tagAnalThe Master and the Ring Ch. 02

The Master and the Ring Ch. 02


Inside the locked chamber, Serena helped her sister sit up on the edge of the lounge chair. As she did Henri's seed rushed out further onto the floor to mix with his previous climax. Yvonne whimpered as the salty semen dripped from her sore anus.

"Are you okay, Yvonne?" Serena asked.

"I'm a bit inflamed but it's not horrible."

"You managed to take him completely as he climaxed."

"I did?"

"Yes, he was fully inserted to the base. It was amazing."

"Then there is hope and what he said was true."

"It appears so. I can't believe this is happening to us, Yvonne. Can't we escape and flee this place instead of endure this sacrilege?"

"We can't even leave this small chamber let alone get outside. If Henri says it's impossible it must be. He is of noble blood, of a good house. He would not inflict this upon us if it was not necessary."

"I guess it could be worse. He is very handsome and strong," Serena said, grinning.

"Very. I've never seen the like as a man and his penis is beyond imagination."

"Do you think he will save us? Can he prepare us for Mentula in time for the Master's coming?"

"We must pray to the Ancients he can, Sister."


Henri felt weak as he leaned against the sister's chamber door before heading back to his assigned room. He had mostly free access to the whole of the large structure that used to be his nations hall of the Ancestors; a holy structure now the den of iniquity. Just another terrible desecration by the Master. Nothing was sacred to this monster. Every assassination attempt or escape had failed, even when the Master was alone he was invincible it seemed. Inside his small chamber, Henri reread his orders to see if he could find how much time he had to prepare the sisters before the coming of the Master. He could find no reference on time, only the list of names and the order in which he was to prepare them. Frustrated, he dropped the parchment on the small table lit by a single candle and sat back in the creaky chair.

Without warning the door to his chamber burst open and two enemy soldiers entered. He stood up quickly to attention as he saw who they were.

"We've been sent to inquire about your progress with your assignment," one said, a bearded beast.

"Why does he get to prepare the wenches for the Master?" the other asked.

"I don't question the Master, and either should you," the first said, silencing the second. "So, how are they coming along?"

"Good... we made a lot of progress I think. Do you know how much time I have before the Master calls upon them?"

"Whenever he sees fit, maggot! I hope you left them both sore and drenched in your seed... that is what is required!"

"They had endured enough for the first day."

Both guards laughed. "You will spend the entire day with them tomorrow as soon as the sun shines. That is the order from the Master. I suggest you get some sleep and pace yourself tomorrow," the bearded one said, laughing again.

"We may check in on your progress ourselves," the second added.

With that, they left. Henri could hear them joking and laughing down the hallway. Sitting back down, Henri contemplated an entire day with the sisters. He didn't know how he would manage since he could scarcely keep from ejaculating with Yvonne. How would he prepare them if he couldn't keep from climaxing so quickly? Then he feared he wouldn't be able to achieve an erection once he had. The forbidden anal sex was so stimulating he didn't know if he would ever get accustomed to it. He hadn't even begun with Serena and he knew she would be even tighter than her sister. Just the very thought of his cock inside the younger sister's rectum cause his manhood to stir in his pants. Trying to force himself to think of something else he prepared a small meal and tried to sleep.

His mind betrayed him and he lay on his small pallet thinking of the pleasure that awaited him tomorrow.


Serena could not sleep as well. Her mind would not stop thinking of the pleasure she experienced with Henri and the candle in her bum. Watching her sister take his large cock had been breathtaking. She recalled licking his shaft as she pulled out of Yvonne's anus. The act had made her quiver with lust and desire. She knew she would have to learn to take Henri inside her body as well. Fear and excited anticipation kept her mind alert and sleep far away. She found herself touching her body under her light covers, imagining Henri's large cock opening her and slowly descending into her anus. She felt him a great gentleman for wanting to preserve her virginity when he so easily could have had it today. His honesty and integrity was commendable and she found herself hungering for his return.

She found her newly shaved sex, forgetting about the missing hair for a split second. Her moan of surprise and pleasure was heard by her sister only a few steps away on her own bedding.

"Serena? Are you okay?" Yvonne asked.

Serena stopped her playing and answered, "Yes, must have been dreaming," into the dark of the chamber.

"Seems a good dream from the sound you made."

"I confess it was of Henri... I find myself quite taken by him and so quickly."

"This is well; it will help with the preparation. Now get some sleep. I predict his return early."

"Yes, sister... I will try."


Yvonne was awake for a different reason. Her anus ached and was uncomfortable as she lay on her pallet. When she heard her sister's moan she knew what she was doing and did not blame her. Henri had come into their lives suddenly and the younger sister would be taken by him easily. She was not much different, though a few years older and wiser than Serena; Yvonne had never experienced pleasure like she had with Henri. The first time he climaxed with her was magnificent. She had never felt such ecstasy and depth before. She was proud to have taken his large cock inside her bowels the first time and remembered the beginning of desire before he had climaxed. She knew within herself she could adapt and feel great pleasure with him inside her ass again.

As she fell asleep she hoped her soreness was gone in the morning.


The Master stood naked before a full-length mirror in his normal human form. He was of average height and build, nothing worth mentioning, really. In his hand, he held a band of gold, admiring the runes etched in the heavy metal. As he lowered his hand, the runes began to glow as the ring neared his flaccid below average penis. Fitting the ring over his head, he watched his body transform into the Master everyone feared. His height and weight tripled in sized as his muscles expanded, bones elongated and power surged through his frame. He smiled, looking at himself in the mirror, his thick, heavy, massive cock falling between his muscled thighs. The ring shone a faint blue; pulsing with his heartbeat, it had enlarged with his body to fit perfectly at the base of his enormous shaft.

The ring was the source of his power. It had given him everything. With it, he was indestructible. With it, he had conquered land upon land, making the defeated yield to his wishes and desires.

With one large hand, he took hold of his newly shaped manhood. The sensitivity was equally as great as the change in size. His body surged with energy and a lust born from the ring. It hungered, desiring to be nourished by the bodies and energy of the Master's conquests. He must have sexual contact to please the ring, to maintain the power it held. With his climax, the ring grew stronger, taking from those whose bodies have caused the pleasure.

The large cock grew in the Master's hand until fully erect, the runes bright blue light reflecting off the mirror to light the darkened room. Turning, he walked around a dividing wall into a larger chamber where his latest acquisition awaited him.

The woman was beautiful, they all were. She lay on a large bed made for a king. Her naked form pleased the master as he looked upon her. Large round breasts fell to her sides in perfect circles of plump flesh. She looked at him, showing no fear, having volunteered to be a vessel for the Master. They never fully understood what they had done until it was too late. Even the religious zealots, which seek him out and hunger to be with him, realize their mistake as Mentula takes them for the first time. This beauty would be no different.

She sat up as he approached; her breast fell slightly to a perky natural shape. He felt the power from the ring pulse as he viewed her naked body awaiting his pleasure. Standing in front of her, she was forced to stand to touch Mentula, taking it in both hands. Pleasure surged through the Master as the young woman stroked his massive shaft for the first time. He looked down at her, just as she opened her mouth as wide as possible to suck just a portion of Mentula's head. He was pleased. She stroked well and sucked powerfully. The blue light brightened as the ring's power surged once again from the pleasure. He allowed her to pleasure him for a space of time, enjoying the long strokes and licking she provided.

"You've come willingly to submit to, Mentula?" he asked, breaking the silence.

"Yes, Master. I wish to give myself to Mentula."

"Then your wish shall be granted," his voice echoes through the chamber.

With one enormous hand, he grabbed the young woman around the waist and lifted her easily into the air. She fell on her back in his grip, as he pulled her to his face. She called out in pleasure as he licked her sex and anus with his large thick tongue over and over, coating her body and both orifices with his plentiful saliva. Mentula throbbed below, awaiting the woman's body; blue light pulsed inside the room. The Master found her puckered anus, spreading her open with his powerful tongue. Mentula, more than the Master, prefers the forbidden hole. The ring controls the Master; the Master does not control Mentula.

His wide tongue penetrated her anal cavity and the woman moaned as the hot, wet object probed her insides, preparing her for Mentula. He took her in both hands by the arms; she fell vertical, just hovering above his throbbing shaft. Lowering her, his grip tightened on her body and he forced Mentula into her bowels.

The scream was heard throughout the structure.


Henri was startled awake by the inhuman scream. His room was a light grey. Sunrise was approaching. He laid there for a time, wondering what had made that terrible scream. Not able to fall back asleep, Henri got to his feet and relieved himself into the chamber pot in the dim light. Lighting a candle, he made his morning meal and dressed. The scream had not left his mind. Leaving his camber early, he went to investigate out of curiosity before sunrise. He had a few minutes at least before having to report to the two sisters for the day.

He walked toward where he thought he had heard the source of the scream. The enemy soldiers began to multiply the further he walked toward the sound. He was getting deeper into the structure, where it was rumored the Master dwelt. Peering around a corner, he found four guards outside large double doors, large enough to allow easy passage for someone as huge as the Master. As he stopped walking, he heard the noises coming from the large doors. It sounded like a woman panting and a deeper voice breathing heavily, mixed with a rhythmic sound of a bed being forced against a stone wall over and over.

It wasn't difficult for Henri to figure out what was happening inside the room. The scream must have been the initial thrust of Mentula and now the Master was engaged in hard anal sex. This was what Henri pictured using the information he had. He stood there listening for a time; the constant banging did not change.

The sun was going to be rising soon and he decided to depart before he was found lurking around the Master's chamber or he was late to his assignment. He thought he heard a climatic moan echo through the structure several minutes later as he neared the sister's chamber.


Both sisters had been awake for over an hour. Neither had slept well. Yvonne was pleased to find her sore bottom was getting better quickly when she used the chamber pot upon awakening. They both dressed, though they wondered why they bothered. Both of them were excited to see Henri again, even though they really shouldn't have been. The dread that hung over them was still there but there was also an excitement for what was to come by the hands of this new handsome man that was willing to try and save their lives.

They had been far enough away from the Master's chamber that the scream from the 'willing' woman had not awakened them in the night. They knew nothing about it. They went about their daily routine, wondering when Henri would return. Sunshine appeared high in the window above their stone floor and shone on the opposite wall just as the door to their chamber opened. Both sisters turned quickly and stood from their small table as Henri entered.

"Good morning. I have been ordered to spend the entire day with you from sunrise to sunset," Henri said.

"Very well... it will give us time to prepare," Yvonne said, hiding her excitement to see him.

"Have you eaten?" Serena asked, not doing as well of a job.

"Yes, thank you," Henri replied, walking toward the two sisters.

"Do you wish us to disrobe?" Yvonne asked.

"Not as of yet... I wish to speak to you first. I was visited by two guards last night after I returned to my own chamber. They were the ones that told me to report to you early. I tried to find out how long I had to prepare you for Mentula but they were not helpful. They mentioned they may visit us today during your preparations."

"Not welcomed news on both counts," Yvonne said.

"They wish to view us engaged in coitus I'm sure," the younger added.

"It appears so and I apologize for such behavior but we have little recourse."

"Indeed. We will deal with them if necessary. Shall we begin?" Yvonne asked.

She was playing the situation as unemotional as she could, mainly to be strong for Serena. In reality, Yvonne was frightened they did not have enough time to be ready for Mentula. She had always been the sister that got right to the chores and did not dillydally when things needed to be accomplished. She had taken this new 'chore' the same way. She also was looking forward to seeing Henri of house Dangard naked again and possibly experiencing the pleasure of yesterday.

"Soon. I must also discuss a concern I have," Henri said. "I fear I am weak and will not be able to control my pleasure when we engage in the forbidden art... if I cannot keep from climax, I cannot prepare you in the way you must be. You saw this yesterday in my hasty ejaculation with very little movement. I do not know what to do and ask for your suggestions?"

The sisters looked at each other, their cheeks both flushed from arousal. Yvonne felt her face and body heat, her nipples begin to pucker and her sex pulse from Henri's honesty. He was truly a man of integrity.

"The forbidden art is very pleasurable for you then?" Yvonne asked.

"It is, my lady."

"I see. But won't you last longer if you ejaculate before we engage in the forbidden art?"

"Yes, but I fear that will not be enough and the more I ejaculate, I may be unable to achieve a new erection."

"Yes, this is possible... I've seen it myself. I had a suitor that would not last more than a few minutes and then was unable to maintain his erection afterward," Yvonne recalled.

"What did you do?" Serena asked her.

"I ended our courtship after the second time."

"That does not help, sister?" Serena said, slightly giggling. "Isn't there a way to delay your climax?" she inquired of Henri.

"Short of withdrawal and no stimulation I can't think of any," Henri said.

"We will have to facilitate this then. It may be advantageous as well to practice receiving you over and over," Yvonne said, feeling her clit twinge with desire at her own words.

"Very well, I will try to warn you when the time is at hand and I will need to withdraw for a time."

"We will be vigilant in this... we should begin," Yvonne said, as she began removing her gown.

Her sister followed her example as did Henri. They were all naked in short order staring at each other. Yvonne noticed quickly that Henri was aroused already. His penis was almost fully erect and at present had oozed his slippery effluent to make his head wet and shiny. She desired him more than she thought she would. Her body felt warm and flushed as she looked upon his strong chest, arms, legs, and the impressive thick shaft growing between his legs. It was unlike any she had ever witnessed and as she watched it grow to its uttermost she was awed she had taken him fully in her bowels yesterday.

"Who would like to prepare first?" Henri asked.

"I think I would... I'm further behind than my sister," Serena spoke up rapidly.

"Very well... join me on the lounge."

"I kept the candle from yesterday. We could begin with it again," Serena said, not hiding her excitement at all and finding the candle among her discarded clothing.

Serna quickly laid down on the lounge and said, "Shall I begin to stimulate myself now?"

"Yes, and if you will allow I can prepare you for penetration with my mouth," Henri suggested.

"If you wish," Serena replied, as she started running a finger gently over her labia.

Yvonne watched her sister began to pleasure herself, standing next to the lounge as Henri sat below her sister. Yvonne watched Henri, spread Serena's legs and lower his head to her sex. Her breath caught in her throat as her sister gasped with pleasure when Henri's tongue spread her lips open. His mouth opened further, taking the whole of Serena's womanhood inside. Serena called out in passion, arching her back and pressing her sex into Henri's face. He concentrated on her vagina and clitoris for some time before moving lower to prepare her anal orifice with his tongue, applying adequate saliva for penetration from the candle.

Serena, in her passion, had dropped the candle, making Yvonne retrieve it from the side of her body and the lounge chair. Henri was darting his tongue in and out of Serena's tight cavity, pressing in as much of his length as was possible. Yvonne caught his eye as he looked up over her sister's body and handed him the candle. Raising his face from her body, he inserted the candle very easily into Serena's prepared bottom. Serena reacted immediately, calling out in pleasure and grinding her hand into her folds. Yvonne knew Serena craved the pleasure of yesterday again. The candle was going in and out easily in Henri's hand. Serena was well prepared and ready for more width; such was her arousal. Henri must have realized this as well because he soon knelt below her and lifted her legs so that he could move himself into position to penetrate her.

Yvonne moved closer to watch and to aid her sister in receiving Henri's wide shaft. A heavy stream of pre-ejaculate was flowing from Henri's head, and she watched him rub it around his purple dome and down the shaft before removing the candle and placing his head at the entrance to Serena's slightly opened anus. Serena was preparing herself by playing vigorously with her clitoris. Yvonne's eyes widened as Henri pressed forward very slowly and entered her sister. He was not caught off guard this time and did not rush into her when the resistance gave way.

Serena called out in slight alarm when he did push through but she seemed well off compared to what Yvonne recalled feeling. Henri froze, allowing her to adjust. The sight Yvonne viewed from above was staggering. Henri's long thick cock seemed to be cut off at the head as it disappeared inside Serena's tight pulsing orifice. The skin around Henri's shaft was white with strain and contrasted sharply with Henri's reddish, vein-lined rod. Yvonne's' mouth dropped open at the awesome sight.

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