The Masquerade

byExtreme Bohunk©

Candy started sucking immediately, anything to take her mind off the constant spurts of slimy sperm and her out of control pussy. Nikki tried to resist, but Candy's mouth felt so good. So good... So... Good... So. Fucking. Good. Her knees went wider, giving Candy a better angle to suck her dick. She felt his claw pull out of her bottom, she relaxed with a long sigh. Candy's fingers circled Nikki's cock and the real blowjob began.

Nikki was stunned by what her friend was doing to her. Candy's hand stroked slowly, giving a delicious slide to the skin along her length, and a gentle tug to the sack holding her balls. Candy's lips slowly caressed their way about halfway down before sliding up again. She stopped near the top, slurping loudly while her tongue set off fireworks in the tip. Nikki's cuffed hands balled into tight fists, her body shook.

Candy pulled up, dragging her teeth across the head, and then plunged down as deep and fast as she could, blonde curls flying as her head jerked up and down. She pulled up and off, her hand slowly pumping while she licked around the head. She stared into Nikki's eyes, relishing the look of raw need she saw there. Candy knew exactly what she was doing to Nikki. Candy knew she could make Nikki come anytime she wanted to, but chose not to. She loved the feeling of power and control. With a wicked smile in her eyes, her lips closed around the bumpy tip, and started to massage their way back down Nikki's spit slick cock. Nikki was oblivious to the streams of cum now spattering her from all sides. Candy's expert mouth continued its relentless assault, every motion a new surge of sweet agony.

Despite the distraction of giving Nikki her first blowjob, Candy felt another gut wrencher growing inside her. Every movement of her head traveled to her pussy. The balance begin to tip, she pounded her overworked cunt. She abandoned herself into sucking and fucking, determined to take her friend with her. Nikki groaned loudly, unable and unwilling to stop the carnal thrill ride of Candy's mouth.

Nikki's eyes bugged when she heard and felt Candy begin to moan and grunt her way toward climax. Candy shifted into overdrive, the random licks and teases were gone. She mouthed Nikki's cock in a steady rhythm, matching her own thrusts on the gourd. Candy pumped with a firm grip, her fingers moving to meet her lips, sucking hard. Nikki felt her balls tighten, the cock swelled even more. A low tingle started at the base, spreading and growing with every pass of Candy's mouth. It moved rapidly up to the head, Nikki expected it would release. To her amazement, it stalled, getting even stronger.

Nikki's groans mixed with Candy's muffled mewling as the crowd cheered and came and cheered some more. They bet on who would come first. Candy's hips rocked faster as Nikki's jerked forward and locked. Their sounds and the cheers reached a crescendo.

Candy jammed herself down onto the gourd, grinding her clit into some little nubs at the base. She was on the edge, one more pass would do it. Nikki gritted her teeth as Candy's mouth and fingers blasted hot shivers of sparks to still another level.

Suddenly it all flowed together, compressed, held, compressed again, and then exploded in pulse after pulse of incredible release. It went on and on, but not long enough. The pulsing ebbed, slowed and finally stopped. Candy gave a grunt as her own explosion took her, Nikki gave one last spurt as she did. They panted, Nikki was weak. The crowd went wild, showering them with applause and sperm.

Nikki's cum ran down Candy's chin. The first blasts had come so fast and hard, she couldn't keep up. It seemed like Nikki had come forever, the last spurt took her by surprise. She let the relaxing dick slide from her mouth. Strands of spit and sperm stretched from Candy's mouth to the head of Nikki's semi hard prick. They snapped, a few dribbles came off the end.

The crowd chanted for more. Nikki wanted more, a glint came into her eyes. Her cock rose slowly, pointing at Candy's face.

A tired Candy looked up.

"Please Nikki, no mo-"

The word was cut off as Nikki aimed her cock back into Candy's mouth and began thrusting. Candy grunted in protest around the hard meat banging away in her mouth. The rough pumping bounced her up and down on the gourd. Seconds later, she gave into the face fucking as her hungry pussy demanded more. She let Nikki do the work, balls slapping off her chin while she got fucked from beneath. Desiree didn't flinch when she felt his hot breath on her neck. She knew he was there, feeling his evil presence.

In a soft clear voice that cut through the din she stated, "There's no need for your tricks. I know what you want."

He laughed as she turned to face him, to meet his challenge. She raised her eyes, matching his stare evenly. A moment later he blinked, a perplexed look crossed his face.

He chuckled, "Well I'll be damned!"

She held her gaze, filled with hate. "You already are."

His laughter shook the room as he led her toward her friends, savagely knocking the crowd aside. Candy and Nikki were still locked into their two girl fuckfest, bathed in sweat and semen.

He pushed Desiree onto the table, to make sure she saw everything. They barely resembled her friends, their twisted faces reflecting the fuck sluts they'd become. They fed off each other's heat, caring only about their next orgasm. They glanced at Desiree from lust crazed eyes, and then turned their attentions back to each other.

Desiree told him, "Ask them."

He waited until they were on the verge of another blast and asked, "Is this what you want? Would you like to do this forever?"

They moaned, closer to the edge, both nodding 'yes'.

He leaned in. "There is a price. A small price."

At the moment, they would give anything. Anything.

Desiree stood suddenly, her shout, a flaming sword. "WAIT!"

The girls froze, the room went silent as death.

His anger rolled off him in shimmering waves of heat. The crowd drew back in terror. Desiree met his fiery stare with fierce determination. He fought for control, fists clenched, gnashing his teeth. His skin moved and shifted, like something alive was underneath and fighting to get out. For a moment, the room smelled of maggots.

A toothy grin creased his face, but there was no humor in it. He tried his best to appear warm and congenial, but it came off forced and phony. He threw out his arms and addressed the crowd.

"Is this the best Halloween ever, or what?"

They cheered wildly, again with the undertone of fear. He gestured toward the girls, who had partially recovered, aware of something outside the lust that drove them.

"Have I not given you entertainment?"

They cheered again, it sounded like canned applause.

"Have you not enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh?"

Another fake cheer.

"And yet, on this night, when our worlds are closest, this girl-" He pointed to Desiree, and continued, "Wants to spoil all our fun."

They booed, as if on cue.

He raised his voice dramatically. "She wants us to take off our pretty costumes!"

They booed again, moving toward her.

In a sad voice filled with crocodile tears, he said softly, "She wants...she wants to see..the truth."

They stopped, horrified.

His voice and demeanor turned cunning again.

"Howeverrrrr, she has offered something in return."

He turned on her, snarling, his voice boiling. "Haven't you dear?"

He poked a claw under her chin, forcing her eyes to his. She didn't blink. Her smile glowed from under the veil.

He turned to the crowd announcing, "And now, it's almost time for the Bonus Round!"

Candy hugged tight to Nikki, they both shivered in fear. The crowd cheered and mobbed the table.

He bellowed, "But first!"

They paused, he stage whispered hatefully, "The truth."

There was a beat of silence, and then a visible tremor ran through the room. It began to shift, to blur, fading in and out. The festive decorations soon hung in ragged tatters, the tables piled high with moldy, rotting food. The crowd's costumes melted away, revealing their true selves, the undead, the tormented, the damned. They looked to their host, his real face no longer disguised with a deceptive exterior. The source of evil, the father of lies.

Nikki and Candy shrieked in horror as the layers of illusion peeled away, one hideous revelation of reality after another. The truth was agony, surrounded by the damned, performing and cavorting lewdly for them, while the Prince of Darkness conspired to steal their souls.

Desiree demanded, "Ask them now."

If possible, his rage grew, now barely contained. He stomped on huge cloven hooves, his grotesque penis swinging between spindly legs. His claws sparked as they bit into the table top. They screamed again.

He struggled for control. Making one last attempt at the pretense of civility, he asked through clenched fangs, "Are you willing to meet the price for eternal pleasure?"

They clung to each other, pulling as far away as possible. Their silence was his answer, and Desiree's declaration of victory.

After a few long moments, he began to laugh. Softly at first, growing until it echoed from the walls. The damned cowered. When he laughed like that, there would be Hell to pay.

He pointed a claw at Desiree's nose. "YOU!" he exclaimed, and then lost it, collapsing in laughter.

He caught himself and continued between snorts and chuckles. "You got me good! I HAD those two! But you knew they still had to choose. And then you chose to save them, AND get what you want!"

He tried one last thing from his bag of tricks. With her Father's face and voice he shouted, "You are a bad girl, a very, very bad girl!"

He changed back, laughing raucously at his own joke. It cut off abruptly as Desiree delivered a stinging slap to his face. His eyes narrowed, he bared his fangs.

"You don't scare me." She said flatly. "I've already faced my demons."

He gave a demented howl, his rage finally boiling over. A few swipes of his claws shredded her costume. She stepped out of the remains, removing the veil herself.

Desiree stood nude, her soft and pure beauty a silent challenge to him and the hideous creatures of darkness surrounding her. He could have her body, but what he hungered for most would remain untouched, beyond temptation. An inner light glowing so brightly, it hurt his eyes to look at her naked flesh. A radiant smile lit her face as she stared him down.

It was her smile that finally did him in, forcing his hand. He grabbed her arms, claws sinking in to her skin. In a motion, he lifted and turned her so her bottom was facing up. His teeth sunk in, marking her flesh. She grimaced, but refused to cry out. She had made her choice, he had made his. The deal was sealed.

He spun her to him, their faces an inch apart. "Every Halloween, from sunset until midnight, you are mine. Mine to use in every perverse way I see fit. In return, you and your friends walk out of here with your souls."

She nodded. He shook her. "SAY IT!" he shrieked.

In a clear voice she said, "Yes."

He flung her back on the table, she slid across the slimy surface, bumping hard into Nicole and Madeline. He tried to save face, but it was clear who had won. He'd been beaten at his own game, tricked into giving Desiree what she'd wanted all along, escape for her friends and from herself, leaving him nothing.

His speech came off as a gratuitous farce, announcing loudly, "The little one chose wisely. Her decision was a product of her own free will. She chose to offer herself once a year in return for the truth. You two offered nothing, choosing only to take. I have no power over her, as she accepted nothing I offered."

In a final act of malicious spite, he sneered, "However, you two did accept something from me, and I demand payment for that now. You're going to get exactly what you asked for, and the little one can use her-"

He spat the words, "Free will."

And finished, "To choose what she wants to do about it. Enjoy the rest of your evening, I know I will."

Madeline felt it first, the ravenous hunger in her pussy. She rolled to her back, legs spreading wide. Her hands dove between her thighs, rubbing hard. Candy's adoring fans crowded in, eyes glazed with desire. Nicole easily snapped the toy handcuffs, no longer deceived by illusions. Unfortunately, the big fat cock she thought she'd wanted remained. It rose hard and fast, seconds later she was feverishly jerking away to make it come again.

He laughed insanely, and shrieked, "Trick or Treat, bitches!"

Maddy's pussy was raw from her constant rough fucking. Each pass of her fingers along her greedy slit was a trail of searing pain combined with jolts of screaming pleasure. Her fingers dug into her clit, rubbing harder, faster as it tried to hide beneath its swollen hood.

Madeline and Nicole were exhausted, but couldn't stop. Tears flowed as their needs took huge bites, demanding even more. Both girls labored furiously, slaves to the unnatural lusts they had wished for. Their cries of pleasure mixed with wails of frustration as they pushed for a peak they couldn't reach.

They looked to Desiree, pleading between gasps. "Can't- can't come. So close, so close."

Desiree moved to Madeline, who had three fingers slurping in and out of her cunt as she scrubbed her clit in a blur. Her endless flow of juices had turned her soft curls into a sticky, matted tangle of overheated frustration. Desiree eased between Maddy's knees, running her hands up her friend's thighs. Maddy looked between her legs with a grunt of surprise. Desiree caught Maddy's busy hands and pried them off her pussy.

Madeline gave a loud sob at the sudden loss of sensation, giving way to a delighted gasp as Desiree blew gently, the cool air soothing her chafed opening. She felt her friend's fingers move up, the tips tracing delicious circles on her screaming clit.

Two fingers from Desiree's free hand slipped their way into Maddy's drooling slit. The soft tips found and massaged her G-spot. The blonde's hips bucked, meeting and melting into the intimate caress. Desiree's soft touch was an irresistible summons of release. Madeline shattered, soaking herself, and Desiree.

Desiree lifted slowly and pulled herself from Maddy. She turned to Nicole, who now needed her attention more. Nikki was on wide spread knees, leaning back, her butt on her calves. One arm helped brace her from behind as the other pistoned the now huge cock, her chest bouncing with every stroke. Her face twisted with effort as she pumped her fist in a frenzy. Desiree caught Nicole's flying wrist after several tries. Nikki's eyes opened a bit, not comprehending. Desiree got her to slow and then stop. She gently held Nicole's hand.

She told Nikki, "Use me."

Nicole's mouth hung open, her fist tried to move again. Desiree tightened her grip, stopping her.

"No Nikki. Me. Use me. Fuck me. Fuck me Nikki."

Nicole's eyes grew wider, she understood. She panted, struggling to say, "Can't. It's wrong. Couldn't stop with Maddy."

Desiree kissed her, fingers floating along her friend's cock. "It's OK. It's what I want. I want you to fuck me. I want you to use me. I want to feel you come inside me."

Nicole still resisted, but Desiree's soft words and hands were crumbling her resolve. Desiree touched her face. Nicole's hand relaxed, and slid tiredly off her throbbing dick. Desiree circled her fingers, gently stroking its length.

She breathed in Nicole's ear, "I want you to fuck me Nicole. I want to know how you feel inside me. Don't you want to know how it feels inside me? In my pussy? Fuck me Nicole. Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me until you come. Come inside me Nicole, come in my pussy."

Nicole still resisted, it felt wrong somehow. Desiree played her trump card. She looked deep into Nicole's eyes, making sure Nicole would fully understand what she said next.

"I want to be your first, and I want you to be mine."

Nicole caved. How could she say 'no' to that? The light went on in her eyes, her cock twitched. If that's what she wanted, that's what she'd get. She gave Desiree her best 'dirty girl' smile.

Desiree moved to all fours, head down, bottom up in a submissive pose of unspoken invitation. She waited nervously for its acceptance. Nicole slid behind her and began rubbing her dripping cock head along the girl's slit, savoring the feel of her smooth, shaved outer lips. Desiree cooed, rocking her hips with the motion. Her inner lips parted as she grew moist, then wet.

Nicole paused, the big head poised at Desiree's small opening. Fighting every urge to ram to the hilt, she tried to be gentle. The soft lips parted as Nicole pushed carefully, slipping into what felt like warm wet velvet. Desiree suddenly pushed backwards, Nicole felt a quick tug as Desiree's hymen gave way. Desiree yelped, pain and pleasure shot through her body.

Nicole gave her a second before pulling back a bit. As she did, Desiree's pussy gave an involuntary twitch, squeezing around Nicole's aching hardness. Nicole took a breath and began exploring her way deeper into Desiree.

Madeline had recovered and needed more, driven by relentless desire. She looked up, shocked to see Nicole behind Desiree, fucking her. Desiree's face shifted from small grimaces of pain to a sweet bliss as Nicole moved deeper, stretching her tightness. It hurt so good. Desiree made two tiny fists and looked back as Nicole hit bottom. Nicole still had over an inch of hard cock to offer. She pulled back about halfway, and eased in again. This time was easier, Desiree was wetter by the second. Desiree gave a long groan as Nicole started moving in and out of her.

It took every ounce of will power Nicole had left to keep from jamming the big cock into her petite friend. Every movement of Desiree's felt better squeezing around her, a slick snug massage combined with a delicious friction. It was amazing. Nicole panted as she held herself back.

Desiree braced in a wide stance, tossing her head up and her hair back. "Yessssss! Oh yes! Oohhhoohh OOH!"

Desiree was losing herself. She gasped, "Fuck me! Fuck me Nik!"

Nicole knew it was time to give her what they both wanted. She slapped Desiree hard on the ass and grabbed her by the hips. The big cock was not waiting any longer, it needed to fuck.

Nicole thought, 'You're gonna be sore tomorrow bitch!' Her hips pushed hard, driving deeper, picking up speed. Desiree met Nicole's jabs, giving what she was getting. Maddy couldn't take any more. She scooted forward, toward Desiree's face. Her boot touched Desiree's arm. Desiree opened shining eyes and smiled, body jerking as she was pumped from behind. She pulled Madeline to her, and buried her face in pussy.

Nicole's thrusts traveled through Desiree, who licked Maddy in time with them. Each girl was lost in her own private pleasure. Nicole with the feeling of Desiree's pussy around her. Desiree getting fucked hard by Nicole getting her first fuck, as Madeline's first experience with another girl came from Desiree, whose first taste of a woman drove her to lick Maddy to peaks just beyond the line of sanity. Desiree was using them as much as they used her.

She broke and screamed, "Ohhhhhh! Harder! Fuck! Me! HARDER!"

Nicole grabbed a handful of hair and yanked. She used it to pull Desiree deeper on to her raging prick. When Desiree didn't move fast enough, she smacked her ass and yanked again. Desiree grunted each time the cock invaded her, harder. Faster.

She planted her mouth back on Maddy, sounds muffled as she licked and sucked harder and faster on Madeline's clit, coinciding with Nicole's cock pounding her from behind, taking it all.

He looked on, ruefully enjoying the show, knowing that once again, the truth had defeated him. He stroked his own cock slowly, thinking ahead to next year. He knew no matter what he came up with, that hot little bitch would love every second of it. The girls' sounds grew, each one careening toward her own climax. Nicole felt her balls tighten, she knew it wouldn't be long. Desiree felt the cock fucking her swell even more, the thought of Nicole coming inside her put her at the edge. Madeline's body tensed and locked as the tongue lashing continued. A thousand images flashed in Desiree's mind as to how she might be used next year, Nicole slammed her back to reality.

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