tagBDSMThe Master Knows

The Master Knows

byvelvet passion©

As i step into your room, the lights down low i begin to shiver. i know you are here in the darkness waiting for me. i step to the table where there is a note, you tell me to strip and lay on the table on my belly with my arms out and feet spread. i climb on the table as you say and get in the position you instructed in your note.

Laying there for what seems like hours, i almost fall asleep. i hear you coming up from the bottom of the table, feeling your hands caressing my ankles. You slip the spreader bar on my feet, spreading me for seems like miles and my legs can not go any further part.

i hear your breathing as you work over me. Then i feel you come to my right side and grasp my wrist in your hands, pulling it to the cuff you have bolted just out of sight over the edge of the table. You go to the other side, grasping that wrist and pulling it to the cuff on the other side.

i am stretched further than you have ever done before. My face is down in what looks like a funnel with an opening. i hear your breathing, but now i can not see you at all. i feel your finger gliding over my back, down my crack and along my legs. i'm not sure what you have planned i lay there waiting. Suddenly, i feel the sting of your palm on my ass cheek, jerking as you slap me sharply.

"Has my bitch been bad?" you ask. i say nothing as i am shocked at the sharpness of your tone. You slap me again, stinging harder this time.


i whimper and stammer out, "yes, Master i have been bad"


With a deep breath, i begin to tell you what i have been doing while you were gone. "Master, i have been fucking and playing with others. Sir, please forgive me?"

With that said, you begin a barrage of slaps and pinches on my flesh that make me feel fire deep in my bones. These are not just short slaps, but bone jarring cracks all over my body. Down my thighs and against my ass, my back, slapping with intensity i never knew you had before. i am crying and begging you to stop, but you continue. As you tire, i feel them getting softer. The strikes easing up a bit.

i hear your breathing and hear you as you walk around the table. my face is still in the funnel and i am laying there limp. my body red and on fire from the barrage of slaps and pinches you have punished me with. my breathing calms and i can hear you as you walk in front of table.

i hear you open the chest you have at the bottom of the table. A wiffle gag is shoved in my mouth and my face is pushed into the funnel and strapped down. i can not move my head at all, i am at your mercy as i try to hear where you are. i think you are back at your chest again and going thru it, looking for something.

i hear you say, "Ahhhhhh, here it is." Fear begins to crawl up my spine, making gooseflesh all along my body. i hear you walking toward my side and i can not tell what you are doing, just that i know you are there.

Suddenly, i hear a swishing sound and feel the shooting pain on my ass as you use your leather crop on me. my skin turns to flame as i moan into the gag. Sweat runs into my eyes and i close them to keep it from stinging them. my body shudders as i feel your crop strike over and over.


i moan out my answer and try to say no, shaking my head as much as possible with it tied down. Feeling you slowing down, i am crying harder, knowing i have displeased you so much.

Then, i feel you releasing me and pulling me up to you, wrapping your arms around me and taking me from the table. You carry me over to the sofa in the corner of the room where you sit with me in your lap.

i whimper in your ear, "Master, you gave me permission to play in your absence so i did. What have i done wrong?"

You look deeply in my eyes and say to me, "slut, I just wanted to keep you on your toes."

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