tagBDSMThe Master Alchemist

The Master Alchemist


Rose had allowed herself to be enslaved by her master because he seemed so kind and caring at the time. He had sworn to temper her spirit in readiness for "the rapture" and committed himself to work her mind and body into a state of molten sexuality. She smiled to herself for a moment as she remembered his sincerity and dare she think it, his strange submissiveness prior to their contract. That feeling aroused her again; she liked the idea of being dominant and yet here she was in common slavery to a man that commanded her like a dog. A good little doggy though, she beamed proudly, remembering her accomplishments.

She didn't even know his real name. He called himself "Mercy" which was short for "Mercury" and she knew that was to do with their contract. He had described himself as a sexual alchemist and that he knew the secret of the Philosophers Stone; he claimed that he could forge her into a state of perpetual rapture. Well, the perpetual rapture part certainly sold her and she was a tough one to impress normally. He admitted harbouring a deep attraction for her having cited her elegance, "moon eyes" and proper deportment. He also spoke about her final liberation, whatever that was; she still really didn't understand, despite all of his instruction to the contrary.

The air of the dungeon was pungent with incense and evoked powerful memories of Rose's deep and often painful submission there. Her mind began to drift into that oh-so familiar state of emptiness and calm whilst her warm naked flesh sat comfortably upon the velvet chair. She had not been restrained which was unheard of and she was hesitant as to what this signified. Mercy stood behind her and coolly stroked her long flame hair with his multi-purpose metal brush, being careful not to disturb her meditation.

His eyes inspected her body, grazing on her soft and fulsome mounds and their hardened peaks. Her skin was clear and peachy and her heavy scent was electrifying. He had named her "Rose" which was in recognition of her Goddess nature, but she was kept ignorant of that lest it diffuse his power before her. He had never known a women to be so delightfully obedient and yet exude such an innocently powerful sexual energy over him. When she had been really well behaved, he permitted her to bring him off but the intensity of his orgasms made it seem impossible to ever consider letting her go. With much concern, he was beginning to question their contract and his code of ethics; he was beginning to have doubts about releasing her.

In all of his years, he had never met an "ideal" life-partner but here she was enslaved to him and more to the point, naked, vulnerable and exceptionally well trained. He allowed himself a half smile at the irony of his situation, where the slave before him would leave upon the moment of her liberation, just like all of the others had. Yet it was his love of her coupled with an underlying desire for service that would melt her base nature into hot sexual energy before tempering and extruding her into a transcendent state. This they had achieved together but now he was reluctant to take her to the precipice of the final transformation. Of all the liberations he had ministered over, he had yet to experience his own and sometimes he doubted himself for it.

He quietly discarded the brush before dipping his hands into the warm oil of the patterned bronze bowl. With considerable misgivings he gently but firmly placed his hands on her shoulders. She muffled a gasp as the electricity of heated anticipation throbbed through her. Very slowly, his hands slid down and around her, raising her breasts with just the slightest brushing of her nipples. His mouth pressed hard upon her succulent right shoulder blade and hungrily he bit into her.

"Master!" gasped Rose as her body jolted and her head willingly surrendered her slender neck and already expertly bruised shoulder.

His hands worked her breasts and he took both of her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, erotically tugging and teasing her. Rose gathered herself and began the first protocol, exactly as she had been trained to do. She imagined the crown of her head lifting into the heavens whilst focusing upon the sweet, sweet sensation within her heart. It was a knack that had only taken a short time to learn but once she had discovered that buzzing joy of sugary delight she had never forgotten it. As she lifted her crown into heaven itself, the joyfulness within her heart opened her consciousness like a flower, like a rose indeed. At the roots of this flower, her sexual energy pulsated and screamed, it tore at her and begged and raged for release. She had been denied orgasm for longer than she cared to remember and the twisting cruelty of that was sometimes more than she could bare. Once she had sharply awoken to the harsh spanking of Mercy's hand because of her groaning during a lurid dream, such was his absolute dominion over her body and mind. He had told her then that her careless deceit had set her liberation back for many months. She had cried for the remainder of the night, wishing that she were dead.

Without precedent, Mercy slipped his right hand down to her pubic area before sliding it over her engorged and aching lips, at once parting her long legs. She lost the focus of her protocol for a long moment and groaned in unexpected pleasure with her entire consciousness now locked between his masterful fingers and thumb. He responded by biting her harder and this admonishment snapped her back into her heart centre. She pushed again into heaven and this time the energy of her heart was supercharged, and the intensity of pleasure seemed to tear away invisible walls around her, like the parting of ethereal candy-floss. Her mind exploded into a cascade of diamonds as she felt an immense orgasm welling up deep, deep inside.

"M... Mercy?" She husked weakly, imploring his guidance, too afraid to admit this forgotten pleasure to herself and oblivious that she had called him by name.

His response was to slide his long index finger into her oozing vagina and press his thumb against her hard clitoris.

"Ooooh!" She inhaled sharply, driven by the unexpected pleasure searing through her. It was her time, she realised, finally, after countless long and aching months of discipline and orgasm deprivation. All of her good behaviour and servitude had brought her to his ultimate reward as he had promised it would.

At once she withdrew her consciousness into her heart and into the blissful state that was enrapturing her whole body. She pulled upon her sexual pleasure and tried to channel its energy into her expanding chest. His fingers and thumb worked expertly and rhythmically to melt her final barriers away. Even whilst overwhelmed by the ecstasy of it all, the distant, observing and thinking part of her mind was wondering where he'd got all the practise from, but it soon surrendered to the emotional bliss enveloping her body. His finger pushed deeper and deeper into her and she couldn't help but thrust onto his hand, unable and now unwilling to control her trembling body. She could feel him repeatedly pressing against her hot g-spot with the tip of his finger dancing expertly in small circles. His left hand stretched and twisted its captured nipple as far as it would go, fusing radiant pain and pleasure together as her reward.

She began gasping and moaning in shorter and shorter bursts, as if about to give birth. Mercy slowly reduced the clamping of his mouth against her right shoulder and worked his salivating tongue over her fresh and weeping wounds. He recognised these primal sounds coming from her; all of his beloved slaves delivered their final liberation thus.

Moving his lips to her ear, he softly commanded, "At the point of orgasm, release inside the heart and not out. Then surrender your orgasm to the universe, disown it and never wish for it again." She already knew these instructions but still didn't understand - wasn't she supposed to surrender her orgasms to him, the master of her being? Now that she was feeling such heat again, she truly wondered if she could ever let go, despite her compulsion to serve his every desire.

The intensity of her orgasm was heralded long before it arrived with a heavy, pulsating flame pulling her abdomen apart from the inside out and coursing up through her body. When the sweet burning enveloped her heart, her body shattered into a rapture unlike any she had known. Her mind was numbed by the sheer force of the orgasm as it clawed for release. She automatically draw it within and was thrust into an ecstatic realm beyond anything she had ever known before. Her mind reeled but the orgasmic tidal wave mercilessly propelled her onwards and then suddenly she convalesced into an immaculate, crystal clarity of being. She could still feel her fizzing, convulsing body but was no longer enthralled by it and was aware of a greater force, one of universal self consciousness that was timeless and without form. For the first moment in her life, she was at peace and that peace was a rapture beyond any description.

Mercury stood back in awe and watched as Rose, his great work, transformed into gold. Her body shed a brilliant light and slowly dissolved in front of him. He knew she would be gone soon and that he'd be all alone again but the joyous heat of her ecstatic transformation washed over him in waves, purifying his doubting mind and tempering his strained resolve.

And then something unexpected happened, something that no other Rose had ever done before. Her body clumsily lifted itself up and unsteadily turned to face him. It spoke from a far away place but in a commanding and dominant voice; "Surrender into my arms and know of my liberation. By releasing me you also renounced your own fleshly desires, readying you for the rapture. Submit before me and be consumed by my flame, utterly." With the burst of sudden and tearful enlightenment, Mercy humbly and achingly surrendered into the arms of his true beloved and into the great rapture of eternity.

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