tagIncest/TabooThe Masseur Ch. 02

The Masseur Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my story, The Masseur. I’ve never written a sequel to any of my stories, so this is a first for me. Being the totally lazy person that I am, I am not going to recount any of The Masseur. If you need or want the background for this story, you’re just going to have to suffer through the first one. :)

BTW: In real life I actually am a licensed massage therapist. This story comes the closest to real life of anything I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoy it.

The next two weeks were like a dream. Joni showed up twice a week, stripped her clothes off as soon as the door closed behind her, then wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me an incredible body hug and kiss. I had fallen in love with the taste and texture of her tongue, as well as the rest of her body.

Today was no exception as Todd gently disengaged himself from her intoxicating grip and turned to begin making the Marguerita that she so loved. It was made even harder by the fact that Joni pressed her naked body up against him from behind, her incredible breasts pressing the hard points of her nipples into his back as her arms wrapped around him, her hands sliding down into his shorts to wrap around his already hard cock. Todd sighed as she began pumping him with her hot hands.

“Here you go,” Todd said, reluctantly turning to face her, holding her drink out.

“Oh, Todd,” Joni sighed as she took it from him and enjoyed a big swallow. “I can’t decide what I like the most, your drinks, your massage, or your cock,” she said, letting one hand reach down to capture him again.

“Well, it’s not like you’re having to do without any of it, is there?” Todd asked, bringing his hands up to capture her breasts, his fingers automatically finding her hard protruding nipples.

“Mmm, I like it when you pinch them,” Joni purred, squeezing his cock harder as he pinched and pulled her nipples. “Todd,” Joni began as she sank to her knees, still holding her drink in one hand, his cock in the other, “is there any reason you’ve never eaten my pussy?” she asked as she gently sucked on the head of his cock.

“Unghh,” Todd groaned as Joni opened her mouth and buried her nose against his stomach, swallowing his cock deep into her throat. She used her mouth and throat muscles to milk him for a moment before letting him slide out of her mouth to the point where only the tip of her tongue was stuck in the slit of his cock.

“The massage creme tastes terrible,” Todd gasped. “You’re always covered in it.”

“Then maybe we should start without the creme,” she suggested as she rose to her feet, “that way you could eat my pussy before you start. If you want to, that is.”

“Damn, Joni, I’ve dreamed about eating your pussy,” Todd admitted. “I just never wanted you to think that my primary focus was anything but the most therapeutic possible massage.”

“You don’t think that would be therapeutic?” she asked, a twinkle in her eyes.

“I know it would be,” Todd said firmly.

“Then we’ll try it that way?” Joni asked, firmly stroking his cock.

“Of course,” Todd said, a big smile spreading across his face as Joni climbed onto the table, laying on her back. Bending her knees, Joni brought the bottom of her feet together between her legs, then reaching down and grasping her ankles she pulled them up and outward until her legs were straight, spreading her pussy wide open, her tuft of bright red hair standing out above her slit, her clit fat and juicy as it throbbed between her pussy lips.

Without hesitating Todd dove between her legs, his tongue spearing up into her open pussy as his lips fastened onto her clit. Joni arched her back in delight as Todd sucked her clit, gently worrying it with his teeth at the same time. Joni came over and over again as he ate her pussy, his fingers plunging in and out of her pussy and ass at the same time. Finally Todd looked up, his face covered with Joni’s pussy juices.

“Maybe we should start the massage now,” he suggested as Joni lay there gasping.

With Todd’s help Joni rolled over onto her stomach, her face in the face cradle. An hour and a half later they were both gasping in exhaustion as Todd leaned against the wall, his cock glistening as it hung in front of him, Joni sprawled on her back, her legs spread, cum oozing from both her pussy and ass.

“Todd, that was the best yet,” she sighed, reaching down and cupping her pussy with her hand, feeling their combined juices leaking from both of her holes. “I had no idea massage could be this good.”

“Neither did I,” Todd agreed, shaking his head from side to side in wonderment.

Joni slid from the table and got into the shower to wash herself while Todd dismantled the table and then washed himself at the sink before collapsing into a chair, his cock hanging between his legs. When Joni finished washing and re-entered the room, Todd couldn’t help himself when his cock immediately rose to its full size at the sight of her. Joni was the most beautiful, sexy woman he had ever even imagined.

“My, my, what a nice compliment,” she laughed when she saw his cock rise to greet her. “You really are so sweet, you know,” she said, climbing onto his lap and guiding his cock into her pussy as she wriggled her ass down onto his lap, “an old married woman like me.”

“It’s a job and someone has to do it,” Todd said, leaning forward and sucking one of her hard nipples into his mouth as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

“I have a little problem for next week,” Joni informed him, not stopping her motion on his cock. “My best friend from college is coming to visit for the week,” she told him, grinding her pussy down on him. “Actually, we were roommates for 4 years.”

“So you need to cancel for next week then?” Todd asked, inwardly crushed at the thought of missing out.

“Well, no, but I was wondering if you could come to my house and do the massage?” Joni asked. “I’d like to treat Sara to massages while she’s here.”

“Your house?” Todd asked, surprised. “Then you’ll want a more normal massage then?” he inquired.

“Absolutely not!” Joni exclaimed, using her pussy muscles to milk his cock.

“But what about your friend, or your husband?” Todd asked, thrusting up into her.

“Oh, he’ll be at work and Sara is just going to love you,” she said with a big smile, leaning forward and kissing him hard, her tongue pushing into his mouth. “And Jeri is never home these days,” she told him, referring to her daughter.

“And your friend...” Todd began.

“You treat her just like you treat me and she’ll never want to go home,” Joni assured him.

“Does she know?” Todd asked as Joni increased her tempo on his cock.

“No, but she’ll figure it out quickly enough,” she responded, really fucking him now.

“Oh, god, I’m going to cum,” Todd groaned, feeling his balls finally boil over.

As quick as a flash Joni slid off of his cock and onto her knees in front of him, engulfing his turgid cock in her mouth just as he exploded, cum splashing into the back of her throat despite it being his 3rd orgasm of the afternoon.

“God, I just love your cum,” she breathed heavily, licking her lips after she had sucked him dry.

“You’re welcome to as much of it as you’d like,” Todd said gallantly, a satisfied smile on his face.

“You’re going to need a lot of it next week,” Joni said with a laugh as she pushed to her feet. “You think you can do two massages in a row?” she asked.

“If it kills me,” Todd assured her solemnly as he watched her pull her clothes on.

“Thanks again, Todd,” she told him, handing him $120 with one hand while reaching into her shorts with her other hand and then bringing it out, holding her fingers at his mouth.

“Mmm, my pleasure,” he said, sucking her fingers into his mouth, tasting her pussy all over them.

“That does taste nice, doesn’t it?” she asked after kissing him, licking his face and tasting herself on him.

“Tastes great,” Todd agreed.

“See you next week,” Joni said as she went out the door.

“Until then,” Todd responded as the door swung shut behind her. “What a life!”

Todd whistled to himself as he pulled into the driveway of the address that Joni had given him. This was an estate, he thought, a very rich estate, he realized, seeing the 6-car garage. Gathering his table and materials from the back of his car, Todd approached the front door, which was a double-door, 14-feet tall, under a portico large enough to cover a car. He rang the doorbell and waited.

“You’re here!” Joni said as she opened the door, a big smile on her face.

“I hope I’m on time,” Todd said, taking in the ultra-short silk robe she was wearing, obviously with nothing beneath it.

“Yes, perfectly,” Joni said, stepping aside so he could enter.

“Where should I set up?” Todd asked, his eyes taking in the main room which went all the way up to the ceiling, 3 stories high with huge picture windows overlooking the back of the house where there was a beautiful swimming pool and also a large lake.

“I think we’ll use the pool cabana,” Joni said as she closed the door behind him. “Right this way, sir,” she said with a laugh, skipping in front of him.

Following her, Todd was treated to the sight of her ass cheeks as her robe swished around. He felt his cock already starting to react. She really affected him. They went to a small apartment – that’s really what it was – next to the pool. It had a main room, a bedroom, and a full kitchen and bathroom too.

“How about this?” she asked, turning around, her arms out.

“This is incredible,” Todd said, shaking his head. “What a beautiful place. It seems so big,” he said.

“That’s the mirrors on the walls and ceilings,” Joni informed him. “They add a lot to things,” she said with a big smile.

“Yes, I imagine they do,” Todd agreed, setting his table down. “Are you going to be first?” he asked, starting to set up the table.

“No, Sara’s going to go first,” Joni told him. “She should get you when you’re fresh. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty left for me, isn’t there?” she asked, moving close to him and rubbing her hand over his crotch.

“Here she is now,” she said as the door opened.

Todd looked up and almost gasped. She was so tiny, barely 5 feet tall, with sharp features and short black hair. Like Joni she was wearing a very brief silk robe. Her eyes were bright green and she had a smile that could light up a stadium.

“Todd, this is Sara,” Joni introduced him.

“Hi, Sara,” he said, offering her a hand.

“Hello, Todd,” Sara said. “I’ve certainly heard a lot about you,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes.

“I hope it was all good,” Todd managed to reply.

“Todd, where is your uniform?” Joni asked.

“Uniform?” Todd replied, confused.

“Those cute little shorts of yours,” Joni said with a laugh. “I promised Sara that she’d just love them.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,” Todd said, feeling his cheeks flush.

“Well, I’ll bet I’ve got something here for you to wear that’s much more interesting than those jeans. Besides, won’t that be terribly warm?” she asked.

“I supposed,” Todd agreed, embarrassed.

“Here, what do you think of these, Sara?” she asked, holding up the tiniest little man’s bikini suit he had ever seen.

“Oh, my,” Sara said, her hand to her face. “That would be something.”

“Todd, will you wear this for us?” Joni implored him, a smile on her face.

“Are you sure?” Todd asked, eying the tiny piece of material and wondering if he could fit into it.

“Oh, yes,” Joni assured him. “I think you’ll look just wonderful in it.”

“Okay, then,” Todd agreed, taking it from her.

“You can change in there,” Joni said, pointing to the bathroom.

“You’re going to just love this,” Joni said to Sara as Todd changed.

“I’m sure I will,” Sara replied with a laugh. “He certainly is cute.”

“Oh, Todd that’s just perfect,” Joni exclaimed when he came out of the bathroom. “It fits you perfectly,” she said, surprising him by running her hand over his crotch and giving him a squeeze.

“I’d say it won’t fit very well for long if you keep that up,” Sara said with a laugh as she noticed the front of his suit start to push out.

“Would you like to get started?” Todd asked.

“I think so,” Sara replied with a smile. “What should I do?”

Todd looked at Joni standing there, a smile on her face, not sure of how to proceed.

“Oh, you don’t mind if I watch, do you?” Joni asked, a look of innocence on her face.

“I certainly don’t,” Sara replied with a laugh. “There’s nothing I’ve got that you haven’t seen before, is there?”

Todd blushed as the two women laughed, figuring there must be some kind of an inside joke that he didn’t understand.

“You don’t mind if I watch, do you, Todd?” Joni asked, smiling at him. “I want to make sure you give Sara exactly the same massage you give me.”

“Um, no, of course not,” Todd stammered. “Is there anything in particular about the massage that you want me to concentrate on or avoid?” Todd asked Sara.

“Oh, I have no idea,” she replied. “I only know that Joni said it would be the best massage on the planet and that I’d love every single bit of it. She’s know me long enough that I completely trust her judgement. She knows my likes and dislikes better than anyone, maybe even me.”

“Well, okay then,” Todd said, inwardly shaking his head. He hoped Joni knew what she was doing. “Would you like a towel?” he asked.

“Now, Todd, you know perfectly well we don’t use a towel,” Joni said.

“Um, well, we usually start out face up,” Todd said, watching Joni’s face out of the corner of her eye, seeing her nod her head.

“I should take this off?” Sara asked, indicating her robe, along with Joni enjoying Todd’s obvious discomfort.

“Well, yes,” Todd said, nodding.

“Okay,” Sara said, letting the robe slip from her shoulders. It caught just briefly on the hard chocolate points of her nipples jutting out from the most perfectly shaped C-cup breasts he had ever seen. His instant thought was they had to be enhanced, silicone. And then the robe was on the floor and Sara was standing there naked, except for a pair of white leather panties covered in bright chrome studs. Before Todd could say anything she had hopped up onto the table, sitting with her feet hanging off the side.

“Uh, do you prefer to keep those on?” Todd asked, unsure of himself now.

“Oh, not if they’re in the way,” Sara replied, her dazzling smile making his knees weak. “They’re Joni’s anyway. She lent them to me this morning.”

“Um, can you manage, or would you like some help?” Todd asked, his voice trailing off lamely as he realized how stupid a thing he had just said. Like she was incapable of taking her own panties off. His face flushed red as both Joni and Sara laughed.

“I could probably use a little help,” Sara said, laying back on the table and bring her feet up so that they were flat on the table, as far apart as the table would allow, her knees bent. “If you don’t mind,” she said, reaching down and unsnapping the panties on each side before propping herself up on her elbows to observe.

Todd was trying so hard to control his hands, afraid that Sara and Joni would see them trembling with nervousness and excitement all at once. With Joni standing on the opposite side of the table and Sara staring down her belly at him, Todd gently picked up the side of the panties where they had been unsnapped and gently peeled them down, slowly but surely exposing.........a completely bald pussy with a huge black dildo stuck up into it.

Todd gasped when he saw it. It seemed so huge compared to the tiny woman in whom it was buried. He could see that she had small thin pussy lips that were clinging to the shaft of the dildo which itself was sewn into the panties, part of them. Her clit was a berry-like jewel peeking out above the huge black shaft.

“Joni said it would help the massage,” Sara said, her eyes on his cock which had grown to its full size, springing out of the top of the tiny blue bikini that Joni had insisted he wear.

“It sure looks like it’s in the way to me,” Joni laughed. “Maybe you better take it out,” she suggested to Todd.

Holding his breath, Todd started to ease the dildo out of Sara’s pussy, now very eager to replace it with his mouth. Because Sara was still laying on the back side of the leather panties, he needed to ask her to lift her hips a bit. When she complied and Todd commenced with extracting the dildo from her pussy, he gasped again, seeing that there was another dildo sewn into the panties right beneath the other one, but this one was jammed up her ass. Both dildos filling her at the same time.

Slowly Todd eased them out of Sara’s body until she was laying there, both her pussy and ass gaping at him from being stuffed with the huge dildos. As Joni removed the dildo panties Todd was already fastening his mouth on Sara’s tiny pussy. She arched her back as his tongue slid into her and Joni sat on the bed to watch the show.

Todd quickly forgot about Joni watching as he feasted on Sara’s tasty pussy. It was so strange to be eating her with no hair at all, very different from Joni’s pussy which still had a patch of bright red hair above her slit. Sara had nothing. She looked like a little girl and her pussy seemed so tiny, though Todd had seen with his own eyes the two huge dildos that had filled her.

Sucking on Sara’s little jewel of a clit resulted in a couple of orgasms and Todd just drank her up. Joni had a hand between her own legs as she watched. When Todd finally lifted his face from Sara’s pussy, he had a sheen of pussy juice smeared across his face.

Moving around the table, letting a hand slide up the Sara’s leg, stuffing four fingers into her pussy as he leaned over her to suck one of her berry-hard nipples into his mouth. Sara moaned as Todd bit down on her nipple, his fingers plunging in and out of her pussy. After he had sucked and chewed on both of her nipples, Todd allowed Sara to bring his face to hers, her mouth soft as her tongue gently probed his mouth, then became more and more insistent until they were locked in the most passionate of kisses.

Then standing up, Todd leaned forward, letting his rock-hard cock rest on Sara’s tongue as she wrapped her lips around him and gently sucked, the tip of her tongue teasing the slit in the end of his cock. Sara’s green eyes never left his face as she softly sucked his cock. It was a much different technique than Joni and she never took more than half of him in her mouth, but it was incredibly sensual all the same.

“Maybe we should move on,” Todd suggested, not really wanting to.

“Oh, my, there’s more?” Sara sighed, flicking her tongue out to lick the tip of his cock once more.

Turning her over, Todd began to give Sara a massage. Joni was laying on her side, a knee propped up, her robe open, one hand leisurely stroking her pussy as she watched Todd work on Sara. When he got to Sara’s ass, Todd didn’t hesitate to be very thorough, taking extra time to massage her pussy, pulling on her tiny thin lips, rubbing her clit, plunging his fingers in and out of her until she came.

Finishing with her back side, Todd turned Sara over. She had a big smile on her face as she lay there, her legs splayed open, her bald, little-girl’s pussy glistening.

“This is amazing,” she breathed, stretching her arms above her head, her nipples standing up hard and dark on her breasts.

As Todd was wrapping the folded pillow case around Sara’s head to cover her eyes, he thought he saw a movement outside through the sliding glass door. He looked closely but didn’t see anything, Turning her blindfolded head in his hands, Todd let the tip of his erect cock rub against Sara’s lips. She immediately opened her mouth, letting him slide his cock in. Todd sighed as she began to softly suck his cock. He looked over to Joni on the bed, her fingers busy between her legs as she watched. She smiled at him as Sara continued to suck his cock.

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