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The Master


I owe the conception of this story to homealone_447's The Attic. I consider this to be an indirect sequel, in that character's from that story are in the background here and it largely adheres to the alien's method of propagation. The rest is my doing, enjoy.


Denise stood vigilant, looking outside her window, observing her neighbor, Rebecca. Only a few days ago had she deposited her 'baby' into the woman's basement. In reality it was an alien life form, a very insidious fungus that had changed her life, and of her lover, Gloria.

A few weeks ago both were normal women...human women. But no longer. Ever since Gloria discovered the fungus in her attic, both had been transformed into utter slaves, the fungus absorbing their minds, personalities and souls altogether. And it was glorious, to have every part of their being wiped away, to be left little more than a sexual shell to bring more to the Master.

Gloria sauntered into the room seductively, wearing absolutely nothing, just the way she liked it. Her nubile form stacked and delectable as ever, hips moving hypnotically and her voluptuous breasts swaying with her step. She was sex incarnate, but unlike Denise, her transformation had been more dramatic, blessed with dark, emerald skin, and pitch black eyes, she was as fearsome as she was beautiful.

"She has been marked. I can tell." Gloria whispered.


"She has the same green rashes as this body did, before the final takeover. It is only a matter of time, she will feel compelled to give herself to the Master."


Rebecca hurried into her house with the groceries, dropping them on the counter. Her panties were soaking, desperate to straddle the fungal stem once more. All day had she thought about this, fingering herself at work to tide herself over for the main event. She did think it was a bit strange how insanely horny she had become ever since discovering the fungus, but as soon the thought crossed her mind it was gone. She had to handle this urge fast, her son was coming home from college tomorrow morning and wanted to make him a nice breakfast.

Rebecca walked into the basement to see her pride and joy, this wondrous new sex toy. As she slipped off her blouse she couldn't help but notice the almost translucent green rashes that riddled her body. They had enlarged over the past few days, she thought to go to the doctor about it, but this thing was just too much fun to leave alone.

Green rashes aside, her body was fairly attractive. Though in her mid-40s, Rebecca was still in decent shape, and with very little sagging and stretch marks, she had no problem courting male attention. On the other hand, she often thought her ass was a bit flat, and while she was comfortable with her pert C-cup breasts, she had wished they were a bit rounder and fuller many a time.

At her disrobing, the phallus-like stem rose to the occasion, and Rebecca finally quenched the fire in her loins as she took a ride. Or so she thought. The thing was huge, filling her up beyond what she thought was possible. Her thighs quivered and her body trembled as it went as deep as it could possibly go, grinding against every pleasurable spot in her pussy, until she came, her love juices spraying all over legs and the stem. What was meant to slake her lusts only enlivened them, after that first orgasm, she started bobbing up and down, with feverish, sex crazed mania. Her delicious moans reverberated throughout the basement as she tweaked her nipples to increase the insane pleasure.

The stem itself was secreting some sort of fluid, when it hit her vaginal lips it was a cool sensation but when it was inside her...it was red hot! The euphoric contrast sent her screaming to the heavens, as she arched her back in response to the ceaseless pleasure. The orgasm had left her mind blank for a few moments, before she slid off the stem, completely spent and exhausted.

She remembered she still had so much to do. Clean sheets, wash windows...but she was simply too tired. She thought to just take a quick nap and she'll be good as new. Taking a nap right near the stem, on top of the fungus. Somehow the idea was creating little pangs of caution in the back of her brain, but she shushed it away. Just nerves. She needed her sleep, and sleep she did.

The fungus on the other hand sensed its host was ripe for the taking. For days now it had been instigating small internal changes in her physiology, making her less and less of what she was. Now was the time to make the great leap and bring her into the collective. To the Master.

The stem twitched back into action, coating itself in the fluid that gave Rebecca hot and cold sensations. This is the fluid that would end her mind...and her humanity. The stem writhed along the floor silently towards its sleeping prey, slithering right between her ass cheeks. Rebecca felt it in her dream, the icy sensation that it left on her skin, and then she felt it plunge into her ass!

The sudden motion woke her up with a gasp. She panicked for a split second until she was oddly sedate, something in her mind told her to just let it happen. The stem managed to go places in her body that were physically impossible, right up to her brain in fact, but she simply didn't care, it was so gentle and relaxing. Soon she fell back asleep, the stem injecting blissful chemicals into her brain. She didn't think giving up could feel so good. She thought she felt her breasts growing heavier and her body tightening in some areas but didn't pay it much heed. Rebecca spent the rest of the night, murmuring and moaning in her sleep, eyes fluttering in the throes of joy as the stem reprogrammed her brain and changed her being forever.

The woman who was formerly Rebecca awoke next morning to knocking on her front door. Pitch black eyes greeted the new light in the basement. She had been remodeled much like Gloria, with green skin and her hair gone. Her body type had also completely morphed. She marveled at her curvaceous ass, and groped her new breasts, which had easily ballooned to an F cup, not to mention all the minor imperfections from before had been completely erased.

More knocking on the door brought her to her senses. The new Rebecca was rapidly searching through her hollowed out mind as to the possible reason for this knocking. She found something. The old Rebecca was planning to have her son over, from college break. She whimpered in pleasure at the thought of turning her son, another host, so close, so soon!

Alex knocked again on his mother's door. It was so strange, usually she answers more quickly. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, the door swung open and his jaw dropped. There was an achingly fine, busty nubile amazon standing before him. He was so drawn to her pouting breasts that he didn't notice the soulless gaze of her pitch eyes.

"Hello Alex..." she purred.

"Wow...uh mom I think you're a lil old to be wearing that costu-" he was grabbed instantly and pulled inside the house.

Quickly she shoved his face into her overflowing, ivy tinted breasts. He muffled sounds of panic and struggled furiously against the plant woman's embrace, but his struggle lessened and his arms slackened as his mouth found his mother's nipples. Sap poured forth into his receiving mouth, loaded with muscle relaxants and aphrodisiacs. Rebecca moaned rapturously the harder her son suckled, she loved submission and she loved making her son submit.

She wished she could stay there forever, feeding him her narcotic sap, but she had orders. She had to make him join the Master, empty out his mind as she had, and become one with him. The mere thought of turning and enslaving her son aroused her incredibly, as love juices poured down her thighs.

Rebecca pushed her entranced son onto her bed, his blank eyes staring ahead with drool seeping out of his mouth. She then sighed and moved to touch herself once she saw his marbled erection creating a bulge in his pants. As a male, the conversion would have to go differently. Lacking a stem to subjugate him, she would have to use her cunt.

In his lustful haze, Alex was fighting for his sanity and mind. As he had suckled from his mother he had gotten a brief inkling of what she had planned, and it terrified him. His horror had broken him out of his mother's spell and he tried darting off the bed but his legs betrayed him, and he merely slumped to the ground.

"Mom...don't do this...p-please, I don't want to become...you!"

Rebecca caressed her son's chin, cooing softly. "Oh my baby, don't be afraid. This will be so much fun! You will have so much more purpose in life and...so...ungh...much pleasssure!" Rebecca came again, groaning in ecstasy. She recovered quickly and grabbed her son by the head, her pitch black eyes regarding him hungrily. "You will serve...and you will become one with me. All will become one with the Master."

Alex looked into his mother's blackened eyes...they looked so inviting, promising so much pleasure and control. He moaned softly, his mind once again falling into bliss, not noticing his mother had already removed his pants.

Rebecca's pussy quivered in the presence of her son's cock, sap oozing out like a river of honey, ready to join with her son in the most intimate way. Her rounded bottom jiggled slightly as she moved forward to mount her prey, but her son offered one last bit of token resistance.

"Ohhh...oh...f-fuck...THIS!" he declared, shoving his mother to the side while he stumbled his way to the doorway. He was a strong, young man, in his college prime. But even the most conditioned body was no match for his mother's supernatural speed and strength. Just as he got to the door, he felt his mother's tits squeeze into his back, before having his neck yanked back, so hard he thought it might break.

Rebecca looked commandingly into her boy's eyes, growling "YOU will OBEY! YOU will JOIN US!" before diving into her sons mouth with primal need, groaning and moaning as her tongue proboscis pumped all kinds of neurotoxins into his brain, his eyes rolling back in pleasure as his consciousness faded away.

She quickly flipped her son around, and immediately shoved his dripping cock in. Foreplay was over. The various poisons in his body had enlarged his cock greatly, and was now filling her pussy up in every way possible, setting off a chain reaction of orgasms, as every thrust and bounce triggered a new sensation in her vaginal walls. Rebecca arched her back in sensual pleasure, forcing her pendulous tits to swing proudly, prompting her son to knead and mash them in delirious delight.

He was lost in sensory overload as he pawed at his mother's breasts, he loved the contrast of his white skin and her dark, luxurious green skin, how soft and puffy they were, just aching to be grabbed and sucked. His hands drifted down her sculpted back, before settling on her large and ample ass cheeks, which were grinding down on his cock like a piston, over and over slamming down on his hips, to the mutual pleasure of both. He couldn't last much longer, and she could sense it.

Rebecca quickly grabbed her son's head, pulling him up to her heaving, perfect breasts, before mashing his face down into them once more. Speaking seductively into his ear "Fuck me...drink me...become one with me!" she moaned. He sighed into her cleavage, lost in a mating fever as he suckled her sap. She groaned with carnal satisfaction. "That's it my son...just a little more...give yourself to me. To our Master."

His breathing became more ragged as beads of sweat dribbled down to his body. So close to losing everything, his mind, soul, memories, everyone he ever cared about...even his precious sister. These last thoughts were the only bits of resistance left in Alex, his body so inundated with pleasure he couldn't even speak or move. Fuck it. If feeling this good was wrong he didn't wanna be right. He let hedonistic feeling overtake him as his impending orgasm rose ever nearer.

A familiar tickle appeared in his balls, like electricity, dancing up to the tip of his cock. He felt her smoldering, velvet pussy gripping his shaft without mercy, and some silken tendrils from within massaging and sucking it, first gently and then faster and faster, goading him to spew his seed within his mother's welcoming womb. And then it happened, muscles stiffening, hips bucking upwards, he came with incredible force, so much so he thought his back would snap. The world seemed to stand still as he shot spurt after spurt inside her, she groaning as his hands clawed into her ass cheeks like pincers. His lips fell away from her nipple as he gurgled in ecstasy, eyes going white as his body lay paralyzed in orgasmic bliss.

Rebecca came as well, exhaling in sinful pleasure as she felt her son give everything up to her. His seed, his life force...his soul. She had been waiting for just this moment. She continued riding him, her pussy milking his cock with ever stronger contractions, vaginal tendrils keeping him permanently erect, as he orgasmed over and over again. The former mother wrapped herself around her son, before little vine like tendrils sprouted out of her pores, which then punctured his skin. This was how he was to be converted. Rebecca shuddered as another orgasm hit, as the tendrils pumped fluids into his body, she pressed her soft breasts into his mouth, speeding up the conversion process.

Alex's eyes fluttered, and from time to time his body had jolts and spasms, as his brain was emptied out, washed away in a sea of bliss, to be reprogrammed forever. His hips thrust back and forth, giving her everything, as every care left him. His mother stayed with him all night, gasping and sighing softly, as she lay on him, her body undulating as she pumped him full of DNA changing fluids, experiencing the sheer joy of joining her son to the Master. When Rebecca looked down at her sweet, squirming convert, she saw his eyes had turned green, his transformation all but completed, and this made her come even harder on his cock.

By morning, Alex was no longer human. The blank eyes he opened were no longer his own. The tendrils from his mother connected him directly to the Master, from which he was now receiving his orders. His mother had been right. This was pure pleasure, to hear the Master speak gave him an instant erection, and since his mother was still on top of him, gave her instant joy as well.

Once the Master was done, Alex reluctantly removed himself from his mother, giving her a lingering kiss on the lips before standing. The tendrils caused reverberations of pleasure as they retreated inside her, she sighed softly as she became whole again . The night before was hazy at best, but that didn't matter now. What mattered now was following his new purpose in life. Following the Master.

And his purpose was simple.

Find his sister.

Take her.

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