tagMind ControlThe Master Program Ch. 03

The Master Program Ch. 03


The idea for this story comes from JR Parz and the Master PC stories. I write this inspired by his original work.

Chapter 3: Alexandra Leyland

Over the next few days Stephen saw Sophie go through various stages of anger, sorrow and sad silence. He had not meddled with the Master Program in these days, but that was mostly because every time he had considered doing so, Imogen had coincidentally chosen that time to come round and have wild sex with him. It was 6pm on Wednesday, and Stephen finished himself off watching Imogen ride what he counted to be the seventh guy, other than himself, that she had slept with since she had modified her. He saw her dismount her lover and reach for her phone, then heard his own phone ring.

"Hey Stevie, how are you?" she asked playfully as the guy she had just finished fucking walked out of view of the screen.

"Always good when you call," he replied clumsily, "what are you doing?"

"What I do best!" she said, giggling without shame, eliciting a response from his groin. "Do you fancy going out tonight? I feel really bad because I've studied a lot less than I've planned yet, but I really feel like I'm on top of things."

"Same here," he replied, feeling pleased that she was benefiting from his tampering, "where do you want to go?"

"Um, I was thinking 121, if we go between 7 and 8:30 it's two-for-one on a lot of drinks. We can head to Basement after."

Stephen really wanted to go out with Imogen, but he thought he should check if Sophie was alright. He went to her door and was about to knock, when he heard obvious sobbing coming from the other side. He decided he couldn't let her be miserable, not when he had the power to end it. He went back to his Macbook and brought up Sophie. He told the program to accelerate her emotional state to where she would be in three months; that would allow her the chance to maybe let Robbie back in her life but help her move on far enough to not be crying herself to sleep. After he dressed himself, in a blue striped shirt, a pair of dark jeans and his smart brown shoes, he went back to Sophie's room to check on her.

"Hey Steve, come in!" she said enthusiastically, with a genuine smile on her face.

"I'm going out with Imogen in a little bit? You alright? You could join us?"

"No no, I'm not in the mood, but I'm ok really. Like really ok. I think I must've cried it out. I think I should probably start looking at some of my lecture notes, but you have fun." She hopped off her bed and gave him a peck on the cheek, telling him he was so sweet to make sure she's doing well. As he left her bedroom he felt the warmth of her lips spread across his face and then cause his heart to skip a beat.

Imogen met Stephen outside his flat at five past seven; she was wearing a tight pink dress that just about covered her nipples and buttocks, a black cardigan draped over her shoulder and her velvety pink heels. "Hey sweetie!" exclaimed Imogen as she kissed him on the lips, "do you like my new dress?"

"It's...really hot," replied Stephen, drooling his response.

"Good! Let's hope we can find some bi-curious sluts who agree." Grinning, she lead Stephen away arm in arm towards 121.

Imogen attracted a lot of attention at the bar; especially as the dress went a little see-through in the light. Luckily, a couple of barmen noticed this too and quickly served her each time she went to buy drinks. The couple stayed at the bar from half seven until eleven, during which time most of the conversation focused on Imogen's sex life; aside from this, there seemed to be very little in common for them to talk about. Nevertheless, Stephen enjoyed it and the two of them managed to sneak into the disabled toilets for a twenty minute fuck, during which time Imogen confirmed Stephen's suspicions that she wasn't wearing underwear. Very tipsy, the two of them made their way towards Basement, stopping in a side street to have sex once again. A queue for the club had started to form by half eleven, which was around the time they reached it, but fortunately it looked like a ten minute wait at maximum.

"Steve! Crap! I forgot my cardigan at 121."

"I'll run back and get it"

"You sure sweetie?"

"Yeah it'll take me fifteen minutes, but you'll slow me down in those heels."

She gave him a jokey sneer then kissed him, "OK, text me when you're about to get in. Thanks sweetie."

He ran back to the bar, retrieved the cardigan and returned in under twenty minutes, but it took a further fifteen minutes to reach the front of the queue. He texted Imogen but was surprised when she tottered over to him with a grin on her face.

"Aren't you supposed to be inside?"

"Uh... stepped out for some fresh air."

He recognised the grin on her face then, mouth agape. "You didn't?"

"Of course I did," she said, then leant in close and whispered, "didn't even know his name."

Imogen flashed her wrist, which had an entry stamp on it, right next to her tattoo of a rose. Stephen paid and received his own stamp, then entered the club to hear a deep bass emanating from the dancefloor. The pair made their way towards the music and took up a spot amongst the crowd of dancers. Stephen looked round and could see a couple of shoulder tattoos, a just-visible g-string, a few short skirts but Imogen was definitely the most provocative looking girl in sight. As she began to dance, in a manner as slutty as her clothes suggested her was, both hems of her dress slipped closer towards her waist, often threatening to expose her nipples and vulva, before she casually pulled them back to where they kept her just decent. After twenty minutes of dancing, Stephen had never been more grateful for the ability he had to control his hard-on. Imogen took him by the hand and lead him to the bar. Leaning over the bar's countertop, she had no problem attracting the attention of the male bar staff, while also unintentionally causing men behind her to glance at her almost exposed pussy.

"Hey, can I get two Jaegerbombs?" she said, then paused and looked at the girl next to her, "three Jaegerbombs?"

Stephen hadn't even noticed the other girl at first, since he was too busy ogling Imogen, but he realised he had seen her on the dancefloor earlier and thought she was hot. She had long wavy dark blonde hair, light skin, a pretty face, with small but defined features, and her body as very well toned. Her reasonably large bosom was covered with a loosely draped hipster-style t-shirt that only came to her mid-stomach, and she had a tight pair of denim hot pants that left just a little bit of her glutes on show.

"Hi, I'm Imogen, fancy doing some Jaeger with us?" said Imogen, with a flirtatious smile, whilst nodding her head backwards to Stephen on the word 'us'.

"Uhhh...sure I suppose, that's cool. I'm Alex," she looked a little uneasy at first, then quite embarrassed when Imogen gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"This is Steve, we go to uni together," Imogen continued. She stepped back from the bar as the barman finished pouring their drinks and directed Stephen to stand closer to Alex.

Without saying a word, all three collected their glasses and downed the Jaegerbombs. It took a few seconds of pulling funny faces in response to the strong-tasting alcohol before Imogen broke the silence, "so, well, Alex, you're really pretty."


"And you look like you're up for some excitement. So, Steve here lives quite close by and well, how about you, him and me all just head back there and we can share a bottle of wine and enjoy what exciting people we all are."

"Oh wow, well, I am kinda seeing someone, and I dunno, I'll admit it's a cool idea, but my friends."

"Sweetie," said Imogen, putting her hand lightly on Alex's arm, "Do you want a night out? Or a crazy night that you'll never forget?" She leant in and whispered into Alex's ear, her lips just touching Alex, almost stroking her as they spoke.

"Yeah, fuck it, let's go."

Imogen looked nervous as Alex went over to tell her friends goodbye, and Stephen understood why. They both exhaled in relief as Alex waved to her three girlfriends as they giggled away, clearly scandalised by what she had just told them.

"This better be good," said Alex, biting her lip nervously. The thought of Sophie biting her lip the other day popped into Stephen's head, but he forgot all about her when he realised that Alex and Imogen were holding hands. Imogen's pink heels clicked along in time to Alex's black ones as the pair of scantily clad girls slid closer together. The girls gently let go of each other's hands, then, initiated by Imogen, they smoothly wrapped their arms around each other's back. Imogen's right hand, teased the right side of Alex's waistband; the tips of her fingers slipping down into her shorts. Both girls looked over towards Stephen, then back to each other. A naughty grin crept across Imogen's face, as both girls closed their eyes. Together, they leant in and began to kiss; Imogen's pierced tongue stroking and massing Alex's non-pierced one. Stephen stopped walking, as did the girls. He stared in disbelief as Imogen took her left hand, slipped it down the front of Alex's shorts and then slowly stepped with her into the shadows of shop doorway. In the dim light Stephen watched the motion of Imogen's hand, through the denim, clearly rubbing away at the other girl's clit.

After thirty seconds, slightly panting, Alex pulled away from the kiss and whispered into Imogen's ear, so that it was barely audible to Stephen, "I've never done this with a girl."

Still rubbing away furiously, Imogen replied to Alex, she spoke softly too, but in a seductive manner, rather than a hushed one, "Neither have I, but I can feel how much you like it by how fucking wet you are." With her right hand, Imogen directed Alex's left one up her dress and towards her bare sex. Alex hesitated for a second, seemingly surprised by the clit hood piercing, but immediately adapted to the situation and began to rub the bar round her button eliciting soft moans from Imogen.

Imogen, whose dress had ridden up to expose most of her buttocks, spoke again, this time a little more laboured, "put your fingers inside me and feel how wet I am too. Feel how much I want to fuck you," she paused as Alex followed her command, "I'm gonna make those little whimpers become screams as I make you cum. I want you to make me moan too. I want us fuck each other so hard and cum so hard we'll wonder why we ever thought we were straight. Don't... stop!" Stephen heard a familiar yelp and groan then watched Imogen's head fall limply onto Alex's shoulder. He stared, dick so hard that it threatened to rip through his trousers, as Imogen weakly pulled herself away from Alex. She held out her left hand and grabbed Alex's, both of which were still covered in the other's juices, leading her back onto the street. Imogen tugged her dress back into place, but with so little effort that a significant portion of her lower butt cheeks was still hanging out, along with her right nipple, over the top hem. Alex pulled the top of the dress so it just covered Imogen's nipple, just as two men approached the group.

Unabashed by the staring men, Imogen swapped her right hand to holding Alex's left, then licked her left hand clean, whilst lustfully speaking to Alex, "We're so close to Stephen's but I almost can't wait. I want to fucking repay you by sucking your clit until you cry out." Stephen looked back to see the men walking away as slowly as possible, making no effort to hide the fact they were watching Imogen and Alex, who had taken to trying to walk and kiss at the same time.

For all of the next five minutes Stephen had to constantly turn off his hard-on as the two girls walked in front of him, looking like they were barely able to keep themselves from fucking each other in the street. Imogen was being the most forward, kissing Alex's cheek and hair, but she responded enthusiastically with nibbling of the neck or encouraging groans. When they finally got to his door, Stephen dropped his keys in his impatience and excitement, causing the two tipsy, horny girls to giggle out loud. It didn't help Stephen's impatience when the giggling somehow turned into a passionate five second kiss between the girls.

The second the door was open, Imogen bolted for Stephen's bedroom with Alex's hand firmly in hers. She didn't even seem to remember Stephen's existence. In the few seconds it took Stephen to close the door behind him and follow them into the bedroom Imogen was already naked, on her back, on his bed. Alex, who was locked in a desperate kiss with Imogen, whilst lying between her legs, had removed her top. He took in the sight and let his boner rise for the first time. He noticed a small 'A' tattoo on Alex's left shoulder blade, then examined her breasts, through the bra, judging them to be a C, maybe D cup. Then he thought of Sophie. He took his phone from his pocket and instructed both girls to freeze.

"Is Sophie Wright still here?"

The phone responded by showing a map with a blue dot indicating that Sophie was somewhere two miles north of their flat, and he presumed that was Anne's flat. Feeling a little relieved, not that he was sure why he was bothered so much about Sophie's opinion on his sex life, he was about to restart the lesbian couple but not before considering whether or not to take a picture on his phone. Then he realised something to himself. He grabbed his Macbook and positioned it on his desk, angling the inbuilt camera to face the bed.

"Master Program, redress and send Imogen and Alex outside my bedroom again, making them follow their exact set of actions until this point, and then let them continue. Execute the first part, then wait for me to say 'go' before letting them re-enter. At no point let them notice the Macbook."

He started the video capture software on his Macbook as soon as Imogen and Alex were outside and left the room himself. He stood behind the couple then said "go!" into his phone. He watched as Imogen walked to beside his bed, then pulled off Alex's top and tossed it across the room. Alex responded by tugging downwards on Imogen's dress who helped her pull it down. As she stepped out of the dress, she sat down on the bed and shimmied backwards across it. Alex followed her and leant down on top of her, akin to the missionary position and the two started making out. Realising this was where he had joined them the first time; he made a move onto the bed. As soon as his weight caused the mattress to shift, Imogen peered around Alex to look at Stephen.

"Uh uh... This is girls only until I say so. You can sit over there," she said teasingly, pointing towards the computer chair. He obeyed her, pushing a pile of clothes from the chair onto the floor, and taking a seat. He slowly undressed himself as he watched the two girls go at each other. Imogen had flipped Alex onto her back, and moved herself off the bed so that her head was nuzzled between Alex's thighs, which were now also devoid of clothes, her chest was on the mattress and her legs were kneeled at the edge of the bed; widely spread in front of Stephen. Imogen enthusiastically pleasured Alex's sex using her tongue and right hand to elicit the moaning she had promised. She engrossed herself with the single-minded task, stopping only once to tell Stephen to sit back down when he tried to penetrate her in the doggy position.

When Alex came, after a ten-minute oral onslaught from Imogen, Stephen stared at the sight on his bed, as disbelieving that this could really be happening live, in front of him, as he was when he made his finger grow and shrink in the British Library. Alex's arching back relaxed, as did her tight grip on the bed covers, signalling the waning of her orgasm. Imogen climbed on top of her, adopting the reverse of the position they were in earlier, and the two started kissing again. This kiss was a lot more subdued this time, but the intimacy and passion was still clearly evident between the two girls.

The kissing went on for a couple of minutes, but then Imogen moved down to licking Alex's nipples. This continued for twenty seconds, until she sat all the way up. Alex looked at looked at Imogen with genuine longing as she seemed to retreat away from her. However, Imogen was not done with Alex; she sidled along the bed on her knees, all the while facing her faux-lesbian partner until she straddled Alex's face. Stephen couldn't see what Alex was doing from this angle, but the look on Imogen's face suggested she was being licked out. Imogen slid her hands down Alex's body until her head approached her partner's crotch. Alex wrapped her arms round Imogen's back, just above where her tramp stamp was, whilst Imogen began orally pleasuring her again, completing the 69 position. Stephen beat himself furiously as he listened to the muffled 'uhn's and 'ah's coming from the couple on the bed.

He had been watching this for a few minutes when Imogen looked up at him from between Alex's raised knees; the other girl's lubrication smeared across her lips and chin, and said, between her gasps, "OK, you can join in now." He stood up and watched Imogen turn herself around so that the two girls' hips lay on top of each other, whilst they went back to making out. Stephen got on to the bed and positioned himself behind Imogen, his hands resting either side of her lower back tattoo and his fingers gently wrapped around her waist. He was about to enter her when he sensed the two girls stop kissing and heard Imogen speak.

"What's wrong sweetie? Did you want to go first?"

"No..." he heard Alex reply, "it's just that I think if we're gonna have sex I want to use a condom."

"Freeze them and switch subject to Alex." He turned round to face his Macbook, and saw Alex's avatar appear on the screen under the name 'Alexandra Leyland'.

"Make the subject not interested in using condoms."

"To make the subject disregard the risks to her health by not using protective contraception would require a large mindset change. Do you want to continue?"

"Hmm, I suppose it's a good thing she's that careful," he pondered about manipulating her on a permanent basis, but then figured that he had over 900 slots to use, "Just apply the Health Routine and then make her be totally unaware of the existence of sexually transmitted diseases. Will that work?"


"What about birth control?"

"Subject is using the contraceptive pill."

"OK, give her the same fertility modification as Imogen. In fact incorporate the last two changes as standard into the health routine, for any females it is applied to."

As he was about to turn back to Imogen, he realised he had just videoed himself using the Master Program. Unsure he wanted such evidence to exist, he decided he could edit it out the video later. He asked the program to guide all three of them to the positions they were in just before Alex stopped kissing Imogen, then he unfroze them. Hands back on either side of Imogen's lower back tattoo, he slid himself inside of her and began to thrust away. Watching the two girls kiss so vigorously stimulated Stephen more than he ever had been during sex, so he pummelled away as fast as he physically was capable of. The result was a loud orgasm from Imogen in less than five minutes; she had to stop kissing, instead screaming and gasping right in Alex's face.

As it subsided, she pulled away gently from Stephen, and dismounted Alex. She moved round behind Alex, then slid herself underneath the other girl's shoulders, shimmying down until her pelvis was up against Alex's lower back. Looking down at the two girls, who were in a sort of missionary position on top of another missionary position, he realised he was about to have sex with a girl he hadn't even kissed yet, or in fact, directly spoken to. Feeling he wanted a little bit of foreplay before heading straight for goal, Stephen leant into a kiss. As he did so, Imogen's left hand moved round to play with Alex's breasts and her right to rub her clit. The two of them kissed for thirty seconds, whilst Imogen had moved on to simultaneously fingering Alex and wanking Stephen. Stephen felt Alex's hand replace Imogen's around his dick, and could feel her pulling it towards her tunnel. As this happened Imogen's hand came up to his face directing him away from his kiss with Alex and towards her own lips instead. Whilst entering Alex, he started kissing Imogen; this feeling was enough to spur him on like he had been before and he thrust into Alex as fast as he did with Imogen. Over the next fifteen minutes, the three of them swapped around whom they were kissing, even managing a brief three-way kiss, during which Alex started to cum. The three of them broke their kiss; Imogen worked Alex's nipples and clit; Alex wrapped her arms tightly around Stephen and he pushed himself as deep into her as he could. As she 'uhn-ed' into his ear he decided to release his own load, allowing them both to enjoy the feeling of a simultaneous orgasm. Stephen let himself to finish his whole deposit inside of her while they gently kissed, and then pulled out so he could kneel between her legs. The two wearied girls lay there, Imogen stroking Alex's hair and nibbling her neck, their bodies glistening with sweat and sexual fluids. He watched as they breathed deeply and coaxed his penis back into a hardened state.

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