The Masseur Ch. 02


Outside the cabana Jeri crouched behind the bush right next to the sliding glass door, not believing that the man hadn’t seen her when he’d looked up. What was going on? Her mother was laying on a bed, almost naked, playing with herself while some man was massaging another woman. Who was now sucking him! What was going on, she wondered, staying crouched down, watching from no more than six feet away as the woman continued to suck the man’s cock.

“Hold that thought,” Todd said, regretfully withdrawing his cock from Sara’s hot wet mouth. “Time to continue,” he said, first making sure the eye covering was snug and secure before letting his hand trial over Sara’s body until he was at her feet,

Slowly Todd began to work on Sara’s legs, first one, then the other, taking extra care with her upper thighs, massaging her pussy lips, pulling on them, plunging his fingers into her. When he moved up to her stomach and then chest, Todd marveled once again at how hard Sara’s nipples were as they strained upwards from the tips of her breasts.

Sara arched up off the table as Todd pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing tightly as he pulled them up as far as possible. It was so painful, yet she felt her pussy flood with juices as he slowly released her, massaging her nipples now.

Jeri stared open-mouthed as Todd moved down to the foot of the bed, trailing a hand along the woman’s body, deliberately sliding between her legs and down to her feet. He appeared to be pulling the woman down on the bed, holding her legs hooked over his arms at the elbow. She could clearly see his cock press against her pussy which was now almost hanging off the end of the table, open and exposed.

“Oh my god!” Sara gasped as she felt Todd’s cock begin to push into her pussy. “That feels so good,” she moaned as he slowly but surely buried himself in her.

Todd looked down to watch as his cock slid in and out of Sara’s pussy. It was so incredibly erotic that he wondered if he was going to be able to control himself. He was forced to tear his eyes away. The visual stimulation was just too much to handle. He looked at Sara pulling on her own nipples as he steadily pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Then his gaze went over to Joni on the bed. Her mouth was hanging open and she was openly pumping several of her fingers in and out of her own pussy in rhythm with Todd fucking Sara.

Todd hitched Sara’s legs up onto his shoulders and reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit as he continued to fuck her. Sara was now writhing on the table as sudden sharp orgasms began to overwhelm her. Todd could feel his own orgasm approaching as Sara’s pussy spasmed around his cock.

Suddenly pulling his cock from Sara’s grasping pussy, Todd moved up to the head of the table, his cock glistening and dripping with pussy juices as it stuck straight out in front of him. Grabbing Sara’s blindfolded head, he turned her face towards his cock. Sara’s mouth automatically opened wide, hoping for exactly what she got as Todd slid his cock in. Sara wrapped her lips around him and sucked, tasting their combined juices as he began to fuck her face, pulling the eye cover from her face. Almost immediately he exploded, cum shooting into her mouth as he emptied his balls. She sucked and gulped, barely managing to keep up, not stopping until there was no more cum to suck from him.

Jeri was gasping for breath as she crouched outside the window. She had one hand between her own legs holding her own wet pussy tightly. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She was so turned on. She couldn’t believe it when she saw Todd stand at Sara’s head and begin to massage her neck and head after having cum in her mouth. After ten minutes of that, he appeared to finish, moving over to sit on the bed, right next to her mother.

“Oh, Joni, I don’t know what to say,” Sara finally whispered. “That was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. Todd, you’re just magnificent. Thank you so much.”

“Believe me, it was definitely my pleasure,” Todd said, shaking his head from side to side. “You’ve got a fantastic body, in every respect.”

“Are you sure you’ve got enough left for me?” Joni asked with a laugh, looking at his flagging cock.

“Always,” Todd replied.

“Oh, do I have to get up already?” Sara asked with a sigh, turning her head towards them.

‘Of course not,” Joni said. “I can start right here.”

Jeri almost fell over when she saw her mother lean over and begin sucking Todd’s cock. What on earth was going on? What was even more amazing was the fact that she saw that her mother was able to take Todd’s cock all the way into her mouth. She was obviously a very accomplished cocksucker, Jeri decided as she watched, one hand absently rubbing herself between the legs.

“Okay, you two,” Sara said with a laugh as she sat up. “If I’m going to watch any more of this I’m going to want some more of it myself, so I think I’ll take a shower and Todd can give you your massage.”

“Umm, that sounds great,” Joni said, lifting her face from Todd’s lap and licking her lips. “I am so ready.”

“Thank you so much,” Sara said as she slid off the table onto her feet. “I hope we can do this again,” she said, leaning over and kissing Todd where he sat on the bed.

“It really was my pleasure,” Todd said, getting to his feet, his cock sticking straight out in front of him due to Joni’s ministrations.

“I think I need that shower,” Sara said, letting her hand gently wrap around Todd’s cock before leaving the room.

“I can’t wait,” Joni said, jumping to her feet and letting her robe fall to the floor, leaving her completely naked. “I want you to fuck me right now, the hell with the massage,” she said, climbing onto the table with her ass and pussy perched on the edge.

Joni lay back across the table instead of lengthwise, holding her knees with her hands, pulling her legs up to her breasts, while her head dangled off the opposite side of the table. The way she was laying had her pussy and ass pointing towards the window, the same window outside of which her daughter Jeri was currently crouched.

Oh my god, Jeri thought when she saw her mother get onto the massage table, her pussy spread wide open not six feet away. And shaved as smooth as a baby’s ass, she noticed as Todd moved between her open legs, his cock at the ready. I’m watching a stranger’s cock as it slides into my mother’s pussy, Jeri thought as Todd buried himself deep in Joni’s hungry pussy.

“God, Joni, I just love the way your pussy feels,” Todd groaned as he felt her immediately begin to milk him with her talented pussy muscles.

“Did you like massaging Sara?” she asked as Todd pumped her, slamming himself in and out, his cock as hard as it had ever been.

“Yes,” Todd gasped. “She’s very beautiful.”

“And did you like fucking her and having her suck your cock for you?” Joni asked, lifting herself to meet Todd’s relentless thrusts.

“Yes,” Todd replied. “I still can’t believe it happened. Just like with you,” he said, reaching down and rubbing Joni’s clit with his thumb as he steadily slid his cock in and out of her hungry pussy.

“I’m glad you liked her,” Joni said. “And I don’t mind if she becomes a client of your either. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of my appointments, of course.”

“Nothing will ever be more important than you,” Todd said, loving the way Joni was writhing on the table as he rubbed her clit, her orgasm affecting her whole body.

“Fuck me in the ass,” Joni gasped, her pussy clamping down on Todd’s cock. “Fuck my ass,” she pleaded.

I can’t believe how hot that is, Jeri thought to herself as she watched Todd’s cock going in and out of her mother’s pussy. She is so wet and she has a big fat clit just like me, she observed to herself. Oh my god, that’ll never work, Jeri said to herself as she watched Todd pressing his glistening cock against her mother’s asshole.

To Jeri’s complete surprise Todd’s cock easily disappeared into her mother’s ass, all of it. She could see her pussy pouting open above the shaft of his cock, still stretched from being so thoroughly fucked. Though she wasn’t exactly a virgin, Jeri had yet to let anyone fuck her in the ass.

She watched as Todd fucked her mother’s ass, his cock seeming even larger as it split the tight globes of her ass. It seemed to go on forever before Todd pulled his cock from Joni’s ass and spun her around so that his cock was pointing at her face. To Jeri’s amazement and disgust, Joni opened her mouth and sucked on the head of Todd’s cock.

Jeri saw Todd’s head thrown back as he obviously came yet again. When he staggered back away from her mother’s mouth, Jeri could see that he was still as hard as a rock. She was rubbing herself furiously now and noted with approval that he went over to the sink and washed himself before returning to the table where her mother was sprawled.

Incredibly, he turned her over and began to give her a massage. Where did he get the strength, Jeri wondered as she watched him work, now not distracted by all the sex. He obviously knew what he was doing.

“Mmm, that was marvelous,” Sara said as she reentered the room from her shower, stopping when she saw Todd massaging Joni.

Todd stopped massaging as Joni pushed herself up onto her elbows at the sound of Sara’s voice.

“I thought you might appreciate it,” Joni said to her, a smile on her face.

“Thank you so much,” Sara said, leaning over and kissing Joni on the mouth, very gently at first, then more intensely when she felt Joni’s tongue slip between her lips, surprising her.

Sara broke off the kiss when Joni gasped, standing up to see that Todd’s hand was between Joni’s legs sliding back and forth as he pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“I think I’ll just watch from over here,” she said, letting her hand gently trail down Todd’s body to end up wrapped around his rock-hard cock before leaving him and sitting on the bed, leaning back on her elbows, her feet up on the bed, her knees spread, totally exposing her pussy.

Todd continued massaging Joni, letting his eyes slide over to look at Sara on the bed, her hand languidly playing with her open pussy as she watched Todd work. He found himself wishing that the day would never end as he let his fingers slide up Joni’s leg and into her pussy.

Jeri watched in numbed disbelief as Todd continued his massage, interrupting it several times to get his cock sucked, or to fuck Joni while Sara watched from the bed. Finally the massage ended and Jeri saw Todd collapse onto the bed, laying back, his cock sticking straight up in the air, glistening with Joni’s pussy juices and his own cum.

Oh my god, Jeri thought as she saw Sara lean over and begin sucking Todd’s cock, all covered with her mother’s pussy juices. After several minutes of sucking his cock she swung her leg over his body, straddling him, and lowered herself onto his cock and began to fuck him. Jeri thought that Todd’s cock looked even bigger watching Sara rise up and down on it as she fucked him.

“You’ll ruin him,” Joni said with a laugh as she watched Sara fucking Todd. “You have to save something for another day.”

“I just can’t seem to get enough of this cock,” Sara panted as she worked her pussy up and down on Todd’s cock. “How do I know when I’ll get the chance again.”

“Well, I have two appointments a week,” Joni said smugly as Sara gasped in surprise. “Why don’t you make an appointment on a different day,” she suggested.

“Do you always meet here?” Sara asked.

“No, this is the first time,” Joni replied, “though I’d like to change that if it’s okay with you, Todd. Do you mind making the appointments here?”

“No,” Todd gasped, not believing how hard his cock was in Sara’s tight pussy. “That’d be great.”

“You can make your appointments here too if you’d like,” Joni volunteered.

“Oh, that would be great, “ Sara said, furiously grinding her pussy into Todd. “That way I wouldn’t have to worry about Steven or Sheri walking in on me.”

“Well, one way or the other you need to finish already,” Joni said with a laugh. “Jeri should be home already and John should be here soon too. But I’ll tell you what,” she suggested. “I’ll go to the house and you two finish up. Todd, this is for you,” Joni said, laying an envelope on the table. “You’re the best. I’ll see you soon. Sara, try to save something for next time.”

“Oh, god, I’m cumming already,” Sara moaned, throwing her head back as her pussy spasmed around Todd’s cock.

Joni watched with a smile on her face as her best friend finally collapsed on top of Todd, his cock still ensconced deep in her pulsating pussy. When Sara rolled off of Todd, his cock springing out of her pussy and sticking straight up in the air, she just couldn’t resist leaning over and sucking it into her mouth. The taste of Sara’s pussy juice all over it made it even more erotic as she swallowed him deep into her throat.

“God, I could suck your cock forever,” Joni admitted when she had let him slide from between her lips. “But no time now. Gotta go,” she said, moving up and kissing him passionately on the mouth. “Bye.”

“Wait, I’m coming with you,” Sara said, struggling to her feet and pulling a robe on, her clothes gathered in her arms. “I can’t wait until next time,” she said, a smile on her face.

“See you,” Todd croaked, waving at their backs as they disappeared out the door, rushing right by Jeri crouched behind the bushes.

Todd collapsed back on the bed, his head spinning, not believing what he had just experienced. In spite of cumming over and over again, his cock was now as hard as it had ever been, still sticking straight up in the air, almost painful it was so hard.

Jeri couldn’t believe she hadn’t been caught when her mother had left with Sara. She saw that Todd was just laying on the bed, his cock sticking up in the air. Her mouth was watering as she stared at him through the glass, her hand between her legs rubbing her aching pussy.

Todd groaned and sat up, shaking his head in disbelief. He never imagined that life could be so good. Pushing to his feet, he slowly collapsed his table and then dressed, painfully stuffing his rock-hard cock into his pants. He couldn’t believe how hard he had been and still was. This had never happened to him before, on more than one level, he realized, chuckling out loud.

Then he noticed the envelope on the table that Joni had left. Picking it up, he looked inside and was shocked to see $300 along with a note. Extracting it from the envelope, Todd read it.

“Todd, thank you so much for today. I can’t begin to tell you how much better my life has become as a direct result of your wonderful care. Sara is my life-long best friend and I knew that she needed your magic touch. Thank you for treating her so well. Until next time.”

Wow, Todd thought to himself as he headed out the door. I have definitely died and gone to heaven.

He never noticed Jeri crouching in the bushes as he left.

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