tagMind ControlThe Master of Truth 003

The Master of Truth 003


Modern day, in a world where humans only speak the truth...

* * *

What do I do? I asked myself, sipping on my coffee pensively. I was seated at the desk in my bedroom, contemplating the moral quandary that faced me. After Juliana's revelation the previous night, when she'd shared the fact that she actually had a fiancé, I had been too exhausted to do much more than worry for several minutes before rolling over and falling into a deep, restful sleep.

Of course she has a man in her life, I told myself now, feeling like an idiot. She's beautiful, sexy, smart... The whole package. I nodded to myself, envisioning my calculus professor's tumbling blonde hair, buoyant breasts and tight ass. Definitely a total bombshell. But now I faced a dilemma. I didn't want to give her back. More than the fact that she was dynamite in bed, I actually felt a strong affection for my newest companion, a feeling that had grown from the massive crush I'd had on her for months. I'd had that crush long before I'd acquired my special talent — the ability to speak non-truths and warp reality around me to align with them — but only now had I been able to act on it. And of course her fiancé is in law enforcement, I added sarcastically. Because that just makes the whole situation that much better. I closed my eyes and sighed, puffing out my cheeks as I realized the true problem. I just don't want to lose her.

Suddenly, I grunted, an involuntary spasm running through my body. Or her smoking hot blowjobs. My eyes slid downwards to where Juliana knelt between my feet, her blue eyes glazed with ardor as she enthusiastically bobbed up and down in my lap. Holy fuck.

Her deft tongue lavished my shaft with attention as she sucked the sensitive head, moaning with lust. I would never grow tired of the sound, getting even harder knowing that my cock was the only thought dominating her mind and that my pleasure was her pleasure. I admired the sight of her pink lips wrapped around my shaft, stretching her mouth wide open as she swallowed me deep.

I let my fingers unwrap from around the handle of my coffee mug and tangle in her hair. "That's a good girl," I murmured affectionately, and the busty blonde hummed with gratitude. The vibrations traveled up my cock and directly to my pleasure centers, lighting me up with sensations.

There wasn't a thought in her head. Not a worry about her fiancé, not a concern about the fact that she was taking her student's thick cock all the way down her slutty, volcanically hot throat. There was only the desire to feel my length sliding sensuously between her lips and over her tongue. Over and over and over. Just like I'd told her.

Juliana slurped up the shaft, the obscene noise music to my ears. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked in a vacuum and then released the head with a wet pop. Her hand immediately replaced her mouth, sliding up and down on my slick length, jacking me off as I felt her hot breath on my skin.

"You like that, Sir?" she asked me in a sultry voice. "You like having your professor kneeling at your feet, your delicious cock in her mouth and her pussy dripping wet and ready for you?"

"Yes..." I groaned, somehow growing even harder as she teased me, biting her lip and staring up at me through her lashes. My balls felt tight and ready to explode, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

Juliana licked her lips. "So do I. I love how naughty it makes me feel, kneeling here at your feet. Powerless. Totally docile, submissive and obedient."

Fuck fuck fuck... I was getting closer.

Her hand sped up. "Unable to resist as you reprogram my mind, telling me I'm just your slutty little bimbo with nothing on her mind but sucking and fucking and sucking..."

"Aaaaagh..." I groaned nonsensically as I came, Juliana's mouth diving forward to capture the first spurt of cum that erupted from the tip of my spasming cock. The instant my spunk hit her tongue, she came as well, her body clenching and twitching uncontrollably as she sealed her lips around my girth and swallowed greedily. Jet after jet of my seed fired down her willing throat and into her stomach, her body shaking with pleasure as she enjoyed the taste of my essence.

"Fuck..." I gasped as my cock finally stopped twitching and I was able to breath again.

My teacher's blonde head bobbed up and down several more times, her lips massaging my shaft and milking every last drop of cum into her waiting mouth. Settling back on her heels, she sucked gently at the sensitive head and then released me, licking her lips and staring up at me with sex-drunk eyes.

"Good..." she murmured, her eyes slightly unfocused.

My balls ached pleasurably as I admired her heaving tits with their erect pink nipples and the smooth skin of her midriff. I can't believe how lucky I am, I thought, and smirked.

Then, the bedroom door swung open. Kristi sashayed into the bedroom with a plate in one hand and the delicious smell of bacon, eggs and buttered toast to accompany her. The bronzed Asian was shorter than Juliana and bustier, her slim figure accentuated by a beautiful, oversized pair of tits and an ass that she worked very hard to maintain — and that I worked very hard, period. She was nude, her black hair pulled back in a braid and her every movement charged with sensual promise.

"I see you've already had some breakfast," she said to Juliana with a glint in her hazel eyes. "But I made some food for you, Sir..." Her gaze swung over to me. "You need to need your strength if you plan on keeping both of us satisfied."

She grinned and bit her lip, her smile heating up. Bending over, teasing me with her full breasts as they filled my vision, she placed the plate on the desk and then sank to her knees beside Juliana. My cock stirred, blood beginning to flow south as she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the still-engorged head.

"I think I'll have what she's having," she whispered, her breath hot on my cock and her eyes glinting lustfully as she flicked her heated stare from me to Juliana and back. She opened her lips and slipped the broad helmet at the tip between them, using her tongue to coax me back toward hardness.

Jesus... I groaned and leaned back, trying not to shove the plate off my desk with my clenching fist. I seemed to recall trying to think through a problem of some sort, but I pushed it from mind. It wasn't important at the moment.

* * *

"We won't hit any traffic," I assured Juliana as we slid out of the parking lot and into the street. "We'll be there and back in no time."

So long as I don't get shot by your crazy cop boyfriend, I thought to myself.

Shut up, I replied. I had decided that Juliana was staying with me. I would explore whatever feelings I had for her and come to a conclusion about them some other time, but for now the most important thing was that my gorgeous math teacher was mine. Childish of me to think, perhaps, but with power like mine came responsibility — the responsibility to give myself whatever I wanted.

We'd left Kristi behind as we drove ten minutes down the road to the condominium where Juliana apparently lived with her fiancé. Ex-fiancé, I reminded myself sternly. This might require some finesse, and I couldn't let myself be distracted by my busty Asian playmate. Speaking of distracting... I looked sideways and could feel the blood rushing from my brain to elsewhere.

My beautiful professor was wearing the white dress she'd had on when she came over last night, and it sheathed her fit body perfectly. Her large, bouncy tits were pushed upward and together by her bra, presenting a mouthwatering view of her cleavage, and I knew for a fact that she wasn't wearing any panties beneath the skirt that didn't reach her knees.

I glanced back at the road and realized with a jolt I was straying across the double yellow line in the middle of the road. Sucking in a breath, I swerved back to the right. Focus, I told myself, shaking my head. You're driving here.

"Poor darling," Juliana said, her voice filled with false concern. I couldn't look at the beauty for fear of crashing the vehicle, but from the corner of my eye saw she was pouting cutely at me. "Someone seems to be having a problem..." Her eyes locked suggestively on the bulge in my jeans and her fingers traced lightly along my thigh.

"Uh-huh," I muttered noncommittally.

She licked her lips as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Let me help you out with that."

A moment later, my cock was enveloped once again by her pillowy lips and hot, wet mouth. I groaned. "I've never done this before," I muttered, not sure why I was confessing my inexperience to my older, more-practiced plaything.

"Mmmm," she moaned back, gulping around my cock and massaging the head in her throat. "—e either."

Somehow, that made the whole situation even hotter. My length grew harder in her mouth, stretching her throat as she swallowed me whole like her face was my own personal sextoy. She bobbed up and down, thrusting her face down onto my cock like she was starving for my manhood. As I drove, Juliana facefucked herself on my erect length, the sensation overwhelming as she gagged, saliva dripping down my shaft and her hand using the lubrication to jack me off into her mouth.

I tried to focus on the road, checking my phone GPS for directions as I tightened my jaw and let the powerful waves of pleasure radiate from my cock out into the rest of my body. "Siri says we're five minutes from your condo," I gasped, trying to keep my clenching hands from driving us into a tree or oncoming traffic.

Juliana raised her head from my lap with a wet slurp just long enough to reply, "Challenge accepted," before diving back to her task.

Two weeks ago I wouldn't have lasted thirty seconds under her determined assault, but my body was well-satiated and well-used to handling the stimulation, so I was impressed when Juliana managed to use her mouth and hands to bring me to spine-tingling release in four and a half minutes flat. She was just zipping me back up in my jeans and giving my crotch a loving pat when we pulled into the parking garage.

Her eyes had a satisfied look in them as I gave her a once-over. God she's hot, I thought, then realized that I already knew that. "You ready?" I asked.

She gave me a slightly concerned glance as she sucked on her bottom lip worriedly. "You'll take care of everything, won't you, Logan?"

I smiled and patted her knee comfortingly. I couldn't get over how surreal this moment was. A month ago I would never have imagined myself in a situation like this. I feel like I fell into an alternate universe. "I got this," I said with a confident smile, and realized that confidence was actually what I felt. I was about to go steal a man's sexy-as-hell fiancé, and I felt calm... Collected. It might be the fact that you just came straight down her hot, slutty throat, some part of my mind commented.

Shut up, I told myself, not for the first time. Let's do this. I left Juliana in the car and took the stairs two at a time up into the building.

* * *

The man who opened the front door was tall, with a classic square-jawed face and military buzzcut. He looked like the cookie cutter model for the cover of a sexy fireman's calendar, broad-shouldered and obviously in good shape.

Well that's fantastic, I thought to myself. He couldn't have been more of the donut-eating type?

Still, I had an advantage that no amount of muscle could overcome. "You're going to go back inside," I told him firmly.

The man froze, his hand still resting on the handle as though he was about to slam the door in my face. Then, he squinted at me like I was crazy. "What the fuck?" His tone was rough, and I could smell booze.

Is Juliana's fiancé a drinker? I wondered. Or does he just get that way when his wife-to-be goes out late at night and doesn't come back or answer her phone for twelve straight hours? "You want to go back inside," I told the man, rewording my order and staring into his pale eyes as I stepped toward him. "And you want to invite me inside to talk."

The man stared at me for another second and then nodded, slowly. "Yeah..." he agreed, still nodding. "Come on in." He turned and walked into the house.

I followed, shutting the door behind me. The interior was dark, even though it was a sunny morning outside, but I could still tell that a woman lived here. It had a put-together feeling that I knew no man would be able to achieve by himself.

Juliana's fiancé walked us down the front hallway and into the kitchen, grabbing a half-empty bottle of Corona from the counter and taking a gulp. I eyed him warily, suddenly not quite sure what to say.

He turned around and looked me up and down. "Beer?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

I realized he had no idea what to say either. He didn't even know why he'd invited me into his home. "No," I replied. "Thanks." I took a deep breath. "I came here to talk to you about Juliana Beck."

The man scowled. "Juliana, huh?" he asked. He took another swig and eyed me warily. "Are you the reason she didn't come home last night?"

How does one answer that delicately...? I bit my lip and looked away, suddenly realizing how uncomfortable this was about to get.

"No fucking way!"

The man's shout surprised me and my gaze jolted back over to him as he angrily slammed down the beer. I started to open my mouth to defend myself but he kept going.

"That fucking bitch!"

Wait, what...?

"Thinks she's better than everyone else, just cause she's bright and teaches kids how to add up numbers?" Juliana's fiancé's voice was filled with the kind of anger that has been pent up for a long time. "Thinks she's too good for me cause she's got a great body and a stable career where she doesn't have to be out at all hours? Well... I don't need her. It's her fucking loss. I'll just pick up one of the others and keep going. Why I bet —"

"Others?" I interrupted, mirroring back what he'd just said.

The man stopped and stood very still suddenly, then swung around to face me as though in his anger he'd forgotten I was even there. He scowled at me with rugged irritation, his handsome face twisting in a frown. "Nothing," he spat. He opened his mouth to say more but I intervened.

Time for me to take back control of this situation. "No. You want to stop right now and be quiet." The effect of my words was instantaneous as I focused on channeling all possible truthiness into my voice.

The man froze and went silent, waiting for me to continue.

"And," I continued, "you're going to tell me what you just meant."

"Of... of course I am," the man agreed slowly, his brow furrowing as he nodded. "Of course." He paused for a moment, shook his head as though to clear it, then took a breath. "I've been seeing other women besides Juliana."

Shit... I really didn't want to know this, but I had to keep going. For Juliana's sake. "Sleeping with them?" I asked.

The man smirked and looked down at his chiseled physique, the tight tee shirt and sweatpants hiding nothing of his rippling musculature. "No," he said sarcastically. "We play fucking Monopoly."

"Well fuck..." I muttered. I no longer felt any sympathy towards this man for taking his fiancée. I nodded to myself, then stared into the man's pale eyes. I cleared my throat. "I'm taking her, then," I told him, and I felt the rightness of the words as they flowed from my tongue. "And, unlike you, I'm going to make her happy." I stopped suddenly. Wait... Where did that come from? But then I shook my head. No time. Just wrap this shit up. "I'm leaving now, and you're going to stay right there until I'm gone."

The man scoffed softly, but didn't say a word as I backed out of his kitchen. I could feel his eyes following me as I walked to the door and closed it behind me. Then, I turned around and walked quickly back to the car.

Juliana was waiting anxiously for my return, her eyes wide with worry as I sat down and buckled up.

"Well?" she practically seized my arm as she reached out for my bicep.

I didn't know what was going through my head, but I suddenly had to know. "Are you happy, Juliana?" I asked, turning and staring directly into her face.

There was no hesitation as her bright blue eyes flashed and a smile leapt across her face. "Blissfully, Sir," she told me with a wink. She leaned in, and I kissed her without qualm. I decided in that moment not to mention her ex's unfaithfulness. No sense kicking him while he was already down. And she had someone far better now, anyway.

"Then let's go," I said when we broke apart. I backed the car out of the parking space and swung around. Life is good, I thought to myself. And maybe there is some sort of karma in the world.

* * *

Kristi was making dinner when Juliana and I walked through the doorway, and I could hear the sizzling of food on the stove, but she squealed with delight and dashed out when she heard the door swing closed.

I was boggled for a moment as I stood just inside the entrance of my apartment by the fact that it looked clean and organized for the first time in its life, but then I was almost knocked flat by a tackling, boob-cushioned embrace.

"You're home!" Kristi gasped excitedly, pulling back and staring up at me with sparkling hazel eyes. She was still entirely naked, and her nipples pressed hard into my chest as she ground her body happily up against me.

"We are," I murmured, leaning down to wrap my arms around her waist and kissing her deeply.

The busty girl sighed into it blissfully as my hand trailed down her back to squeeze her pert bubble butt playfully. For the first time, I felt as if my reprogrammed companions were more than just toys for my pleasure. Maybe you're growing up, I thought, but that was too weird to countenance. It was just my extremely strange encounter with Juliana's ex.

Kristi pulled back first and gazed up at me, surprise flashing in her eyes. "Thank you, Sir," she murmured finally. "That was really... nice..." She seemed unable to believe that I'd not immediately pulled out my cock and ordered her onto her knees.

Yeah, weird, I thought. Why didn't I do that? I guess I was in the mood for something different, tonight.

"Can whatever you're cooking wait?" I asked Kristi with a grin.

She bit her lip and nodded naughtily. "Yes, Sir," she purred, wrapping her hands around my waist and rubbing up against me like a cat winding around its masters' legs. Only this cat was an extremely sexy coed with flawless skin and an amazing rack.

I felt hands on my shoulders that began to knead and massage the muscles and I sighed at the tingling sensation of released tension.

"What do you want from us, Sir?" Juliana's voice was sultry in my ear as her teeth edged along my earlobe.

Fuck you're hot, I thought as my pair of gorgeous, bimbofied companions twined around me. "Well..." I groaned, my cock growing as Kristi ground her pelvis against my crotch and all stress seemed to leave my upper body under Juliana's expert touch. "We do need to make sure dinner doesn't burn."

Kristi pulled back, smirking naughtily at me. "Then into the kitchen we go." The curvy coed grabbed me eagerly by the hand and dragged me away from the doorway and towards the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder and saw my one-time professor sliding her little white dress over her head, her straight blonde hair tumbling down over her high, round breasts as she tossed it to one side. She met my gaze and blew me a kiss, hefting one tit to her mouth and suckling her own nipple lasciviously. A flash of heat tingled down my spine and zinged right into my cock.

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