tagBDSMThe Massage Ch. 02

The Massage Ch. 02


The massage business that I had set up in a back room of my home was doing very well. I was busy Monday through Friday, mostly with board housewives who liked feeling my strong hands on their backs. Sometimes I would let an attractive customer seduce me; after all, I am a virile man in his prime, and all that contact with female flesh keeps me on edge. But I always protect myself by video taping everything that goes on in my massage room, so that I can prove that I did not force myself on anyone.

Some of my regular customers have told me they feel safe and cared for by me. In spite of being six-four and muscular I project the image of a kindly country doctor who sincerely wants the best for his patients. It comes as a real surprise to them if and when the learn my true highly-sexed nature. I am always on the look out for opportunities.

As for my predilections, straight sex and blow jobs are fine, but my real passion is BDSM. Over the years I have had a number of incredible experiences with submissive women, and I have learned many techniques and accumulated lots of toys. The thing I like best is introducing women to the sexual ecstasy that can be theirs when they give up control.

Joanna was one of my most exciting conquests. As described in Chapter 1 of my story, I led her along over a series of massages until I had her under my power, and then I fucked her. She loved it, but was still struggling with her inhibitions, so I decided to take things a step further by ordering her to come back in two weeks for a 'follow up treatment'.

In the meantime I had upgraded the atmosphere in my massage room to make it warmer and more sensual. Soft lighting, some good art and tapestries on the walls, and scented candles, along with soothing music created the effect that I wanted. When Joanna called on the Saturday morning two weeks later, I was ready for her.

"Hello," I answered in my professional masseuse voice.

"Hello. It's Joanna." Her voice was weak and muffled, like she didn't want to be over heard.

"Hello Joanna," I said calmly, and then paused, waiting for her to speak first.

"Uhh.. do you still want me to come in today?"

I spoke firmly. "What did I tell you Joanna? It's been two weeks. If you are not here promptly at 3 o'clock your hubby is going to get some interesting videos."

"OK," she whispered. "I'll be there."

"And Joanna," I added. "You are to come looking slutty. Wear tight jeans and high heels."

"Oh..", was all she said before hanging up.

I felt a decided stirring in my loins as I contemplated what I was going to do with Miss Joanna that afternoon. The last time I had concentrated on giving her pleasure, hooking her and fueling her lust. The video recording of her easy submission and passion gave me control over her, and provided her with the excuse she needed to give reign to her dark desires. Now it was time for me to satisfy my craving to humble her completely and use her in ways most women would not permit.

Thinking about that Saturday two weeks ago when I had force fucked her, I remembered how good her ass looked. At the end of her massage I had her hanging over the end of the table with her bubble butt bulging out, round and firm. The deep cleft between her cheeks promised an exciting journey for Mr. Happy, but at that time I had limited myself to a normal doggie style pussy fuck, augmented by stimulating her rear hole with some special beads. Now that I had established my power over her I intended to take full advantage and enjoy that ass to its fullest. From her reaction last time to the beads, I knew that if I could get her to relax my ministrations would send her into orbit.

In spite of the fact that her visit was hours away, I got up and assembled the items I would be needing. For both our sakes I wanted her clean first, and that meant she must have two enemas. I knew from other experiences that giving a woman an enema humiliated her and usually broke through any final line of resistance she might have. Her most private functions were taken over by her master, leaving her with no reason to deny him anything.

For this purpose I had an old fashioned rubber bag with a nozzle tipped hose. I had added an extra length to this hose, so that I could hang it on a hook some distance from the massage table. The extra length also allowed me to suspend the bag from a rope and pulley, thereby giving me the ability to vary the water pressure by raising and lowering the bag.

I went into the massage room and attached the bag to the rope. Next I poured a few ounces of a special astringent solution into the bag. I would wait to add warm water later just before three o'clock. It was important that the water be at a comfortable temperature during the first enema. For the second one I would use colder water to shock her system and make her welcome the coming hot injection I was going to provide.

The other implement I made ready was a short, bamboo cane. Now that I had her under my control I wanted to show her the consequences of any disobedience. And a few burning stripes on her fine ass would create other areas of stimulation when I mounted her.

I had no other customers that day, and I stayed busy doing paperwork and surfing the net, with particular attention to my favorite BDSM sites. At ten minutes until three I went into my massage room and filled the enema bag with warm water. Shortly thereafter I heard her car pull up in front of the office. I waited at my desk, holding the bamboo cane in both hands and slowly rotating it. The wood was smooth and cool.

When I heard her footsteps on the porch I greeted her in my most authoritative voice. "The door's open; come in Joanna."

She opened the door and took a tentative step into the room. I have to say that the way she looked surprised and pleased me. My instructions to dress like a slut had been obeyed, and she looked sexy as hell. Her dark hair was piled on top of her head, with a few wisps dangling over her ears and forehead. The jeans could not have been any tighter, making me think that I might have to cut them off. Running my eyes up and down her body, I saw that she was had on heals at least four inches tall, which made her body arch forward provocatively.

Above the waist she was wearing a scoop necked, peasant style blouse made of a silky fabric that was a brilliant scarlet red. Some kind of super bra was molding her breasts into perfectly shaped cones that thrust against the body hugging shirt like the bumpers on a 1955 Buick. A pendant of black onyx dangled on a silver chain down into her cleavage.

She stood in the doorway fidgeting her hands in front of her and looking apprehensive. "I had to sneak out of the house," she said. "My husband would have killed me if he had seen me dressed like this."

I gave her a big smile. "You have done well. You look absolutely stunning. Close the door and come here."

With a graceful turn she closed the door, pausing long enough for me to get a good look at the way her ass was shaped by the designer jeans. She knew I was ogling her, and she was enjoying showing off her body. As she began walking slowly toward my desk her eyes fell on the bamboo cane that I was tapping lightly against my palm.

"What's that for?" she gasped.

"Your husband does not know how to handle you," I said. "You need to be dressed up like this sometimes and made to do unspeakable things. This little stinger is going to help you do that."

I came out from behind my desk and sat on the edge facing her. She stood two feet away, shifting her weight nervously from foot to foot.

"You know what you want and what you need. And you know you don't have any option but to let me give it to you. Now kiss me."

Joanna took a deep breath and stepped forward between my spread legs. I let her take the lead in moving her mouth to mine. Tentative at first, her trembling lips attacked mine with a fierce hunger, and she pressed her needy body against me. Dressing as I instructed her had made her hot even before she arrived. My no nonsense words had brought her to boil.

"I'm so ready for this," she mumbled between kisses.

But I was not going to make it easy for her. She was going to be taken to another level before she got the release she craved. I pushed her away and spoke sternly. "Put your hands behind your head."

I stood and walked behind her, brandishing the cane. Her ass was outlined in the skin tight pants like a piñata ready to be broken. The fact that the fabric was in such close contact with her skin meant that the sting of the cane was going to be transmitted directly, with no buffer. I traced the contours of her ass with the end of the rod before giving her a smart whap across the center.

"OWWW.... What was that for? I have done what you told me," she shrieked.

"That's to let you know I can do whatever I want, with or without a reason. Do you accept that, or do you need more convincing?"

"Oh god... I accept it.. I have to...."

"And you want to, don't you?"

"Damn you.. yes... yesssss. You know I want to."

"Good. Now hold still." I put the cane down on the desk within easy reach and went to work opening the buttons at the waist on her pants. She kept her hands behind her head and breathed deeply. With a little effort I pulled open the fly of the jeans and pealed them down over her hips, leaving them at mid thigh, where they gripped her tightly.

"There," I said. "Now we can get down to business. Your pants can stay where they are for the time being. They will not interfere with my purposes. However, these bikini panties are going to have to come down too."


I slid her panties down to rest on top of the bunched jeans. The moisture on her pussy gleamed like morning due on summer grass. Kneeling down I studied her sex and explored it with my finger tips. Little moans escaped her throat as her hips began the tell tale humping motion of a woman seeking to capture the object of her desire.

"The next time you come, I want this pussy to be clean shaven," I said. "Your bush is so thick I can hardly see what I am doing."

"Yes Sir," she groaned. "But you are doing wonderfully. I think I am about to cum."

"Oh no you don't," I laughed, getting to my feet. "It's time to go into the massage room. Now move."

Poor Joanna could barely walk. The lowered pants bound her thighs together so she could take only baby steps. She hobbled as fast as she could with me urging her on by slapping her ass with the cane. "AAWWW..... I'm going... I'm going....."

Once she was through the entrance into my back room, I closed the door and locked it, making sure she saw me drop the key into my pocket. It was another signal to her that she was under my power.

"Get over to the massage table and lean over it," I barked. "Your treatment is about to begin."

She started shuffling toward the massage bed, and at that moment she saw the enema bag hanging from the pulley, the hose coiled at the end of the plastic-covered mattress. On the end of the hose the enema nozzle with its 'keeper ring' laid waiting "OH NO," she wailed. "Is that what I think it is?"

"It is indeed," I said, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her the rest of the way until her thighs hit the edge of the table and she was forced to bend over. Then I yanked her hands to the other side and secured her wrists to the same loops I had used on her during her prior visit. She was now helplessly draped over the table, her bare ass in the air and completely vulnerable. I ran my hand over the smooth surface, probing and pinching to make her loosen up, while at the same time explaining the procedure.

"You are going to take two doses of my special solution, which will clean you so thoroughly that I could eat my dinner out of your ass, which I may very well do, and which you would enjoy very much I'm sure. No need for you to worry about getting dirty or smelly. When I think you are ready I will release you to go into my well ventilated bathroom, where you will have privacy. At the end you will take a shower. Then you will present yourself to me for me to take my pleasure."

"OH MY GODDD... I never thought I would have this done to me, especially by a man. It's so embarrassing."

"Of course it is. I am taking control of one of your basic bodily functions. You can do nothing to stop me. Now just relax while I lubricate this nozzle with the juices from your pussy. I could use a jelly, but I prefer the natural approach."

I teased her pussy with the tip of the nozzle and soon had an ample supply of slippery fluid coating the slender injector. It was only a short distance along a natural passage from her pussy to her ass, and I guided my probe to its destination. She squirmed and twisted, but to no avail as I worked the tip into position.

"Now breathe deeply and open your sphincter," I cooed into her ear. Momentarily she clenched and bucked, but inevitably the greased probe found its way into her ass. To ease her discomfort I massaged her pussy lips gently with my fingers. Soon she relaxed and I was able to insert the plunger to the point where the 'keeper ring' popped into place and secured nozzle so it could not be ejected.

"There we are," I said with a satisfied tone. "Now I will just open this valve and let gravity take over."

There was a gurgling sound from the bag as air replaced the fluid that began flowing down the tube into Joanna. I had decided on a quart and half for the first dose, and I adjusted the valve so it would go in slowly and gradually fill up her bowels. I wanted her to feel it progress into her and dissolve away her resistance. While this was happening I amused myself by slapping her ass lightly with the cane.

"Ohhh goddddddd... ahhhhhhh..... whhooooo....." A constant stream of noises came from her throat. She hunched up her back to try to relieve the pressure on her stomach as the fluid filled her. I ran my hand under the nozzle and onto her pussy to check her condition and found that she was even wetter than before.

"You are a good little slut," I said. "Once you are clean I am going to really enjoy fucking your ass."

"Oh yes...", she moaned. "I want your cock in my ass. I want to feel it slide up into me and possess me."

While the fluid gradually worked its way into her I took the opportunity to pull off her shoes and jeans. It took some jerking, but with her hands secured I was able to pull off her pants and bare her from the waist down.

At that point I looked at the limp enema bag and realized it was empty. She was full, but still needed some agitation for the cleanser to do its job. "Get up," I said, unfastening her wrists. "You must hop around the room to churn your insides."

The enema hose was long enough to let her move around with the nozzle still plugging her. I used the cane on her ass and legs to make her dance. It was quite a sight.

"OHH... I have to go now... please .... PLEASE....."

"Count to ten slowly, and then you can go into the bathroom," I said. She counted and danced, hopping from one foot to the other as I followed her with the cane, slapping not only her ass but her lower belly where I knew she was feeling the wash surging through her system.

"TEN," she finally said and rushed through the door into the bathroom.

I let her go and turned up the volume on my sound system to drown out any unpleasant noises that might find their way through the bathroom door. As much as I liked ass play, I avoided the dirty stuff. For the next few minutes I kept myself occupied refilling the enema bag, this time with cool tap water, and getting the restraints ready for the next position I wanted her in.

Five minutes passed, and she still had not emerged. Getting a little worried I turned down the sound and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Everything okay in there?" I asked.

The only response I got was a heart wrenching sob. Now really concerned, I opened the door. Joanna was standing by the sink, looking at herself in the mirror with tears running down her face. Her bright red shirt stood out in sharp contrast with the naked flesh below her waist. I came up behind and wrapped my arms around her.

"What's the problem, Joanna?"

She caught her breath as a heavy sob racked her body. I cupped her tits and waited patiently for her to tell me what was causing her so much distress. Finally she lifted her eyes and looked at me in the mirror.

"I feel so dirty and guilty. How have I gotten to this point where you can abuse me and humiliate me so?"

"Joanna, I am not abusing you. I am doing what we both want."

"I may want it, but I don't think I can handle it."

I smiled at her agonized reflection. "It doesn't matter. Stop torturing yourself over making some decision that you no longer have the power to make. I am not giving you any choice. If you walk out of here and I release the videos, including the one I just made, your life will be ruined. If you stay and submit to me you will experience secret pleasures and store exciting memories that will add spice to your life for years to come."

"Oh, I don't know....."

"Enough of this," I said harshly. "Now let's get those big tits of your out of the confines of your wonder bra where I can get at them." My hands moved up her stomach to where I could pull the bra down and lift her tits free. I left the bra under them to push them up and out against her blouse. Her hard nipples made dents the size of thimbles in the thin, red fabric.

"Come with me so I can insert the nozzle again and rinse you out."

"Oh goddd...."

I took her hand firmly and led her back into the massage room. It was important that she accept the fact that she had no choice in the matter. Only that resignation would permit her to relax and give free reign to the lust that I knew was bubbling under the surface.

For her second enema I wanted her on her back with her legs in the air. That way I could tease her pussy while the fluid was flowing. For this 'rinse' cycle I planned to use two full quarts of water, and to raise the bag to increase the pressure and force the water deep into her system.

"Up we go," I said lifting her under her arms and sitting her on the end of the table. "Now lie back and put your arms over your head." When she hesitated I took hold of both of her nipples through her blouse and pinched, gradually increase the pressure until she gasped and flopped on her back.

"You are still being naughty," I said as I walked to the other end of the table and secured her wrists in the leather straps. "You will learn that any delays in responding to my commands will be costly."

Next I retrieved a spreader bar from under the table and attached it to her ankles. The telescoping bar allowed me complete flexibility in how far apart I wanted her legs; I settled on about three feet. Fortunately the ceiling in my massage room contained several exposed beams, which were perfect for affixing lines and pulleys. I tied a rope to the middle of the bar and hoisted her legs up and back toward her head like I was raising a flag.

"OH NOOO... What are you doing? I am so exposed... This is too much to bear...."

It was certainly true that she was exposed. Every nook and cranny of her pussy and ass was open to my inspection and manipulation. I started with her pussy and took my time. It wasn't long before my fingers were wet and her protests turned into moans and whimpers.

"That's better my dear. Just take it easy and you'll be fine." My finger tip was dabbing at her clit, and I knew I could set her off if I kept that up. "No cuming until I tell you," I warned. "We want to save that for when I bugger your ass."

"Oh godd...."

"Now I am going to grease up your little friend and insert it so we can freshen up your insides." Her stretched open position made it easy for me to slip the nozzle into her hole. I twisted it slowly back and forth to make sure she felt it as it went in. Her muscles spasmed like she was not sure whether she wanted to suck it in or push it out. But no matter; when the retainer ring popped past her sphincter, the nozzle was longed firmly in place.

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