tagBDSMThe Massage

The Massage


The massage begins like all of our massages with a shower. First you, hot, slow, relaxing, steaming up the bathroom, taking your time to shave everywhere. Your beautiful pussy, your tight little ass, all the sensitive areas are scraped clean of hair, smooth, ready for touching, licking, stroking.

You turn off the water and stand in the shower stall, applying body lotion directly to your still wet skin. Arms, legs, belly, taking your time to caress each muscle, even though you know you will be getting attention in just a few minutes. This time is for you to take care of yourself. Now your breasts, heavy, your nipples swollen from the heat. You apply the lotion and squeeze your nipples, gasping softly, already turned on, knowing what is coming. You squeeze your nipples again, harder this time and feel your pussy respond, pulsing slightly, the lips starting to swell, spreading, wanting attention.

More lotion now, avoiding your pussy, teasing yourself, down your lower back, over your round ass cheeks, dipping into the crack of your ass. Both hands now, bending slightly to spread your ass cheeks you apply lotion to your tight, sensitive ass hole. You probe a bit, gasping louder now, wanting to fuck your ass with your fingers but holding off. Back to your lower back and around to the front. Over your lower belly to the top of your pussy, now moving around the sides, simulating the motion you know I will take. You avoid direct contact with your sensitive lips and clit. Back and forth, belly to inner thigh, becoming more aroused by the second.

Finally, you pull yourself together and wrap a towel around yourself and come into the bedroom. You lie on the clean white sheets and I pull the top sheet over you, removing the towel as I do. You close your eyes and relax.

I move to the bathroom and have my own hot shower, not as long as yours but relaxing. I towel off and come into the bedroom. Candles are lit and the lights are low. No music plays, I love to hear the sound of your breath, grasps and moans.

You lie in the middle of the bed, arms to your side. I kneel beside you and whisper softly in your ear, telling you how beautiful you are and how much I love you. I lower the sheet to your lower back and pour some massage oil on you. I don't warm up the oil as you love the shock of the cold oil on your skin. My hands and your heat will warm it up soon enough. Lower back, shoulders, neck, back, these all get attention as I work out the tension of the day. Arms, hands, back to the shoulders, you deserve this, you are my princess. I can hear your breath deepening, I know that while the massage turns you on, the anticipation of more direct, intense stimulation is almost overwhelming for you.

I like to build slowly, but never in the same way each time. I love to keep you guessing. I move your arms out from your side and work my way around to the side of your breasts, brushing them softly. I feel you roll slightly to give me better access but I ignore the hint. Reaching around I work on your neck and chest, working down to right above the nipple but never touching it. Your breath coming faster now.

I move back to your lower back, pushing the sheet down further, revealing your glorious and shapely ass. I am fully erect now and the desire to stoke myself is overwhelming, but I resist. I spread your legs slightly and move to position myself between them. Starting with your feet, each leg gets my attention, stopping at mid thigh and back to the foot again. I move higher on your legs, spreading them a bit more, I can see your pussy starting to gape, spreading itself, uncontrollably, yearning to be touched and probed. I focus on your upper thighs allowing my hand to move to the very top, feeling the heat coming from you, pushing hard against the muscle at the top of your thigh, probing with my thumb the area between your ass, pussy and thigh, digging into the muscle, knowing the stretching and pushing is moving your clit back and forth again the sheets and is driving you crazy.

Up to your ass cheeks, massaging, stroking, now pulling them apart revealing your tight pink asshole. The temptation to push my tongue into you is overwhelming. I can see your ass spasming slightly, your pussy is gaping further. The wetness is now dripping onto the sheets, your breath is deep and intense now. Sliding my hands along the inside of your ass, brushing your sensitive asshole, gliding along the sides of your pussy, never really touching, just hinting, just grazing. Your back arches and I know you want me to push a finger, or two, or four, or my cock into your holes, either of them, but I stay the course. Your pussy is wide open, gaping, ready to be fucked. Your clit is swollen and red, yearning for direct pressure.

I tell you to turn over, you comply. Your face is flushed, hair still wet and clinging to your face and forehead. Your nipples are rock hard, swollen and red. You pussy is fully open. You spread your legs without being asked, hoping for stimulation, hoping I will lock my mouth around your lips and suck your clit until you come. Hoping I will push my tongue inside you and suck the juices out. I lean over and whisper in your ear. Telling you again how beautiful you are and how much I love you. But I also remind you that you are not to come until I tell you, reminding you that you belong to me and must do what I say. You nod slightly and whisper "Yes".

I stay kneeling between your legs , each time I move to massage your belly and chest my rock hard cock brushes your pussy and belly, causing you to squirm hoping for penetration. I drip massage oil all over your belly, working it into your skin, probing at your rib cage, your taut belly, down to the top of your pussy, pushing hard against the area right above your pubic bone, knowing this sensation moves through to your g-spot and your clit. Back to the underside of your breast, around to the top, and around again. Slowly circling in on your nipple but never touching it. I grab a breast in both hands and squeeze, moving out towards your nipple and stop just short. You gasp, desperately needing the more intense stimulation but knowing it will not come. Back again, squeezing the entire breast, stopping short of the nipple, left then right and back again.

Back to the top of pussy and again to your breasts. Your nipples are hard as diamonds, swollen. You breath is coming faster now. I look and your pussy is wide open, dipping onto your asshole. I continue to move my hands from your legs, past the side of your pussy, my thumbs first pushing your lips together, squeezing your clit, then pulling them apart, stretching your pussy open, revealing your swollen red clit.

Your pussy is spasming slowly, opening and closing. You try to bring you legs together to bring some direct stimulation to your clit but I tell you to stop, pushing your legs apart further. I move up and I bring my hands to your throat now and you gasp deeply. You love the control you have to give up to let me wrap my hands around your throat, the orgasms you have while I hold your throat are deep and intense. Giving up control of your body is the ultimate release.

I finally give in to your desire and touch your nipples, first one, then the other, then both, circling, stroking now pinching. Squeezing, pinching, harder now, almost unbearable but you can feel the orgasm building inside you. I take your breast in my hands and squeeze, moving slowly out to the nipple and ending at the tip, pinching hard. Then the other breast, back and forth until your are thrashing on the bed. I take both nipples in my fingers and squeeze and pull hard, you cry out and tell me you want to come, tell me to allow you to come. I whisper in your ear again, telling you how badly I want to fuck you, how sexy you are, but telling you not to come, not yet.

I move around to your head and place it softly in my lap, I tell you to grab your knees and to pull your knees up to your chest. With your head in my lap we can both see your beautiful pussy, open, fully expose, dripping, spasming slowly, juices pouring down between your legs. I dip a finger into your pussy and bring it to my mouth. You taste amazing. Your pussy is ready to explode, you are looking in my eyes, asking me to give you release.

I move both hands to your breasts and and softly stroke your nipples, round and around, pinching slightly but still stroking. To your neck now, down between your breast, to the top of your pussy, then around the sides pulling your pussy open further. Back to your neck, chest, outside your breast, to the top of your pussy, stretching it open again. Neck, nipples, pinching, pulling, down to your pussy and around, again and again, building.

I decide it is time, I can feel my own orgasm building, my cock dripping, hard against the back of your head.

I grab your nipples and pinch hard and I tell you it is ok to come, you look deep in my eyes and I can see you pussy start to spasm as your first orgasm overtakes you. Not once have we touched your clit and you are coming in waves. I put one hand around your neck and with the other I continue to squeeze your nipples. You come again, and then again. Gasping, crying, thrashing around on the bed and the spasms overtake your entire body.

I put your head on the bed and lean over you. You desperately take my cock in your mouth. You are still holding your knees apart and I reach down and push three fingers deep in your pussy. I curl my fingers until I am against your g-spot, my thumb is rubbing your clit, hard now. I pull hard against your g-spot, rapid pulses, timed with my thumb on your clit.

You scream out and come again. You are sucking my cock hard now and I know I will burst soon. I pull my fingers out of you and rub the palm of my hand against the outside of your pussy, sliding past your clit, over your wet lips, between your ass cheeks to your asshole, and then back, stimulating the entire area. You suck harder now as I move my hand back and forth across your wet pussy.

I can feel myself losing control, I dip my mouth to your clit and suck hard, with both hands I reach under your ass, two fingers plunging into your asshole the other hand fucking your pussy hard and deep. I push deep in your mouth, fucking your willing mouth. I wait until I feel your pussy and ass start to spasm, as your orgasm overtakes you and I come, filling your mouth. You gasp at the heat, swallowing and sucking, milking the come from my cock. I continue to suck your clit and fuck your wet holes and you come one final time.

Exhausted we collapse on the bed, and fall into a deep sleep.

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