tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 02

The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 02


Martin was bewildered after Missy left. He sat strapped in the chair. He was helpless at this point to stop the process that had begun and wondered if this was in some strange way a very elaborate practical joke being played on him. The two women who had been in earlier returned chatting and laughing with each other as they entered the room. A cape was put around his neck and fastened, as the one girl finished her conversation about her boyfriend and his weekend fishing outing.

"I sucked his dick anyway." she said and they both laughed at her punchline, which Martin really didn't understand since he missed most of the story.

"OK Martin. Time to make you pretty. I want you to just relax now. We are going to do your hair. I'm sure you're ready to get these curlers out." she said looking him over.

"I'm ready to stop this whole thing, just let me out of this chair." he said staring straight ahead.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Martin. Your makeup will be done first and then we will do your hair." she said tilting the chair back slightly.

"How long is this crap going to continue?" he said calling the bluff

"The guest are already arriving. So, you will probably be dressed and led straight in to the ceremony, I would assume. But, my job is to get this face done. So let's get this done, shall we?" she said patting his curlers.

They went right to work arching his eyebrows. They looked like two women doing surgery as they were so intense on the subject. They talked about what they were doing as they continued without looking up, one suggesting a little thinner line while the other one agreed as long as the arch was higher. Once his eyebrows were arched Martin was surprised at what came next. His face was lathered up to be shaved. He looked odd setting there with his face lathered and cur,curlers in his hair. The girl smiled at the image he portrayed as she approached with the razor. Using a straight razor, his face was given the closest shave he had ever received. Then it was time for the makeup.

She looked at him as she opened the light pancake foundation that was to be used.

"Is this the first time you have ever worn makeup Martin? she asked.

"No, I use to wear makeup to school all the time till they revised the dress codes and said I had to stop." he said sarcasticly.

"Oh really!" the woman said surprised.

"NO!....., I've never worn makeup before. What do you think I am some kind of faggot?" he hissed at her trying to stare her down.

"No,.... not yet anyway. But my opinion is not important though." She patted dry his forehead with a tissue. "You've never put a dress on before? Your mom never put you in a dress just for fun? she asked holding the pancake application back for a moment waiting for an answer.

"No! My REAL mom was very happy with her SON! ME! Being a MAN. Not like that bitch Missy, who wants me to call her MOTHER, and talked my dad into having my two marriages to two beautiful WOMEN annulled." he spat out the words for extra emphasis. "Now that bitch has gotten me into this mess." He glare straight ahead his anger showing as he spoke.

"I don't know about your marriages Martin." she tilted his head, "but I do know for a fact it was your dad who arranged this marriage, not your stepmother." she said turning his head slightly and opening the foundation.

"What?" he said making eye contact now.

"That's right. Your stepmother had nothing to do with the arrangement of this marriage." she moved closer and began applying the foundation.

Martin was stunned by this revelation. He lay quietly thinking of what was just said as she applied the foundation to his face. Why would his dad do this to him?

Martin stared straight ahead as his makeup was applied. It was obvious to him that his face was being made up in a very bold way. The false eyelashes, and bold eyeshadows, with the red lipstick, though there was no mirror for him to see himself, he saw them as they were picked up and applied.

"You will probably prefer to use a liner pencil when you apply your own makeup, but today you are getting real eyeliner for your wedding." she said as she worked on his face.

"Very funny." he said in an expressionless tone.

She wanted the mascara to be heavy so his eyes looked deep and dark. As she finished she removed the cape which left Martin completely naked in the chair once again. She sprayed a generous helping of perfume behind each ear so it ran down his neck, then the front and back of his neck, and finally his chest.

"Whew!!" one of the girls said coming into the room. "Smells like a whore house in here." they all laughed.

A woman then walked in and clapped her hands. "Anybody who doesn't need to be in here for the dressing, leave now." She was firm and seemed to be in charge. She walked over to Martin and looked him over, cupping his chin and turning his head slightly to face her as she gave her approval/.

"Very nice girls, very pretty." she studied his face. "I especially like the appearance of the eyes slanting just a bit. Very sexy!" She walked to the counter and picked up a few things.

"Hello Martin. Sorry I'm late. My name is Leanne, and I will be in charge of your final preparations." she didn't smile but looked right at him.

"So, how are you feeling so far?" she asked looking like she cared.

"Great...." he said dryly. "What guy wouldn't in my situation." he looked up at her. "How do you think I feel?" he sneered at her.

"Yes....well things are what they are aren't they." she patted his curlered head and shook out a new cape. "You are about to have your hair done. You may talk with your mother while your hair is being done if you wish. After that we will be very busy." she fastened the cape around his neck.

"Yeah", he said in a monotone voice. "I would like to talk to that bitch." Thinking about what had just been revealed, he wanted some answers and he knew Missy knew something.

"OK, I'll get her for you. Martin I'm sorry you had to set through all this naked with people you don't know coming in and out, but they are all very professional and understand your situation." as she left.

"Professional perverts!" he yelled back as she exited the room.

The stylist began removing the curlers from his hair. She had his head pushed forward taking out the back curlers when Missy appeared in the door. The stylist lifted his chin so he could see her.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Missy exclaimed putting a hand over her mouth and trying not to laugh but unable to contain a huge grin. "You look like a different person with all that makeup on Martin." she said checking him out.

"Shut up. You knew didn't you." he scowled staring here down.

"What honey? Knew what?" she looked at a loss.

His head was tilted back slightly, as the teasing of his hair began starting with the top.

"You knew my father set up this marriage shit. Why did he do this?" he turned and looked at her.

"I'm sorry to interrupt." said the stylist, "But I have a lot of work to do here. You can talk as I do your hair, but when I put your head in a position, I need you to stay still while I tease and comb out your hair." she said pushing his head forward and began teasing the back again..

"Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Yes, your father did set this up." she looked down to the floor.

Martin lifted his head only to have it pushed down aggressively. The stylists frustration showing as she pulled his hair and teased it roughly now causing Martins eyes to squint shut.

"Why Missy?, Why would he do this to me?" Martin stared at the floor while his hair was being teased.

"If you can't call me mother Martin, I'm leaving." she said softly touching his thigh.

"Mother", he said quickly, "Tell me why my father arranged this ridiculous wedding."

"Well, Martin, he never meant it to go this far. I'm sure of it. This man, out of nowhere offered your dad a huge dowry for your hand in marriage. We both thought it was hysterical at the time. He decided to play it out for awhile and see just how serious this guy was." she tried to make him understand.

"Looks like he was pretty serious to me." he said as his head was straightened up and the stylist began to spray his hair.

"Yes, I'm afraid he is. Your dad would have stopped it before this point, but he died suddenly, and here we are. I can't stop it Martin. I wish I could sweetie, I really do." she actually seemed upset.

"So you annulled two of my marriages and you are going to let this just happen to me?" he hissed.

"First of all, I was only involved in the annulment of your marriage to Melissa. I had nothing to do with your other annulment." she said getting things straight.

"WHY!!! he yelled "I loved Melissa."

"I felt she was after your money." she explained.

"I don't care what you thought. It was none of your business." He was so angry.

"She didn't love you Martin. So I convinced your dad to offer her a settlement and alimony to agree to an annulment. She left you for the money Martin. That's how much she loved you." she said sadly lowering her head.

"At twenty four years old you made that decision for me and my marriage all on your own huh."

"I'm your mother Martin. I felt it was for the best." she held her ground.

"So, now you think I'm going to marry this guy, and perform wifely duties for him, dress as a girl......for what, the rest of my life, because of a little fun experiment my dad was playing and happened to die before he could change things?" he stared ahead again his anger building as his head moved back and forth from his hair being teased..

"Yes Martin, I'm afraid so."

He stared for a long while. His hair was finally finished, done up in a mound of curls and white ribbon.

"OK you're ready hon." the stylist said. "I'll go let them know. You'll have to leave ma'am." she said leaving the room.

Martin violently jerked at his bonds. "This is crazy." he screamed at her.

"Settle down Martin. This will not help." she yelled back at him. He glared at her through his makeup and sat quietly.

"Mother" he said softly looking at her. "If this is real, I can't go through with something like this." he said softly "Please undo these straps and let me out of this chair." he said as he looked at the straps holding his arms to the chair.

"I don't want to marry a man. Can't you understand that?"

She smiled and touched his cheek "I know you don't honey, but you have to. I'm so sorry. I have to go now...." she turned and left the room.

Martin was released from the chair. "OK Martin stand up." Leanne told him after as he was unstrapped from the chair. A towel was wrapped around his waist, and for the first time he wasn't naked in front of all these people. Martin's wedding dress was wheeled in on a dressmakers stand and a white leather corset was also brought into the room. A couple of younger girls brought in other items he would need such as shoes, stockings, etc. Martin stared straight ahead refusing to acknowledge what was going on around him or the presence of all these people and the smiling faces.

"Martin. Were you given an enema this morning before your toenails were painted?" Leanne asked reading a chart. The girls in the room giggled and looked at him as they waited for his answer. Martin said nothing feeling so violated by all this.

"MARTIN!" she snapped "I haven't got time for this. Did you receive and enema this morning? Answer me or I will have one administered now." she asked taking him by the arm.

"Yes...... I had an enema." he said staring blankly while the girls giggled louder at his situation..

"Alright, you girls move along now." Leanne motioned them out as they were no longer needed.

"Send in the bridesmaids. It's time." she said and five young girls in identical formal gowns with large bows at the hip, walked in and stood around the wall facing Martin. It was traditional for the bridesmaids to be present during for dressing of the bride.

"Martin...do you wish to have your anal cavity lubricated before I start dressing you?" Leanne asked him.

The bridesmaids snickered, and laughed softly. He looked surprised, and embarrassed by the question.

"Martin, there will be no more chances for lubrication before the honeymoon. I don't know what will happen and I can't advise you, but if you wish me to lubricate you now I will or we will proceed with the dressing without it....Well?....Yes or No?" she looked at him. His made up face couldn't hide his anger and total humiliation.

"Yes...." he hissed.

"OK, bend over and put your hands on the arms of that chair." she said putting on a glove.

Martin did as she said and she lifted his towel and stuck her lubricated middle finger up his behind. His natural instinct was to stand as she inserted her finger but a hand in the middle of the back kept him down. She removed her finger and he stood up.

"Oh no you don't Martin. That was just to lube you for this." she showed him a large syringe like object with a 1" diameter tube that would dispense large amounts of lubricant once inside his rectum. He was pushed back down and to his protest and a few groans of discomfort, Martin was fully lubricated.

"We'll need to put a maxi pad in his panty." she said to one of the women helping.

The towel was taken away and the girls smiled, hands over their mouths, as Martin stood naked in front of them, his nails painted red and heavily madeup face in con contradition of the large cock and balls that hung limp between his legs. They watched with anticipation as the preparation continued.

A panty was held up and shown the girls. Lots of lace and white ribbons adorned them. Across the bottom in red was embroidered "I'm Yours" The girls squealed and clapped as Martin was instructed to step into the panties and a Maxi pad was put in.

"Martin, we are going to corset you now." she said as the corset was brought over.

"This corset will force you into an hourglass shape. It kind of crushes in around you so to speak." she took both his hands and began to tie them in front of him. As she strung the rope to a pulley on the beam, she told him, "Martin this is going to be a little painful." she loosened the laces on the corset..

"What do you mean painful?" he asked as his hands were lifted over his head.

"I mean it's going to hurt like hell wearing this thing, but you only have to wear it for the ceremony, and then I'll let you out of it." she said as a guy came in and pulled on the rope lifting Martin up on his toes. "A little higher." she said. She checked his feet. "I want only the tips of his toenails touching the floor. No weight on those feet." she instructed and walked away for a moment.

Martin groaned out loud as he felt his weight leave the floor then his feet swing as he was suspended just off the floor. His head was held firmly forward by an assistant to protect the hair. As the corset was wrapped around his waist he glanced over at the bridesmaids who were watching with fascination. Not one of them seemed the least bit concerned that this was all being forced on him. He did noticed that one of the bridesmaids was quiet and non reactive. Then he realized that it was a guy. He had actually been through a similar wedding himself a few years back, and had been required to be a bridesmaid here.

The lacing began and Martin groaned as Leanne pulled the laces tighter and tighter. "Give me that." Leanne pointed and one of the girls handed a rod about two feet in length. Martin felt them working on the corset.

"OK, you lace it done as I torque the corset." She said.

Martin felt the tightness of the corset increase as she pulled on the rod. Then they laced up the slack. Martin gasped and groaned, but stared at the floor. Breathing shallow now. Then she softly said "Again."

Martin heard the sound of the leather straining as his sides were pulled in.

"AHHHHH!!!" he finally yelled out. The rod was pulled again.

"AHHHHH!!!.......his voice a bit higher and more desperate. With his head being held firmly in place he pleaded with Leanne, while they laced up the slack and he hung suspended totally helpless and unable to do anything but allow them to continue.

"Stop.....oh,...please stop." he gasped "I can't breath." he pleaded softly.

He heard them walking behind him. The tight tension on the leather, began to sound again as Leanne turned the corset even tighter.

"OWWWWW!......AAGGHH........STOP! Damn it you're crushing me." he yelled. The girls were all grins as they saw his waist take on the shape of this hour glass crushing corset.

Leanne ran her hands up and down the sides of his waist. She looked at him from several feet away. Then she walked back behind him. He felt the torque bar being put on the corset again.

"NOOOO!!! No more." he pleaded even beforee she had done anything. The sound of the leather straining filled the air along with Martin's screams.

"STOOOOOOP!" his eyes looked wildly to the bridesmaids. "Somebody help me. Make them stop." he was gasping now for breath. It was close. Leanne surveyed him again. She was a perfectionist. Martin's figure now had taken on the shape of the corset and his waist was beautifully if not exaggerated, hourglass shaped. Leanne wanted the laces fully closed those, so Martin had to endure one more tightening, not because it made a difference in his appearance, but because Leanne was such a perfectionist that those laces not being completely closed, even under the dress bothered her. Martin had white stockings put on his legs and fastened to the garters on the corset while he hung there. Leanne forced a pair of white patent 6" peep toe pumps on his feet before letting him down. The shoes were a little small and a shoe horn was used to get them on his feet. The strain on his toes was obvious as the were pushed through the small openings in the front of the shoes.

"Let him down slowly." she said, and as the weight came down on his feet the intensity of the corset was magnified causing him to yell out again. A D-cup bullet bra was wrapped round his chest and fastened in place. He took short breaths as his hands were untied.

"Alright Martin. It's time to put the dress on."

"No..." he gasped. "Don't do this to me." he blurted out as they turned him around to face the dress and took it off the stand.

"Please don't. I don't want to do this." he said as the situation continued to escalate.

The dress that Martin had sworn he would never wear just a short time ago, was brought before him, unzipped and lowered in front of him.

"Martin, I want you to step carefully into the dress now." Leanne said as she and another woman helped him with his balance in the new high heels. His sides ached from the tight corseting.

"I don't want to wear a dress. Why can't you all understand that. I'm not a girl. I don't want to dress like this." Martin said gasping from his corseting.

"You have to wear the dress Martin, now step into the dress." Leanne insisted.

"I can't do.........."

"MARTIN!!" Leanne snapped. "We don't have time for this. Step into the dress or I'll call for assistance and have you put in the dress. Either way you're wearing the dress." She looked at him.

"Now....lift your foot and step into the dress." she said.

"Lift your foot a little higher." she urged him. Martin reluctantly stepped into the wedding dress. He stood there in stockings and heels, as they prepared to raise the dress. His arms were still being held and controlled, and two large guys stood just outside if needed. The wedding dress was raised and Martin closed his eyes. He tried to shut out the humiliation he was enduring. He felt the material go up over his thighs. The bridesmaids all oohed and awwed as the dress was pulled up. Martin opened and closed his eyes again as he felt the dress snugging up to his "formed" body shape.The dress was zipped up tightly clinging to his cinched waist and large pointed breast, giving him the full hourglass figure effect he was meant to have.

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