tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 15

The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 15


M artin was in stunned silence as he walked hand in hand with Dorothy back to the house, their fingers interlocked. As they reached the house, Dorothy turned to face Martin and then, lowering his lashes, took Martin's hands in his hands and raised them to his lips and kissed them.

"Good luck Martin," Dorothy said as he pulled Martin close. He kissed Martin again on the cheek of the Bliss Mask and whispered, "I'm sorry," in his ear before he stepped back, giving Martin a knowing smile, then turned and walked away leaving Martin standing there just outside the house, alone with his thoughts.

"Sorry? What did he mean by sorry?" Martin was confused. As he watched Dorothy walk away in a well practiced feminine walk, Martin couldn't understand why he would continue to dress and live as a woman when he didn't have to do it anymore, or was there more to his story. The words of warning that Dorothy had just given him weighed heavily on Martin's mind, especially after seeing the huge breast that had acutally been forced on Dorothy. He had so many questions. He had been able to communicate with someone finally who understood how it felt to be a straight man in this situation, or at least acknowledged that this thing that was happening to him was all wrong.

Martin looked to the door desperately needing to use the bathroom now and have this vibrating butt plug removed from his bottom. The cup of water enema that Lisa had administered before inserting the plug was now causing extreme discomfort and to cause cramps. As Martin approached "The House of Horrors" as he now saw it, Leanne stepped out to greet him.

"Have a nice walk Mrs. Vargos." she said cheerfully taking him by the arm.

"Yeah it was just great. Nothing I like more than walking around in front of the hired help wearing a bikini in the hot sun like some bimbo," he said with much sarcasm as he looked at her through the Bliss Mask, "Made my day."

"Well that's nice. I see we got a little sun today too," she said smiling and lifting one of the bikini shoulder strap to examine his new tan lines. "Yes very nice," she said as she replaced the strap.

"Was it really necessary to make me wear this bikini just for a tan? I can see no purpose other than you are just trying to degrade me more, trying to drive out the last of my masculine willpower. Are you happy now?"

"Yes. Now Let's get you inside."

"I need to use the bathroom," Martin said as he stepped inside the house.

"I'm sure you do. I bet that enema you are holding is getting a little uncomfortable. We'll get that all done first." Leanne said guiding him by the arm to the toilet. Leanne bent Martin forward, "Now squat down just a little lower," Leanne said pushing his shoulder down. As Martin stood there squatted over the toilet. His legs shook as he tried to stand still. Suatting while standing on 5" heels put quite a strain on the legs. Leanne carefully pulled on the butt plug, twisiting it slowly back and forth as she eased it out of Marttin's anus. He was suddenly overcome with relief as the he sound of water running from his anus filled the room. Leanne guided him on down to the toilet seat where he expelled the enema while leanne was checking his hair. She unrolled one of the rollers and let it coil back to her satisfaction. As martin was finishing up she put the roller back in his hair.

"See Mrs. Vargos, when you go for a nice walk around with a small amount of warm soapy water in your bottom, it works very well, though it does become somewhat uncomfortable after a while I'm sure. It does however, save us from having to administer a full size enema this evening, and I'm sure you would prefer a cup of soapy water being administered holding with a butt plug and walking around for little while. It's much better than having to kneel in the tub and having to hold a full enema bag of soapy water and the terrible cramps that can come from all that."

"You think I should be grateful you gave me an enema I didn't want? Don't even talk to me about it." Martin said pulling up his bikini bottom.

Martin was led back to the dressing room.

"Let's get you cleaned up and on the massage table, so you can have a nice massage before we begin your preparations for this evening."

"No massage Leanne. I'm fine without it."

Martin's head was filled with visions of those girls squeezing his balls again and calling it a massage. He wasn't going to just let her strap him to that table so he could have that done again. He didn't care what happened.

"Oh but Mrs. Vargos, you must have your massage ma'am." Leanne said as she turned and walked to the styling chair with all it's straps hanging. "Have a seat in the chair Mrs. Vargos so we can take your curlers out first, then we can take the mask off. We have so much to do as your husband has made many request for your last night of your consummation. Come on have a seat," she said patting the chair as she reached for the waist strap. Martin suddenly grabbed Leanne around the neck from behind catching her totally by surprise. After his meeting with Dorothy, the thought of the massage table torture, and then being used again sexually, as well as Dorothy's breast, had triggered Martin to just react.

"Wait. Mrs. Vargos what are you doing? AGHH............"

"I'm getting out of here."

"Marcia. Stop this. You don't have to do this." Leanne said as Martin held the struggling woman around the neck from behind, and he now had one of her arms pulled up behind her back. "SECUR-," Leanne was cut short as she tried to call out for some assistance.

"Just shut up Leanne. I'm not just going to let you strap me on that table so those girls can torture me again, and I'm sure as hell not going to sleep with the Baron tonight," Martin said reaching for the handcuffs on the counter. Martin cuffed Leanne's hands behind her back, and then picked up the roll of tape. Despite Leanne's resistance she soon found her mouth taped shut and only her muffled pleas could be heard now.

"UMMPPHH! Leanne grunted as Mrtin grabbed by the hair and turned her around to face him. Martin stared at her through the Bliss Mask and smiled a nervous, hidden smile. Leanne attempted to twist away form him but Martin had a firm grip on her and forced her to lay face down on the floor. Holding Leanne's head firmly by her hair, he pressed her forehead to the floor as he squeezed his knees to each side of her head to hold her in place. Muffled screams filled the room as Martin unzipped the back of Leanne's dress.

"SHUT UP! I'm not doing this for some sort of perverse enjoyment like you do with me, I have no choice Leanne. I've got to get out of here," Martin said reaching for the scissors. He cut Leanne's dress down the back from the bottom of the zipper to the hem of the skirt. Then he did the same with the sleeves. Martin then cut the bra straps and finally the panties from Leanne's wiggling bottom. Then taking Leanne once again by the hair he forced her to stand and all the cloth fell to the floor leaving Leanne totally naked. Her being pulled tight, Leanne stood there straight, eyes squinted.

"Now Leanne, let's have a seat in the styling chair."

"NNUMMFFFF!" she screamed again shaking her head wildly and kicking out with her feet as Martin pushed her toward the styling chair. Leanne fought Martin as best she could but found herself sitting in the chair and Martin pulling the straps tightly around her waist and chest, before uncuffing her, and then strapping her arms and legs until she was totally helpless to move. Leanne glared at Martin as she sat helplessly in the same chair she had forced him to shamefully sit in as she feminized, and demoralized his maleness as she prepared him for the sexual favors of another man. Martin stood in front of the chair and looked her over.

"How do you like sitting in that chair Leanne. Not much fun is it?" he said as he approached closer. Martin reached between her legs and took the lips of her pussy in his fingers and pulled. Stretching them shaking them vigorously. He was amused at her hypocritical reaction.

"UUMMPPHH!" Leanne looked wild eyed at him as he handled her.

"What's wrong Leanne? Don't appreciate having your pussy handled by whoever just happens to be in the room?" Martin then reached and took both her nipples in his fingers and pulled and twisted them as he spoke. "What about this Leanne? This is nice isn't it? Having your nipples massaged?" Leanne's eyes squinted and a tear fell from her eye as she moaned out at the pain of her nipples being twisted and pulled so hard.. Martin suddenly heard a sound in the hallway. He released Leanne's tits and pinched her nose so she couldn't make a sound.

"UUMMPPHH............" Leanne was now throwing her head back and forth as Martin held her nose.

"Shut up," he growled in her ear as he watched the door. Whoever it was had moved on. Martin's thoughts were now refocused on the task at hand and that was getting out of here. No matter how much he relished the thought of giving Leanne some justified revenge, he had to hurry if he had any chance of getting out of here. He was surprised Lisa hadn't shown up, and knew she could appear at anytime and he wouldn't have a chance once she sounded the alarm.

Martin took the full length, pink styling cape and draped it over Leanne. It covered to her knees. He then clasped it tightly around her neck. Martin grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

"Where's the key to this collar Leanne?" She just stared at him.

Martin looked to the counter and picked up some electric shears and clicked them on. The buzz filled the room. He looked at her again.

"I'm not playing. Where's the key Leanne, or I swear I'll shave your head. Now tell me, where's the key?" His eyes looked full of conviction through the mask. Leanne sneered. Martin forced Leanne's head down and pulled her hair up revealing the hairline at the back nap of her neck. He gripped her head firmly as the panic in her eyes showed. She felt the pressure of the clippers on her neck he began to slowly lift her hairline higher a little at a time. He then dropped her hair and pulled her head back again to face him.

"That won't show, but what I do next will. Where's the key?" he said shaking her head now by the hair, "Or we will start on the front this time," he said placing the clippers on front of her head.

"UUMMPPHH" Leanne screamed desperately as she frantically was pointing at the counter. Martin looked to the counter and in a bowl was a key.

"Thank you so much Leanne." Martin said as he picked up the red satin drawstring bag from the counter.

"Ah remember this," he said holding up the bag. "Oh yeah, you are going to get to wear it." Leanne fought Martin throwing her head back and forth trying to avoid the inevitable.With some effort, Martin pulled the bag down over Leanne's head. Leanne's head was now hidden from view inside the tight fitting bag with the string tied tightly around her neck. Martin stepped back and looked at Leanne in the chair now. "It would have to do" he thought looking her over once again. If someone were to look in the room, hopefully they would think the nude draped figure, strapped in the chair wearing the red hood was him, at least long enough for him to get some distance from this place.

Martin now began the task of getting himself ready. He looked in the mirror and realized the mask and curlers would have to stay for now. He would be expected to be wearing the Bliss Mask in public anyway, and it would draw undue attention to himself if he took it off. And the curlers.........well he'd just have to wear them in his hair till he had more time. Martin stripped out of the bikini and put on a pair of panties and the white, D-cup padded bra he had been wearing. He took the white dress off the hanger that he had worn the day before when he had met with Missy in the garden. He looked at himself in the mirror as he slid the dress up and zipped it. It felt strange to be dressing himself as a woman, but this was solely so he could escape this hell, and not because he enjoyed wearing girls clothes. Martin sat down and slid a pair of white stockings up his legs. Before he slipped his feet back into the 5" heel, peep toe pumps. The pumps hurt his toes something awful. He had noticed another pair of white pumps in a box next to the dress stand. The peep toes were causing him so much discomfort now where his toes painfully protruded out the ends of the pumps, just so his red toenails could be admired by others as he walked about. The pain for fashion. The other pumps had no open toe, but had very feminine bows on the toes and heels, not to mention they had 6" spike heels. Martin decided on the higher heels and bows for his escape. The pain would be less, at least he thought it would. He turned and saw the petticoat on the stand. He was repulsed by the thought of wearing the thing, but this was a one time shot at freedom in his mind, and Martin stepped into the petticoat and pulled it up under his skirt. He looked again in the mirror as he clipped on his grandmothers earrings to his earlobes. His thoughts were all over the place now. He picked up a clutch purse and put the key to the collar inside it, along with the scissors, and some money he had taken from Leanne's purse. While in Leanne's purse he found her compact and put it in his purse also, Not that he intended to use the compact itself to freshen up his makeup, he was wearing a mask after all, but he might need the mirror to see the lock to unlock the collar and even cut this mask off he hated so much.

"Hmmm, so this is how people around here would expect a man to look who is a bride to another man," he said to himself taking a last look in the mirror, turning and looking over his shoulder at himself from the back. "These people are sick," he thought looking at himself one last time in his feminine finery. He turned and looked at Leanne who sat motionless strapped in the chair with her head slightly bowed now, in the red drawstring satin bag. Martin slowly opened the door and stepped out of the room and closed it quietly behind him. He was very nervous, but regained his composure and quickly headed to the back door of the house. Martin walked confidently down the hallway as if everything was in order. As he reached for the doorknob to go outside, he heard the sound of high heels coming up quickly from behind him.

"Excuse me! Mrs. Vargos," Martin's heart sank, "Just a moment ma'am," the woman said as the hurried steps quickened. as she approached him from behind, quickly getting closer. As he slowly turned, he saw one of the domestic help hurrying towards him. She had a key in her hand and walked right past Martin to the outside door through which he had just entered earlier from his walk, and was now about to leave.

"I'm sorry ma'am," the domestic uniformed woman said. "We don't use this door much and I just locked it. I didn't realize you were going back out this afternoon. Let me unlock it for you," she said as she inserted the key and turned the deadbolt. "Will you be long?"

Martin's heart was pounding. He tried to calm himself. Looking at her through the mask and said, "Thank you so much. You can leave it unlocked for now. I don't know how long I'll be."

"No problem ma'am. I'll just check back again a litlle later, " she said with a slight nod of her head, and then headed back to what she was doing before. Martin looked back down the hallway as the woman walked passed the door to the dressing room. She was toatally unaware that Leanne was now strapped in the chair, and gagged in the room on the otherside. He knew he had to get going, and he stepped outside and walked quickly down the path . He held his head up high and walked down the walkway, purposely headed to the back of the estate. As he walked he came upon one of the gardeners who was trimming a hedge. As Martin approached, the man turned to face him. Martin took a deep breath. His knees felt weak from nerves. This would either work or it wouldn't. He minced over to the man in his 6" heels as confidently as he could.

"Hello. How are you today?" Martin said in a pleasant but all too male voice. His voice muted somewhat by the mask he was wearing.

"Very well ma'am," The man smiled as if he found it amusing calling Martin ma'am, but had been instructed to do so, as had all the employee's of the estate.

Everything seemed OK as the man acted as if nothing was amiss. "How can all these people just accept all this crap that is happening to me as normal?" he thought to himself.

"What is your name?" Martin asked.

"Tim ma'am," the man's smile became a grin now.

"Nice to meet you Tim. You do such a wonderful job here. I simply love the plants and flowers," Martin gushed. He didn't care how sissy he sounded or what this guy was thinking about him right now. He was even trying to be over the top as he was trying to achieve something here. ESCAPE!

"Thank you ma'am."

"Yes, very nice. Uhm..........listen, Timmy, do you by any chance have the key to open that back gate over there?" Martin said pointing back over his shoulder. "I would really like to step out for a few moments. All this banquet preparation for my formal coming out and such, you know what I mean. I just need to get away for a little while," Martin played the happy wife part as well as he could.

"Sure ma'am. I can open that for you." he said pulling out the keys.

"Oh thank you Timmy. You're a doll." Martin said.

Tim had a smirk on his face as he walked to the gate. "Oh my god, I think this big sissy of a man is flirting with me," he thought. As they walked, to the gate, Martin's heels were making distinct sounds that attracted attention as he hurried perched high on his toes. They passed another gardener on the way. Remembering some of the coaching from Dorothy, Martin raised his hand and wiggled his fingers with his long red nails at the man in a simple but feminine wave.

"Hi. How are you today?" Martin called to him in his male voice as they passed, playing the role of lady of the estate.

"Fine ma'am."

"You have got to be kidding me!" Martin thought as he turned his attention back to the gate.

They got to the gate and Tim unlocked and opened it for Martin. Martin was so surprised at how easily this had all been.

"Thank you so much Timmy," Martin said extending a limp wrist, fingers down to him to shake his hand. Though Martin was dressed as a girl, he still had the firm handshake of a man. Tim shook Martin's hand and closed the gate. He turned around to find two of the other gardners laughing hysterically at him. He knew he'd be kidded by the other guys for awhile after Martin had seemed so interested in talking to him.

Martin had stepped cautiously outside the gate not knowing what the collar might do. Once he had passed through the gate and was outside the property, he took a deep breath and sighed, "Thank god." He was extremely nervous as he had no idea where to go or what to expect. He was hoping it was normal enough to see someone in public wearing a Bliss Mask, as he had gathered from Dorothy it wasn't that unheard of. He hated the Bliss Mask, but it was now somehow protecting him in his attempt to escape. He walked away, his feet tired already from the extreme heels he had chosen to wear, but the prospect of being free made the pain more bearable. Martin headed into the public park across the street. He saw people in their cars looking at him as they drove by. He knew what he was wearing was extreme for outside the estate, but he had to get out of there first. As he made his way into the shade of the park trees, a female jogger gave him a smile and said, "Hi," as she ran by. He knew he was an oddity dressed like this in a park, but he could at least think about his next move now. He sat down on a bench and reached into the clutch purse for the key to the collar. Opening the compact he had taken from Leanne's purse so he could use the mirror, he was shocked to see that four red lights on the collar were now slowly pulsating off and on. The collar had partially activated. "It must of happened as I went through the gate," Martin guessed. It seemed he had some area that he could move in outside the estate, but he had no idea the limitations. While he was looking in the mirror he was startled suddenly.

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