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The Massage Gambit


(c) 2010, All rights reserved

Foreword: Dear Reader, this is a story about wife sharing and/or the "voyeur hubby" syndrome. While some "Loving Wives" tales are about a committed, monogamous relationship, most are about the erotic nature of opening a marriage, infidelity, or some other variation – which are not "pure." This story also contains some bi-sexual exploration. So if any of these offends you, please do not bother to read this story – there are hundreds of others for you – and for heaven's sakes, don't vote. Voting on Literotica should be based on literary quality and erotic appeal, not moralization!


Chapter 1:

Seth and Mandy had been married for ... well it seemed like forever. What with living together and marriage, it was nearly a quarter of a century. Neither had gone to bed with anybody else since she moved in with him. Both had gotten somewhat out of shape during their time together but still made for an attractive couple. Mandy was cute and on the petite side: hair died auburn, 5'2", 115 lbs, 32A cup with pretty pink nips, and a neatly trimmed darker patch on her mons, revealing the original color of the hair on her head. Seth was about 5'8", 180, and muscular although over the years, he had acquired a soft abdomen. He had never gotten any complaints about his average length, but rather thick penis. As far as Mandy was concerned, Seth was plenty for her.

However, like many husbands, perhaps way more than their wives suspect, Seth harbored a not-so-secret fantasy of watching his wife with another man. It wasn't as though he had no idea of how that might work or look – in fact, he and his "ex" had actually been "swingers;" and he had enjoyed MMF, MFF, MFFF, and MFMF group sex. And while all had been hot and enjoyable, he had to admit that the MMF 3-ways were the most exciting. To put it simply, he liked watching his wife with another man and preferred not to be distracted by the obligation of paying due attention to the other woman, especially in another room.

When Seth and Mandy started dating, it was apparent that both had experienced many partners – including some group experiences for her as well – but decided it was time to settle down and not open their relationship to the potential pitfalls than can accompany letting others into the picture. As the years went by, the notion of ever having group sex again faded, at least in real life. Seth retained an active fantasy life which recalled his hot times with the ex and made-up scenes starring Mandy. Eventually, looking to spice things up as their sex life became somewhat routine, Seth started to voice some of these fantasies, talking about others joining them – even fostering the feel of what it might be like by introducing a rather sizable dildoe to insert into Mandy's pussy while he licked her clit and she sucked his thick cock, effecting a "DP" sort of scenario.

Their fantasies involved picking up a hunk of a stud on a beach (earlier in their relationship, they had enjoyed going to nude beaches, but she had not felt comfortable with that for quite a while). They'd imagine inviting him back to their hotel room or bungalow – perhaps for skinny-dipping in the private pool and winding up in their bed where the guest would use his much larger cock on her tight, little pussy. Over time, the fantasies evolved from Seth's just watching to participating – progressing from merely taking his turn to holding and inserting the stud's cock inside her ... to licking her clit while she got fucked .... to licking his cock as it went in and out ..... to orally prepping the both of them. Eventually, the fantasies went from "mild-to-wild" with notions of the stud's rimming, fingering, and even fucking Seth's ass as he enjoyed a "cream pie" or "sloppy seconds." While many wives presume a husband wants them to swing so he can gain access to "strange pussy," Mandy came to understand that this sort of "pillow-talk," surprisingly devoid of another female, turned her husband on and could be relied upon to make him cum inside her every time.

One morning while making love and using his trusty fantasy, Seth asked her to show how she'd suck the stud's cock while Seth was fucking her. Mandy turned her head to the side and formed a nice "O" with her mouth – tongue licking and sucking an imaginary cock.

Seth was really turned on by this and he asked her for the first time, "Would you really like to do all that?"

Holding his breath as he waited for her reply, she said, "Yes."

Again Seth asked, "Do you really want a new cock?"

Again, she hissed, "Yes."

Finally, he asked, "Do you mean that?"

And when she said, "Yes, if that's what you really want..." he shot his load of cum into her pussy and collapsed – rolling off her to the side, his mind reeling with what he had heard her assert.

For the next several days, he found his imagination running amok – picturing actually returning to the erotic world of wife sharing – wondering if she really meant it and looking for the right moment to pursue the conversation. Was she really interested or was it just what it had always been – "pillow-talk?"

One evening as they were walking home from an off-Broadway show ironically about wife swapping, and with a fair amount of trepidation, he said, "You know there's something I've been meaning to ask you..."

She cut him off by saying, "I bet I know what you want to ask me..."

Seth said, "What do you think I want to ask?"

Mandy laughed and replied, "Just ask what's on your mind?"

"Well...uh... you remember the other morning when we were making love...."

Very quickly, she said, "I didn't mean it."

He replied, "How did you know what I was going to ask?"

She responded, "I knew and I've been waiting for you to ask about it. I was just saying all that to get you off."

"But you sounded so definite – you know...uh serious."

"Well, that was just for you baby – not for me."

Somewhat relieved but also disappointed, Seth told her that he had been wondering for days, since she had seemed so sincere at the time. She told her husband that she had no intention of ever doing anything like that for real – especially now that she wasn't happy with her body having put on a little weight and gotten out of shape. Why would another man be interested?

As they continued to walk home, Seth pondered this question of how – or even if – to pursue this?

Chapter 2:

During the summer, Seth had been exploring a couple of websites devoted to the "lifestyle" – mostly guys who share their wives or wannabe cuckolds or "cucks" as they're called. As one might expect, men eager to be of assistance with more than advice, i.e., happy to oblige by fucking a wife also prowl these sites looking for such opportunities. These guys were known as "bulls." At one point, Seth had encountered a couple of such men and chatted. One was way too pushy and aggressive. That guy happened to be a cop and rather uncouth, so Seth felt he was not simpatico and potentially dangerous. A bull with a gun and handcuffs? He didn't think so. Another fellow, a married guy named Jay seemed eager and experienced and was pleased to chat about what he brought to the table. This was demonstrated by sending some very hot photos of a very thick 8" cock poised to penetrate somebody's wife and plus a pic of another wife holding it in her hand. The face pic was nothing special but pleasant enough and not threatening. Seth's mind boggled – imagining Mandy's hand and pussy wrapped around Jay's monster tool! Seth speculated that Jay was only interested in married women so that there would be no complications or entanglements that might threaten his own marriage – which Jay confirmed. Jay's wife had no idea that her loving husband was spreading the love and other wives' legs – mentally carving "notches" on an imaginary bedpost and was already able to boast more than a dozen such conquests.

Initially, Seth told Jay there was no way that Mandy would ever go for it.

Jay would offer suggestions like "suppose you told her I was an old friend from work and we go out for drinks, get her drunk, tell her how beautiful and sexy she is and let nature take its course?"

It's amazing how many people rely upon alcohol to lower inhibitions and do things that may be difficult to face in the light of the next day. Seth shot down each suggestion as improbable or unlikely to work. Mandy knew all of his friends, coworkers, classmates, et. al. and wouldn't buy such a ruse. Furthermore, Jay was a good deal younger; and therefore, less likely to be a cohort.

For a while, Jay did not hail Seth when they saw each other online. Once in a while, Jay might say hello and ask if anything was new? Seth kept the dialog open by introducing him to other cucks with whom he chatted from time-to-time, who had wives that did like to fuck other men and were free to pursue their pleasures. He thought he was doing a good deed and providing a service of sorts by matching up one who supplies with those who need.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

One day while chatting with Jay, who had once again asked about trying to find a way to seduce Mandy, Seth said, "hmm ..... maybe the 'Massage Gambit'?" – and asked Jay if he knew what he meant by that?

Jay said, "You mean I come over to give her a massage?"

"Yes ... she'd be more vulnerable and defenseless that way – imagine her just covered with a towel...."

Jay asked, "Mmmmm, does she get massaged naked?"

Seth responded, "Oh yes, covered with a towel of course. We used to have a masseur come regularly to massage both of us."

Jay noted that she was used to having a male work on her.

"Does she like lotion or oil during her massages?"

"Yes, she's always had lotion or oil; and I think that would be much more sensuous, don't you?"

Jay agreed.

Seth then voiced the notion that such ministrations sprinkled with a few compliments might be ego boosting and help with her body issues.

Again Jay concurred.

"You could make sure she drinks a few glasses of wine before I arrive and get her more relaxed."

Knowing that Mandy enjoyed wine, that probably wouldn't be a problem.

"Well I could give her a really good massage since I'm trained in shiatsu."

Seth had wondered if Jay could pull it off and now it was beginning to sound more feasible. So he asked, "Have you done this before?"

Jay said, "yes, a number of times."

"With a reluctant or not-interested wife?"

Jay affirmed that he had indeed successfully seduced just such a wife – working her body face down on a bed for an hour before he got more intrusive. When he felt she was sufficiently relaxed, he started inching closer to her ass, moving the towel enough to gain glimpses of her crack, then her pussy, and finally her crinkly asshole. When she didn't complain about the ass massage and manipulation, his fingers started to stray to her pussy which he found wet. Next step, he explained to Seth was to start playing with her lips, then her clit, and with no resistance, he slid a finger inside her to massage her g-spot.

Seth wanted to know what she was saying?

"Nothing ... she was just moaning."

And it seems her husband, thrilled to see her defenses crumble, was whispering assurances in her ear to relax and enjoy. After she came the first time, Jay rolled her over onto her back and went down on her eating her to another orgasm before rolling on a condom and mounting this now compliant and cooperative wife, sliding his big cock inside her to complete his latest conquest. After he came and pulled out, her husband got on top to take his turn and quickly came. And it seems that Jay now being ready for more, ate her to another orgasm and then fucked her again to make 4 orgasms provided by this wandering wife lover.

Seth then asked, "What do the husbands do – I mean do they just watch or participate?"

"Some just watch – some take a turn – some participate in various ways."

"Participate how?"

"Some guys want to put me inside her. Others do a lot more..."

"How much more?"

"Hey, I'm totally straight; but if I get to fuck your wife, I'll let you suck my cock."

Seth gulped, feeling as though he had been caught with one of his most secret fantasies.

He said nothing in response to this offer but his mind was in a whirl.

Jay now shocked Seth from his reverie by asking, "so when can we work on your wife?"

Seth typed, "I don't know .... I need to think about this. It's very exciting."

Jay ended the chat by saying, "OK ... let me know."

Naturally, Seth was excited; but he was also anxious that the shit could hit the fan. Maybe she'd have a fit and there would be hell to pay. He found himself distracted on and off all day, his stomach almost in knots with nervous excitement, picturing what Jay had managed to do with and to that other wife – and imagining Mandy lying on their massage table face down while Jay touched and maybe took some little liberties like sneaking peeks at her tits, ass, and pussy. He thought about it as he lay down next to her to go to sleep and it was the first thing he thought about when he woke up in the morning – especially when she threw the covers off herself in her sleep and he thought how much Jay would appreciate the sight of her spread out like that on her back, legs invitingly open – her secret treasures innocently displayed.

Each time they chatted online from then on, Jay would say something like, "So are you ready to make this happen?"

Seth would admit that he was seriously thinking about it. Seth would ask, "What would you want to do to her?"

Jay would say something like, "I want to fuck her hairy prude wife pussy and suck her tits – does that turn you on?"

Seth could only admit that in fact, it made his cock twitch – evoking an "lol" from Jay.

Seth proposed that maybe the safer course of action would be to offer a first massage as a nice Christmas present and take it easy – just give a nice massage – sneak all the peaks Jay could get, but not get too aggressive with his fingers – and then see what, if anything, she had to say. If she were insulted or had considerations, that would be the end of it. If she said she enjoyed it, Seth would see if she'd like another session for her birthday, which was coming up soon. He even envisioned that she might keep her thoughts to herself and not admit that she had been turned on – maybe masturbate imagining a "happy ending" and suggested such a possibility to Jay.

Jay asked, "Does she masturbate a lot?" – (probably trying to get a sense of just how sexual or horny Mandy might be).

Seth said, "I don't really know .... some."

Jay offered to take it slow with Mandy, saying he usually got them by the 2nd time – but admonished that he'd go along with the 2-step approach but would not bother with a 3rd. In sum, it would be 2 attempts to make it or give up and move on to the next wife.

Clearly, Seth now had some thinking to do – and most of it was imagining just how it might work out to everybody's satisfaction without recriminations – and hopefully, even being able to capture what might be a one-time experience on video to relive over and over if it never happened again.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

As the holidays careened upon them, Seth used his graphics design talent to create a "gift certificate" for one (1) massage and wrapped it with a bow to be presented on Christmas morning along with other items he thought she might enjoy. When she opened the certificate, he told her how he knew she enjoyed massages and had stopped getting them what with the economy being so bad. This would be a nice and well-deserved treat he suggested.

She did inquire who would was the massage therapist and was it a woman?

Seth explained it was a guy who came highly recommended (that pun a little 'in-joke' he made sure to share with Jay the next time they spoke) and who made house calls. He know his wife would not want to shower and dress to travel home – she preferred to just climb off the table and get into bed to read or watch TV after getting that relaxed. Mandy seemed content with the explanation and looked forward to getting the first massage she would have had in a very long time.

Chapter 3:

During the days between giving her the gift certificate and the actual day of the scheduled massage, Seth's nervous system was on overload. He could have used a tranquilizer. He and Jay spoke on the phone regularly like the conspirators they were. This would either be a fantastic experience or a fiasco and Seth was hoping for the former rather than the latter. He also wondered if he were literally opening up "Pandora's Box" by allowing another man with such designs and purpose near the wife he might betray.

Finally, the evening of the massage appointment arrived, and Seth made sure his camera and video camera were fully charged and ready – and that Mandy had a few glasses of wine with dinner. Normally, he might discourage her from having one-too-many, but this time two-too-many seemed a good idea. At the appointed hour, he set up their massage table, covered it with a sheet and placed a large bathsheet towel on top to preserve her modesty.

Right on time, the doorbell rang and Seth opened the door to finally meet the man to whom he was literally offering his wife's body on a platform. Jay was a pleasant enough looking guy – nothing special and certainly not threatening. He was an average looking, early 30's, and in decent shape. He just happened to be a big-dicked guy who loves to seduce wives while their husbands watch.

Introductions were made and Jay suggested Mandy disrobe and get on the table face down while he washed his hands and heated up some oil in the microwave. Mandy waited until Jay was safely out of sight in the kitchen before dropping her t-shirt and slipping off her panties, quickly climbing onto the table and covering her back and ass with the big towel and resting her face in the table's cut-out. Seth put on soft music and dimmed the lights to enhance the mood while leaving just enough for his low-light capable cameras to function properly.

When Jay came back into the room she could not see the look of lust on both men's faces as Jay rubbed his hands half in glee and half to warm them up before touching Seth's wife's body for the first time. Determined to make this a pleasurable experience and do a good job to relax her, Jay worked diligently, initially using his shiatsu techniques to probe and release through the towel. Next, he folded the towel off her back to her hips, lifting it briefly to sneak a glimpse of her ass but not long enough to alarm her. He did manage to leave an inch or two of her crack on display – winking at Seth who nervously was moving in and out of the room not wanting to miss anything.

Pouring a little warmed oil on her back, Jay now started the Swedish portion of the massage, rubbing up and down and across. After a while, he started to work on her sides and enjoyed glimpses of the swells of her petite breasts, massaging close enough to gain a little feel but not doing too much to upset the plan. Mandy was enjoying the strong, deep tissue work and was drifting off to sleep what with the massage and the wine.

Finished with her back and arms and fingers (and Seth could not help but imagine what it would look like to see her slim fingers wrapped around Jay's fat cock – was he a sick pervert or what?), Jay pulled the towel up over her shoulders and moved down the table to fold the towel up and uncover her legs. What Mandy didn't realize was that Jay had succeeded in covering most of her ass but not all of it – and the parts that showed were the best and what he wanted to see. Now revealed to a new man were all of her legs culminating the bottom curves of her ass and a very good look at part of her pussy. Jay looked at Seth, winked and licked his lips reminding Seth of big bad wolf with Little Red Ridinghood at his mercy. Of course, this was a whole new meaning for "the better to eat you with, my dear!"

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