by yet more beautiful females.

The women on the beach stretched and flexed their delectable brown bodies which shimmered in the moonlight as they threw various objects from the beach. It was with relief that they reached the promontory, and saw the progress of the women on the beach hindered as they were forced to splash into the water. The outriggers disappeared from the view of the pursuers as they moved swiftly round to the other side.

When they reached the beach nearest the habitation, they all lifted the outriggers, one by one, across the beach and deep into the undergrowth. They then worked backwards across the beach, removing their footsteps using large palm leaves to shuffle the sand disguising their steps. They regrouped with the other women at the habitation, and fed and tended themselves and especially the women who'd been bound. They then moved up the path past where he had made his encampment in the rock face. They watched the lagoon from their vantage point for two days, but no-one came. On the third day the women picked up their things as the evening wore on and descended the path. He was reluctant to do so, and tugged at Tehuni in an effort to get her to stay a little longer. Having seen what the yellow tribe were capable of, he was not keen to see anyone else eaten.

Tehuni kissed him and rubbed her body against his. It was apparent she was more than ready to be intimate with him once more, and no doubt sought the privacy of her hut. She pulled him along and the feeling in his loins swayed the decision.

They cuddled together in the confines of her hut after washing themselves in the waterfall. She wrapped herself about him and climbed on top after he had excited her body with his tongue. He slipped into her as she straddled him and they caressed each other to satisfaction before falling into a deep sleep. The next day came and went uneventfully; the habitation was left unmolested and a sense of security returned to the inhabitants. They slept again. Something woke him during the night, as he rose to his feet, something cracked the back of his head; everything went black.

His eyes opened into bright sunlight; his head aching slightly and the smell of smoke in his nostrils. He struggled to move his arms and legs and realised he was captive again. He was lashed naked to a pole in the centre of the clearing. The women in yellow were all around him and grinned when they saw he was conscious again he craned his neck looking for Tehuni; he could see some of the women trussed and gagged on the ground. The throng of yellow women moved to one side as their equivalent of Tehuni moved up to him; she was also strikingly beautiful.

Her nipples erected almost instantly as she viewed his cock, which was rousing automatically; he could not help himself. The grinning women drew closer as she played with his manhood and looked at him with a leering smile. Her musky feminine scent did not help his situation; his cock grew stiff, much to the delight of the women. As the beauty toyed with him, he heard the pitiful cry of one of the trussed women; one of the yellow tribe appeared holding a fearful ironwood club; it was splattered with blood. The others rubbed their bellies and pointed to the fire. It seemed they had chosen and dispatched their first victim, and would now prepare their feast. He just wished he could see Tehuni.

The women now gave him their full attention. He was almost certain of one thing; the novelty of what was between his legs would mean they were unlikely to feast on him. They teased his rigid member and giggled as they sniffed their fingers; the scent of his masculinity arousing them. Once again he found himself surrounded by women who were all physically very attractive, and their leader had him under her control. She toyed with him until the inevitable happened; the women shrieked with delight as he spent, spattering their leaders legs. His enjoyment was not quite as it had been for Tehuni; he could only think of her and was intensely fearful for her well-being. His member flaccid, the majority of the women moved away, and the smoke suddenly blew in the opposite direction, allowing him a view further across the clearing. There, strapped to a post with two other women was Tehuni; she caught sight of him and smiled weakly, then dropped her head.

He was watching the situation intently; the Mistress of the yellow tribe came to him frequently, stroking and caressing him whenever she did. It was on such an occasion when he saw two of their number come running down from the ascending path. They had a look of terror on their faces and pointed up to where the rocky outcrop was. They babbled to the Mistress who also looked worried at their information. He was sure he heard the term 'tabu' in their hurried language. He had to get free somehow. As the woman came close again he kissed and licked her face; she looked at him with curiosity when he did so, then squeezed up to him and licked him also, smiling. He needed to gain her affection and this seemed to be working.

As the darkness fell the women danced around the fire, having had their fill of meat. She came to him again, with two other women carrying spears. She smiled at him and started to untie his bonds whilst the two pointed their spears menacingly at him. When he was free, she led him to the hut and the two armed women sat just inside the entrance and watched as she lay down with him. As attractive a woman as she was, he found it difficult staying aroused as he serviced the grateful mistress; he could only think of the one woman he truly wanted to be with, whose life was in imminent danger.

His new mistress moaned with pleasure and wrapped her legs round his torso as she reached her Shangri-las; her squeezing and moaning along with her musky sent was just enough to bring him off too. He bucked and spurted into her; she smiled up at him with satisfaction as she felt his warmth inside her. He dropped down beside her and pulled her close, caressing her arms and hair; he had to get her to go to sleep whilst he remained unbound. A light rain began to fall and the drips fell through the roofing. She saw the droplets and was obviously in no mood to leave the hut whilst it rained. She closed her eyes.

It must have been a good hour later before he dare move. His mistress slept soundly and he could see the two guards were also sleeping. He crept out of the hut without disturbing anyone. The full moon broke momentarily from behind the rain giving cloud, illuminating the scene, before hiding back behind the clouds once more. He could see the fire was still burning and two or three of the yellow tribe were still awake and talking. How was he to save his Tehuni? As he pondered the situation there was a loud cry; one of the yellow women about two hundred yards off had seen him.

He had no option but to flee. He ran as hard as he could up the ascending path, looking back occasionally to see his pursuers; the fit women were gaining on him. He ran, panting in the gloom, through the entrance to the outcrop. They were close to him now and there were about six of them; as he dodged around the rocks and up the rocky steps by the pool, he expected them to stop. They did not; they must have been unaware of the tabu. He felt doomed as he lumbered around the pools in the dark and fell headlong into the one which contained the white mineral; they would be upon him any moment now.

He lifted himself out, covered from head to toe in the white substance. As he did so, the full moon beamed out from beyond the clouds. The women froze as they witnessed the carvings and symbols in the eerie rock face for the first time; they were then confronted with a pure white figure which loomed, seemingly out of the rock itself. Two of the women jumped to oblivion over the precipice; the rest fled, dropping their weapons and falling over each other in their bid to escape as the thing walked slowly in their direction.

He watched as the women raced down the path screaming. He maintained a slow trot down the hill with his arms outstretched to maximise the effect; he would ensure they all got a good view of him at a distance, and had plenty of time to escape. As he approached the habitation, none of the yellow painted women remained; he could hear their frantic shrieks as they hastily boarded their outriggers and departed. The trussed women screamed as he approached;he rolled in the wet grass to remove as much of the whitener as he could, and the women calmed down. He raced over to Tehuni and released her and the other two at the post,she wiped the white substance from his mouth and kissed him. He braved the icy cold waterfall and washed himself down, then led Tehuni to the hut. They held each other close throughout the night.

A good week later they were fishing with three-point spears down by the lagoon when he saw the sails of a tall ship passing close by. His instinct told him to jump up and down and scream at the top of his voice, but he turned to see Tehuni who had a tear running down her cheek. He glanced again at the ship, and back at Tehuni. He took her hand and led her back into the cover of the trees where they would not be seen; he would be hers forever.

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