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The Massage


I do really have a massage about once a month and the therapist is a man. Originally, I thought I would be in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or something like that, but he asked me to take off as much of my clothing as I would feel comfortable in. Not being an exhibitionist and generally not being entirely relaxed with most of my clothing off, I opted for taking off only the shirt. When he came back in to the room, he said it would be easier if I took off the shorts too. Deciding the guy’s only interest was in doing his “job” and that I needed to relax and get over it, I took my shorts off.

Over the month we have been doing this, he finally asked me if he could unhook my bra because it gets in the way. What the heck was I going to do, say NO? Ok, so the bra gets unhooked and when it comes time to turn over onto my back, it’s a pain to close it and it’s still in the way when he starts to massage the front of me. So, now the sessions take place and I am only in my panties.

Half the time, I forget I’m supposed to have a massage and only remember it in the evening while I’m driving home from work. So, I’m not paying attention to what underwear I’m putting on in the morning. Since I have some thong panties and other more skimpy types, I’m afraid I’m going to put them on and then end up having to go there! (I have some on right now because it’s so hot out and I’d like to have on as few pieces of clothing as I can get away with and still go out in public. I admit, they also kind of turn me on a little.)

The massage always starts the same way. He has me go in to a private room and it’s dimly lit. In the background there is quite sensual music playing (a CD I have brought from home; it is MY massage after all!) and there is the sound of water tinkling in a small fountain by the door. It’s a small room, maybe 10X10, and at an angle in the middle of the room is the massage table. It stands at about the same height as my hips. There are pillows on a chair in the corner, and the table is covered by two sheets – one to lie on and one to cover myself. He asks me to go in and get ready and tells me he will be back in a moment.

I go in and close the door behind me. I sit on the table, take off my sandals and place them under the chair. I pull my blouse off over my head and fold it, placing it on the chair. I reach back and unhook my bra and my breasts slowly tumble out. It’s cold in the room and my nipples start to get hard, shrinking to about half of their size stand erect. I wriggle my shorts down over my hips and realize I am wearing those darn thong panties! They are made of a shiny material that you can see right through! Great, now what? It’s not like I can go home and change my clothes at this point. I’m already embarrassed and feel like fleeing from the room, but I try to calm myself. Hey, the guy has probably seen it all! What’s a pair of skimpy panties to him? I just lay down on my stomach, as always, cover myself with the sheet and a few minutes later he walks in.

He asks me what kind of massage I want today. Would I like a relaxing one or something more invigorating? I ask him to do a combination of things. I ask him about a massage called Rolfing, because he has just finished his classes in this type of massage. He beings to talk about it as he pulls the sheet down to my waist, starting to work on my back and shoulders. I’m a little uncomfortable because of the panties and feel a bit more “revealed” than usual. I’m also more aware that my breasts are somewhat exposed by the side of my chest, but he insists that I lay with my hands and arms up by my head, exposing them even more. My nipples become erect again and I’m starting to feel aroused. I tell myself, this is absurd. It’s just a damn massage! I’ve had them before and there’s nothing sexual about them at all. Nevertheless, I almost want to apologize and explain the panties, but I know I’d feel more foolish than ever and decide to keep my mouth shut.

He’s telling me about Rolfing and says he would like to try a little of it on me. He proceeds to tell me about an “older” lady (what category does that put me in I wonder!) he’s been working on. It’s a 10-session therapy and it is “somewhat invasive” – but he does this in steps. It’s the first time he has done this outside of class and he’s a little uncomfortable about it as well. He tells the woman what he is going to do before it does it and she says, “Oh, come on! You’re young enough to be my son.” That, he says, embarrasses him even more!

I tell him that after he gets used to doing it, it won’t be any big deal. He agrees and tells me that he uses intense pressure and a sort of pulling motion on the inner thighs and pubic area – but it’s designed to release muscle tension in those little erotic zones and it’s the only way to do the massage. I have nothing to worry about because I’m sure he’s not going to be using that technique on me, but I start thinking about it anyway.

I’m beginning to feel the heat rise between my legs and my panties feel damp. I cannot quite get my mind on relaxing for this massage and I keep thinking, what if it were you giving me the massage instead of him? He says I feel really tight today and I need to remember to breathe deeply and slowly, while I’m thinking other little delightful thoughts! Shit – I need to get a grip!

Standing at the head of the table, he is massaging my arms and hands now, up and down and then extends that to my back. He uses his entire arm and leans over me – my head almost up against the zipper on his pants. I can feel the hair on his arms as he draws them across my back; it feels good I must admit.

I imagine that it’s your arms against my back and from my position, I can see a bulge in your pants. I wonder if you are really hard and move my head ever so slightly to get a better look. Accidentally my head bumps into your crotch – boy, am I embarrassed and mumble my apologies, but I could swear you have a hard-on! I’m trying to do my deep breathing…and I sneak another look. Oh my God, I can see the outline of the head of your dick – and it is erect. Oh boy, that’s just what I need to calm down! You ask me if it’s too warm in the room: my entire body feels like the heat is radiating from between my legs and I tell you yes, it feels a little warm to me too. You leave the room to get a fan.

I can’t stand it. I’m so turned on that I reach down between my legs, start stroking myself, and imagine it’s you. I hear the doorknob start to turn and quickly shift back to my position. Oh great that is just what I need, you catching me doing that! You come back to the table and start massaging me again. You are standing at the side of the table and lean your bulging crotch against my elbow as you massage my lower back. Your hands slide under the sheet. You move the sheet down a little further; no need to get the panties out of the way since my entire rear is exposed and you lean a little harder into my elbow. I start thinking that I’m just so incredibly horny that I am putting this image in my own head. No, you’re really not doing what I think you are. I must quit thinking about this. It’s just a damn massage!

But, you do it again. I swear you want something from me, so I move my elbow a little closer and I hear you let out a breath and say “umm…” I move my arm and stroke the back of your thigh where it meets your ass and let my fingers rest between your legs. I can feel your balls with my finger tips.

Your hands are on my ass as you continue to massage me, pulling up on my panties so the thong rides between my cheeks. I can feel the pressure against my already swollen lips and you slide your hand between my legs. I think that if you just touch me, I’m going to explode, but you just rub me against my panties and lightly stroke my bush. I let out a sigh and then remember that there are other people in the waiting room.

You move back to the head of the table and stand in front of me. Taking your hand, you unzip your pants, which can hardly contain your beautifully hard dick and pull it out. I reach out and gently take it in my hand – the skin feels soft and almost velvety against my palm. I reach in your pants and cup your balls in my hand. I lift them up and rub my index finger behind them and up to your anus. You nudge me and have massage oil in your hand… I put some on my finger and go back to work, stroking that spot over and over again. With my left hand, I take your delightfully hard cock, put the tip of it against my moist lips, and kiss it. Parting my lips, I let the tip of it slide into my mouth as my tongue darts back and forth, tasting that little bit of cum that spills out. I open my mouth a bit wider and let your dick slid to the back of my throat, my lips pressing against the shaft.

You can hardly stand, but your hips start to pump a little and you place your hands on my head to steady yourself. You are trembling and your eyes are shut as you feel the heat of your body rise. Your hips are thrusting a little more now and I pull and suck on your throbbing dick. I move my hand to the base and tighten my grip; you moan. I can feel your cock sliding back and forth in my mouth and my hand around it. I imagine it inside of me – as you begin thrusting faster and faster. I can tell you are almost ready to cum, I can feel your body tense, and you back off a few inches so I can finish you with my hand. Your cum spurts out and lands on my breasts and the table. You gasp, as your ass tightens and your thighs tremble.

Having had your orgasm, it’s My turn. I turn over on my back, breasts exposed and you lean over and start kissing them. Your tongue dances in little circles around my nipples and you pull one into your mouth; you suck on it greedily and nip at it a little as your hand finds itself between my legs. You move to my other breast and provide it with an equally delightful treatment, as your hand pulls my panties out of the way. Your hand strokes my pubic hair and you tentatively find my opening with one finger and slide it in. I hardly need any more encouragement and my hips rise to meet your hand. You insert two fingers and slide them slowly in and out, they are slick with my moisture. Your thumb massaging my clit, you can feel me squeezing your fingers as my hips pump up and down. Just when I think I’m going to have my orgasm, you pull your hand away and come and kneel at the foot of the table. Your head is between my legs and your tongue finds that spot again. My legs, like an early morning lily, open for you and you lick away my dew.

You run your tongue up and down the opening; the smell and taste of it turns you on and you are hard again. As the passion in me rises, my lips begin to swell and you put your tongue in deeper and start sucking on that spot again. You take two fingers and insert them as you pull me into your mouth and your tongue circles around and around my clit. You penetrate me deeper with your fingers, moving them in and out. I can feel myself tighten my muscles against your fingers while you suck on me even harder. I start to feel the orgasm rise into every fiber of my being and clamp down on your fingers. My hips rising up and down with your strokes, I shudder and moan – my thighs tighten and I explode with my orgasm – my wetness running out and on to your hand. You rub it on my breasts where it mingles with the cum you left there earlier and rise from your knees to mount me.

The massage table is made of wood with a skirt that runs around the edge. At about the mid-point, there are open handgrips for moving it. You ask me to bend over the end of the table and tie my wrists to the handgrips, a bit tighter than I expect. I remind myself it’s all in fun and do not object. Moving down to the end of the table, you stand with your hard-on pressing against my bottom and begin to tug at my panties, but I spread my legs apart in protest. I’m not so sure I want to be in this position after all, and struggle to try to release my hands, but I can’t. I feel a little panicky, never having been in this position before, and take a few deep breaths. You try to pull off the thong again, but my legs are firmly planted far enough apart that you can’t get them off and they are in your way.

You threaten to spank me if I don’t cooperate and I tell myself, yea sure, I’ll deck this guy if he even thinks of trying that! I can’t believe you’d try that, decide to call your bluff and stand firm. However, I can feel the blood rushing to my private parts as I stand there. I’m not exactly in a position to fight back. Before I know it, you take your hand and slap my rear end hard! I’m shocked, indignant, and I’m pissed off! “How dare he do that to me!” I think. I’m not moving my legs for anything now, and then you spank me a couple of more times and leave red handprints on my milky white ass. I can feel the sting of their impression and the flush of embarrassment rise to my cheeks, but my pussy is beginning to throb.

I cannot believe I have allowed myself to be put in this position; what the heck was I thinking anyway? This is embarrassing! I’m not about to give in now. Hell, you didn’t even ask if you could fuck me! I’m not going to stand there and just give in like some whimpering little kid. I can still feel the tingle of where your hand landed and you spank my bottom four or five more times in a row. It feels like a smooth wooden brush this time. I can’t see it, but I sure felt it! I can’t quite understand it, but it’s making me so hot that my nipples are hard and I can feel their every movement against the sheet underneath me. My pussy is literally throbbing and my bottom feels like it’s on fire; still I am not about to give in!

Standing next to me, I see you remove your belt and for a split second, I am exhilarated – what is going on here, I ask myself. Now, you tell me that I’ll have to beg you to fuck me and you won’t stop until I do. My slightly befuddled mind doubts that you would carry it quite that far, after all, there is a room full of people outside and they are going to hear it! I hear the leather belt move through the air and land squarely on the tender spot between my ass and thighs and hear the slap as I pull a breath in between my teeth. Immediately you hand lightly strokes the spot – ah pain and pleasure – I’m no longer sure of what I want. My breasts ache for your mouth to be clamped around them and I feel throbbing between my legs.

I hear the belt moving through the air again and it lands three or four more times across my bottom, not as hard, but I can feel the sting of it. You ask if I’m ready to give in yet and I do not reply. Your choice, you say, as you continue to spank me, occasionally using your hand to both tenderly sooth my aching bottom and the next to deliver a smart whack. Sometimes your hand just rests there; sometimes it slides down between my legs making sure I do not forget what you are here for. I can no longer stand it! Between the pain and the pleasure, I am in some other place and must find relief. I finally beg you to fuck me and you tenderly kiss and pat both of my cheeks and you untie me.

Instead of pulling my panties down now, you rip them off just to prove your point. You take the massage lotion and start rubbing it into my bottom in an attempt to sooth my injured pride. Putting more lotion on, your hand moves down to the mound between my legs and you cup my pussy and push my legs apart with your own, moving closer to me. You’re dick is hard and stands straight out, ready to enter me. Instead, you take two fingers and enter me. Finding me slick with moisture, you let out a little laugh and tease me about it by stating that my body has betrayed me and revealed the truth; you tell me I must have enjoyed it. I say nothing, but your fingers keep sliding in and out of my warm wet cunt and I can feel it start to grip on to them, even though I try to hold back. I’ll show him, I think to myself, but I have no control.

As your fingers slide in and out, I can feel your dick pressed up against me and I want to feel it enter me, but I sure as heck am not going to beg for it! You start rubbing my clitoris and I want to grind against you, as my hips sway ever so slightly back and forth and my legs weaken. I’m not giving in to this – no way, but my hands grip the sheet over my head and I want to tell you “harder, yes there, don’t stop, God that feels good.” Then you stop and just stand there for a few minutes. Slowly, you start rubbing your dick up against my swollen lips, but you don’t enter me, and you keep pushing the head of your penis against that spot and I want to yell at you, but you just rock back and forth. Not enough to give me an orgasm, but just enough to keep me right at the edge and I finally beg you to fuck me

You smile, pat my butt, and enter me – thank God! It feels so good that I moan “Oh yes, yes, please let me feel it deep inside,” and my request is finally granted. You ride me hard and I can hear you groan, your hands on my hips as you thrust in and out, and I hear the wetness of our love making. You reach around between us and begin circling my clitoris with your finger as your hips move your dick in and out of me. It feels so incredible that I almost want to cry, as my cunt throbs and tightens around your cock. I can feel my orgasm coming and pray that you don’t stop moving anything until I’m satisfied. You do not disappoint me, and it comes in beautiful waves that carry me off to some other place and you feel it too, as it pushes and pulls on your cock and brings you to an explosive orgasm. As we both shudder and tremble, your ass tightens and you bend your knees a bit as your cum spills into me. I abandon all hope of pretending not to be loving every minute of our time together.

Your body spent, you stand up and help me up. Holding me close to you and cupping one of my breasts, you rub your thumb over my nipple, which hardens under your touch. We kiss passionately. You run your tongue down my neck, between my breasts and come back up to my ear. You whisper how you’d love to give me a massage again next month.

I hope you enjoyed my little story – I enjoyed writing it for you. I have an appointment for a massage on Tuesday; I wonder what I’ll think about when he starts rubbing my back? And yes, it is just in my panties… Katherine

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