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For the last 5 or 6 years of our marriage, my wife and I have enjoyed spicing up our sex life with adult videos. I noticed how much wetter she got after we watched a lesbian love scene. I asked my wife if the thought of being with another woman excited her and she adamantly said no.

Recently we went on a golfing weekend to a really nice golf resort and spa. One of the amenities was a free full body massage. I set up our appointments on Friday and Saturday afternoons at 4:30 pm. I asked for the massage therapist to be female and never gave it another thought.

On Friday after we finished our round of golf we went into the Clubhouse lounge to have a couple of beers. Since it was only 2pm, I knew we had plenty of time to get back to the room, shower and change before her massage. We proceeded to have quite a few beers and at 4pm, decided to go back to the Condo we rented for the weekend, shower and get ready. Promptly at 4:30, there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, I could not believe the hot beauty that was there to give the massage. While my wife was getting out of the shower the young lady started setting up her massage table and I quickly grabbed my DVR Camera and set it up on a bookcase facing the foot end of the massage table. I told my wife to just put on the fancy robe the resort had in the closet and to come out to the living area.

After introductions, the therapist instructed my wife to climb up on the table and put her head on the pillow.. At that moment I told them I would be back in about 30 minutes as I was going to run up to the liquor store for some more beer. It took me longer than I expected and I returned about an hour later to find the therapist putting her stuff in her car. I gave her a $20 tip and went inside, where I found my wife sitting on the couch watching TV. We got dressed and went out to dinner.

I had all but forgotten about the camera until we were packing up to travel back to our home. I grabbed it and threw it into my suitcase and away we went. The following Thursday I was working in my home office when I suddenly remembered the camera and went and retrieved it. I downloaded the disc onto my desktop and proceeded to turn it on. I was not expecting to find what I found.

Right after I left, the massage therapist told my wife that she liked her clients to be really relaxed and she pulled out this huge doobie and lit it up. My wife took a couple of hits off it and then handed it back to the therapist who also took a hit and then set in on the table nest to where they were. She then asked my wife to slip off the robe and she proceeded to star the massage. She asked my wife if she had any areas that hurt her and my wife told her about her sciatica. When she got down to my wife's buttocks, she began to massage her butt cheeks in a rather sensual way.

Then I saw it-my wife gradually spread her legs out. She kept quiet as the massage therapist went on the he thighs. I couldn't help but notice how close she seemed to come to my wife's pussy as she worked her thighs. She stopped and relit the doob and again they both took a couple of hits and then she started in again on the upper legs. I could see that my wife was getting wet as she laid there. The therapist kept getting closer and closer to my wife's love nest, but never seemed to actually touch her. Then she asked my wife to roll over and she started at her neck with the most sensual looking massage I had ever witnessed. As she went down around her breasts she began to tweak my wife's nipples. The only reaction by my wife was a loan moan. The therapist then began to work her way down to my wife's lower abdomen and then to her legs. My wife was laying totally exposed on the table when the therapist leaned in and ran her tongue right up my wife's slit. Suddenly, my wife grabbed the therapist head and drew her tightly to her pussy. She proceeded to lap on her for about 5 minutes until my wife had what I can only describe as the most mind shattering orgasm I had ever witnessed her to have. Then therapist then leaned in and they shared one helluva erotic kiss, before my wife began to kiss her way down the girls chest to her bobs. She pulled her shirt and bra of and then proceeded to feast at the table of 2 magnificent breasts, while she slid her hand down inside the girls shorts to her womanhood. It didn't take long for the therapist to cum. About 5 minutes later I came bounding thru the front door.

My wife and I had one hot session of sex later that night-I have yet to tell her about the video and of course she has never mentioned her evening either.

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