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I'm a masseuse but let me get one thing straight right from the start. I am fully qualified in both sports and relaxation massage. I'm also a lesbian so I specialise in massaging ladies only but until I met Sue I had never given a sexual massage to any of my clients. A few ladies have asked for sexual favours during a massage but I always say 'no' as one can't be too careful as they may be from the vice squad. And if anyone rings and asks, the answer is always a firm "no" and I will not let them make an appointment.

Now to my story. I had been massaging Sue every Wednesday for about two months. She was lovely, very intelligent and easy to talk with, she had a great sense of humour and was good company. Divorced a couple of years ago she loved a massage after her regular Wednesday tennis games. Relaxing on my table also helped Sue to cope with the stress of bringing up two teenagers. Sue always wore a bikini for her massages and there was never any hint of her being under my hands for anything but massage. I am quite willing to admit that I was attracted to Sue but I had a personal rule to keep my sexuality a secret from my clients.

This particular Wednesday Sue seemed very uptight and found it difficult to relax. She was very quiet, if my clients want to talk I will too. If they want peace with relaxing classical music then that's what they get, I have learnt to "go with the flow".

I commenced Sue's massage as usual with my client lying on her tummy with her face comfortably settled in the head hole of the table. After pushing her long dark hair to one side I untied the back of her bikini top, applied the lavender scented oil and started to massage her back and shoulders. There was a lot of tension in her shoulders and I spent more time on them than normal, easing out the knots and relaxing the muscles. My hands carried out the familiar patterns up and down her spine, her sides and around the lower back, easing off as usual in the kidney area. I instructed her to take some deep breaths that helped her to relax. Following my regular pattern I retied her bikini top after wiping off the excess oil and then lowered her bikini bottom so that her buttocks were in view but her "private parts" were still out of sight. Sue likes a very firm massage of her buttocks and as I drove my knuckles into her lovely buns she gave a long moan. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded so I proceeded with my knuckles giving her gluteus maximus muscles a good work over.

After covering her buttocks with the bikini panties I transferred my attention to her lovely, slim legs. Working my hands from her ankles to the top of her thighs I eased the tight muscles in her calves and thighs. Again I heard low moans as my hands came close to vee at the top of her legs, I noted the sounds but said nothing and pressed on.

It was time for Sue to turn over and I signalled this to her in my usual way, the way I do with all my clients, with a light spank on her bum and the instruction, "Turn over please."

Sue whispered, "Please do that again."

Naturally my first thought was that she wanted some more massage so I replied, "Sure, where, on your back or legs?"

To my utter surprise Sue replied, "No, not more massage, I want you to spank me again!"

Well, you can imagine my amazement! I have had an interest in spanking and some of it's associated activities for many years. Some years ago I had a girlfriend who enjoyed a light spanking as a turn on before sex, and here I was being asked by a beautiful client to spank her! I moved up to the top of the table and Sue raised her head with a wan smile, but with a sparkle in her eyes.

I asked her if she was serious and she said she sure was, her ex husband used to her spank her occasionally but never enough and her unusual needs were one of the reasons they split up. She went on to say that because she knew she could trust me after the last few months of massage she had decided to ask me, if I refused she would just leave and find another masseuse. Sue told me she was really badly in need of a good spanking and would I please give it to her!

There was a tension-laden minute of silence in the room as I thought about her request. The wetness between my legs gave me my answer, when in doubt go with the flow!

I smiled and nodded at Sue and moved back down the side of the table. I placed my hands on the bikini bottom, gently rubbing them over the contours of Sue's lovely arse. I continued the rubbing for a minute or so and you could almost feel the suspense in the room! A muffled "Please" came from the head of the table as I delayed the spanking for as long as I could.

"Patience," I replied, "Good things come to those who wait."

I continued my slow exploration of the lovely mounds, mounds that would soon be bouncing under my hands! Suddenly I raised my right hand and brought it down with a soft "smack".

"Harder," Sue said, "And don't stop until I tell you!"

Spanking harder was no problem for me; I raised my hand again and brought it down with a hard "whack". A sigh of pleasure came from Sue. Without pausing I repeated the spank on the other buttock, alternating my spanks as I warmed to the task.

I stopped after about thirty firm spanks and took a deep breath, "Sue", I said firmly, "This spanking will be much better for you if your bottom is bare!"

There was silence for about thirty tension filled seconds. Had I gone too far?

"Oh yes, Trish, please!" Sue cried.

My intuition was right again and I wondered how far I could go with the delightful Sue. Grinning to myself I slipped my hands under her bikini bottom where the warmth of her smooth skin was palpable to my touch. Slowly I caressed her beautiful buns, causing more moans from the very turned on lady on my table. Slowly, ever so slowly, I eased the bikini down off her lovely arse, marvelling as her pink coloured cheeks came into my view. Then I pulled the panties slowly down her thighs, knees, calves and finally completely off over her feet. Her feet were almost touching so I took an ankle in each hand and slowly eased them apart to near the corners of the table. As I moved back beside Sue my hands stayed on her legs, slowly sliding back up over her calves and lovely thighs before just grazing her pubic hair to rest once again on her blushing bum.

Without warning I gave her a hard "whack" followed quickly by about 10 more hard spanks, alternating between each glowing cheek.

There was a shriek from Sue, "Shit, that hurt, but I love it, keep going."

I needed no urging as I was enjoying this as much as Sue. I kept up the pressure, spanking firmly and regularly and moving my spanks down to her upper thighs. Sue was now moaning and gasping with nearly each loud whack. She was squirming on the table and I had to place my left hand in the middle of her back to try and keep her still. My hand was really stinging now and her arse was glowing a lovely shade of pink. I glanced at the clock to realise that my next client was due in about fifteen minutes and gave her six really hard final spanks on her lovely arse.

"We have to finish soon Sue, I have another client in quarter of an hour, roll over please." I said as I untied the bows of her bikini top.

As Sue turned over onto her back I removed her bikini top to release her beautiful breasts to my gaze and my hands. Sue lay there with her eyes shining brightly and a broad grin on her face. I applied some oil to her breasts and gave them a firm massage; squeezing the soft flesh and making the nipples stand up hard.

"Please Trish, before you finish……………" Sue was unable to finish her request.

"What would you like me to do?" I asked innocently.

"Use you fingers, make me cum pleeeeeeeaaasse!" Sue pleaded, "And do it quickly, I'm on fire!"

I let go of my long-held resolution of never to get involved with a client. I could not resist Sue's demand so once again my hands spread Sue's legs apart. Her pussy was very wet as I slid two fingers of my right hand in as far as they would go. I moved the fingers in and out, building her up quickly to what was going to be a great orgasm. Sue was writhing around on the table, moaning with pleasure, and when I added a third finger she just about took off. My left hand at first steadied her and then rubbed her clit as the right hand masturbated her lovely tight pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!" Sue cried loudly as the powerful climax juddered through her body. I was grateful that the room was soundproofed as she arched her back before collapsing on the massage table. Sue lay grinning at me as she gasped air into lungs while I used a towel to wipe the excess oil and perspiration from her body.

"What happened here today must always be our secret." I said as I helped Sue to sit with her legs dangling over the side of the massage table.

"Oh yes of course." Sue panted. "Thank you so much, I needed a spanking so badly. I'm so glad I asked you and I'm so glad you did what you did, can I come again?"

"Not right now," I replied with a grin as I held out my arms in an invitation to hug.

Sue giggled at my joke as she opened her arms to me. A shudder ran through both our bodies as our breasts pressed together and we held each other tight. As our hug ended I could not resist holding Sue's head between my hands and planting a soft kiss on her irresistible lips. As our lips parted I was overwhelmed as I felt Sue's arms wrap around my neck and pull me back into a long deep kiss.

"Oh God, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that." Sue gasped.

"I had no idea you were……..." My words were stopped by another long deep sexy kiss that was broken by the sound of the buzzer announcing the arrival of my next client. "Damn, damn, for once she turns up on time." I swore. "Quick, you'll have to dress."

"Yes, yes of course." Sue said with regret as she jumped off the table. "Can I phone you tonight Trish? There is so much I want to talk about."

"Yes, please phone me." I said as I changed the towels on the table while Sue slipped into her tee shirt and tennis skirt.

"I won't be needing these again." Sue giggled as she pushed her bikini into her bag.

"I wish you could stay." I said as I smoothed out the towels on the table.

We embraced once more and kissed again, a kiss that somehow promised many erotic times ahead. I reluctantly broke our embrace and move over to open the door.

"My bum's still stinging," she whispered to me just before she left the room, "See you soon," She added loudly for the benefit of the waiting client, "And thanks for a wonderful massage."

"Goodbye Sue, see you next week." I called as I motioned the next client to come into the massage room.

I must admit I had trouble concentrating on my work for the rest of the day as images of Sue's body and the sexy kisses flashed constantly in my head. I waited impatiently for the phone call that evening and was so glad when Sue finally rang around 8.30pm.

Sue thanked me once again for the spanking and told me that she hadn't felt so happy and stress free for years. I told her that I was strictly into girls only and that today was the first time I had ever become involved with a massage client. I asked her if she had any experience with other women and she told me of a time she got drunk with a girl friend during their last year at high school. They had kissed a little and felt each other's breasts through their clothes. Sue had been eager to go a lot further but her girlfriend freaked out and they stopped. Since that day Sue had fantasised regularly about lesbian love all through her marriage until our amazing time together today.

My eager friend asked if we could spend some time together before next Wednesday and in a flash of inspiration I asked if she could have dinner with me one night? Luckily her two kids were spending the following weekend at their father's so Sue and I made a date for six o'clock Saturday night at my place. After some further chat and lots of giggles Sue had to leave to help a daughter with some homework so we reluctantly finished our conversation.

The next couple of days passed slowly as I eagerly waited for the weekend to arrive. I did not have any Saturday appointments so I was able to prepare the dinner and get the house ready by mid afternoon. I showered and was relaxing on my bed in my silk robe around four o'clock when the front doorbell rang. I opened the door and was surprised to see Sue standing there with a worried look on her face, wringing her hands nervously.

"I'm sorry Trish, I, I couldn't wait any longer." Sue stammered.

"Hey it's ok Sue, come on in." I thought she was going to burst into tears.

I closed the door behind Sue; held my arms open and the lovely lady fell into my embrace. I hugged her tight then led her into the living room where we sat closely with my right arm around her shoulders.

"Nervous honey?" I asked.

"Oh God Trish, I've been so jumpy and edgy the last two days." Sue gave me a wan smile. "I think the kids were glad to go to their father's for once."

"Well just relax, there's no pressure on you here, ok? How about a glass of wine to calm you a little?"

"Oh that would be wonderful, thanks so much."

I jumped to my feet and moved quickly to the kitchen where I opened a cold bottle of Chardonnay. I returned to the living room with two cold glasses of wine and sat down beside my nervous friend. We stayed quiet with our own thoughts as we sipped the wine but I could sense Sue slowly relax as she emptied her glass.

"Feeling better?" I smiled as I placed the empty glasses on a side table.

"Yes, thank you." Sue said with a slightly forced smile, "But I'll be much better once……………."

"How about we don't wait until after dinner?" I suggested as I opened the top of my robe and exposed the tops of my breasts.

"Oh pleeeease, could we?" Sue sighed with her eyes glued on my cleavage.

I turned sideways on the sofa and opened my arms wide. Sue moaned as she fell into my embrace and we kissed passionately. It had been too long since I had loved another woman and it felt wonderful to know that this was this sexy lady's first time. Our kisses grew longer and I could feel my nipples harden along with the familiar wetness in my pussy.

I broke our embrace and held my excited lover at arm's length. "Come into my bedroom baby."

Sue jumped quickly to her feet, held out a hand to me and I led her the short distance to my bedroom. We stopped and as we embraced beside the bed I could feel the tightness in Sue's shoulder muscles. Our lips met again in a long sexy kiss with our tongues exploring each other's mouth.

"Undress me darling." I said as our kiss ended and I took a step back. "I'm showered, clean and all yours."

Sue moaned as her shaking hands reached out and after a little fumbling she managed to untie the bow of my silk robe.

"Ohhhhh Trish, you're shaved!" Sue hissed as my robe fell open exposing my breasts and shaven pussy.

"All the better for you to lick my dear." I giggled as I jumped onto the middle of the bed and spread my legs wide apart. "Come on darling, make your dreams come true."

Sue stood beside the bed with her breasts heaving under her tee shirt and her feet seemingly glued to the floor. I realised that I was rushing things too quickly and that nervousness had suddenly overcome Sue's desire. I wriggled over to the edge of the bed and placed my hands on her shoulders as she stared down at the floor.

"Hey darling it's gonna be ok." I said as I stroked a hand gently down the side of her face. "We can go as slow as you like, or just have dinner, if that's what you want."

"I want to Trish, I really do." Sue whispered. "It's just…………."

"It's only natural to be frightened baby." I said as I gently caressed her neck. "You have fantasised for so long, just take some deep breaths, I understand, I really do." My hand slipped under Sue's chin and I tilted her head until she could see my eyes.

"Would you…………..?" Sue bit her bottom lip as the question was left unfinished as she gazed directly at my breasts.

"Of course baby." I said as stood up, guided Sue to sit on the bed and grasped the hem of her tee shirt. "First how about we get this off?"

Sue nodded and raised her arms in the air to help me pull the tee shirt over her head. I smiled encouragement and kissed her forehead as my arms went around her back and unclipped the bra. I tossed the bra aside and Sue shivered as her lovely breasts fell free, then I squatted and smiled up at my nervous friend as I pulled the sandals from her feet.

"Stand up for a sec baby." I whispered as I stood and held out my arms.

Sue followed my request and fell into my embrace as our naked breasts squashed together for the first time.

"Mmmmmm I can feel your heart beating next to mine darling." I sighed as I ran my fingertips down her spine and under the elastic of her skirt. "Damn you smell so good baby."

I could feel the shiver that ran through Sue's body as I my hands moved around under the elastic to rest on her hips. I said a silent little prayer as my fingers found the top of her panties and with one movement I pushed the skirt and panties down to the floor.

Sue's knees buckled but I managed to stop her with a push that sent her lying back on the bed.

I stood looking down at her with my hands on my hips and said in a mock serious tone. "Hey if you faint I'll have to give you mouth to mouth."

For the first time that night Sue giggled, "Maybe fainting is a good idea."

"I'd much rather have you awake." I said as I clambered onto the bed and leant back against the pillows. I smiled, held my arms out and whispered, "Come here baby, come suck my teats."

"Ohhh Trish." Sue sighed as she moved slowly towards me with her tongue tentatively licking her lips. "It's been my dream…….."

"Hush baby." I whispered as I guided her into my arms and held her like a child. "You suck my nipples, they are hard and aching for your touch."

Sue moaned and her eyes closed as I guided her open mouth to my left nipple. My nipples have always been very sensitive and I'm sure that if I ever had babies that I would orgasm as they sucked their milk. I started to hum a tune as I could feel and see Sue's body gradually relaxing as her dream started to come true. How lucky I was to have the trust of this beautiful lady who had been sexually frustrated for far too long.

Sue's eyes opened with a new sparkle as I gently changed her lips to my aching right nipple. My gaze ran the length of her body, the body I knew so well from the massages and that I would soon be exploring intimately. I had the thought that Sue and I were bonding emotionally as she sucked contentedly at my breast. That thought was reinforced as Sue released my nipple and looked up at me with shining eyes.

"Oh Trish, that's the first time I've ever……………….." Sue paused as she tried to find the right words. A few tears ran slowly down her cheeks as she continued, "I was an orphan, never knew my mother…………………."

I hugged my emotional new friend against my breasts. "Oh darling, anytime you want to suck my teats, just ask, ok?"

I slid down off the pillows and lay beside Sue as she nodded her reply. As I propped myself up on an elbow my free hand brushed some of Sue's dark hair back before I leant over and kissed her forehead. Sue's smile was so much more relaxed as I moved a little lower in the bed and licked the salty marks left by the tears. Our lips met once again in a slow sexy kiss that sent a tremor of renewed anticipation through both our bodies. We smiled at each other as our kiss broke and I pushed myself into a kneeling position. Again I leant forward and after a kiss on her cheek I ran the tip of my tongue over her cheekbone and down her neck. Sue moaned and turned her head aside enabling me to cheekily push the tip of my tongue into her ear. I heard her giggle as my teeth nipped on her ear lobe before my lips worked their way down her neck with little kisses.

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