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The Master


It was the voice that attracted me long before I met him. All the really good Masters have that voice. Soft, gentle, hypnotic, seductive. Barely above a whisper. I met him in the lobby of a 5-Star hotel. He got me a drink and started to talk. It was so incredibly erotic to hear him tell me in that voice what he wanted to do to me in the midst of business men talking softly. Then suddenly he just took my hand and headed for the elevator.

He never said a word as we went to the room. Then the second the door closed he said, "Take off your clothes." For some reason it never occured to me not to obey him. He just sat in a chair and watched as I did so. Then he told me to sit on the couch and spread my legs very wide. He said he wanted a good look at what he was getting.

He continued to sit there staring at my pussy. "Wider!".

I knew I was getting wet as he continued to stare.

His voice was still soft but firm and commanding now. "Get on the bed on your back and keep those legs spread wide."

Still dressed he lay down next to me, took my hands and held them over my head. With his other hand he began to explore my body. Roughly he squeezed my tits, pinching and pullng the nipples. "Do you like that?" "Yes", I whimpered. Suddenly he grabbed my hair jerking my head up to look him in the eyes. "The correct response will be yes Master." Stunned I responded as he had commanded.

He released my hands telling me to keep them above my head

he removed his clothes. His erection was huge and rock hard.

He kneeled between my legs roughly pushing my legs as wide apart as possible. I have never been so throughly examined. His fingers examined every fold and crevice before parting the lips to examine my clit. When he pinched it hard I thought I would cum. "You will not cum without my permission!" I repled with the proper yes Master.

He rammed his finger in my dripping cunt then two. "Move those hips, show your Master how much you like this my little whore." I was so hot I needed no encouragement. He raped me with his fingers shoving them deep and hard laughing softly as I ground against his hand.

Abruptly he stopped quickly withdrawing his fingers. I moaned at the loss, my body trembling.

"I'm going to slap your thighs. You can stop this at any time get dressed and leave. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes Master."

He got up and turned on the radio next to the bed. I snuck a peek and saw he put on a condom. Then the slaps began. Softly at first but quickly harder and faster. I loved it! I took everything he had arching to meet his slaps. My thighs were on fire, burning when he finally stopped. "Very good slave your Master is pleased."

He told me to get on my hands and knees slapping my ass hard when I did not immediately keep my legs spread wide.

He grabbed my dangling tits squeezing them roughly, pulling on the nipples until they burned before taking them in his mouth. He sucked them deeply, hungrily..biting them hard. I remember thinking he must have drawn blood.

He stopped and laughed softly. "I am going to spank you now. Not because you have been bad but because it pleases me to do so. Remember you can stop this at any time."

I expected his hand. He used his belt. "Move that ass! Show your Master how much you love it." And I did. I arched and writhed getting more turned on with each lash of his belt. Finally, when I thought I could not take anymore he stopped. "AH your ass is so red. A slave's ass should always show signs of a good whipping!"

He moved to the bed and in one swift hard thrust he was inside me. His cock was so big, so hard. He fucked me so hard he was lifting me off the bed at times. He slammed against my tender ass as he fucked me. "Beg bitch, beg your Master to let you cum." "Please Master," I gasped "Please let me cum."

His respond was to pound even harder. He slowed down slighty to shove a finger up my ass. Finger fucking my asshole as he continued to fuck my pussy.

"Talk slut. Tell me in filthy detail how much you love this." "Master please. I love your finger in my ass. Your big, hard cock in my cunt.

Please let me cum."

"You may cum now slave".

I exploded! Wave after wave of pleasure washing over my body. Even then he didn't stop. Commanding me to cum again he reached down and viciously pinched my clit. I passed out.

I awoke laying on my back as he gently wiped my face with a wet washcloth.

"Open your eyes slave." It was a struggle to do so but I did as commanded.

He smiled down at me and said, "We aren't done yet. Your Master hasn't cum..."

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