tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 03

The Master Ch. 03


You are working at home late again. Some project that needs to be done. You are having a hard time concentrating. Always feeling like there are eyes on you. You turn and look around the room and find nothing. But you know I am close, you know I am watching you. You pussy begins to stir, you don’t like the way your body reacts to me, you try to fight but your body betrays you. You hear a door creak and jump a little. You stand and go check it out. Searching your house, you don’t find anything so you head back to your study.

“Hello pet.” I say and you are just sitting down.

You jump a little from the sudden voice in the room but you don’t turn around. Very good, I think to myself. You are learning. I walk behind you slowly and hear your breathing start to quicken.

“Did you miss me pet? Have I been on your mind?” I ask as I run my fingers through your hair. A barely audible moan leaves your mouth, you bite your lip so hard it almost bleeds. You hate how your body gives you away.

“Oh my, it would seem you did. Please stand Pet, it is time for more training.” I ask you nicely.

You don’t move, you still want to believe you are in control. My hand stops stroking your hair and I grab a handful of it.

“Wwwwait, wait, wait. I’ll get up.” You plead.

“Good girl” I answer.

You stand up still facing foreword. I take out the blindfold and hand it to you. Again you don’t move. You are a stubborn one aren’t you? My hand draws back and SMACKS your ass so hard that your hands fall to your desk so you don’t fall over. A scream leaves your lips and you stand back up.

“You know what to do Pet. I am just trying to help you remember. I do so hate to wait.” I tell you in a soft voice.

The quivering lip starts and I can see you holding back the tears. You are trying to show me you are strong but I am not looking for strong, I am looking for obedient. You put on the blindfold and wait for my next words. I spot the handcuffs from my last visit, I brought another pair just in case but I decide to use the ones you held onto. You hear me chuckle and pick up the cuffs.

“Hands Pet.” I tell you. You place your hands behind your back and I cuff them loosely together. I take your arm and lead you back out into your living room. You don’t try to fight me as I bend you over the couch again. I step back to admire you in such a submissive position. Hands bound behind your back, your feet barely able to touch the ground, and your body bend over the arm of a couch resting on pillows I had laid out for you. You look amazing.

Your can feel your blood rushing through your body. You have no idea what is going to happen next. The only thing you can think of is the spankings from the last time. You had a hard time sitting the next day. You feel my hands slide under your shirt and touch and rub you, soft and gentle. Then they wander down to your ass softly rubbing in small circles, left then right, then down the back of your thighs and calves. You were ready for a spanking so you had tensed up, but all the touching and rubbing feels nice and is affecting you. You feel fingers hook into your panties and slide them down, you can feel breathing on your legs. Your panties are left down around your ankles and you feel the hot breath again traveling up your legs. You feel it right at your pussy and then you feel a kiss, soft and gentle. You moan into a pillow at the touch.

You hear a belt coming undone then a zipper. You can feel clothes dropping to the floor. There is movement and then silence. The next thing you feel is a cock, hot and hard and being pushed into you so slow that you feel as if it will never end. You were already wet for it, a thought that embarrasses you, you don’t act like this, shouldn’t be aroused by this. The cock goes deeper and deeper into your pussy, stretching you, throbbing inside you. You are quivering and moaning into the pillow. Trying to hide it but failing miserably.

You feel hands rest on your hips and feel the cockhead being drug slowly out from the depths of your pussy. Just as it is almost completely out of you it is slammed back with so much force that the couch moves a little. The fucking begins, slamming in and out of your wet pussy in long hard pumps. Your moans come as the cock is slammed home deep into your pussy. You cuffed hands turn and touch your ass as you receive such a hard fucking, nails scratching and digging into your flesh. You no longer try to hold back your moans and are near an intense orgasm. Your pussy is starting to make wet sucking noises as the cock pounds and punishes your pussy over and over. You continue to take every inch, silently wishing you could spread wider to feel it deeper.

You feel the cock swelling inside you and grunts and groans that weren’t there before are so loud you cannot ignore them. The full thrusts go to half thrust and your pussy is getting fucked quicker and quicker. You let out a scream and begin to come, your body shakes and convulses as the cock continues to plunge into you. It is removed suddenly in the middle of your orgasm and you feel it hit your ass. You hear a loud grunt and begin to feel hot sticky cum hit your back, some landing as high as between your shoulders. The cock slides back and forth until it stop shooting and then leave your body entirely. Your own orgasm is finally subsiding, you can feel cool air run over your body as the air conditioner turns on.

You hear movement again and feel your hands being released form the handcuffs. You wait to hear a door close and push yourself up from the couch and release your other hand. You uncover your eyes and let them adjust to the light.

“You did well Pet” I tell you.

You jump from my voice, you thought I had left. Instead I am in a chair across the room, a video camera next to my chair. I stand and eject the tape. And walk to your from across the room.

“I am very pleased with tonight my pet. I am going to leave this camera here. I am sure you don’t mind.”

I lean in and kiss your cheek and walk out of the room. Leaving you standing, covered in the come of a stranger with your panties around your ankles.

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