tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 10

The Master Ch. 10


You sat close to me as we watched the people in the club dance and drink, several times I caught you looking over to the man who you just fucked, and you turn red and snuggle closer to me. I held you close and touched you lightly; you have come such a long way since the first day we met.

“I want you to dance for me.” I whisper in your ear.

You slide over and stand up and start to sway and dance to the music. Your eyes never leave mine, you are zoning out everyone else in the club. You raise your arms and swing your hips and dance slow and erotic for me. Several people are starting to watch you; you haven’t noticed the attention you are gathering yet. You start to touch your body and run your hands over yourself sensually. I look around the room and see all the men starting to lust after such an erotic pet. They all want what I have, you are mine and we both know it.

I turn on the clit toy; you had forgotten it was there, it is on low but still enough to affect you. I can see you starting to get aroused again, licking your lips and staring at me, the hunger building inside you. You start to touch yourself more, not caring where you are, I can see your nipples poking through your clothes and your face is turning red. I turn the toy up and watch your hands start to roam lower and lower, touching your legs and back to your ass, you lift your dress and expose your ass as you dance and sway for me. People are stopping dancing and watching you, I turn the toy up high and your hands fall to our table and I see your knees buckle, you are shaking and moaning and very close to coming.

I lean over the table and touch you, your face is flush and I can see you are close.

“Come for me Pet, come for me right now.” I tell you softly.

You bite your lip and your free hand goes to your breasts, teasing and pinching and playing with your nipples. You let out a moan and a small scream and come, you hold onto the table as you feel your orgasm rush over your body.

“Come to me pet” I tell you.

You manage to walk over to me and slide beside me, body still shaking, toy still on and vibrating your clit mercilessly. I lean over and tell you what a good girl you are being. I turn your head to mine and I kiss you hard, your arms wrap around me and we kiss long and hard at the table. My tongue slides into your mouth and you suck it hard, you are moaning as we kiss and my hand touch you lightly. I unzip my pants and tell you to take out my cock. You do as you are told and stroke me with your hand, we are kissing hard and I pull you to my lap.

I slide deep inside you and you come immediately, moaning in my ear loud and kissing my neck and ears. My hands go to your ass and help you bounce up and down on my cock. You hands go to the top of the booth and you are rising and falling on every inch of my cock. I have pushed your dress up so I can get to your tits, I am sucking and biting and teasing then as I feel you tight on my cock. Your dress is lifted high and your panties are pushed to the side as you ride me hard in the middle of the club. The people haven’t stopped watching us but you don’t seem to care. You let go with another orgasm, they are coming more frequently, I have since lost count. I am close to coming, I grab you and pushing you down hard onto my cock, you let out a whimper and come again and feel my cock swell, and you grind your hips and kiss me hard. I let go and explode deep inside you. We kiss and touch and you climb off my cock as I turn off your toy, you fix your dress and notice everyone in the club has been watching us, some are clapping, others are complaining. I decide it is time for us to leave.

I stand up and help you out of the booth, my cock is still dangling out of my pants, you kneel in front of me and suck it deep into your mouth and lick and suck me clean. Stroking your hand over it and checking it to make sure you have gotten every drop of our mixed orgasm. You tuck me away and stand and we walk out of the club. My come can still be seen dripping between your legs.

“You did well tonight Pet, I am very pleased” I tell you

“Thank you master, I am here to serve you” you answer blushing.

I take you back to my place and lead you back to my bedroom. I strip you naked and walk you over to the wall; I place your hands in cuffs and hook you to the wall. I can hear your breath quicken, you know what I am going to do and you are both scared and craving it. I walk over to the closet and get out a paddle; I walk over to you and let it touch your bare ass, rubbing it up and down softly. You are starting to moan at the touch of leather on your skin.

“You want me to use this don’t you pet?” I ask.

“Yes sir. I have missed it” you answer.

I smile and draw back the paddle and let it hit your ass, you let out a scream and wiggle your ass, begging me for more. I paddle your ass till it is nice and red, then I put on a pair of leather gloves and run my hands over your naked body. I slide my gloved finger into your pussy and finger you slowly, you are moaning nice and loud for me and begging me to fuck you.

“You have done well tonight Pet, I will give you what you want” I tell you.

“Thank you sir” You answer while I still have my fingers inside you.

I stand up and take off my pants and rub my cock up and down your wet pussy, I slide in with easy and begin to fuck you hard and fast, slamming every inch of my cock deep inside you, I hold your hips and fuck you hard and deep, pounding your tight little pussy. I feel your pussy quiver and shake and you come all over my cock, your juices are coming in such force I can feel them dripping off my balls. I can see you holding onto the cuffs I attached to the wall, you are wiggling your ass and pushing back hard against me. Meeting each thrust I slam into you, moan and groaning and begging me to fuck you harder and deeper. I slam my cock deep and reach around and finger your clit between two fingers, you moan out and begin to come again, but I stop, I pull out completely and watch you shake and squirm begging for my cock. I give your ass a slap and tell you to hold still, I spread your ass and push my cock inside it nice and slow, your orgasm continues as I go deeper into your ass, you are taking all of me. I fuck your ass in long slow strokes, I can feel my orgasm building, I reach up and grab your hair and pull it as I start to fuck your ass with more force. We are both moaning louder and close to another orgasm. I let loose and come all over your ass and back, rubbing my cock between your cheeks till I am done shooting.

I let you loose and lead you to bed with me; I let you sleep with me that night. When you wake in the morning the room is empty and you find a box next to you. You open it up and you find a collar in it. You put it on and smile, this is only the beginning.

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