tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 06

The Master Ch. 06


I stand near the bed and look at you with your face covered in Beth's orgasm. I start to strip. I watch your eyes looking at me, watching me take my clothes off. First my shirt then my pants. I am not wearing any underwear. My cock is semi erect and bounces as I remove the rest of my clothes.

"Beth to your knees."

Beth immediately crawls to the floor and gets within inches of my cock. Her hands are at her side and she is looking from my cock to my eyes and back again. She isn’t squirming or wiggling. You can tell Beth wants my cock in her mouth but she knows the rules, she cannot have what I do not give her.

"Beth you may suck my cock."

And with that you see Beth go into total lust mode. She is rubbing it all over her face and sucking it in and out of her mouth. She is deep throating me with no issues. She is loud and noisy and her spit is dripping off my cock to her body. She is massaging my balls and sucking me deep and throat fucking me. I will occasionally rub her face or play with her hair. But I leave her to do her duties. Her hands are running up and down my legs and they go to me ass to urge me to fuck her face. She sucks and licks my cock non stop right in front of you. Occasionally she will look at you as if you are paying attention. She can see you transfixed by the act, you’re biting your lower lip, starting to crave my cock.

You never stop watching her. You go from watching her suck my cock to watching to see the pleasure in my face. I watch subconsciously pulling at your bindings wanting to get free to help her. I tell Beth I am going to come and she redoubles her cocksucking efforts. She lets me drop out of her mouth but keeps a constant stroking me. "Where do you want it Master?" She asks me.

I smile. “On HER” I point at you. Beth looks a little disappointed for a second but does as she is told. She sucks me back in her mouth and I explode into her mouth. There is a lot as I have been waiting for this for a few days and some escapes her mouth. She moans and sucks and massages my balls until I am totally finished. She stands and bends over your chest and belly and lets it drip onto you. You are in complete SHOCK. You look as if you are going to protest but have an odd look on your face, almost as if you are happy to feel my cum.

I smile as I watch her do this. She takes what little that fell on her tits and scoops it up with her fingers and rubs it on your face. You are totally stunned, though it doesn’t stop you from tasting a bit with your tongue

As she is still bent over you I SLAM my cock deep into her pussy and her scream echoes through the room. Her body shakes violently and you see her eyes roll back into her head. I grab her hips and begin to pound my cock hard into her wet pussy. You can hear the slapping of our bodies together and even hear the sound of her pussy wet and slurping as my cock fills her full. She is moaning and groaning for me and is grabbing the bed and pushing back against my cock forcing me deeper. I give her ass a smack and her eyes go wide and stare at you as I fuck her. She has a look of total bliss. My thumb finds her ass and I tease unmercifully.

I pound her pussy over and over as you watch on. We are inches from you. You can smell our sex through the whole room. She is getting closer to coming again as her body is turns redder and her nipples are sticking straight out. I am fucking her with every inch of my cock, pounding her so hard the bed is moving with you on it. She lets out a low growl and her eyes close completely, she starts to shudder and shake and her knees give falling onto you. I step forward and continue to pound her through her orgasm. I pull out and you can see my cock shiny and slick from her juices.

I let her stay lying on top of you as I position my cock to her ass, I push my cock into her slow but steady. She is starting to moan again as I stretch her ass open with my cock. She is running her nails up and down your legs and teasing your pussy. She removes the nipple clips and her mouth falls to you tits and she sucks a nipple hard into her mouth. She nibbles and bites and teases your areola. You are starting to moan and wiggle at her attention to your body. She pushes herself back up and feels my cock explore her ass deeper. She shoves two fingers into your pussy and starts to fuck you furiously. I know she is close to coming so I pull out, tapping her clit once or twice before going back to fuck her pussy. She comes a third time this one so loud you are worried about your neighbors.

After her orgasm subsides she turns and licks me clean. She helps me get dressed and tucks my still erect cock away gently. I tell Beth to go ahead and get dressed... We turn and leave and walk to the door. You look slightly confused confused. I have usually untied or uncuffed you before I leave.

“Wait….wait….where……” you try to ask afraid to talk.

"John. Come in here.“ I call out to the hallway.

Into the room walks a very large ominous looking man. He is carrying a couple of large equipment bags. He has a grin on his face.

“This is John. He is in charge until I return. He is here to help with your training. You will find he isn’t as forgiving as me, so consider this your warning.” I say.

"You may have her. But at midnight. Time is up." I tell him. He agrees smiling at you the whole time.

It is 8 o clock.

I turn and leave.

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