tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 06a-07

The Master Ch. 06a-07


I walk into your home slightly past midnight. John is cleaning up from his night of training you. I see you lying naked on the bed, sound asleep, no pillows, no blanket, and no sheets.

"How did she do?" I ask John

"She fought me, but I think when all is said and done she will be one your favorite" John answers. "She took a hell of a beating and kept coming back for more, I was impressed with her. She still needs to know all the rules and she will probably fight you from time to time, it is in her spirit. But once you remind her who is in charge, she will submit"

"Thank you John, you can go, I might call you later for a different kind of less for her" I tell him.

John packs up his stuff and leaves. I wander over to the bed and see you asleep, still sticky, the room smells of sex and violence. Your body is red and bloody and bruised. I stand over you for a few minutes and watch you sleep. You don't move, your face is content. I walk out of the room and check to see if John got all the cameras installed. Every single room has a couple, all with night vision. There will be no hiding from me.

I walk back into your room and wake you. You don't move at first, you are exhausted. I gently wake you. Your eyes open and you see me. You immediately sit up and stare at me.

"I heard good things tonight Pet. I am pleased with tonight's lesson. You seen to be coming to grips with who I am and what you are. Do you understand pet?" I ask you.

"Yes master" You tell me, your eyes don't move from me.

I lean down and give you a soft kiss on the lips.

"Good girl" I say. "Now go get cleaned up and get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day. And a new lesson. "

You get up and walk slowly back to the bathroom to shower. You can see your body in the mirror before you shower. Your back is red and a little bloody from the whipping, your pussy and ass is throbbing and sore. You let the hot water flow over your body. It hurts at first then you grow to cherish it, you run your hands over your body feeling the whelps and the bruises. You finish your shower and go back to find the bed made for you, the covers slightly pulled back and a rose left on your pillow. I am nowhere to be found.

You fall asleep instantly and have no dreams. You awake with your alarm and go to get out of your bed but have a hard time moving from the beating you took last night. You go and have another shower and try to pick out an outfit that will hide what was done to you. You cannot have people seeing you in such a state, what would you say to them. You make your way to work and feel my presence all day. Everywhere you go you can feel my eyes on you.

Your day flies by, you hardly get anything done, you keep expecting me to show up. But I never do, he is waiting for me at home, you tell yourself, you wrap up your day and head home walking fast, bumping into people as you walk. Your pussy starts to get wet thinking of me waiting for you. Will I take you today? Will I let you have my cock? What do I have in store for you today?

You open your door quickly and wander through the house. You are looking for me, but I am nowhere to be found. I watch you with the cameras I have installed, I see your every movement. I can see you looking for me, going to every room, finding nothing. You eventually walk back to the living room and sit down in disappointment. I can see it in your face.

"You have to learn pet", I say talking to you even though you cannot hear me.

"I will decide when I play with you, I will decide when things happen or don't happen. Just when you think I am not coming Pet, I will be there. You are mine to toy with Pet, Mine and Mine alone"

This goes on for several days. You are starting to think perhaps I don't want you anymore. You have even forgotten about the cameras. I watch you go about your life as if nothing had changed, but I knew better, and you knew better. Occasionally I would see you trying to masturbate, only to give up in anger, you cannot get off, no matter how hard you try to finger or fuck yourself. I can see you starting to get relaxed, like you are trying to go back to your old life. That is when I know it is time. Tomorrow it will begin again Pet.

I wait for you to get home from work, I am waiting for you on your couch with my back to the door. You walk in and drop the groceries in your hands.

"Hello Pet" I say. "I have been watching you. You don't seem to be doing very well. Is something wrong?"

"Nnooo, nothing is wrong" You answer, you are scared, nervous and excited to see me.

I stand and walk to you slowly. "Are you SURE nothing is wrong?" I look at you like I already know what you are thinking, like I am looking into your very soul.

"No, I am fine, really." You say not convincing me. You bend down to get your groceries and clean up the mess.

Faster than you can even touch anything I have you by your hair and have forced you to your knees.

"You obviously didn't learn a thing, did you? When you are with me I am MASTER or SIR" I tell you with each word my voice gets louder. "I thought you had learned but apparently time has helped you forget"

"No, No, Master no, I am sorry Sir" you are pleading and begging me.

I push you harder to the floor to where you are almost bowing before me. I keep hold of your hair and drag you behind me to the bedroom. You are begging and pleading with me the entire way back there

"SHUT UP" I yell at you. I can see the fear in your eyes.

You don't make another sound as I circle you slowly. You are still on your knees on the ground. I tell you to stand and strip for me. "Yes Master" comes out of your mouth softly and you stand and remove your clothing. I still walk around you and admire your body. Your wounds are almost invisible. I occasionally run my hand over your body softly. I can hear you whimper at my touch. Your nipples perk and I can hear you breathing faster.

"Lean over the bed Pet, I must punish you for your disrespect"

You place your palms onto your bed and keep your legs straight so I can get to your ass. I have never put you in this position, you do it without being prompted. I smile to myself. Good girl. I run my palm over your ass nice and soft, light little circle, left cheek then right. I kneel behind you and reach between your legs and pull out a big black paddle. You had no idea it was under your bed. You are totally shocked.

"I thought I might need this" I tell you as you see me retrieve it from between your legs.

I give you several small smacks to let you know what you are in store for, you don't make a sound. I draw the paddle back and let it fly hard and fast to your body. Your body is pushed foreword by the blow, your eyes squeeze shut and the sting of the paddle encompasses the back of your legs, your pussy and your ass. Your knees buckle and you nearly collapse. I hear you starting to cry and can see your knees wobble. I repeat the process 4 more times. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK*

By the 5th blow you can barely stand and your pussy is swollen and throbbing and INCREDIBLE wet. I take my finger and tease your pussy, pushing in two fingers fucking you gentle with them. I can hear you crying out in pain and pleasure, your body is once again betraying you.

"What do you call me Pet?"

"Master, I call you Master or Sir" you answer tears still in your eyes.

"Good girl" I tell you "Do you need to come Pet? I have watched you trying to play with yourself. I have watched you trying to come. You couldn't could you?"

"No master I couldn't" you tell me your face red that I watched your every move.

I continue to finger you slowly, feeling your pussy getting wetter and wetter.

"Do you need to come Pet? Would you like me to let you come?" I ask

"Please Master, OH GOD, Please let me come" you beg me.

"OK Pet I will let you come, but remember who it is that let you do this."

"Yes sir, thank you sir" you tell me quickly

I pull my fingers from your pussy and leave you still bent over. I walk out to the front room and you hear the door open. You can hear several men's voices. I walk back into the room with 3 other men.

"There she is guys. She is horny as hell and needs to come." I tell them while you stay bent over the bed. You don't dare move for fear of what while happen.

They immediately start to disrobe and I walk to the corner and sit down. You face is pleading me to not let this happen. You don't move or say a word as their hands begin to touch and rub you.

"You have to earn my cock Pet. Please these men and perhaps I will let you suck my cock"

You feel a cock start to rub up and down your swollen pussy, one of the men is ready to fuck you with his hard cock, he is having a hard time pushing it in due to your pussy lips being so swollen, he force it in and begins to fuck you furiously. You come almost immediately, your face turning red in embarrassment. You cannot believe what a slut you have become for me. Your pussy juices are running down your leg as the man fucks you hard and fast.

The other two men are kneeling in front of you with their cock in their hands. One of them pushes it into your mouth and you begin to suck it deep into your mouth, you start to gag but do not stop, you still have tears in your eyes, but you do not stop, the other man starts to slap his cock on your face and you stop for a moment to suck his cock deep. You alternate between both the cocks your body still shaking and convulsing from the rough fucking of the man behind you. The whole time you can see me watching you from a chair across the room.

You hear the man fucking you start to grunt and groan, you feel him slam deep and his cum shoot deep inside you. He continues to fuck you till his cock goes soft, both of your orgasms, squishing inside you and running down your legs. He pulls out and walks out of the room. One of the men whose cock you are sucking walks behind you and shoves a slightly larger cock inside your pussy, he is fucking you in long hard deep thrusts, your body is close to coming again. The other man has grabbed your head and is starting to fuck it as the man behind you starts to fuck you more furiously. They appear to be fucking you in rhythm, one man shoves his cock deep while the other removes his and vice versa. You constantly have a cock inside you.

The man in front of you is starting to grunt louder just as another orgasm shakes your body, you come all over the cock deep into your pussy, you moan and shudder and shake make both men unable to hold back, the cock you are sucking is removed and shoots all over your face, you try to catch some in your mouth but he is shooting hard and fast on your face and in your hair, the ,am behind you slams his cock deep and explodes inside you. You can feel spurt after spurt deep in your cunt.

Both men leave the room naked. You are left still bent over the bed, body still shaking from countless orgasms.

"Well done Pet, you are a good little whore for me" I tell you

"Thank you master" you say.

"If you keep this up I will let you suck my cock very soon"

"Oh thank you master, I would love to suck your cock sir" you tell me in an excited voice.

"Soon pet, very soon"

The first man walks back into the room with another hard on. He stands you up and lies back on the bed, he sits you on his cock and lets you start to ride him. I can see you really starting to enjoy yourself. The thought of actually getting to suck my cock has renewed your vigor. You start to bounce up and down on his cock moaning and gasping as you get fucked. What you have not noticed is that both the other men have walked back into the room as well and are both hard again.

One of them climbs the bed and offers you his erect cock, you suck it deep and stroke it and play with his balls. The other man is walking up behind you slowly rubbing lube on his cock. The first man stops you from bouncing on his cock and holds you still, you feel a cock on your ass and get scared. You have never been fucked like this before, you are scared of being torn open. The last man pushes his cock into your ass slowly, the first man is wiggling his hips and still grinding inside you while the man standing is still pushing his cock in and out of your mouth. You are moaning loud on his cock as you begin to be filled completely full with cocks. The man standing behind you is working his cock deeper and deeper inside you, you can feel both cocks rubbing you from inside.

Once the man standing has his cock most of the ways in you all the men start to fuck you in their respective holes. The feeling of all of the cocks is totally overwhelming your body is hot and you feel your insides being stretched to their limits. You body has an incredible orgasm from nowhere, you almost chock on the cock you are sucking so you take it out and stroke it while you try to regain your composure. The cocks are still fucking you and you begin to feel light headed.

Your eyes roll back in the back of your head and you black totally out as a cock is shoved back into your mouth.

You awake later totally covered in cum. Your pussy and ass are throbbing and the taste of cum is still in your mouth. You are naked on the bed and no one is around. You find a note next to you. "Well done Pet" You cannot help but smile and hold the note close to you.

Your body is still tingling from the gang bang you had just been through. You lay back down and fall back to sleep.

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