tagFetishThe Massage

The Massage


Candice walked through the glass doors of the beauty salon and approached the wooden counter. Dark wood, well waxed, it spoke of an expensively furnished business that expected its customers to spend just as willingly.

'Good afternoon' she began 'I've booked a massage for three o'clock. Candice Montello.'

The receptionist glanced at a monitor. 'Yes, that's right. Your first visit here, isn't it? Your masseuse will come through in just a minute. A full massage, two hours, that's £120.'

Candice paid, sat down, and took out her hand mirror. Never mind the cost of the massage, which ought to have made her an important paying customer; she was still anxious to look her best for meeting someone for the first time. The mirror showed black, straight, shoulder-length hair cut in curtains round a gentle, soft-featured face; brown eyes and carefully-applied lipstick in a glossy but pale red. She returned her mirror to her bag and a moment later a dark-skinned woman appeared in a doorway to her right and called her name.

'Ms Montello?'

Candice uncrossed her legs and stood up, smiling a greeting. The masseuse was a buxom woman of about thirty, five years younger than Candice if she was judging rightly, and her cleavage seemed to draw Candice's eyes until she shook herself mentally.

'My name is Suzie. This way please.' Suzie led Candice down a short corridor, and she noticed that although the masseuse was wearing sensible flat shoes, her dress was so short it seemed fitter for night-clubbing than massaging. A couple of steps back, thought Candice, and I could probably see the creases at the top of her thighs...

Again she brushed the thought away. The cost of the massage seemed to have given her an anything-goes light-headedness. She followed Suzie into a medium-sized room containing a large padded table, two armchairs by the window with a side-table, and a couple of shelves of bottles. Another door, on the far left, was ajar.

'Will you shower first?' asked the masseuse 'or are you ready?'

Candice had not even thought there would be a chance to shower. 'Um; I'm okay' she replied. 'Suzie; erm' she continued, looking at the window.

'Oh!' laughed the masseuse. 'Don't worry.' She moved to the corner of the room and pulled at a cord, lowering a thick fabric across the window. The room was lit now by a central ceiling light. 'Would you like to get undressed, then? There should be a pair of pants on the seat.' Suzie was pointing with her free hand at the other door.

Wondering whether many women came here without wearing anything under their skirts, Candice, puzzled, walked into the shower-room-cum-changing-room. There, she understood: on a square leather pouffe lay a pair of white pants made of a papery, but soft, material. She picked them up and held them against herself, then replaced them and began to undress. Unbuttoning her blouse, her fingers brushed against the cup of her bra holding her right breast, and she felt a shiver across her chest.

'Suzie? Er - do I - um, my bra -' Candice called, realising she didn't know whether to take it off or not.

'Oh, take it off, please!' Suzie answered cheerfully. 'The less you have on, the easier it is for me to reach all of your body. You want your money's worth, don't you?'

'Yes I do!' replied Candice, wondering exactly what the masseuse had meant. Had she implied that even the pants could be optional, or was that just Candice's mind running on the sensuous track it seemed to be stuck on today? Unclasping her bra, Candice imagined herself lying naked on a bed, being massaged to background music at low volume.

Suzie's voice broke in. 'I'm happy that you're okay calling me by name, Ms Montello. Not everyone does. If we both feel friendly then you'll be very relaxed, and I can feel where you need me to pay most attention.'

Candice didn't answer, but once again she wondered whether Suzie wanted her to read between the lines. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Her breasts were smaller than average, she knew, but firm, and her nipples were rather long. She had less of a waist than she had had ten years before, but was still slim. Running her hands down her sides, she hooked her thumbs into her knickers and stepped out of those too; standing up again she smiled. Her arse was definitely her prime asset, she thought - larger than average for a woman of her height, perhaps, but not fat either; beautifully rounded and resilient to the touch.

'But I suppose a massage doesn't reach there' she thought to herself sadly. She put on the paper pants and saw in the mirror that the top of her pubic bush was visible above them - she had always been hairy down there, from above her mound past her pussy lips right to her anus she had hair as black as that on her head. For a second she wondered what the masseuse would say, but realised immediately that she must have seen similar tufts before now. Briskly she walked back into the massage room.

Suzie had lit a lamp in the corner of the room; the overhead light was off. Candice began to feel sure that there was more available here than just a standard massage, and wondered anxiously how she would know what exactly she could ask for. The masseuse was standing by the table, oiling her hands from a small terracotta bowl on a side table and smiling at Candice.

'Shall I, on my back or on my front?' asked Candice.

'On your back to start please' said Suzie, patting the table. 'Ah - pillow' she muttered, and bent down to reach under the table. And now Candice was quite certain, because Suzie was bending her knees as little as possible, and three feet in front of her Suzie's dress rode up so that she could see not only her bum but the thin fabric of her panties, the flesh of her pussy lips, and, she thought, a darkening between Suzie's buttocks that might have been the rim of her arsehole - or perhaps it was just the low light in the room.

Candice sat on the table and lay back, as Suzie straightened up holding a pillow and slid it under Candice's head. 'Were you born in this country? Candice asked. 'I mean, you've got the tiniest accent.'

Suzie smiled. 'My parents came here from Singapore, before I was born. I've got some Malay, some Chinese in me.' She moved to the foot of the bed and Candice breathed out slowly, wanting to relax for the first touch of Suzie's fingertips. 'All right then?'

'Mmm' Candice murmured, and she felt Suzie begin to stroke firmly up her left calf. Hermione closed her eyes, enjoying the firm movement of the masseuse's smoothly-sliding fingers, but after a few seconds decided she wanted to catch her eye.

'That's lovely' she smiled, as Suzie kneaded her way up past Candice's knee and pressed her thumbs into the muscles of her thigh. As Suzie moved towards the edge of the paper pants, Candice waited, hoping that her fingertips might brush underneath - but instead Suzie ran her fingers quickly down Candice's other leg and began the massage again from that calf.

'You are in good shape, Ms Montello' said the masseuse.

'Thank you' replied Candice. 'You must see people with nicer bodies than mine every day.'

'No - really' insisted the masseuse. 'You have a beautiful body. It makes it so much nicer for me to have someone like you to touch. Legs like these...' Suzie's voice trailed off as her hands approached Candice's pants again from the other side.

'They're a funny material, these pants' Candice said, holding eye contact with the younger woman.

Suzie stared into Candice's eyes for several seconds, her fingers continuing to massage the top of her thigh. Candice could not read her expression. Had she gone too far?

'If you don't mind, if you're not embarrassed, you can take them off' Suzie whispered finally. 'As I said, it'll make it easier for me to reach...all of you.'

Suzie let her fingertips slide up Candice's sides, past her breasts, and down her arms to her hands, and helped pull her up to a sitting position then off the table. 'We're trained not to lose contact with you once we've first touched you' she said, smiling; and she stepped to Candice's right side and began a very gentle massage of her shoulders. 'Go on then.'

Candice looked down. Had Suzie realised how much pubic hair she probably had? What if she was surprised? But Candice knew she couldn't, and didn't want to, change her mind. She tugged down the pants, and stepped out of them carefully, putting each hand in turn behind her on Suzie's thighs for balance.

'You can lie down on your front now' came Suzie's voice, whispering close to her ear. Candice lifted one leg onto the table, and paused, knowing Suzie would help. Leaving one hand on Candice's back, Suzie put the other under her breast, to support her as she brought her other leg up and lay down, stretched out, head turned sideways on the pillow.

Once again the masseuse began to massage from Candice's ankles upwards. Slowly, slowly, her fingers stroked and pushed their way up one leg.

Candice felt her vagina moistening.

'It feels so good' she murmured lazily.

'Good' smiled Suzie, tracing her way back to the other calf and starting again.

Candice tried to imagine what she looked like from behind. How much could Suzie see? Her legs were only slightly parted: just enough for the masseuse's fingers to work each leg comfortably. Was her pussy on view?

Suzie's fingers were almost at the top of her thigh.

'Ms Montello, if you want me to massage these muscles properly, you need to spread your legs apart a little more.' Fingers still pushing and circling just below Candice's buttocks.

Candice shuffled her legs apart a few inches.

'More than that, I'm afraid: but if you don't want to, that's all right' Suzie whispered softly.

Candice turned her head as far as she could, so that she could just catch Suzie's eye. 'No' she said quietly 'it's fine.' She lifted her legs an inch, and, still watching the masseuse, spread them as widely as the table would allow. 'Is that better?'

'That is perfect' Suzie replied. And Candice felt the masseuse's fingers moving steadily higher, pressing the flesh of her left inner thigh, then her buttock, then down again to her crotch, surely only a finger's width from her pussy lips.

Candice knew she was getting wetter and wetter between her legs. Could Suzie see it, in the low lamplight? She let out a low moan as Suzie's fingers travelled past her lips again and up onto her arse, pressing and rolling.

'Ms Montello...'

What was it that Suzie couldn't say?

'Mmm?' Candice tried to convey that the last thing she wanted was for Suzie to stop. In fact, she wanted Suzie to touch her right in the centre, to move her fingers inside her pussy, to -

'Ms Montello, I can't massage these muscles very well like this.' Suzie's fingers were resting in the lowest part of Candice's buttocks, where the crease at the top of her thighs lay. 'Do you mind getting up onto your knees?'

Candice inhaled. In that position, legs spread or not, Suzie would be looking not only at her pussy but also at her hairy perineum and her hairy arsehole. Candice wasn't even sure how clean she was.

'No' she began, not knowing whether she meant it. 'You'll see my...'

There was a pause.

'What?' asked Suzie gently.

'You know; you'll be able to see...'

'I've told you' the masseuse breathed 'you're beautiful. I don't mean just parts of you.'

A finger traced its way down from the small of Candice's back.

'I mean all of you.'

The finger dipped into the crack between Candice's arse cheeks, and slid, oiled, down and down until it just brushed the sensitive few millimetres around her anus, then it faded away over one buttock.

Candice was so wet she was sure there would be not only drops, but a whole pool of pussy juice on the table. She brought one knee forward, then the other, and slowly lifted her bottom into the air, pointing back at Suzie.

'There' she said, anxiously 'you can't say that's beautiful.'

'I think all of your body is beautiful' the masseuse replied immediately, her fingers now gently kneading Candice's buttocks.

'You see; you can't say it. You can't say that that's beautiful' Candice repeated, an almost anguished note creeping into her voice now.

There was a moment's silence before Suzie replied this time. Her fingers' circular movements became slightly stronger, and Candice felt her buttocks being pushed apart. For a few more agonising seconds Suzie said nothing, and then in the faintest whisper she heard her say 'Your arsehole is beautiful. Your arsehole is beautiful. Your shit-hole is gorgeous.'

Candice's head, which had been slightly supported by her forearms, suddenly collapsed between them as her muscles turned to jelly and she gave a helpless gasp. She had come.

Suzie held her, standing by her side now with one arm over her back, reaching round almost to her breast, and the other arm resting on her bum.

Once her shakes had subsided, Candice turned her head to look at Suzie once more. Her breasts seemed to be almost bursting out from the low-cut dress she was wearing.

'Take off your clothes' Candice said, trying to sound as though she had a right to ask for anything since she had paid.

Slowly, Suzie turned round and squatted down, and Candice realised the dress had a back zip. She reached out and unzipped it down to the bra line, then ran her fingers up to the shoulders and slid it off both arms at once. Suzie stood and turned in one movement, stepped out of the garment and faced Candice. The dress had been too tight to need a bra, so Suzie now had on only her T-back. Knowing Candice could not comfortably reach to remove it from the massage table, Suzie rolled it down her legs herself, and finally took a step back to let Candice see her fully nude.

'Wow' Candice breathed 'you're lovely.' She reached up to touch Suzie's heavy breasts, hanging down and slightly apart and looking very inviting, but Suzie gently took her hand and guided it down, through her neat bush of pubic hair, and back onto the table. 'You first' she whispered. 'I want to prove to you what I said just now.'

Candice had no idea what Suzie meant. As Suzie moved behind her and tapped her waist, indicating that she should kneel up again, Candice made a questioning 'Mmm?'

'If a man told you your hands were beautiful' Suzie began, lightly running her re-oiled palms over Candice's back 'what would you expect him to do?'

She knew, now, what Suzie wanted.

'Touch them' she said. 'Explore them with his fingertips.'

Suzie gently ran one finger down Candice's crack, and began to trace a circle round her arsehole. With her other hand she pulled the cheeks away, getting a view of the brown skin of the outer rim, the light purple ring where the puckers and folds began and the black hairs stopped, and the tiny pink centre. Her finger ran up and down over it, to and fro around it; pushed gently in the middle. Candice could feel that with the massage oil on her arse and on Suzie's fingers, it would go in easily.

'Top and bottom' she whispered, 'he would touch every part of my hands if he thought them beautiful. He would make them his.'

The exploring finger lifted off her anus, and Candice wondered, feared, whether Suzie had misunderstood. But she saw out of the corner of her eye that the masseuse was just applying more oil to her hands.

Two fingers now pressed and pushed from Candice's buttocks towards the cleft between them. As they reached the sensitive skin around the opening, she let out a groan.


Suzie's fingers pushed, firmly, and smoothly they both slid into Candice's arsehole. Her other hand now reached forward and found Candice's right nipple. Gently Suzie rubbed, stroked and squeezed, as Candice's breathing got faster.

'Then, oh! Then he would, he would kiss my hands! he would suck my fingers' she said disjointedly.

The two fingers inside her rectum moved faster, in and out, side to side. Candice felt warm breath on one buttock: Suzie had squatted down next to her. She felt a kiss at the top of her bum, and the gyrations of Suzie's fingers slowed. In the midst of her lust, Candice suddenly felt a stab of fear in case Suzie should find her fingers soiled with shit. As Suzie gradually pulled out, Candice took hold of her wrist and tried to communicate her anxiety to her, but when she looked round Suzie had a minx's grin on her face and said simply 'Don't worry; I want to kiss it, anyway.' Relaxing her grip, Candice watched as Suzie slowly brought her fingers to her lips. She licked them both, one by one, then took them both at once into her mouth and sucked.

Candice abandoned all idea of restraint. Reaching behind, she found her clitoris, rock-hard already from the sexual high Suzie had brought her to, and began to rub frantically. Suzie, meanwhile, had brought her mouth round to Candice's arse and begun to lick around the edge. Her tongue explored every fold of the anal ring, and soon speared its way inside. Two seconds later it was out again, but only long enough for Suzie to whisper in Candice's ear: 'I love the taste of your shit-hole.'

Candice's fingers moved faster, to and fro between the button of her clit and its hidden lobes under the lips either side of her leaking pussy. Suzie's tongue continued to probe the inside of her anus, licking and prodding and sucking. For several minutes Candice gave herself up to the euphoria of feeling a woman's tongue inside her, of having someone love, passionately, the dirtiest, sexiest part of her: she felt herself losing control again. 'Oh oh oh, oh yes...lick my arse, lick, ohhh fuck fuck!'

As she came for the second time, Suzie held her round the thighs, keeping her arsehole elevated and suckable. When her orgasm had subsided, Suzie returned one finger to Candice's rectum, then laid her down, climbed up on the padded table and lay next to her, squeezing her tits into her back while continuing the gentle anal stimulation.

'Mmmm; you made me feel sooo good' sighed Candice, wiggling her bum gently to show her enjoyment of Suzie's finger. 'But I need to get up.'

'What for?' asked Suzie, mock-hurt.

'I need to...well, you've made it...I need to go in there' Candice finished, nodding at the shower-toilet room.

'No, you don't' Suzie smiled. 'I think you're beautiful. I think everything to do with your body is beautiful, don't you see?' And she swirled her finger around inside Candice's anus, exquisitely slowly and strongly.

Candice closed her eyes, unable to speak. She pushed her whole body back against Suzie's, to show her pleasure, but she could not voice a word. Now she knew what Suzie had wanted all along, and what had lain behind her deliberate use of the word 'shit-hole'.

Suddenly Candice felt the finger pulled out of her arsehole. She raised herself up on one elbow and turned to watch Suzie. Unable to look away, utterly imprisoned by her own shame and lust, she saw Suzie bring into view her index finger, half-covered with dark brown shit, and drag it gently across those large breasts that Candice had loved from the first sight.

'I love all of you' Suzie breathed, and held Candice's gaze as she brought her shitty finger to her mouth and sucked hard. Candice's jaw dropped; her most secret fantasy was being fulfilled and she hadn't even needed to voice it. Dizzy, she rolled back and let Suzie lean in for a face-to-face embrace, and whispered 'Kiss me.'

As their lips touched, Candice felt her pussy juices flowing again, at the same time as she tasted that small smear of her own shit in Suzie's mouth. The two women tongue-kissed slowly, savouring both the eroticism of the moment and the outrageous sensual lust of what was to come.

Suzie broke the kiss. 'You need to let it all out' she smiled, running her hand over Candice's buttocks again. 'Squat over me.' She lay back, and Candice got up to straddle her, but as she felt her rectum prepare to push she realised she wanted to watch herself as it happened. Putting her hands down on either side of Suzie's waist, she leant back and shuffled her feet forwards on the bed towards Suzie's shoulders until, through the forest of her black pubes, she could almost see her own anal hole about to spread open over Suzie's chest. Immediately the heavy mass inside her moved slightly, and she felt the instinctive gripping of her anal sphincter as it tightened, but the push was insistent.

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