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The Master Mark


She stands there naked in the yard, her reigns tied tightly to a post so she cannot run free. Oh how she wished she could be running free in the field today with the other ponies, but today was her special day, the young stable lad had been telling her only a few moments before as he was cleaning her up for today’s event. As she stood there she tried to remember how long she had been there, was it just six months ago she agreed with her Master to enter the stables for training?

It just seemed she to her that time had gone so fast and how much she had changed, as for when she first came here she was unfit for anything and today she was as fit and as fast as any of the other ponies that she had been stabled with. As she stood there she thought about what had brought her there. Was it a willing to please her Master, was it for herself but did it matter now as time was irrevocable and what had been was in the past. All she knew now was that she loved who and what she was, her Master pony girl.

Standing there the sun shone on her mane and the warmth of the morning sun stayed off any shivers from the cool spring air. She started to whinny to herself and then moving from one hoof to the other as not to stand still in one position for too long. Soon in the distant she could hear a car driving up the main drive to the stable and then it stopped, she wondered if it was her Master. She heard a door bang and then sounds of voices but one voice sounded more familiar to her and as she saw him walks towards her she began to whinny really loudly as he came nearer to her.

He smiled as saw his pony, how trim and sleek she looked as her body glisten from the oil that had been rubbed into her earlier that morning. He patted her and told her how please he was to see her. She tried to nuzzle in to him with her head but the owner of the stables had called her Master to go with him and then called for the stable lad. He muttered something to him and the boy eyes lit up and nodded. He came over and undid the reins from the post and started to walk her around the court yard soon he got her to trot so that her Master could see how well she could on the reins now. She could see he was pleased by the smile on his face.

Her owner then went off with stables owner and she could hear them talking to each other she tried to go with them but the stable lad pulled her back and told her off with a short flick of his crop which brought her back to what she was meant to be doing. Her heart sunk but then she was called for and took into the tack room. Her eyes looked for her Master and she saw him standing there she was led before him, he eyed her up and down and then saying what was about to happen to her and there would be no going back. She looked at him and neighed loudly to say she knew but she was happy to go a head with what was about to happen to her. He smiled and rubbed her nose tenderly.

They took her over to a thick wooden post which they bind her too tightly so she could not move once the iron was ready to go on to her skin. She heard the stable owner reassuring her Master that it would only hurt for a moment and that he was able to do the brand himself if he would like to. She heard her owner say yes he would with their help. The stable owner looked at the branding iron and pushed it back into the coals for a few more seconds as he explained to Master that it was important it was the right temperature, if not they could do more damage to the flesh. It seemed like forever to her and wished they would get it over.

The stable lad patted her and reassured her that it would be soon be over. The stable owner looked at it again then said to her Master it was time. Her Master then took it in hand and following instructions placed it quickly in to some cold water and then placed it on her rear. Her head went back and she screamed through the bit and then it fell forward as she fainted with the pain. Her tensed body now relaxed. He took it off and the smell of burning flesh reeked in the room. He placed the cooling iron on to the floor and knelt down beside her stroking her face and saying how brave she was.

The young lad gingerly untied the rope around her and as she laid there her eyes slowly opened, 'well done my little pony girl' she could hear her Master whispering in her ear repeating it again and again. As she smiled up at him knowing that she now bore his mark for all to see.

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