The Massuer


After a good night's sleep Bob felt quite refreshed and spent Sunday doing the washing, cleaning, and tidying up. At around 5.00 p.m. he took a long hot bath, but ended up falling asleep again and had an extremely leisurely soak. It was a full hour later when he woke up and climbed out of a tepid bath, before briskly drying himself off. Bob spent the next few minutes pampering himself, even though he wasn't sure what the time was, and then he got dressed. Cathy was due to call at 7:00 p.m., but he was surprised to find that it was still only 6:20 p.m. Once again, he found himself clock watching and counting down the minutes. The amount of time he had to endure while waiting for the call seemed to last a lifetime.

'What sort of treat could that saucy little mare conjure up over the phone?' he wondered. There was no doubt in his mind that if he tried to guess, he would be completely wrong. Cathy savoured being able to shock him these days. The greater the shock, the more enjoyment it appeared to give her. When the phone rang, Bob paused, and then picked it up.

"Good evening darling, are we lying comfortably?" she teased.

"Yes Cat."

"Then I'll begin. I've just had the most fantastic massage."

"By whom?" Bob enquired indignantly.

"I phoned an agency and hired a masseur."

"Those places have a seedy reputation!" he objected.

"I know. That is why I called somewhere a bit more select and expensive. Anyway enough of that. Remember how you're always asking me to remove what remains of my pubic hair? Well I'm just about to have it done for me."

"I hope she's gentle with you," he replied in an enquiring manner.

"It's not a she. He's young, handsome, and extremely good with his hands!"

"Where are you and what have you got on?" Bob demanded.

"I'm in my hotel room lying on the bed. I'm flat on my back at the moment, with my legs wide apart. Oh, and I'm completely naked, but don't worry, he's wearing a pair of boxer shorts."

Bob felt very angry, jealous, and annoyed, but at the same time, he found that he was becoming extremely aroused. He became so stiff that he began to ache. For a brief moment, he was disgusted with himself, but Cathy's next words soon caused this feeling to pass.

"Surprised yourself, haven't you Bob?"

"Bitch, even I didn't know how I would react!"

Cathy laughed and then uttered to someone, "Ok you may begin and use the fresh whipped cream."

"Fresh whipped cream for a shave?" contested Bob.

"Of course, we don't want to leave an unpleasant taste, do we?"

Shocked as he was, Bob found himself masturbating vigorously.

Cathy had no intention of being unfaithful. She had just enjoyed a good massage and was now waiting to be shaved. Once everything was carefully removed though, she did intend having the final delicious treat of being licked clean. 'Anyway, anything else might be risky,' she thought. 'Even with an upmarket agency, it's impossible to be entirely sure what I might pick up from one of their employees!'

"What's happening now?" whispered Bob.

"Nnnmmph, h-h-he's applying the creammm carefully and slowl-l-l-ly by han-n-nd---aagh!"

This was too much for Bob and he began to squeal as he tried to contain himself, but failed. A thunderous volcanic eruption travelled up from his testes, through his manhood, and then exploded all over the place!

Cathy hadn't expected the parlour to send her such a fit, well-muscled, handsome specimen of a man. His package also appeared to be quite generous from the position she found herself in, not that she was looking.

The masseur manoeuvred his hands with such skill, agility, and tenderness that Cathy damn near had an orgasm just having the cream applied! The shave that followed was quick and efficient. All traces of hair were meticulously removed during the final flannelling stage, with each flannel being replaced by a new one after a few strokes. The action was repeatedly exaggerated, causing Cathy to suffer some quite exquisite sensations. Eventually she attempted to sit up, but she was gently pushed back down. She began to shudder as the muscular figure that had been tending her, leaned forward and kissed her abdomen. He re-applied a small handful of whipped cream to her smooth, clean, naked genitalia, before gently massaging it into her flesh. This was the moment that she'd been waiting for.

The athletic looking Adonis moved over slightly and kissed the outer part of her hip, before moving his lips slowly downwards. Once he'd reached halfway down her outer thigh, she felt his lips begin to traverse around towards the inside of her leg. Cathy began to tremble as she felt him start to kiss his way back up the inside of her thigh. The anticipation caused her inner labia to twitch slightly and expand further, her whole flower opening wider than ever before. She felt him kiss all around the area that was aching to feel the presence of his lips, causing her to experience a feeling of utter exasperation. Her entire body shuddered slightly when he finally made contact with her sweet spot. He started to suck and nibble gently at her clitoris, causing her hips to gyrate. Then, to Cathy's utter amazement, annoyance, and horror, he stopped!

"What the hell!" exclaimed Cathy, as she opened her eyes. She realised that she had dropped the phone some time ago, but this wasn't the uppermost thing on her mind at the moment.

Instead of getting up to leave, the masseur was removing his boxer shorts. Cathy started to panic. This was most certainly not part of the agreement. Slowly her eyes came to rest on the part of him that had just been uncovered. 'Shit! What a magnificent piece of equipment,' she thought. The girth was absolutely eye watering. She carried on staring, not being able to tear her eyes away, while he climbed onto the bed and knelt between her knees. He lifted one of her legs over each of his shoulders, before shuffling his knees slightly underneath her backside.

Suddenly the realisation of what was taking place hit Cathy full force. She made a conscious effort to drop her legs from each of his shoulders. They began to fall either side of him, but before they hit the mattress, his arms were supporting them. He also managed to grasp the small of her back in his large muscular hands at the same time. Cathy's back arched as he lifted her by the waist and shuffled his knees further underneath her. She pushed hard against his abdomen with her hands in an attempt to repel him, but she could already feel the presence of his enormously broad manhood between her legs. It was brushing against the entrance of her extremely well-lubricated cavity.

"Go for it!" a voice shouted out. 'Shit, was that me?' Cathy thought.

She was utterly disgusted with herself, and tensed every tiny part of her body as hard as she could in an attempt to prevent penetration, but it was futile. His member was already engaged in the entrance of her vagina, and he thrust his hips forward with some force. Cathy became acutely aware of his solid stiffness tearing into her, and the invasion was absolutely agonising. It caused her to squeal and bite deeply into one of the pillows, her eyes watering in the process.

After embedding himself deep within her, the masseur froze but still maintained a heavy pressure between his crotch and hers. After a while, Cathy looked up cautiously from behind the pillow. The pain that she'd been experiencing was now subsiding, but she remained acutely aware of his huge presence inside her body, which was being stretched to capacity.

She felt his body relax, and then he started to move slowly in and out of her. He was extremely gentle, which also helped Cathy to relax a little. It wasn't long before she started to realise that the more she relaxed, the better the experience became. Before long, she was back in the realm of pleasure, all thoughts of caution gone.

Cathy started to experience a gentle burning sensation in her crotch. This sensation gradually intensified as time went on. The pleasurable, non-painful burning caused her hips to move in sync with his. He took the pillow away from her and discarded it. His next move was to take hold of her wrists and pin them to the bed above her head, before bringing his mouth down hard on hers. Much to her surprise, Cathy's body responded to his involuntarily. He was intoxicating her. Their bodies became increasingly damp as they writhed against each other, gradually building up speed and ferocity. The burning within her crotch was becoming so intense that she didn't think she could cope with it for much longer, but at the same time, she didn't want it to stop!

Their lips parted as they both struggled for breath. Suddenly, Cathy began to tremble, whilst tightening inside. A momentary vision of his magnificent physique slamming into her groin had been the final straw for her, and caused her brain to erupt. The explosion of sensation that occurred inside her was more powerful than anything she'd ever experienced before! When this combined with his violent orgasm, it blew every fuse in her. Their genitals remained locked together under immense pressure, both of them enduring the longest orgasm they had ever experienced.

Cathy felt the full weight of his limp body collapse on top of her. Her head was still spinning. She allowed herself to drift off, whilst taking in the aroma of their combined perspiration and body fluids.

A few moments later, she felt him lift his torso. He jerked his manhood sharply out of her body causing her to gasp, while smiling down roguishly at her. Still looking amused, he dressed himself before gathering up all his equipment and packing it away. He handed Cathy a card, leaned down, and gave her a peck on the area that he'd shaved for her earlier. Then, he left the room.

Cathy sighed and looked vaguely at the card, before lying back and closing her eyes. Her groin was aching and she felt somewhat exhausted, but at the same time, she felt strangely wonderful. A feeling of extreme satisfaction and thorough relaxation engulfed her. 'How long will the imprint of this handsome stranger---' she quickly studied the card again, '---Marcel remain inside me?'

'Oh no! Bob! Where's the phone?' she wondered in panic. Cathy suddenly became aware that he might still be listening, and she realised that she couldn't think what to say to him. She'd been so pre-occupied that he hadn't even crossed her mind. Finally, Jenny picked up the phone and said, "See you Wednesday," and then hung up.

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